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King, Jack. Dealer has a six showing. Gravy. I’m back in the game. I sweep my hand over my cards. The dealer flips her hole card, and there lies a queen. She has to hit, and she’s going to bust. Money in the bank. Dealer takes her hit and pulls a five. “Twenty-one” the dealer announces, as if to rub salt into the wound.

I was totally cleaned out, but felt dirty at the same time. Standing up from the table at Caesar’s Palace, I started contemplating my fate. I had told my girlfriend, Michelle that I was going out for the day to play golf to be followed by a poker game that night with the guys. What I had really done is sped over to Las Vegas with a $2500 stake and a chance to make my fortune.

Michelle and I had been dating for three years. We were high school sweethearts, and I fell in love with her when I saw her play Emily in Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. We went to the Junior Prom together and have been together ever since. Memories linger of us together on the dance floor at the Prom. My arms were around her waist, and hers around by shoulders, holding each other tight as we danced. I would stare into her deep brown eyes, and kiss her deeply. She would rest her head against my chest, so that she could feel my heartbeat. I would kiss her on the forehead, and smell her long, brown hair. When I think of that night, I can still smell her essence and feel her head on my chest.

We had been together for a year, and our Senior Prom awaited us. I rented my tuxedo, and she was in her gown, and we went to the dance. After the dance, most of our friends were going to a party sponsored by someone’s parents. We skipped the part, and headed out to Michelle’s parents’ lake house. There, we held each other close, and softly kissed. I helped her out of her gown, and she stood before me in a strapless white lace bra, white thong underwear, and a garter belt, which was holding up white thigh high stockings. I took off my cummerbund, bowtie, shirt, and pants. Michelle turned out the light, and I could only see her silhouette in the moonlight. She took off her bra and her underwear, and I took off my boxer shorts. We hugged, and started kissing again. Guiding me to the bed, we lay down, and touched each other all over. It was the first time for both of us, and the nervousness started to take over. Reaching into the nightstand, Michelle produced a condom.

She removed it from the wrapper and rolled it onto my penis. I could feel her hands shaking as she did this. I told her we didn’t have to do this if she didn’t want to, but she had every intention of giving me her virginity that night. Straddling my body, she started to lower herself slowly onto my penis. She was very wet and warm, warm enough that I could feel it through the rubber. She asked that we take it slow, as she lowered herself onto me. I was about halfway into her, but I felt I could not go any further. With a sudden jolt downwards, I saw a wince on Michelle’s face followed by tears. I asked if she was okay, and she assured me she was fine. With a smile through her tears, she told me that she loved me. The tempo started to build, and she rode my penis. I did not last long. As soon as we reached a fast pace, I could feel an orgasm building inside of me. I grabbed her thighs with my hands to hold her down on top of me, as I sent my load gushing inside of her. I apologized for being so quick, but she told me it would be all right, and we’d have many more chances to do this. She was correct. She is the only girlfriend I have ever had, the only girl to whom I have made love, and the only girl with whom I want to be.

We dated through college, and fell more in love. We had a great sex life, and thankfully Michelle’s ob/gyn put her on the pill (that was one of the happiest days of my life). Having both graduated from the University of Minnesota, we moved to Los Angeles from the Twin Cities a year ago. Michelle could give her acting career a chance to grow. She was able to get parts in a few commercials, and small parts in some independent flicks that no one saw. Perhaps I was still seeing Emily on stage, but to me, she was the greatest actress in the world.

Money was tight. Being a struggling actress didn’t really pay well. I had my degree in computer science, which I put to work at a local sporting goods store. It turns out that the tech job bonanza didn’t last quite as long as some of us thought which left me selling in-line skates in Santa Monica.

Despite the money problems, Michelle and I were almanbahis adresi committed to each other. She started hinting, and then suggesting, before finally demanding marriage. I am not opposed to marriage, but I didn’t really have any money to buy her a decent engagement ring. She deserved more than diamond dust, and I was set on buying it for her. I went to the bank and withdrew the $2500 we had saved for the rent, gassed up the car, and headed across the desert to Vegas.

I had a foolproof strategy. I had heard a customer at the store tell me that he never loses in Vegas. The theory is to sit at a blackjack table and if you lose a hand, you double your next bet. Once you win one hand, you are back to even money. How could I lose? I found out the answer to that question. I won my first two hands at $20 apiece. Then, I lost seven hands in a row. Our savings was now gone.

I got up from the table, not even able to tip the dealer, and it hit me. I had no money. I didn’t even have enough money to eat, or for gas for the drive back to L.A. I realized I had my credit card. I could charge my way home. I walked over to an ATM to get a cash advance so I could grab a Big Mac before I left town. I opened my wallet, and I could not find my credit card. I frantically searched through every pocket in my wallet, and it was nowhere to be found. I retraced my steps, and figured the last time I used my card was when I filled up in L.A. I must’ve left the card at the station.

Now, with no money, no credit, no gas, and a soon-to-be angry girlfriend, I weighed my options. I could hitchhike home. I could call my parents to wire some money to me. Then, I hear, “Andy! Is that you?” I turned to look, and there was Tony, a friendly face from Minnesota. We had known each other since we were in the sixth grade, and he had moved to Minnesota from Fargo when his old man got a job as an engineer at Cenex. We played on the high school hockey team together, he was a defenseman, and I was a center. Tony insisted on buying me a drink, and seeing as how I needed one, I accepted.

We walked over to the bar, and I ordered an Amstel Light and he asked for a gin and tonic. We talked, and he told me that he just finished up at St. Cloud State, and now has a job as a researcher at 3M. He had just gotten married to some girl he met in college, and was building a house outside of Edina. It turns out that he was in Vegas for some boondoggle conference. I started telling him my sad story, how I blew every cent Michelle and I had, and I didn’t know what I was going to do. Tony said that he wouldn’t let down a friend from back home, and he said that I could spend the night in his room, if need be. He had just checked into the hotel, and was on his way up to his room. I thanked him, and accepted his offer.

I was only buying myself time. I knew that I was a dead man the second I walked back into the house and talked to Michelle. At least if I had a good night’s sleep, I might be able to formulate a plan. Tony and I walked up to the room. As we looked inside the room, we saw that there was only one king size bed. I told Tony that it was no problem for me to sleep on the floor. It was getting late, and I didn’t want Tony to be charged for double-occupancy, so I declined a rollaway cot. I grabbed an extra pillow from the closet, and set up camp on the floor. Before I fell asleep, I used my cell phone to call Michelle, and tell her that I was too drunk to drive home, and I was just going to spend the night at my friend’s house when we were finished playing poker. She was pretty upset that I wasn’t coming home, but she understood that safety came first. Of course, my cell phone number came up on our called identification, not a Las Vegas number. My tracks were covered for now.

I eventually dozed off to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night, and it was freezing in the room. I heard the legend that the hotels in Vegas pump oxygen into the rooms through the air conditioning units as a stimulant. But this was ridiculous. It reminded me of being back home in Minnesota. I got up and looked in the closet for a blanket. The sound of the closet door opening woke Tony, and he asked what I was doing at that hour. I told him that I needed a blanket. Tony said that I should get into bed and then I would be warm. I figured it was a king sized bed, and we would each have our space, so I climbed into bed. We each stayed on our side of the bed as we again fell asleep.

Awhile later, I woke almanbahis adres up as I felt something on my arm. I looked, and Tony was dead asleep, but he had spooned next to me. His arm was draped over mine, and I heard him mutter something about Julie, his wife. Tony was no small guy. He is about six foot four inches tall, and built like a rock. And this rock was trying to get tender with me. I felt his hand reach under my shirt, touching my belly and my chest. I didn’t know what to do. I felt weird as he touched me, but he was so gentle, lightly caressing me. Then I realized that I was slowly getting an erection as he touched me. Was I getting off on this? As I contemplated this, I started to feel a poking in my abdomen. Oh my, was Tony getting off on this?

I started to concentrate on the feelings. His hand on my chest, his breath on my neck, his dick poking my ass, and I was getting more aroused. I reached down and pulled my shorts below my ass, and I felt Tony’s hard prick against my skin. I adjusted myself so his penis was between my ass cheeks. I started to feel the head of Tony’s cock rubbing in my crack, and touching my asshole. He was humping me in his sleep!

By this time, I was rock hard. All of this stimulation had me ready to come, and my dick had not even been touched. I loved the feeling of Tony’s cock, and I craved more of it. My asshole was not nearly ready for it, so I softly rolled over, trying not to wake Tony. I looked down, and I saw this monstrosity poking out from the fly in his boxers. I reached down and I touched it softly with my fingertips. I looked at Tony’s face, and he amazingly still seemed to be asleep. He was a handsome man. He had short, well-groomed black hair, and he was clean-shaven. He didn’t sleep with a shirt on, and he had strong, powerful pectorals, and textbook six-pack abs. I leaned over and gently kissed his lips. I had never done anything like this with a man before, and I don’t know why I was so aroused by this man. I slowly kissed down is muscular chest, and his hairless stomach, until his cock was at eye-level. It was huge, and ready to erupt like the volcano outside the Mirage.

I stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of his dick, and tasted the salty bitterness of his pre-cum. I licked more or his shaft, licking the veins up and down. I finally summoned the courage to take the head into my mouth. I didn’t know what I was doing; I just tried to mimic what Michelle had done to me many times. I pretended like I was French kissing the head of his penis, my tongue playing in the cleft beneath the hole. I took more of his penis into my mouth, and I thought I was going to vomit all over him. It took all of my might to suppress my gag reflex, and I was still only able to get half of his penis into my mouth. I licked and moved my mouth up and down his shaft, while my fingers tickled his balls. I felt Tony’s hands running through my hair, and he started thrusting his hips, as if he were fucking my mouth. Then, with one big grunt, he spewed into my mouth. I felt the hot liquid hit the back of my throat and I almost choked. Before I could open my throat, more and more came into my mouth and I could barely contain it. Eventually the tidal rush of semen was over, and I was able to take a big gulp and then come up for air. I gently gave his penis a small tug to get any remaining semen out, and then licked it off the head of his quickly softening dick. Tony muttered, “Thanks, Andy. You’re the best.” He then rolled over and fell back asleep.

Eventually morning came, and I woke up to an empty bed. Tony had left a note saying that he had an early tee time, and thanks for a great time last night. I read the note, trying to comprehend what happened. Did I really lose all my money? Did I really give one of my old friends head? Was I gay? What do I tell Michelle? My head was spinning. I noticed under the note a $50 bill. Tony had left another note with it saying, “Hope this helps you get back home. But, if it doesn’t you’re welcome to stay another night.”

Lying in bed, flashbacks of the previous night darted through my head. The memories of pleasuring Tony were so I real I could almost feel his penis in my mouth. My cock had started to harden as I thought more of the experience. I started to stroke my dick until I had a full erection. My mind wandering, I thought of Tony. I imagined him touching my chest, and rubbing his dick upon my ass. I could see him shoving his penis into my asshole, while his arms were almanbahis adres wrapped around me. He was brutally pounding my rectum, and I was begging for more of his meat inside me. I imagined Tony spurting his hot semen into my ass, and as the image came to me, I climaxed. My semen shot up and landed on my face and chest.

I got up, and showered. I put on the same clothes I had on the prior day, and went downstairs. I was starving. I sat at the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, and gorged myself. While I was eating, I was getting back in touch with reality. At the next table, I heard a couple of guys talking about their betting strategy. They were going to hit the blackjack tables, and go with progressive betting. They reasoned that blackjack is a streaky game, and you had to capitalize on the hot and minimize the cold. They would start with their minimum bet, and then if they won the hand up it to one and a half the minimum bet, and then if they won again to two and a half times, and then to four times. If they lost, they would go back to their minimum bet. It sounded good to me too. I paid my bill, and walked over to a blackjack table.

I put down $20 on the first hand, about half of my net worth at the time. I won. I put down $30, and I won again. I was up to a $50 bet, and I won again. Then, I threw $80 on the table, and I won again. In an instant I was up $180. I started to alternate winning hands and losing hands until I caught fire again, and I was up $360. After another lull, I was hot again, and suddenly I was up about $550. I decided that I needed to up the stakes to take advantage of my good fortune. I threw down $100, and took my progressions from there. I won four in a row for another $900. I waited out another lukewarm stretch before I won three in a row again, and put a $400 bet out there. A king and an ace were dealt, for $600. I had made it. I had the $2500 back. I was ready to leave, but everyone at the table was ticked off, as I was going to leave in the middle of a shoe. The table had been winning, and no one wanted me to throw off their karma. I pleaded with them that I was at break even, and I was ready to go. Apparently there were some Kenny Rogers fans at the table that told me to stop counting my money at the table. So, I laid down another $100, and won again. The shoe finally ended, and I told the dealer to color me up. I had turned $50 into $4350. I threw $100 at the dealer, wished everyone gold luck, and cashed out. I now had $1750 for an engagement ring.

I raced back to L.A., and stopped at a jeweler, and bought a beautiful $5000 ring, using the $1750 as a down payment. I was going into debt again, but I did love Michelle, and she deserved this, and I knew I needed a good excuse to explain where I was the last few days. I got home, and Michelle was there. She was not in a great mood. She started asking me where I was, what have I been doing, why haven’t I called her all day. I told her that I had gone shopping for her. I got down on one knee, and showed her the one and a half carat diamond on a platinum engagement ring. I told her I loved her more than anything in the world, and asked her to make me the happiest man alive, and she said yes.

Michelle started kissing me with deep, wet kisses. Breaking our kiss, we ran into the bedroom. She tore off my t-shirt and my jeans, and started to kiss me all over. I flipped her onto her back, and I pushed up her shirt and kissed her stomach. She pulled her shirt over her head, and removed her bra, and in an instant I was devouring her nipples. With a free hand, I started to unbutton her shorts and felt between her legs. She was soaking wet. I pushed off her shorts and underwear, leaving her naked below me. I kicked off my boxer shorts, and told her again that I loved her. I kissed her deeply as my penis entered her. Feeling her warmth around me penis, I pumped in and out of her, and we were in perfect rhythm, perfect harmony. It was not just our bodies making love to one another, it was our beings, and it was our souls. She was my voice of reason, my balance. I realized that without her, my life would spiral out of control, as it had in Las Vegas. I thought of these things and I made love to her, as we brought each other closer to orgasm. She started to moan, and I felt her tighten about me, which set off my own orgasm. I clenched up as if pouring all of my love into her at once.

I still think of Tony, and that night we had in Las Vegas. Eventually, I mailed him back the $50 he gave me. Since Michelle and I got married, I have not been with another person. She is everything to me. I still have fantasies about what would’ve happened if I stayed in Las Vegas, but the fantasies can’t measure up to the reality I have with Michelle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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