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This is a mostly true story of an event that happened to me while I was in the Air Force. Please pardon the first-person narrative, as it seemed the only way to tell this story. Hope you enjoy it, as I did!

I was in the Air Force, stationed at Biloxi, Mississippi attending technical school. It wasn’t too bad. School was six hours a day, five days a week, and there weren’t a lot of extra duty activities other than physical training for a while each day. We were allowed to do pretty much what we pleased on off-duty and weekend times.

There were bars, beaches and babes there, however, I needed my car! So, I arranged a weekend pass and took off on Friday night on the bus to get mine and drive it back on Sunday. Off we went into the dark night.

Things were routine and uneventful until we got to Montgomery, where there was a short layover and I had to change busses. The bus was one of the old Greyhound/Trailways type with the luggage storage under the cabin. The driver and the first 3 rows of seats were at ground level and there were steps that took you up to the upper level above the storage, engine, and wheels. As I entered the bus, I could tell it was very full already. This was a continuing route from another direction than I came from. I went up the steps and was trying to see over the people in the aisle in front of me to see if there were any empty seats. After going a few rows to see that nothing was available in the back, I returned to the top front row, just behind the upper windshield. I noticed that the first seat on the right of the bus was occupied by a pale blonde woman and the seat next to her was filled with someone’s personal items. She saw my predicament and spoke to me.

“Hi. Would you like to sit here with me?”

Oh, I thought this seat was taken”, I said.

“No, these are my things. I was just looking for a nice person to sit here”, she said as she was removing her stuff from the seat.

“Thank you. Yes, I would like to sit here.”

She seemed to have a lot of things with her, as if she was on a long journey or something. There was almost anything she would need there with her and around her. There was extra room here in the first seats on the top level. Some things were on the floor and others would fit in front behind the windshield. It would have been a nice view from up there if it had not been in the dead of night. I settled into my seat on the aisle side while she was against the window.

We settled into an easy conversation, getting to know each other while the bus was making its way through town, heading for the main highway. There would be no more stops to my destination. It was late at night and everyone almanbahis adresi on the bus was getting comfortable and most were going to sleep. Sandy was a very friendly woman and I had no trouble talking with her. She was wearing a loose-fitting light blue dress, with white trim on the low-cut collar and sleeves, that buttoned down the front. I couldn’t detect much, if any, makeup, but she was a pleasant looking woman with plain, shoulder length hair, slightly disheveled by the trip, no doubt.

We were sharing a drink and a smoke while chatting. Smoking was so common in those days that it seemed everyone was doing it. The bus was filled with it, creating a haze much like a foggy night. She insisted we put out our cigarettes in a cup of water because she liked the sizzle. Hmm.

“Why don’t you put your arm around me. It is cold tonight and we can keep each other warm,” she said.

Well, I had been through basic training and spent months around thousands of smelly guys, so she didn’t have to tell me a second time. I slipped my right arm over her warm, soft shoulder. She was a good sized woman, not petite at all, with only a few extra pounds of round curves on her. I hadn’t even seen a nice woman up close, much less touched one, in months. I could barely believe my eyes and ears. Was I dreaming? This was too good to be true. But even more was to come.

She held my hand and leaned sideways to rest her head on my shoulder, allowing me a good view down the loose front of her dress. There was an ample amount of her white breasts showing above her plain white bra. She placed her left hand on my thigh while grazing my hand across her breast with her right. I was in heaven. I touched her breast with my fingers. She snuggled even closer to me. Emboldened by her acceptance, I put my whole hand around that nice boob. She moaned and moved her hand up and down my thigh. Her nipple started getting hard in my palm as I caressed it. She liked it! I moved to the other breast and massaged it, going back and forth to feel each one in turn. We stayed like this for a while, rubbing and caressing each other.

We kissed. Our lips and tongues melted together as one. It was good.

” I have a blanket. Let’s put it over us”, she said as she unfolded the blanket. “Let me turn my head so it’s in your lap.”

I looked around as we were arranging ourselves under the blanket. Almost everyone was asleep by this time and we were cruising down the main highway. The cabin lights had been dimmed and everyone in our close proximity was out like a light. I adjusted my hard cock in my pants. She turned to her right, putting her head in my chest while her legs were up almanbahis adresi in the seat, knees bent up with her feet on the wall. Only our heads were above the blanket. We kissed some more. It was much easier this way. We could get face-to-face without straining. AND, she had unhooked her bra and her dress had fallen down her legs almost to her hips.

I couldn’t see much now, but both of my hands were free to explore her body. I unbuttoned several buttons from the top of her dress and pushed the bra away. One hand returned to her breasts, feeling them unencumbered for the first time. The other held her head and felt her hair, face, neck, and around to the front of her upper chest. Meanwhile, her left hand was above her head, feeling my legs and stomach and chest, where she had opened my shirt buttons. Her right hand was forced between her legs by the seat, which were spread about 6 or 8 inches. She kissed and licked my chest.

Her hand helped mine explore her body, showing me where and how she wanted me to rub her. I was all over her boobs, her chest, her stomach and sides, then up and down her soft smooth legs. She was kissing me while touching my crotch for the first time. When not kissing, her head was rubbing my hard-on. I moved my right hand down her legs to her panties and felt that they were very wet. She opened her legs even wider to allow me free access to her juicy crotch. As I pressed my fingers up and down her pussy she moved her hips to meet my hand, moaning softly as we felt each other. I pulled the panties aside, felt around her warm, juicy lips, and inserted my index finger up inside her.

I checked to be sure no one was watching, even though they couldn’t see what was going on under the blanket. Everyone was still out. I inserted a second finger while rubbing her clit with my thumb. She rubbed my cock in response and fucked my fingers with her vagina muscles. My left hand was now on her chest, feeling her soft, round boobs, pinching her nipples, which were very firm by now. I was fucking her with my hand like it was a cock. My hand was soaked with her juices, making it slide easily. My fingers went all the way in as far as they could go, moving around inside her. She was very turned on. I could feel her getting near, so I held her head up and kissed her while pounding her vagina and rubbing her clit. Her hips spasmed hard as she came on my hand, her mouth was kissing me furiously. I was relieved that she had the presence to keep her moans low and not wake up the other riders.

After calming down a bit, she unzipped my pants and removed my cock. She jacked it a few times, then licked the head. She sucked about half of it almanbahis adresi with her hot mouth until I thought I was going to cum in it. Suddenly, she moved, pulled her panties down, and turned around in the seat so that her head was by the window and her butt was offered to me. Her legs were sideways toward the front of the bus. I released my belt and lowered my pants a little. (There’s nothing worse that a zipper in the bottom of a hard prick!)

I put an arm around and under her, holding her breast firmly. I leaned to the right and placed my rock-hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. She pushed back and it went in easily. I held her leg and pushed forward while she pushed back until it was entirely inside her. We both continued pushing and pulling each other, so there was no big movement to give away what was happening. But the internal movement was maximized. To anyone else, we looked like just another couple trying to get comfortable. And it WAS very comfortable with my hard cock ramming into her and her wet, snapping pussy pushing and pulling me in. Time stood still for a while. I don’t know how long we kept this up, but I didn’t want it to end. I had been hard for so long I was ready to fill her up with my cum at any moment. Her tight pussy pulled me over the edge. I started cumming in hard throbbing explosions, deep inside her. This set her off again too. She spasmed and came all over my cock as I was still shooting inside her. I hadn’t cum in months, so I had quite a load to give her. She took it all and seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. We stayed that way for several minutes until our heartbeats returned close to normal. We could feel the cum running out over her ass and butt, and on my crotch and legs when I finally pulled out of her.

She handed me a hanky and I cleaned myself up a little while she wiped the cum and juices from her own pussy. I put my cock back into my pants and zipped them up. She pulled her panties back up, hooked her bra, and we returned to our original upright sitting position, with my arm around her.

People were beginning to awaken, as we were coming into my town now. The light of morning was just starting and night was ending. We smoked another cigarette as we thanked each other for a nice bus ride. Soon, we were in my station and I said my goodbyes to her. She was heading on to Tennessee and I would probably never see her again. I claimed my bag from the underside storage and walked through the station to meet my dad, whom I had called to meet me as soon as I got there. I went to the café to get a cup of coffee and saw her talking to 2 guys at the counter. I overheard my bus driver talking to another one, saying that she was a nymphomaniac who was returning to her asylum after getting to go home for two weeks in Florida. He was charged to take care of her and ensure that she made it back ok. She had almost forgotten me already, as it seemed she was working on her next “Victim”. But I’ll NEVER forget her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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