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Every summer, my family and I would travel to Montana to our cabin for a few months. It was a wonderful family vacation, a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of our regular lives for a month, and just live in the great outdoors with each other. My Dad and Mom, my older brother Jeb and my younger brother Cal and I would take a plane from our home in Los Angeles to Missoula, where we would pick up our 4 by 4 from its winter parking, and drive the two hundred miles into the Big Sky country. We left civilization behind and played in entire isolation. It was awesome!

Last summer, though things changed, and changed forever, I guess. I never would have imagined in a million years the events of that month. It all started in May, the week before we traditionally left. Already there was a break with tradition. Jeb, who had just turned 19, and just finished his freshman year at UCSD, had decided to live and work for the summer in San Diego. Mainly, I think, it was because his girlfriend, Susannah, lived there, and he wanted to be near her for a summer of hot lovin’! I couldn’t blame him, though. She was really sweet, and I was kinda hoping that she might be a sister to me some day.

Also, Cal, who was 14, desperately wanted to go to soccer camp, which started in June. Mom and Dad agreed, which made sense ’cause soccer was just about the only thing that Cal really cared about. Which left me, Mom and Dad for the summer trip. In a way, I was happy about it. I would have the entire month alone from my brothers. Don’t get me wrong, I love my brothers, but an 18-year old girl starts to enjoy her privacy, if you know what I mean. In any case, I could just read, work on my tan in the great outdoors, wander around the woods, hang out with my parents, who I really get along with.

Mom and Dad married young, ’cause Mom got pregnant with Jeb sophomore year in high school. She was only 15! But she was raised real religious, and she didn’t want to get rid of the baby. Fortunately, Dad, who was 16 at the time, was the kind of guy who didn’t back down from commitments, and he proposed to her. It took them some time to persuade their parents, but they won out. Dad got a job on the movie sets, and worked his way up. He got lucky and got hold of a property and produced a sleeper movie hit. After that, he became a big shot producer. Now, he’s 35 years old, and Mom’s 34, and they’re really in their prime.

My Mom is California beautiful, the kind of babe you always see roller-blading down by the beach in stupid teen sex flicks. She has long brunette hair, straight as a ruler falling all the way down her back, and that kind of sex kitten face which seems to drive boys crazy. She’s definitely curvy, and she always dressed to show off her body. At the same time, she’s put herself through college and law school, and now she’s an associate for an up and coming law firm in L.A. She’s taught me a lot about how to “display yourself to advantage,” as she puts it. She’s shown me how to use makeup to look classy, not slutty, how much cleavage and leg you can get away with showing without coming off as a skank. Like I said, we’ve got a real cool relationship, more like sisters than mother-daughter, I guess.

Dad always looks fit and trim. He works out a lot, at least three times a week. He kinda looks like that Daniel Day Lewis guy, only more packed. He’s got wavy dark hair and these green eyes that seem to look right into you (I know, having been caught a couple times lying). He’s about 6’1″, and he always dresses real casual, but hip. He’s easy to talk to, and great with advice about growing up, even about boys. He regularly comes to my room for a little father-daughter chat, to check in. He’s so gentle and kind, and so in love with my Mom. It’s been wonderful to have such a successful relationship in my parents’ marriage that I can aspire to.

I suppose I should describe myself too. If I were telling another girl what I looked like, I’d say I was tall and slim, with shoulder-length straight auburn hair and cornflower-blue eyes. But I know you guys want to hear more than that. I have a round face with a small, slightly upturned nose. My lips are pretty full, and I guess I have a bit of a natural pout. I have long legs, without any flab on them, I’m proud to say, leading up to an extremely fine ass, if I do say so myself, the kind they call heart-shaped. I’ve got a flat stomach, a thin waist and hips that just flare out a bit. My boobs stand up on their own, very round, and my nipples tend to get erect very easily. I’m not vain, but I get enough looks from guys to know that I’m pretty much a hot babe.

Anyway, that May I came home from school one day, and heard my parents arguing about something.

“Anne, you’ve got to go to the cabin this summer. It may be the last one we ever have as a family!”

“Look, Mark, I know. But this is such a great opportunity for me. I can’t pass it up. You know I’ve been working to get this client for months. If I go away now, I’ll lose him to that jerk Anders. This Zeytinburnu Escort means the difference between associate and partner for me.”

“Oh, God. I suppose you’re right. You know I support you in everything regarding your career. I’m just disappointed that we won’t have the time together. We need it. I barely see you with our respective schedules.”

“I know, honey, and I’m very disappointed, too. You should still go up there with Karen. I know she’s been looking forward to it for a long time.”

I felt a bit of a thrill when I heard Mom say this. I’m a bit jealous when it comes to my Dad, and a chance to spend some real quality time alone with him made me extremely happy, even while I was sad that Mom couldn’t come also. I closed the front door a bit louder than usual to signal to them that I was home, and came in to the living room. Mom said to me,

“Hi, sweetie. Can I talk to you upstairs?”

I nodded, and we went up to my room. Mom sat me down on my bed, and sat down next to me.

“Karen, sweetheart, I’ve got some bad news. That client I’ve been chasing has decided to take me on as his lawyer, which means I’m going to have to work intensively with him for the next few months. I won’t be able to go to the cabin this summer with you and Dad.”

“Oh, Mom, that stinks! I mean, I’m happy you got the client, but it won’t be the same without you at the cabin.”

“Thanks, honey, that’s so sweet. But you and Daddy will go up and have a great time. I know he loves to spend time with you, so you should just go up there and relax.”

She reached up and brushed a lock of my hair off of my cheek, and let her fingers graze slowly down the side of my face, coming to rest on my shoulder. She looked at me intently, her blue eyes locking onto mine.

“You’ve really grown up a lot in this past year, Karen. You’ve turned into quite a looker. I think your Dad has noticed too.”

She paused for a second, as if trying to decide whether to say something. Then she leaned in close to me, her cheek almost touching mine.

“Maybe you should indulge him a little,” she whispered, almost too soft to hear. Then she pulled back slightly and kissed me slowly, right at the corner of my mouth, her lips barely touching mine. Then suddenly, she was gone, out of my room, leaving me in astonishment over what I thought I had heard.

Over the next few days, I thought about what she had said. Was she giving me permission to come on to my own father? What was she hoping would happen? While I was packing that week, she was not around much, at the office late, leaving home early. Finally, school let out, and the next day, I got up early to go with my Dad to the cabin. Mom got up early too, and had breakfast with us. She came up to my room to help me bring stuff down. She looked at what I had laid out to wear on the trip and tut-tutted.

“Haven’t I taught you anything, Karen? These clothes are frumpy. Where’s that nice summer dress we got last month?”

I went and got it, and when I came back into the room, I saw she had gotten some lingerie out of my drawer for me to wear with it.

“Here, wear these with it. Hurry up, get changed!”

I quickly stripped out of my pajamas, and reached for the bra. Mom looked at me appraisingly as she handed over the piece of underwear.

“You’re definitely a daughter of mine, honey. You’ve got all the right curves in all the right places.”

We giggled, as I fitted the cups of the bra over my boobs. I’m a 34C in the chest, and the lacy underwired bra was slightly small, pushing my breasts up and together. I stepped into the thong underwear Mom had chosen, fitting it up snugly between my ass cheeks. I’m rightly very proud of my ass, which is probably my finest asset, pun intended. I like to wear thong underwear as much as possible to show off its ability to stand firm without support. It does mean I have to keep my bush neatly trimmed, but that’s part and parcel of the game.

I slipped into the dress, a light yellow cotton number, mid-thigh, but with a very flaring skirt. The top buttons up the front, with spaghetti straps over the shoulders, revealing as much as you want of your bra. It’s a very sexy dress, and I love it. I twirled for Mom, letting the skirt flare up to show off my butt and thighs. She whistled in approval.

“Very nice indeed, Karen,” she said, taking my hands and pulling me close. “Now, remember what I said the other day.”

And she leaned in and kissed me directly on the lips.

I was so shocked I stood stock-still. I could feel her soft lips slightly parted against mine, then the tip of her tongue gently touched my lips. Without thinking, I opened my mouth and let her tongue enter. With a hand on the back of my head, she gently frenched me, her tongue softly twining around mine. It was the sweetest, most loving, most erotic kiss I’d ever had, and I nearly swooned in her arms.

“That’s for good luck!” she said with a wink, and turned to grab my suitcase Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan and left the room. I stood there for a second, my mind whirling around, trying to grasp the significance of that kiss. Suddenly, I realized how wet I was between my legs, and that I was shaking from the intensity of the experience. I pulled myself together and went downstairs.

The flight was pretty empty. Dad and I were sitting next to each other, and I guess there were about ten other people total in the coach section. The plane trip takes three hours, so we had a while before we got to Montana. I felt kinda unsure of myself next to Dad all of a sudden, thinking about what Mom had suggested. Could she be right? Did Dad think of me in that way? He hadn’t checked me out at all this morning (a girl is very aware when a guy is looking her over), despite my sexy outfit.

I sneaked a glance at him out of the corner of my eye. He was a very handsome man, for sure. His features seemed chiseled, and were framed handsomely by his wavy hair. His lips suddenly appeared very sensual to me, and I wondered what it would be like to kiss them. I remembered that I used to have a huge crush on him, when I was twelve or thirteen. The crush was typical for a girl in her early teens: he was the perfect man in my eyes, kind and loving, but completely not dangerous sexually. I used to fantasize about having a romantic evening with him, supper and dancing, maybe. But the fantasy always ended before anything too intimate could happen. Now I was extending those fantasies, thinking about the next step. Was I crazy?

All of a sudden, I had to know if Dad was at all interested in me as a woman. I decided to test him. I had some magazines in my bag in the overhead compartment, and I announced that I was going to get one down. I unbuckled my seat belt and stood up. Deliberately, I stepped up onto the seat, and opened the door to the overhead. Standing as I was, barely a foot away from him, I knew that Dad would have a great view up my skirt if he wanted to. Furthermore, although he couldn’t tell, I could watch him through the hinge in the door. I quickly located the magazine, but pretended to rummage for a while longer while I covertly glanced at Dad.

His eyes were glued to my legs! I wondered how far up my skirt he could see, and decided that I might as well give him the full view, innocently of course. I slightly parted my feet, as if to get better balance, and stood up on tiptoe. I watched his eyes widen as they gazed up under my skirt, and I knew he could see all the way to my crotch, encased in the black thong underwear. A feeling of power surged through me. Such control I had, just because of my sexiness! I could turn my own Dad on!

I closed the door to the compartment, and started to step down. Just then, the plane hit a slight patch of turbulence, and I quickly took advantage of the moment to pretend to slip. I twisted as I fell, into Dad’s lap. He tried to catch me as I tumbled, and one of his hands came to rest on my bare thigh just above the hem of my skirt while the other grabbed my waist. I reveled in the feel of his strong hand on my skin.

“Oops! Thanks, Dad, for catching me!”

I lithely slipped up off of his lap. The whole experiment had been a remarkable success. I even thought I might have felt some stiffness in his lap! I decided I needed to regain my composure, and give Dad a chance to regain his. I told him I needed to use the restroom, and walked down the aisle.

In the bathroom, I took a look at myself in the mirror. My cheeks were prettily flushed, and my eyes had a sparkle to them. Amazing what a little bit of arousal can do to a woman’s appearance! Looking at the beautiful woman in the mirror, I had to touch myself. I sneaked a hand up my skirt, and around my underwear to my moist pussy. The first moment my fingers touched my clit was electrifying. I’ve always loved jerking off. Sometimes, I like to go real slow and teasing-like; sometimes I really need something inside of me, my fingers sometimes, sometimes something larger like a zucchini or a banana; sometimes, like now, I just need to get off, so I rub my clit. I don’t know about other women, but my clit is very developed, sticking out a good half-inch from its hood when fully aroused. Now, while my fingers made loving circles around the organ, I found my mind filled with images of Dad, in his swimsuit, in workout clothes, after cleaning the yard, all sweaty and disheveled. Quickly, I found my orgasm rising within me, taking over my whole body. I arched my back and let out a long moan. I tried to keep the volume down, but I guess I didn’t do that great a job, considering the approving look I got from one of the flight attendants when I exited the bathroom.

“Very sexy,” she whispered to me, and let her finger stroke my left nipple, erect and outlined through the cloth of my dress. I smiled back at her, proud of my sexual nature, and enjoying the feel of her touch. Then I slipped past her back to my Escort Zeytinburnu seat. Dad was engrossed in his book (seemingly, anyway), so I sat down and read my magazine. The rest of the flight went uneventfully.

When we got to Missoula, we got some bad news. After waiting forty-five minutes at the luggage carousel, we discovered that our bags had been lost in transit. The baggage attendant was unhelpful, telling us that it would take at least one day for the airline to locate the bags, and that once they were found, it might take up to a week for them to be delivered to the airport here. Dad was furious with the guy, especially once he caught him leering at me behind his back. He asked to speak with the airport manager, but the best he could get out of the guy was that they would undertake to deliver the bags to us at the cabin once they arrived at no cost to us. We had to be satisfied with that, and went to pick up the car.

Every summer we stock up on food and supplies in the city so we won’t have to leave our cabin at all during the month we’re there. We spent two hours filling up the car with everything we would need, and then piled in for the three-hour drive to the cabin. I love the countryside up in Montana: it’s so spread out, and wild. The cabin is in a secluded area of wooded hills. Our nearest neighbor is some three miles away, so we really get the pure feeling of isolation. By the time we got to the cabin, it was almost 5:00 in the afternoon, almost twelve hours since we got up for the trip. Both Dad and I were exhausted, but we still had to unpack the car and get everything ready.

When we finished, we were both sweaty and uncomfortable. However, without our luggage, we didn’t think we had anything to change into, until Dad looked in one of the closets and found a couple of old t-shirts and shorts.

“Thank God,” I said, “We can wash the clothes we’re wearing and let them dry overnight.” We had a washer but not a dryer at the cabin, because the line drying really makes the clothes smell so fresh and clean. Let me explain the layout of the cabin. There is only one bedroom, up a ladder from the main room. The kitchen is separated from the rest of the main room by a long counter. There is a dining and a living area, with a porch in the front and a porch on the side, where the hot tub is. The view from the side porch is gorgeous, straight out down the rolling mountainside. Off the kitchen is an outdoor shower, surrounded by trees so that no one could peek in. The toilet is also off the kitchen on the other side. Dad went up the ladder to the bedroom to change, while I went into the bathroom.

I got out of my sweaty clothes, dress and underwear, thankful to be out of them at long last. I pulled the shorts up over my bottom and slipped the t-shirt over my top. When I had them on, I realized just how old these clothes were: there were a few holes in the shirt, and the material was so thin you could almost see right through it. I swear, in the right light, you’d be able to see every bit of my nipples. The shorts were kinda small from so many washings, and they clung to my ass cheeks like a second skin. I almost blushed to think of how much you could see. But then I remembered Dad’s reaction to the crotch shot I gave him on the plane, and determined to make the best of what might not be such a bad situation after all.

When I came out of the bathroom, I was treated to the sight of Dad coming down the ladder backwards in the old shorts he had on. Without a doubt, Dad had a sweet butt! Like with the shorts I was wearing, you could see every line of his ass, the muscular shape and the exciting crack between the cheeks. I made sure that he didn’t see me gawking at his butt, but gathered our clothes together and threw them in the washer. We made a quick supper of pasta and sauce. I was aware of Dad checking me out from time to time. A couple of the holes in my shirt were decently placed for him to get a glimpse of the sides of my breasts from time to time. I also took the opportunity to bend down once, from my hips, presenting my ass for his viewing pleasure. I could tell from the way the material pulled at me that a bunch of the lower half of my butt cheeks were exposed. I loved the exhibitionism.

After supper, I gathered our wet clothes from the washer and hung them on the line to dry overnight. Dad and I were completely wrung out ourselves from the long day, and we decided to turn in early. I made sure to give Dad a good night hug, pulling him close to my body, so he could feel my boobs against his hard chest. I knew my nipples were hard again, and I knew he must be able to feel them through the two very thin layers of cotton that separated our skin. As I went to sleep, I couldn’t help but feel proud of my initial progress. Who knew what would happen, but I was sure as hell enjoying teasing my Dad!

The next morning I was up before him, and as I gathered the clothes from the line, I decided to keep up the tease. I slipped off the shorts and pulled up my thong underwear, but left the old t-shirt on. It was long enough to be considered decent, but just barely, reaching down maybe one inch below my ass. Almost any movement I made would display something. If I stretched my arms over my head, you’d be able to see all of my panties. I thought I’d have some fun this morning!

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