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Mom was sitting in her favourite chair, reading a magazine when I walked in.

She rushed to the hall and wrapped her arms around me. “Are you hungry? How was your day? You have to tell me all about it.”

“Oh mom, it was wonderful,” I said. “I let Mr. Fraser see my cock and I jerked off in front of him. I was so horny that my cock stayed hard and I let him touch me; over and over. Nothing in the world can compare to today. All I can think about is his cock.”

Although those thoughts went through my head, here is what I said. “I had a great time, mom. I snapped so many photos and I can’t wait to show them to you. And yes, I’m famished.”

I downloaded the photos to my computer and sat with mom while viewing them. Mom’s perfume was light and my mind wandered to the girl down the street. She had long curly brown hair, soft curves, tight tummy and long slender legs. When she wore a skirt my cock took notice and would always rise to full thickness.

Kissing her and touching her breasts crossed my mind many times, especially in bed with my fingers curled around my cock.

These thoughts caused my cock to swell and I wondered if mom could tell that I was becoming aroused. I had read stories about moms that saw a bulge in their son’s pants and ended up sucking them. Fake news, I suppose, but made for some pleasant thoughts.

I moved my leg until it touched mom’s leg and was enjoyably surprised when she didn’t move it away. How I would love to feel her lips around my cock and keep them there until I spurted in her mouth. Did every young guy think of his mom like this, or was I the only pervert who had these thoughts and would end up in hell?

After that, I would bend her over the table, raise her skirt, lower her panties and slide as far as I could go into her. Holding her hips, thrusting slowly, waiting for her to press back and moan in pleasure and need for more.

I would pull out and rub it teasingly over her wet pussy and not put it back in until she begged me to do so.

That’s when my thoughts shifted so quickly I shocked myself. I imagined I was bent over the table, my butt exposed, the taste of Mr. Fraser in mouth and me begging him to fill me again. Pressing back to him, the need to be filled felt stronger than the need for air. I had never been penetrated, yet I felt an emptiness that needed to be filled.

My erection was now painful and I realized an hour had passed.

Mom touched my shoulder and then touched my forehead with the palm of her hand.

“You’re a bit warm. How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay, mom. Maybe just a bit tired, it’s been a long day,” I replied.

“Go take a warm shower and I’ll make us tea. Then we can sit and watch a movie.”

“Sure, mom. Just give me a few minutes to check out a few more photos.” I was still hard and knew my bulge would be quite apparent if I stood.

“No,” mom said. “We’ve well exceeded our computer time. Go shower and I’ll shut everything down.”

“Mom, please,” I urged.

“Go,” and she pointed to the stairs.

I stood and Mom drew in a breath. My bulge was no more than two feet from her.

This made my cock twitch and I had the sudden urge to lower my zipper and underwear and pray that mom would wrap her slender fingers around my hardness and kiss the tip of Merter Escort my cock.

She hadn’t seen dad in a week and occasionally late at night I heard sobs coming from her room. I thought she was crying with loneliness, but maybe she was masturbating, thinking of his cock, or, mine.

It was painful walking to my room and stripping felt like I had just won the lottery. My underwear was wet with precum and my scent drifted up and I breathed it in deeply. I loved my cock and watched it wave to and fro while walking to the bathroom and into the shower.

My favourite place to masturbate was my bed, with the shower being a close second. The water caressed my body and my hand caressed my cock. I imagined my mom kneeling in front of me, while I teased her lips with my cock.

Then I imagined that I was her, cupping my balls and kissing one and then the other. Looking up, letting our eyes see the pleasure in our faces.

I kept imaging that I was my mom, looking up with such wanton desire. Then I imagined remaining mom, and it wasn’t me she was sucking, but Mr. Fraser. I was my mom, kneeling in front of Mr. Fraser and taking his cock into my mouth.

I was a female, pleasing a man in such an intimate way. Kneeling in subservience and stroking the male ego by taking his cock in my mouth and sighing with the heat flowing through me.

Although imaging being mom in this position was hot, my cock stiffened more as I transformed from mom, back to myself. Imaging I was kneeling in front of Mr. Fraser, him guiding my head’s movement so that my mouth took no more than just the head of his cock.

His thrusts were slow and gentle, never going deep; never more than his cock-head going past my lips. My tongue swirled around his head, licking the underside when he asked and then complying with his instructions to lick his pee slit.

Somehow he knew when his precum would flow; he was so sweet and my tongue delved deep, wanting to taste more and more.

My hips moved and my breathing deepened as his breath matched mine. His explosion in my mouth was divine and my spurts ended up coating the shower wall.

“Are you okay,” mom yelled from my room.

I flushed with embarrassment, knowing that mom must know what a man cumming sounded like.

My voice was shaking. “All’s well,” and I did something I’d never done before; licked my cum as it slid down the shower wall.

It didn’t taste great, but I loved it and my dream was to suck Mr. Fraser, him cumming in my mouth and holding my head until every drop had left his body.

“Your t-shirt and pajama bottoms are on the bed,” mom said. “I’ll give you five minutes and if you’re not out by then, I’m coming in to get you.”

I laughed, knowing mom would never come into my bathroom, except to ensure that I was keeping it up to her cleanly standards.

The face looking back at me in the mirror had flushed cheeks and a bit of stubble. I only shaved twice a week; my whiskers never grew enough to shave daily.

I lathered up and guided the razor up and down the side of my face. I normally shaved my left side, followed by my right side, under my nose and then my neck. As I was swiping over my chin with the blade, a figure appeared in the mirror.

My eyes flashed wide, seeing my mom’s image Merter Escort Bayan over my left shoulder.

“Mom,” I gasped, feeling every bit as naked as I was.

“I said I would be back in five minutes.”

“Mom… it can’t be five minutes already.”

Mom giggled. “True, it’s only four, but I couldn’t help myself.”

Why couldn’t this be the one time that I had wrapped a towel around my body, I thought.

“Carry-on, sweetie. I love watching your dad shave.” Mom stepped into the bathroom, lowered the toilet cover and sat down.

My hand was shaking as I brought the razor close to my face. Mom had an excellent view of my bottom and now she had an excellent view of my… my private parts.

I could feel it pretending it was a turtle, its head going back into its shell. It stayed that way for a few moments and then a little blood flowed, making it peak out. More heat flowed and I felt it thicken.

I glanced to my right, seeing mom watch my cock change, slowly at first and then gaining momentum until it was standing tall, rock hard. She gasped and slowly reached until the tips of her fingers touched it.

Her body shook slightly as her fingers traced along my length, from base to tip and then back down, cupping her fingers and letting my balls rest on the palm of her hand. Her other hand reached up to my hips and she turned me and drew me close to her.

My eyes closed, thinking that I had gone to bed and this was a young guy’s dream, a fantasy that would never happen for real. But the lips touching my ball sac were not fantasy, they were very real. Looking down, our eyes met. She looked like a goddess and the twinkle in her eyes only hinted at the thoughts going through her mind.

She licked over one ball and then across to the other. She sucked it lightly, keeping her lips there, parting them slowly and sucking until my ball disappeared into her mouth. I was shocked; pleasantly and delightfully shocked. I couldn’t believe I didn’t cum all over.

Although I didn’t cum, precum flowed from my slit, down the underside of my cock and down my sac, meeting her lips.

With a pop, she released my ball, tilted her head slightly and lapped precum into her mouth. Her face glowed and she became the sexiest woman alive.

The tip of her nose touched my cock and wetness glistened on her. She didn’t seem to mind and she lapped up to the tip of me. More nectar spilled and she greedily drank it all, only stopping when her lips circled my slit.

Her cheeks were flushed red and I could feel the heat wafting from her. With another pop, her lips released me and she stood, taking my hands and walking backwards towards my bed. She slipped off her top, revealing large soft mounds that were showing the first signs of sagging. Her nipples were pointed, dark colored and looked so painfully tight. The urge to suckle almost made me scream.

She wiggled her pajama bottoms past her well defined hips and down her legs until they hit the floor. Her pubic hair was light brown, and trimmed curly short. The scent rising from her made me groan and my cock twitched in need.

She lowered until her bottom rested on the end of the bed.

“Taste me,” she urged.

She laid back and her feet drew up to the edge of the bed and her legs Escort Merter parted.

Her scent assaulted me and her puffy lips shimmered in wetness. I wasn’t certain if it was gross to see, or the most beautiful thing in the world. As I knelt before her, I realized it was more than beautiful, it was stunning… gorgeous and I wanted to taste it… taste her … taste my mom.

I didn’t think; I licked over and over until my tongue tired and I had to rest it. During this rest period, mom guided my fingers to her nub, so pleased with myself as she moaned, groaned and wiggled at my touch.

I loved when she whimpered, especially when my fingers left her clit and her whimpers were whimpers of frustration. I had a control that I’d never felt before and I teased her until she begged me to touch it once again.

How sexy, how powerful it was to hear mom say, ‘please, please don’t stop.’

I’d seen women cum in porn videos and knew that mom was close, in fact I’d made her almost cum several times. I wanted her to cum, not with my fingers, but with my lips.

My tongue circled her engorged clit, which had stiffened like the tip of my baby finger. There was enough for me to suck on, and suck I did.

Mom tensed more and more and I sucked harder and harder. Her hands slapped the bed, her tummy tightened and she screamed, over and over. My lips and chin were flooded with wet heat and warm squirts splashed over my face.

Minutes later, mom moved up on the bed, letting her breath slow back to normal.

Her pussy glowed and was slick with wetness. It looked so inviting and every fibre in my body wanted to enter her.

She kept her legs parted and drew in a deep breath.

“I want you inside me. Fuck me … please, please fuck me.”

I’d never heard mom say that word and for a moment it made me pause, but that moment lasted less than a second.

My knees went to the bed, between her legs and I straightened until my body went entirely above hers. The tip of my cock felt a warm softness and when I moved forward my eyes met hers and I slipped inside.

She felt tight and my cock had found the place that it most wanted to be. Her insides massaged my hardness and no drug in the world could have made me feel better than the way I felt at this moment.

I was no longer a virgin. My mom had birthed me, raised me as a child and now turned me into a man. Our roles had morphed and she became mine.

We looked into each others souls and I realized that I could press no further and I was fully and deeply into my own mom. I would splash my seed into her, just as dad did and the urge to procreate hit me. I didn’t only want to make love to my mom, I wanted to impregnate her.

Her hands slipped over my bottom and the first spurt escaped from my body and into hers. She moaned so sexily that bliss rushed over me as my second and third spurts went inside her.

Each spasm of my cock was matched with a deep moan from her. Her breath stopped as the last of my orgasm emptied into her.

“Mom…mom,” I cried out.

She gasped, her eyes rolling to the back of her head.

“Mom… mom,” I screamed.

She regained her focus and drew my head down to hers.

Her lips were softer than marshmallows and I knew this was not a one time ‘mistake.’

We will always be mother and son and now we will always be lovers.

I loved how I could make her moan and I loved the sound she made when my tongue slid inside her mouth and thrust in and out … fucking her with my tongue.

I was in control and she was mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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