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Big Tits

I had just turned 18 and was on my way to visit some relatives on the west coast. I was straight and came from a small town where it seemed like there were no gays. However, over the past year I had gone into the nearest city and would frequent a book store that a lot of gays would hang out at. I still remember the first time I noticed a gay man looking at me. I was a little freaked out and took off out of there. Later, whenever I thought about it I would get hard and sometimes while jerking off I would imagine that the man in the bookstore had touched me. Ever since that happened I couldn’t stop occasionally thinking about being with other men.

I wasn’t looking forward to the 18 hour bus ride. I sat down in the back seat put on my walkman and opened a book. I must have drifted off because when I awoke it was dark out and we were pulling into a small mountain town. I went into the store and bought some snacks, when I got back on the bus there was an older guy sitting in the back seat next to mine. The other seats were all full so I sat back in my old seat. He small talked me until he realized I wasn’t interested in talking and let me be. He was a lumberjack (if that’s what they’re still called) and was going to the coast as well. I started to read my book but soon fell asleep.

I was dreaming my cock being stroked and I was startled awake. The lumberjack was rubbing my cock through my pants. I was so freaked out I just froze. He didn’t seem to notice that I had woken up because gaziantep escort he kept rubbing. My cock was almost totally hard and he continued to rub the tip. I was scared but really turned on. It started feeling really good but I didn’t want it to go any further, after all I was still straight and had a girlfriend back home.

I sat up and tried to move closer to the window and then he looked at me. He had the same look that the guy in the bookstore had. I always thought myself as an attractive guy, I knew that the girls loved my green eyes and black hair. I was well proportioned and had a good looking face. I looked younger than I was by a couple of years and by the time I turned 18 I was really sick and tired of being mistaken for a 16 year old.

The lumberjack said to me in a quiet voice, “you are going to let me and you are going to like it. ” By this time I started to get really scared, but I thought, we are on a bus what can he do? He pushed me back in the seat, opened my fly, and started stroking me through my tighty-whities. It was crazy-intense but I didn’t want to do it so I pushed his hand away. He grabbed my wrist and twisted it hard. I cried out in pain but he had already put his other hand over my mouth. By now I was really worried, I didn’t know what he was going to do next. But I found out soon enough.

He pulled my cock out of my underwear and to my anger I was hard as a rock. He then started slowly stroking my meat. I am uncut so when someone pulls the skin back on my cock it really feels amazing. Well the lumberjack knew this because he slowly pulled my foreskin back to reveal my red cock-head already wet with precum. His thick fingers began swirling around my cock-head and down my shaft. He stroked the ultra-sensitive skin that connects the foreskin to my cock. I couldn’t control myself and let out a small moan.

“Yeah, you like it don’t you?” He said to me, his breath hot on my face, “I told you you’d like it. ”

The lumberjack was a big man, probably 6’3″ and 220 lbs but he looked quite lean under his tight white shirt. I could see his big pecs and arm muscles flexing as he jerked me off.

He started working on my balls with his other hand, alternating squeezing and stroking them. His other hand still teasing my cock-head. The lumberjack suddenly bent down and I could feel his hot mouth surround my penis. It felt good but I could feel his unshaven face scratch me. It was an even greater turn on to feel this rough-faced logger sucking me off on a crowded bus. His tongue licked small circles on my head. Then he sucked me into his mouth until I could feel his stubble on my belly again. I started to push my cock into his eager mouth. I could feel myself being sucked really hard and it was fabulous. Then he quickly let go of my cock and it popped out of his lips.

The lumberjack started licking my shaft like an ice-cream. He licked my head and sucked it into his mouth. This time I grabbed his head and pushed him down on me. The thought that this huge masculine man was sucking my cock really started to thrill me and I knew I was close to cumming. His left hand kept squeezing my balls and sliding over my anus. I felt his fingers probing my ass and pushing on my brown hole. I told him I was close to cumming and he stabbed a thick finger into my ass. I almost screamed from the pain and shock but then noticed how good it felt. He just left it in there and slowly started to move it in and out. It felt dirty but wickedly sexy to have him fingering my tight ass. He pulled his finger out and then pushed in two. I was going crazy, suddenly I wanted to try it all and have him lick and tongue my tight pucker. I was fucking his mouth now and he was loving it. I held his head and forced his mouth down on my pole. His fingers drove deeper inside my ass, I knew I was going to explode and couldn’t believe no-one on the bus had noticed us.

He gave the underside of my meat quick little flicks with his tongue and I imp ailed his mouth with my cock. I could feel my cum building in my cock. He shoved his fingers in deep and I shot my load right into his mouth. He was quick to keep sucking, swallowing all my love juice. He continued sucking and licking until every last drop was gone and then swallowed the rest of it down. I was a wreck, panting and totally exhausted. He pulled his fingers out of my ass and wiped them off. I couldn’t stop smiling. He pulled my pants up and put my penis back in my underwear.

“See I told you you’d like it”, he said with a smile, “just think, we still have 11 hours to go.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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