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Big Dicks

Well, it was time to close down the model apartments. With the weather being stormy throughout the day with wind, rain, and biting cold, it had been a quiet and rather boring day. The high-percentage sales staff sat this day out knowing that there wouldn’t be too many prospective buyers, so as the newest and youngest salesperson on staff, I was pretty much left to myself today. Sure, I had lots of freedom to surf the porno sites on the computer, but that only seemed to make my being alone worse since I didn’t really have the freedom to jack off the load that had built up in my balls as a result.

I locked up the sales office and walked to the lobby, then took an elevator to the 11th floor to close down the two model apartments there. Once done with that, I took the stairs to the 12th floor and went in to the luxury suite. I walked in and looked around the well-furnished model, wishing I could afford something this nice. I turned to look out through the big living room windows at the dark night and sighed.

My balls were still aching and needed serious relief. Not wanting to deal with it all the way home, and figuring I was finally alone and with enough privacy, I decided to just take care of the problem right then. I walked into the bedroom and looked over the King size bed, and decided that I had found my spot. Since I prefer to be naked when I jack off, I went ahead and undressed completely before crawling onto the satin comforter.

I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes. My dick was already near full hardness, so I needed no priming and I just started to stroke it to the memories of all the porn sites I checked out that got me into this fix to begin with.

“Well, ain’t that a sight?”

I nearly shit at the sound of the voice. I looked up to see a tall, stoutly built black man in dusty overalls staring down at me from the foot of the bed. “I — I thought I was alone,” I stammered.

“Obviously,” he said as he put his hands on his hips. “If you’da looked in the bathroom, you’da seen I was in there working on the shower doors.”

“I didn’t hear anything, so-“

“I work by appointment only, so someone shoulda known I was here.”

“I just needed to dump a load and I thought I was alone.” I turned to get off the bed and get my clothes off the floor. “I don’t want to lose my job over something like this.”

The guy crossed his arms. “Then I wouldn’t move if I were you.”

I stopped in mid-movement and turned back to the guy. There was a strange sound in his voice, and I admit I was getting a little scared. He looked me over with an odd expression on his face, leaving me more than a little concerned as to what was expected of me at that moment.

“What do you want?” I asked cautiously.

The man unzipped the lower part of his overalls. He barely reached in when a monster of a black cock fell out of the opening.

“I want you right back like you were.”

Now I didn’t know whether to be worried or excited. I mean, I had gotten myself all horned up, and now I was being treated to the sight of a beautiful black cock that was getting harder and longer by the second. Still unsure, I thought it best to do as the man said and settled back to my earlier position on the bed.

“Okay,” I said, my throat tight from an odd mix of fear and excitement. “Now what?”

“I want you to stay right there. Spread your legs a little… there, just like that. Exactly like that.”

‘Exactly like that’ consisted of me laying in the center of the bed, my hands resting at my side, my legs slightly spread, and my dick and balls fully exposed.

“Now, close your eyes and pretend you’re asleep. Deep asleep. If you want to keep gaziantep escort your job you won’t move or wake up until I say so.”

“O- okay,” came my shaky reply.

“Shhh!” he hissed.

This was getting really weird and still more than a little unsettling, but I closed my eyes and lay still. Well, my eyes were mostly closed. Through the barest of slits under my eyelids I watched as the man finished undressing, revealing a moderately toned body of mocha. Between his legs hung what had to be 10 inches of cock. But the thing that caught my attention were his massive testicles that hung nearly as low as his long dick! Despite my misgivings, the look of that huge tool and low-slung nut sack was getting me all excited again.

The guy walked up to the nightstand and turned out the light, then walked back to the foot of the bed. Through the dim light that remained from the cloudy twilight outside, I could make out his form as his weight shifted the bed and he inched up between my legs, careful not to touch them with his hands or body. He then gently pushed my knees a little further apart and settled between them. He started to lick my legs, first the left, then the right. The feeling was electrifying, but I tried not to react too much in keeping with our little ‘game’. He continued to alternate his tongue between my legs, back and forth, as he slowly worked his way up my thighs. He was so tender in his actions, I honestly don’t know if I would have fully realized he was doing this if I had truly been asleep.

I felt his nose touch my scrotum, followed by his rather hot breath. I jerked involuntarily and he stopped moving, stopped breathing, until I fell back to stillness. He started licking all over my scrotum, then he softly took one of my tender balls completely into his mouth, and then the other. He repeated the action over and over, each time adding a little more suction on each testicle as he took it into his hot mouth, bordering just shy of actually causing pain. Throughout this excruciating experience my dick had now reached a state of rigidity that had to give away my excitement, and all this time he had still not touched me with anything but his mouth and tongue while being very careful not to touch me with any other part of his body.

And that was where the man next directed his attentions. He started making slow, long strokes with his tongue from the base of my cock all the way to the head, over and over, like licking up the drippings from a popsicle. As the head of my cock had fully risen off of my stomach and pointed itself towards the ceiling and still not using any hands, the man carefully put his lips over it and sucked my meat into his mouth.

When this whole thing had started the last thing I expected was to be on the receiving end of the pleasure, but this huge black guy was giving me the blowjob of my life! I had gotten myself worked up throughout the day with porn, and coupled with this whole kinky scenario, I was not going to be able to last. The man was master of fellatio. He took his sweet time taking my dick all the way to the roots, then slowly coming back up to the head while maintaining the suction of a vacuum cleaner. Over and over his mouth glided on my cock, with such a deliberate slowness that I could measure every stroke in fractions of an inch. And with each wonderful up-and-down cycle I could actually feel my climax approaching in stages that took me closer and closer.

I was trembling, trying to maintain my sleep-like stillness, but the man finally took me to the point where I could not hold off any longer. My stomach convulsed repeatedly. My legs were nearly cramping from trying to stay still. My balls felt like they were trying to crawl into my body. Now fully at the mercy of my hormonal rage, I grabbed the sheets and cried out like a baby as my hips bucked wildly and my ass was coming off the bed.

My black friend met my nearly epileptic convulsions with an increased tempo on my steel-like prick that fully took me to orgasm, and beyond. My cock spasmed wildly in that hot mouth with torrents of cum so great that I could swear my testicles themselves were shooting through my dick whole. Even though he had been effortlessly deep-throating me, there was no way this man could possibly contain the flood that I was feeding him, and I could feel my seed and his saliva flowing freely down my cockshaft, mixing in my pubic hair and pooling on my gut and balls.

My explosion left me fully spent. Still, the man kept sucking on my dwindling member, making me twitch and squirm. Despite knowing that I was supposed to be ‘asleep’, I writhed under his oral torture and couldn’t help but groan from the pleasures he was forcing on me, until I actually passed out.

When I came to, my ass was jacked up on a pillow. The mix of saliva and cum had run down the crack of my ass like a river, and the man was working the slick mixture all around my anus. I suddenly realized how I was going to pay him for the incredible orgasm he had given me… and I was scared.

“You’re still asleep,” he whispered.

I had no problem keeping my eyes closed, because they were now squinted shut in fear. The man’s hands worked a mass of cum and spit into my ass hole with his finger, priming my tight ass for the monster prick he obviously planned to shove in there. The guy lifted my legs over his shoulders, and then freed up one hand. He directed the head of his cock right up against my puckered and primed anus, and started to work it into me. I was breathing heavily from my earlier orgasm and a sense of dread, for I was sure I was about to die.

When the head of his cock actually slipped past my resistant sphincter, it felt as if a baseball bat had been shoved up my ass. Aside from my near hyperventilating lungs, neither of us moved for nearly a minute. Suddenly, my rectum seemed to relax and accept the violation. Once there, though, my friend took that as an opportunity to shove his enormous tool as deep as it would go in a single stroke, nearly sending me through the roof. I reflexively met his movement with a near-scream that had to be heard throughout the floor. Now impaled balls deep in my throbbing ass, the man held himself there until I relaxed again.

“I think you’re ready, baby,” he said with a grin. “Here we go.”

He took a few slow strokes, allowing me a brief opportunity to relax a bit more, then he again slammed that massive rod of his all the way in until a squealed once more with a mixture of a immense pain and a lot of odd pleasure. That only made my violator smile even wider. He now braced himself on all fours with my legs pushed back by his hips, and began a moderate rhythm, faster than the pace he had used in sucking me off.

My black violator let himself down until his entire torso was touching me. Although still keeping some of his weight on his elbows, I became fully aware of just how big this brute was. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight as he writhed on me. The feel of that hairy, hot body embracing and smothering my respectively smaller body, coupled with the slow penetration of his rock-hard cock in my ass, was slowly growing to nearly match the excitement I felt while he was sucking my balls dry.

“You like that?”

Surprised, I opened my eyes and stared into his face.

“What?” I said.

“You were making a noise like you liked it. You like me fucking your little white-boy ass?”

“I…” I closed my eyes and focused on the sensation of the man’s gargantuan cock as he worked it in me. I began to feel my own dick stir again from the massage of my prostate with each stroke. “Yes… yes, I do.”

“That’s good, ‘cuz we’re about to really get going!”

Then the man started kissing me on the lips. Instinctively, I returned his kisses. He then started probing at my mouth with his tongue in pace with his paced thrusts into my ass. Finally, I parted my lips and sucked his tongue into my mouth. I began to think of his tongue as his prick, wishing now that I had had an opportunity to suck that monster myself. This only made the man start to pick up the pace of his thrusts.

“Little white bitch loves my big, black dick, don’t he?” he asked.

In answer to his question I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist, hoping somehow that he could drive his cock even deeper into me. I was becoming lost in the sensations of his fucking my ass, becoming his cock-craving bitch. He met my spreading of my thighs with even stronger thrusts. His hairy chest and belly tickled me all over and my dick was being massaged between our mingled bodies. His low-hanging balls slapped my ass cheeks with each rocking thrust of his rock-hard cock.

“Shit, your ass is tight… I don’t know how long I can hold out.”

I couldn’t believe it, but my dick was hardening again from the internal massage he was forcing upon me. “Don’t stop!”

He squeezed me tighter in his arms. “Oh, yeah! Tell me to fuck you,” he hissed in my ear.

“Fuck me!” I said as the big man quickened his pace.

“I want to hear it, bitch!” He growled huskily in my ear. “I want you to tell me what you want me to do with this big black cock!”

“Fuck me!” I called into his ear. “Fuck my ass!”

I wrapped my arms tightly around his thick neck and he squeezed me tighter in his arms. He let his entire weight fall on me as his hips slammed harder against my willing ass. Sweat had formed between us, making my whole body feel slick.

“Don’t stop!” I growled again into his ear.

“I’m gonna cum, baby!” he moaned into my ear between panting breaths. “Daddy’s gonna cum!”

“God, yes!! Cum in me!!” I moaned, my voice rising with his quickening thrusts as I felt his massive dick turn to absolute stone inside me. A couple more thrusts and my assailant held his breath and shook all over. All of a sudden it felt like his cock had grown 10 times its size and threatened to split me apart. Just when I thought I would scream in pain his manhood erupted deep within me.

“Fu-u-u-ck!” he shouted as I could feel him explode into me with a soothing heat that filled my intestines. Still, he continued to pound my ass until I realized that I was cumming again from his thrusts right along with him. His fucking pushed what little semen I had left in me through my prostate and it spewed out of my dick and between our entwined bodies.

Breathing deeply and heavily, the man’s full weight seemed to come to rest on me, but I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable. I felt like I was lying under a big, sleepy bear and an odd feeling of serenity overcame me and I fell asleep. It was dark when I awoke, but my friend was gone. My ass had been pounded into oblivion and it still dripped with my friend’s seed, but I felt a certain loss. I crawled off of the bed and bundled up the semen-smeared comforter to take down to be laundered. As I picked up my clothes a business card fell from my shirt pocket. It was printed with ‘Big Al’s Plumbing, Expert rooter service’, along with a number and a space for an appointment time. Handwritten in the appointment space was: ‘Every Tuesday at 6:00 pm. Call.’

I think would be keeping this appointment!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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