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Ellen looks forward to spending time with me, pinning her down is my favorite part. It’s especially true when I telegraph that I’m going to do it. That I show her, tell her, that it’s coming so that she can put up the biggest, fight she has in her. So when her eyes narrow and her breath quickens and her muscles are bristling with all that extra strength and I sweep it away? Push her down into the position I want her in like she has no strength? That way she knows that I own her. And we can call it whatever she’d like and we can pretend it doesn’t happen, whatever it takes to soothe her, make her whole. Make her want it again. But we both know the truth when I do it. As strong as she gets, as smart as she is and as dedicated to the fight as she can be—the moment I want to take her, I can. So keep struggling, grunting, narrowing her eyes at me. I want that, too. I want to gaze into her fire with my calm and demonstrate again that she is being taken. That she cannot clasp her legs together tight enough that I can’t pry them apart. That she can’t push her arms against mine to move them as I do. Ellen is mine. This afternoon is about what we are, who we are, to each other. And I am the monster that stands tall above her that my shoulders are half her height. Whose hand is nearly the size of her face and can easily take the air from her mouth or neck despite every effort made to stop it. I love her because she admits what others hide from. I love her because she’d deny every word of it to any other man or couple, any friend or relationship in her life, but as soon as she closes our door she’ll admit it’s true. Even when infuriated. Even when defiant. I love her because she is the only girl I’ve met that isn’t afraid.

My second favorite part is when she stops struggling. I never know if it’s a feint or not, and that is alluring beyond my ability to state. Sometimes she runs out of energy and others she is just looking for an opening. So what’s it going to be? Good girl or bad? I won’t ask her to answer. I suspect she often doesn’t know herself. I move my hands from her wrists and tilt my head as I look down, wondering what she’ll do. She simply breathes heavily, eyes ignited, gazing up at me. I rip her blouse open and it sends buttons off like rockets. Ellen gasps and then narrows her eyes. ” I liked that shirt…” Why else would I do it? I lean down to kiss and lick her stomach, to take a little of it between my teeth and clamp down. I want to hear her acknowledge me and sing my praises through the moans, the gasps. It’s only when I feel her hand on the back of my neck that I know she is going to be a very good girl this afternoon and I am grateful for it. I love when she submits. It makes me up my game-anyone can dominate an opponent. It’s a bit harder when they’re playing along. A quick jerk back, two hands on her hips and I flip her over to deliver a swat to her ass-I can never resist-and I pull the blouse off her. It tears, here and there, but it is already acknowledged in past tense. I strip her down. ” You can’t just do this when you like.” She says it with her head still buried in the mattress. ” What if I had a bad day at work? What if I wasn’t in the mood?” Which I assume is trying to draw me out of the moment because as much as she wants this, she loves making me concede even more. There isn’t anything she can say though. I’m as much hers as she is mine. I am tied to this outcome with all my being. I need her to cum for me. I require it. When the last of her clothing is off I push two fingers into her cunt without pretext or warning. If she is not wet now then what are we even doing together?

I slide in with some ease, some groaning on her part. ” You’re hurting me.” Ellen starts to say something else but the blood is rushing to my ears and I can’t hear her, like I’m deep underwater. Sometimes her pussy does that to me, and just knowing that she is wet makes the drumbeat louder. So I turn her over again and I push my lips against hers. The only difference between this kiss and strangling her is which part of my body I’m using. She goes limp beneath me. I’m a verbal person by nature and so I hope she takes it as the compliment it is that I refuse to speak to her in this. That instead of telling her what I want I wrap my wrists around hers and pull her, pin her again against the wall. I guide her hands above her head, her body a foot from the wall, like she is under arrest. Then I stroke her, run my hands over, her, cup her breasts and her neck. I take special pains to play with the parts that I sometimes Sex hikayeleri neglect. I run my knuckles down her spine. I stoke the side of her neck. I hold her hips in my hands to show her just how much bigger I am than her. Then I spin her around and slam her against the wall to make her gasp for me. When she reaches for my cock I slap the hand away. I find this is more effective than telling her, I love her or having a discussion on the matter. Normally I’d lift her against the wall by her hips or the back of her thighs but she makes the monster in me ravenous and only cumming in her gets him out again. And I’m going to hurt her for having that power over me. Both of my hands come up to her neck and squeeze slightly, slowly-firmly. I look into her eyes to make sure that she can see that something in me wants to keep taking the oxygen from her almost as much as it wants me to fuck her. Does she see it? Can she feel it now? Does she know that she makes me need her in such a way that it hurts not to have her? I don’t know any other way to ask it, or to get her to answer honestly, so I start lifting. I start pushing her throat towards the ceiling.

At first she doesn’t understand and tilts her head back but when there’s no more room, she gasps. The air is leaving her now, flying away from her. At first she relies on instinct, she gets up on her tip-toes, but I’m still lifting. So she starts scratching, clawing, kicking at me now that she is suspended, mostly by me, some by the wall. That’s still the animal in her. Then she does the thing I wanted and she grasps onto me. She holds me with both hands, she swings her legs around me and grapples. She latches on to me so that she stops being hurt. I’d normally ask who’s sicker for wanting this, but given how hard my cock is, I have a pretty good idea. There is the added benefit of her pussy being exposed with her legs spread so wide, no refusal excepted this afternoon. My mind is made up, for only the second time, I will force my knot inside her. Lately Ellen let’s me lick her into an orgasmic stupor, but refuses to kneel down for me mount her. I’m not prepared to suffer any longer, I’m mounting her this afternoon regardless of her wants. As soon as I lick her pussy into cumming, I’m gonna flip her into kneeling and hold her if necessary until I get my cock inside her sopping wet pussy. I mean hard fucking ‘knotted’ so she can’t get away until I empty my balls up inside her womb. Lets face it, she’s not innocent, now at 28 she’s had a number of men…but not with a knot at the base of their cock. Yes, she knows I know and seen her often.

We sit for awhile, she watches me, she takes her bikini off then. I crawl over to her, glancing at her as I go. The lure of her pussy is just too much! Then after a few tentative licks, I bury my tongue in her, her thighs spread wider with each slither of my tongue up her slit until with her body trembling. ” Slower…Do it slower!” She helps herself to more titilation now by easing her hood back from her clitoris allowing even deeper penitration of her pussy lips until now physically shaking. ” Not to quick, you’re making me cum!” For seconds she hides her clit from my demanding tongue but as her excitement eases, she again gives me full access to her clit until with her ass sliding forward off the seat she moans and trembles in a massive orgasm. In turn my licks at her cunt are long licks now taking in her cunt and asshole crease until in despair. ” NO! – GOD NO MORE…I JUST CAN’T HAVE ANYMORE…FUCK I CAN’T!” She moves to deny me anything else, with a lustful look on my face and 9 inches of hanging hard cock, I growl at her demanding she present her cunt to me for fucking! All the other times I’ve pleaded at this point for her to let me mount her from behind, but this time, I’m up off my knees grabbing her torso, ” Over…Turn over you whore! You’re mine and I’m making sure I fuck you!” In shock, she is on her hands and knees steadying herself. ” No! No! Don’t mount me!” Her fight is less than I expected as I had her on her knees and with my full weight across her back held her flat in the chair ready for me. Ellen jerked and screamed as the heat of my cock hit her slit. ” Fuck its so hot…John…don’t put it in me…its burning hot…Oh…Oh…its going inside…Fuck…That’s fucking hot!” I feel her relaxing and wanting to see my huge piece of flesh sinking up inside cunt. Not moving, with her head facing away from me, she stayed as she is as my hard cock is getting swallowed by her pussy.

My shaft slides up Sikiş hikayeleri into her as I grip her hips tight. She now has no chance of getting out of a full on fucking. Now with my feet inside of her’s I’m towering over her, I’m thrusting in and out of her, my knot smacking her spread labia. The more it slapped the wetter she got, the fucking she is now getting clearly is being enjoyed by her. She now starts pushing back at my thick shaft. ” Fuck…its fucking hot! Oh God…John…your in so deep.” Ellen realized what she is saying. ” Well, its in as far as it can go!” What she didn’t realize is that I’m feeling her pussy being tantalizingly spread open at the entrance and my knot is getting very close to pushing past the tightness of her entrance. By now I want my knot up inside her. I’m not thrusting now and just pressing against her, while she is pressing aganist me. ” What’s it like now?” ” Fucking great. Its monster inside me.” ” Are you glad I made you?” ” Don’t ask.” ” Wow! What is that?” I watched as her now slippery pussy submitted to my fist size knot and Ellen is knotted with me. ” Fuck that’s nice, what ever happened! its wonderful, no man can do that to me… What did you do just then?” ” Knotted with you, I’m knotted!” ” AH! AH! Fuck! you wouldn’t believe how that feels, your fucking cumming like hell up in me, FUCK IS THAT HOT! and its filling me with hard squirts and its in my womb. Your coming up in the entrance to my womb!”

With one hand on her back to hold her there, she tried to get out from under me as I swatted her hard across her naked ass with my hand. ” Don’t pull away from me, Ellen, do you hear me?” I admonished, as if talking to a disobedient child. ” Don’t you ever hold yourself from me,” I said menacingly. She lay there crying quietly trying to understand how I could do this to her again. Ellen grimaced as I start thrusting in and out again, ” Oh god . . . stop, you’re hurting me. . . please, it’s too big . . . too big,” She whimpers when I push my cock all the way with each thrust. Oblivious to her pleas, I hold her hips thrusting into her, my long thick cock filling every inch of her. Faster and deeper, and harder until my body tenses and I begin to grunt with my urgent thrusting into her. Finally, holding her tighter, I stiffened and she feels me forcefully erupt again, claiming her again what I already perceived as belonging to me. When I finished, I pulled out of her and slowly milked the remains of my cum onto the small of her back where it pooled and slowly dripped between her ass cheeks. Ellen got up and jumped into the pool, her eyes avoided me.

She swims slowly up and down the length of the pool, carving through the water it running across and over her back, ass and legs. The water clears from her eyes and she sees my legs in front of her, naked and tanned. She moves her eyes slowly upwards and notices that instead of seeing trunks, I stood before her totally naked, my cock hard and in response to seeing her. Moving further up she reaches my smiling face and teasing eyes as she pushes back in the water, she raises a little so that her breasts are just breaking the water and smile up at me, inviting me both into the water and into her again. I sit on the edge of the pool, my legs between her arms and she slides between my body and the edge of the pool. Ellen feels the full length of me as I slowly run my hot skin against her cool skin which starts to respond immediately. Her nipples harden, her breath catches and a familiar heat starts to spread in her pussy. As we press together, my mouth meets hers in a slow, deep kiss, while my hands run across her shoulders and down across her now so sensitive breasts. She arches towards me, her hips pushing her pussy against my hard throbbing cock, pressing the length of it between the lips, the head of my shaft teasing her clit. Her breasts are soft against my hands, my fingers playing with her nipples, making her crazy. I can’t release my grip on the pool as I am supporting both of us and my frustration is mingled with desire as I continue to stroke and pinch at her. I raise her up and place my legs around her waist as I slide her onto me, my legs holding her in the water, her pussy tightening around my cock. Her breasts are now above the water line as I bend my head sucking and biting lightly on them. All the time using my hands to move her backwards and forwards on my cock, her pussy getting tighter and wetter and so ready to cum. The maddeningly slow speed and constant pressure on her breasts, means that she cums quickly Erotik hikaye and quietly curling her head into my neck as she does. I feel the waves running through her across my cock, but I haven’t finished yet and pull out before I get caught up in the pleasure.

I push myself back out of the pool with her following me and we walk over to the lounger and pause by the side of it for another deep long kiss, this one harder and more intense. I sit her down and stand in front of her knowing that she loves to taste me and needs to pleasure me. Ellen runs her fingers gently across my skin, down my stomach and around my thighs, raking her nails across my ass. As she cups my butt in her hands, she leans in and runs her tongue across the head of my cock before circling her tongue around me. As she opens her mouth slightly and glides it along the sensitive underside of my throbbing cock and then sliding her mouth over me and taking me in as far as she can, sighing softly. She works her mouth slowly and firmly up and down me as her hands massages my ass spreading my cheeks slightly. Taking one hand off, she runs her fingers into the slick juice of her pussy and returns to my ass as she circles it around the outside of my anus. Then gently slides it into me as she sucks harder on my cock, working faster and firmer. She circles her finger inside me as she sucks me and I start to move my hips back and forth, wanting both to fuck her mouth and wanting her finger in my ass deeper. Suddenly I stiffen and cry out her name as I pump hot sticky cum into her mouth and down her throat. When I have emptied all I have into her, I slump against her and she releases me. I lay down next to her on the double lounger. Ellen curls into me and we lay and slowly drift into a much needed nap

Ellen slowly wakes up, laying on her side facing away from me, opening her eyes and stretching slightly, unaware of where exactly she is, but aware of the wetness of her cum across her pussy and slick on her inner thighs. Now fully awake she feels my arm curled around her hip, my hand across her pelvis and my fingers gently rubbing her clit, slowly, softly, silently but with purpose. She feels my already hard cock pressing against her ass, jerking in anticipation of sinking into her for the third time, my breath hot on her neck as I kiss and lick at the soft sensitive nape. I maintain the slow gentle rubbing on her clit, the only place I’m touching her, but it is so intense and she wants me again so much that she cums quickly again, bucking against me and crying out my name as she submits to me. I get up, pulling her towards me and then turning her around gently positioning her on her hands and knees, bent in front of me. I slide my cock into her dripping pussy and begin to thrust slowly and deeply into her. Each time I enter her, she sighs and moans pushing back against me. I take her to the edge of orgasm and withdraw from her as she cries out in frustration and emptiness.

I hush her and bury my fingers deep into her pussy as she starts to buck against me, confused, but wanting release. Again I leave her, but only for a moment as she feels my fingers gently pressing on her ass, circling the hole slowly but firmly. Ellen is nervous, but knowing me and trusting me, she relaxes as I feel her do that I press my finger slowly into her. It feels so good that she pushes back against me wanting more, but I steady her, making her take her time, not wanting to hurt her. I continue my exploration, probing into her deeper, and circling around making her wider and more relaxed. Then she feels my finger slide out and the tip of my cock, slick with her juice pressing against her anus. My hand comes round to rub softly against her clit as I start to push my cock into her ass. I move slowly as she focuses on relaxing for me, knowing that she wants this more than anything right now and needing me to be the one to do this for her. As I slide into her, taking my time and then pausing, she inhales sharply. Spreading her so wide, she needs me and she needs me now as she pushes backwards taking me all the way in. Then I stop allowing her to adjust to me and then she starts to move on me moaning. This is the only encouragement I need as I start to fuck her, steady and deep, so tight so good.

My strokes into her are deep, moving faster, my balls tightening, both of us climbing to orgasm. I stiffen at the same time as she does, filling her completely with my hot sticky cum, she explodes, her juices running out of her, coating my hand, slick and hot running down her thighs. Satisfied, I withdraw from her; she lays forward and relaxes once more as I join her. No matter how demanding and rough I am, Ellen always surrenders to me, for three or four sessions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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