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I’m sitting at my cubicle doing my work when my boss, Angie, comes to my desk. I didn’t mind at all cause she’s a sexy older woman. She’s about 35 with a real tight body, big tits, brown hair, and blue eyes. The problem was that she said that she needed to see me in her office at 5:30 tonight.

Normally, I would be excited about that too, but me and a colleague, Tom, have been cheating on our expense reports to the tune of about $4,000 each over the last 6 months. So, I am nervous as hell, because I REALLY need this job and I know Tom is in the same boat.

5:30pm rolls around and the office is pretty much empty. Tom and I both head toward Angie’s office and knock on the door. She sternly says, “Come in.” We enter to see her sitting on her desk with her sexy legs crossed. She’s wearing black stockings, a black knee high skirt, and a white blouse that is barely holding her sweet tits inside. “She puts down her pieces of paper and says, “Sit down boys.” We both sit on the couch looking like sad puppy dogs. She started to pace in front of us detailing what we have been doing with our expense reports. We were so busted. She went on to tell us that she could fire us right now and make us pay back the $8,000. Tom started apologizing profusely and basically begged for his job, saying he would do anything to keep his job. She asked me if keeping my job was that important to me. I said, “Yah, I really do need this job.”

She thought for a minute and walking to the door she said in a sexy, evil voice, “Well, then maybe you 2 young men would help me fulfill a fantasy of mine in exchange for sparing your jobs?” She locked the door and turned toward us, waiting for our reply.

We both nodded yes and she said, “Good, then lose the clothes, boys.” We obliged yenibosna escort and got naked as she watched intently and piled our discarded clothes in the corner.

Then Angie made me lay on my back on the carpeted floor as she started to tell us the rules of her game, her fantasy. She said in the sexiest of voices, “You young men are gonna suck each others cocks until one of you cums. The one of you that makes the other guy cum is the winner and will NOT lose his job. The other guy has to work a little harder for his job.” Holy shit, I’m not gay or bi…I never touched another man, but there wasn’t much I could do here. We protested, but Angie wasn’t hearing it. It was this or our jobs.

She positioned Tom in a 69 position with me on the floor and he immediately grabbed my cock and started sucking and pumping with his hand. I had no choice, so I grabbed the base of his semi-hard prick and guided it toward my mouth. I took Tom’s cock between my lips and began sliding my mouth up and down his shaft.

This wasn’t so bad I thought, so I began sliding his dick in and out of my wet mouth faster and faster. His cock got harder by the second as I sucked on his meat. My dick was hard as hell as he worked on my hot pole. Man, Tom really knew how to suck a cock. I was wondering if he had done it before.

I took his prick out of my mouth and slid my tongue down the shaft to his swollen balls. I licked and sucked them for a minute. Tom let out a muffled moan and released some precum as I did that, so I’m sure he liked it.

As I licked the precum from his fat cock head and took him back inside my mouth I noticed Angie was on the couch with her skirt and panties off!!!! Her hand was between zeytinburnu escort her thigh-high covered legs working her clit. Oh my god, was that is fucking sexy!!!! That sight put me over the edge and I was about to cum, so I pumped Tom’s cock as hard and fast as I could.

It was no use, because I exploded. He pulled his mouth off my prick just in time as I spurted streams of cum all over my own stomach. I released Tom’s dick from my mouth and lay there in defeat with a load of my own cum on my stomach. Angie hoped up and said to me, “Now you stay right there. Good boy, Tom, looks like you can keep your job and you get to fuck my tight pussy if you want.”

Angie walked around toward my head and knelt down with a knee on either side of my head. She got close to me and whispered to me and whispered, “You are a terrible cock sucker and you will do whatever I say if you want to keep your job, you got it?” I nodded, which made her smile.

Angie then put her left hand on my chest and scooped cum off my stomach with her slender, sexy fingers. She brought her fingers to my lips and said, “Clean up this mess if you want to work here tomorrow.” I took a deep breath and stared at her light blue eyes as I opened my mouth. She slid those 2 fingers into my mouth as I tasted my cum for the first time. It was salty and thick as it went down my throat and I sucked on her fingers for a bit.

Angie moaned, “Ummmmm, you like getting fed your own cum, don’t you my little cum sucking bitch?”. I just nodded.

Then she leaned over me on all 4’s, so I was staring right up at her shaven, dripping wet pussy. Angie said sternly, “Don’t you dare eat my sweet cunt until I tell you to.”

She acıbadem escort flipped her hair and turned to Tom, “It’s all yours, big boy.”

Tom got behind her, grabbed her perfect hips, and got to work. My face was inches from Angie’s wet hole as Tom’s cock head parted her pussy lips and disappeared inside. I watched as his cock went in dry and came out soaked with her pussy juices. Tom began to fuck Angie pretty hard, so hard that his balls slapped me in the forehead and nose a couple times. Angie moaned loudly and then began to lick the rest of my cum off my stomach.

Tom didn’t last very long, maybe because of my sucking before, but he came right inside her pussy. She looked back and said, “Don’t tell me you came in my pussy you little fuck.” Tom apologized and slid his cock out of her fuck hole.

As he took it out, his man meat was 2 inches from my face and slick with their combined juices. Angie said, “Oh well, looks like my little jizz taster has another helping coming his way.” as she went to sit on my face. I moved just in time to get her pussy right on my cheek. That pissed her right off.

“You could eat my creampie like a good little bitch or pack your desk up now!”

It was too late to turn back now, so I turned my head to get my medicine. She lowered her shaved cunt toward my mouth. I could see Tom’s creamy load dripping from her well-fucked slit.

I stuck my tongue out and ran it from Angie’s clit to her ass hole. I caught a huge wad of Tom’s jizz on my tongue. I swallowed it down as my face was now covered in their combined love juices.

Tom’s cum was more salty than mine, but surprisingly I didn’t mind the taste at all. That’s good because Angie started grinding her sloppy pussy in my face and two smaller loads of Tom’s cum gushed into my mouth.

I licked and sucked at Angie’s pussy until she was content with my work. Then she got up and said to me, “You could keep your job for now, but I may need your clean up services again, you dirty little cum slut.”

So, I got up, got dressed, and went home with 2 loads of cum in my belly and a job to come back to tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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