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It turned out that the entire northeast part of the country suffered an outage when one transmission company suffered a massive computer failure. It instantly spread until the outage covered parts or all of 16 states.

I called Carrie the day after we were finally freed from the incident in the elevator, just to make sure she was all right. Sure, I did!

I wasn’t crazy. I wanted to know if I had a chance of getting some more of that. Although she had been standoffish at first and hard to get to know, I had come to like her in the time we spent together … and that’s not just the sex talking either.

We talked for a half hour. She told me that all of them were okay, although her mother had been really worried about her and how she would care for the two toddlers all by herself if the outage lasted much longer. She had told Carrie that the two little ones had been fine until they got to missing their mama’s milk at dinner time and then it had taken a long time to get them to go to sleep. But once they did, everything was okay.

I asked Carrie, somewhat awkwardly I admit, if I could take her … and her family … to dinner sometime soon. She started to decline but then turned the offer around and invited me to have dinner with them and she would do the cooking. I accepted.

I busied myself with getting my shop ready for opening and arranging for some handbills to be distributed at a local mall as my way of advertising. I had hired a young man just out of high school to be my right hand man. Even though I was paying him little more than minimum wage, between that and various fixed expenses, if business didn’t come in quickly, I was going to be hurting financially.

On Friday morning, I opened the shop for business for the first time and within the first hour, took in four modest sized jobs and turned away an inquiry about a service I didn’t provide. All in all, I took that morning’s activity to be a good omen for things to come.

Flushed with the success of completing my first four jobs successfully before closing, as well as taking in three others we would start th e follow morning, I showed up at Carrie’s door at 7:30, freshly scrubbed, combed and casually dressed.

It turned out that they were living in government-subsidized housing and, as those places frequently are, they had a down-at-the-heel look about them, because the landlord did as little maintenance to them as possible. Nevertheless I thought the interior looked relatively neat and clean when Carrie let me in, even though a few toys were scattered here and there.

The little boy and girl were clinging to Carrie as she greeted me, as if they were afraid she was leaving them. They were cute little tykes, both with starkly blonde hair and slightly chubby features. I took an instant liking to them and knelt in front of Carrie to greet them. Carrie introduced them as Terry and Traci and I tried to get Terry to shake my hand, to no avail until I turned and offered ataşehir escort my hand to Traci. Then Terry wanted to shake my hand. That seemed to break the ice and from then on, the three of us were friends.

Carrie sent the kids to play in their room and then pulled me into a kitchen-dining room combination. She introduced me to her mother, who asked me to call her Stacy. She was, like Carrie, a very pretty woman albeit an older version. She had a very similar face, very easy to look at, with dark brown eyes that looked like bottomless pools I could get lost in. Her figure was a little more robust than Carrie’s, very nicely formed and matured, heavy around the top and bottom, modest in the middle and shapely legs showing below the hem of her dress. I took an immediate liking to her too.

I could smell food cooking and my stomach growled at me from the good food odors but Carrie said I had to wait a bit yet. She gathered the two little ones, changed into night clothes, and took them to the family room where she sat in an upholstered rocker. She unbuttoned her dress down to the waist and shrugged it off her shoulders, unhooked her bra and let it fall behind her. The children knew what was coming and were trying to climb into her lap.

Stacy asked Carrie if she didn’t want me to sit with her in the kitchen but Carrie said that she would like me to stay and talk to her. I was pleased that she let me stay and watch, in part because I already had a rampaging hard-on that would be difficult to hide if I had to walk somewhere.

It amazed me that a woman no larger than Carrie could settle one of these wiggling squirming balls of energy on each side and cradle it to her breast while it sucked the juice of life from her body. Carrie smiled at me and asked how I liked her babies. I said that she had produced two very cute and lovable children, in spite of their father being a classic asshole. The smile broadened.

As I watched, I noticed that the longer the babies nursed on their mother’s tits, the longer it took them to rest and begin sucking again. There may have even been a little sleeping along the way. It was nearly 8:30 when Carrie whispered, “That’s it.”

She asked me if I would take Traci. Not very confidently, I cradled the little girl in my arms as Carrie stood with Terry. I followed her into a bedroom that was crowded with two cribs and a single sized bed. Carrie carefully laid Terry in a crib decorated with a blue sheet and told me to put Traci in the bed with the pink sheet. It felt awkward but good when the little girl sighed and turned onto her knees and chest and settled right back to sleep. Both of them looked like little angels.

Carrie took my hand and pulled me over to sit on the bed. She stood between my knees, her bare breasts prominently at my face level. She whispered, “You’ve got five minutes if you want it, honey.”

I pulled her closer to me and sucked a nipple into my mouth. avcılar escort The children had not drained her and warm, sweet, rich milk was soon streaming into my mouth. I let my hands rove over her back while I vacuumed her tittie, then let them drop until I was cupping her buttocks. I started to slip my hands under her skirt but she stopped me, saying, “We have to save something for later.”

Carrie let me nurse at each of her faucets for several minutes before she said, “That’s enough. Let’s go eat.”

I stood up and gave her a tonsil-tasting kiss, then replied, “I thought I just did.”

She laughed and pulled me toward the kitchen as she buttoned her dress. She had me sit at the table while she and her mom finished dinner and put it on the table.

While we ate, they told me that Stacy had been married to an older man and Carrie was their only child. Four years earlier Carrie’s dad had suffered a series of strokes over a period of seven months, the last one of which was fatal.

As a teenager Carrie had been very rebellious, running away several times for as long as a few months at a time. Eventually she had come to realize that things at home weren’t all that bad and she had come back to stay, finally finishing high school a year late. However she met a guy she thought was her proverbial soul mate and moved in with him. When her father died less than a year later, she regretted leaving her mother alone but felt she had to live her life.

Two years later she was pregnant with twins and alone. Mom had welcomed her home but they found themselves in financial difficulties and had been struggling ever since. However, Carrie said, “I wouldn’t change a thing if I had to give up my babies. They have been worth everything we’ve gone through.”

“Absolutely,” seconded Stacy.

“I think I can understand that,” I said. “They are mighty precious kids.”

We finished up with desert, a very delicious homemade apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream. I sat back and said, “Thank you both for a very delicious meal. That was fantastic.”

Carrie sent me back to the family room while they cleared the dishes, then she joined me and we sat together on the couch talking for a while. She said that her mom had gone to bed.

A little after 10 o’clock, as I was thinking that I might have overstayed my welcome on a first date, Carrie took me by the hand and led me to the second bedroom. She told me that it was her mother’s room but she had agreed to swap with Carrie that night … not the brightest bulb in the pantry, It still didn’t take me long to figure out that it was going to be my lucky night.

Carrie turned to me and put her arms around me, turning her face up for me to kiss. Her lips were so soft and sweet but her tongue was insistent and demanding so I gave back some of the same. My hands began to explore her body. A few minutes later, she was tugging at my belt, unzipping my pants and pulling off avrupa yakası escort my shirt.

Naked and more desirable than I remembered from our encounter in the elevator, Carrie climbed into the bed and turned to receive me. We cuddled and kissed and explored each other’s bodies for a long, slow, sultry time before she urged me to mount her.

But first I wanted to taste the rest of her. I paused momentarily again at her breasts, smelling a mixture of milk, baby powder and a very faint sweet perfume I couldn’t name. I moved on down her form, across her stomach, pausing to kiss the faint stretch marks left by her pregnancy. Then holding her knees up, I licked her inner thighs, swapping from leg to leg and gradually settled to the real issue at hand, the crease between her legs.

I could smell the heady aroma of a woman aroused, feel on my face the heat from her core, and then I tasted the sweet/tart flavor of her juices, little flecks of which dotted the soft hair around the puffy, bright red outer lips of her slit. I lapped up all the little drops I could find and then using my hands to slowly spreading her layer by succulent fleshy layer, I devoured every taste I could find.

At last I sank my tongue into her opening, finding a whole new treasure of her juices that I set about to lick up. Although it was a world of differences from the tastes of the milk from her breasts, it was just as savory … and a whole lot more rewarding when I felt Carrie yank my head into her core, stiffen her legs like a ballerina, and shiver through several seconds of pure lustful pleasure.

As Carrie was quaking through her climax, I moved up her form and paused with the throbbing purple head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. When she relaxed, her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at me and said, “I am SO ready, baby. Do it!”

I eased my hips forward, feeling the most delicious sensation in the world as the head of my dick slipped into her tight little pussy, so wet and slick and welcoming. Just one thrust put my whole eight-inch shaft inside her and the rubber-band-like grip of her cunt around the root of my member was so very magnificent.

Leaning on my elbows, I worked my forearms under her and hugged her to me as we shared a long, spit-swapping kiss. Carrie locked her legs around my waist and started a rocking motion that pulled my sword out of her sheath and then swallowed it up again. All I had to do was hold on and keep our lips locked together.

Carrie kept us going for several minutes before she got tired. Then I began thrusting my hips, forcing my cock through cycle after cycle into her love box, rocking on her mound with each completed cycle until she hissed through clenched teeth, “I’m cumming, babeeeee!” Just seconds later my balls retracted into hard little eggs and exploded, spitting shot after shot of hot slick sperm deep into her pussy.

When my cock deflated and plopped out of Carrie, I gingerly lay beside her and she rolled into my arms where we hugged and kissed through the afterglow of magnificent sex. I was thinking that I should get dressed and head home when she whispered, “You’re welcome to stay the night if you’d like.”

I just smiled and we went to sleep nestled together.

The End of Chapter 02

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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