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==Camping at Wolf Park==

It was late spring when they decided to pay a visit to Battle Ground, Indiana. Jen had been to Wolf Park before, but it would be a new experience for Tyler and they were both looking forward to observing one of their favorite animals at the lovely sanctuary. The rented SUV was packed with camping gear, as they’d planned to spend the few days of their visit sleeping under a tent or under the stars while listening to the wolves howl near by. Tyler sat behind the wheel as Jen directed him towards the camp ground, the two of them chattering excitedly as they pulled into the grounds and found their campsite.

Camp was built relatively quick, with only minimal playful pinches and tickling between the pair of them. To observers they would seem like a young playful couple, probably escaping the mundane days of the city to spend some time in the wilderness. They made a cute enough pair, though some would likely wonder how Jen had managed to grab his attention. She was a little shorter than him, and somewhat thick in build. Her pudgy tummy and thick thighs were not what most would expect the younger, handsome fellow to go for. They didn’t seem to care, though. Laughing and flirting endlessly even as the tent was built and the sleeping bags were pulled from the SUV.

“So,” Jen said as they rolled the bags out and then fixed the zippers together. “the park is open until five. We can head over there now for a few hours to let you get a feel for it and maybe see the buffalo herd or we could go for a quick hike and check out the trails they’ve got in the woods.” She turned, flopping over on her back, with her fingers lacing together over her tummy as she looked up to him, blue eyes shining behind her glasses. “What do you think?”

Tyler looked to her, and moved. His deep brown eyes met her playful blues as he leaned over her, bracing himself up on his palms. Moving down, he graced her lips with a gentle, slow kiss. An instant later they were tangled together, her arms wound about his midsection, with her fingers slowly trailing up and down his spine as their mouths locked. His chest came to her own, her soft breasts melding against him, the heat of his body and the feel of it against her body caused her back to arch upwards. What began as a gentle kiss soon turned passionate, their tongues playing together in short teasing bursts. His nimble fingers tangled into her hair, the silky tresses sliding smoothly between his fingers as the two clung together- oblivious of the still open tent door.

Neither of them expected the rogue Frisbee that attacked them. Thrown by a kid not too far away, the toy found its way into their tent and swatted Tyler’s rear before falling lifelessly to the ground. Their kiss ended abruptly, confusion as to what had invaded their space soon followed by loud laughter from the both of them as they heard kids lamenting the loss of their toy by a clumsy one who had likely thrown it into the woods. They emerged from the tent, Tyler jogging over to return the toy to the kids, and pointing them to a safer location for their toys. Notably, one where they were less likely to disturb the rambunctious activities of others.

Jen followed him out of the tent, pulling her hair back into a pony tail before adopting a baseball cap. “So, a hike?” she asked, laughing.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.” He agreed, and together they packed a small picnic from the SUV, and set out on one of the many hiking trails through the woods. The sun was just getting low in the sky when they departed, and soon fireflies began to dance through the woods around them. The scent of fertile ground filled the air, and the birds sang softly in the tall trees.

“It’s beautiful here.” Tyler commented as they traveled down the path, hand in hand.

“I thought you’d like it.” She said, “The last time I was here they’d just started doing the tours of Wolf Park. I can’t wait for you to see it, they’re so gorgeous, and the park lets them be in a pretty much natural environment with only minimal interaction with the humans.” She smiled at him, the dimples in either of her cheeks showing. It wasn’t long until they found a clearing, a small meadow that was covered with grass nearly a foot high. Small flowers dotted the clearing, and small blinking lights decorated the darkening woods. They laid their blanket down and made short work of their dinner, prodding and teasing one another in the process. After, they lay together, pointing out the fireflies as they flashed- each seeking a mate.

“Those poor kids, they’re lucky we hadn’t gotten any further.” Tyler commented, a sudden laugh escaping him. Jen turned her gaze towards him, her pale hands reaching out to curl her fingers into his shirt. She didn’t have to tug very hard, because as soon as he realized what she desired Tyler was moving with her, leaning over her to let their mouths come together once more. Somewhere in the fading light a cricket chirped, as his hands found bostancı escort their way to her sides. Slowly they moved, their bodies coming against one another as if two pieces of the same puzzle that had been aching to be rejoined for quite some time. Once more her arms wound around him, but this time her fingers found their way under his shirt to softly and slowly pet over his skin. She began edging it up, exposing him to the cool spring air as his own touch slid under her shirt, up her sides and towards her lace covered breasts.

Their mouths were busy with one another, soft kisses being broken by gentle nips and light nuzzles that lasted only long enough for a good breath to be caught. Rain-heavy clouds began to darken the sky, creeping in on the unsuspecting lovers. Though they recognized darkness was falling, the reality of the situation didn’t hit them until the first few drops or rain landed upon their clothing and exposed skin. “You have got to be kidding me…” Tyler groaned, the pleasure burning in his veins just as much as in his lovers, the both of them nearly shaking with excitement.

The rain didn’t phase her. She seemed to be caught up in the delightful haze of pleasure, lost in the fires he so easily ignited in her body. Anxious lips sought his neck, peppering it in light kisses and teasing soft nips all the way down to his shoulder. Each little caress accompanied by her warm breath and soft moans as the rain began to fall around them. For a moment he gave into the rush, his body arching against hers in mock love-play, their hips grinding together despite the clothing that hindered them.

The moment lasted forever, but ended far too quickly as a nearby crack of lightning sent them both spiraling quickly back to reason. Without a word they rose and straightened themselves, both drenched as the downpour started. Tyler grabbed the blanket, laughing as water sheeted from it. Quickly they made their way back down the path, their clothing being covered in mud and rain; made all the worse by the puddles that they carelessly jumped into.

They were thoroughly drenched when they reached their camp ground. The sodden blanket was thrown over the top of the SUV to dry when the sun rose in the morning, and the pair of them crept into their tent. Only then did the chill in the air really hit them, and they both rid themselves of the drenched clothing as swiftly as possible before crawling into the joined together sleeping bags. Huddled up they shivered, giggling foolishly over the entire situation. Wrapped tightly in each others arms they nuzzled together, listening to the rain pounding on the roof of their tent, warming each other with their breaths.

She smirked at a thought, a soft little laugh escaping her. “Well… at least this time we got our clothes off.” She said in a teasing tone, her fingers finding their way slowly down his back.

He responded with a soft ‘Mmhmm’ as his body reminded him of the two earlier teasing encounters. A heart beat later and their mouths were together again, lips stroking smoothly over one another as their tongues played. Her breath came out as a soft shiver, and he pulled her tighter to him, as if to warm her. She responded by arching her back a little, her leg lifting to hook over his hip as they lay there on their sides together, mouths joined. It didn’t take long for the tent to fill with the scent of the two of them, the musky hint of arousal hanging in the trapped air. Using her thigh, Jen tightened her hold on him and coaxed him to moving- forcing her lover onto his back so she could straddle him.

Situated as they were it was easy for Tyler to feel her excitement, the heated wetness of her folds kissing against his arousal- dampening it as she slowly rocked her hips against him just to feel the thickness of him sliding against her. Moaning quietly she bowed her head, her long hair still damp from the rain as it touched to his shoulder. Her hands found his own, and she slowly lifted them, placing them above his head as she leaned down close to him. Their noses touched briefly as she whispered against his mouth, “Stay.”

Slowly she moved, forcing the sleeping bags back from her form, kicking them down to their feet as her hands slid down the forearms and undersides of his upper arms to his chest. Her hips slid back, her breasts sliding over his skin as her mouth moved down over his chest. Gentle kisses marked her path as she kissed slowly over his skin- daring to lightly let her tongue flick over his nipples before nuzzling softly against his heart beat. She had an odd fascination with it, having always believed that one’s heartbeat is the true drum they march to… and his was one she adored hearing. With another gentle kiss she moved lower, looking up to him as her breasts teasingly enveloped his arousal. Tucking her elbows in, she cuddled it between them, the moisture from her folds making it easy to slowly slide büyükçekmece escort the soft flesh against him.

Teasingly she stroked him between them as she settled back on her knees, gentle blue eyes looking up to his face as she bowed her head to let her tongue slowly flicker across his tip as it poked through the creamy white flesh. She shivered at the taste of him, her own flavor mixing with his on his skin. Her hands moved, cupping her breasts and holding them in place only a moment longer before letting them fall away to gently curl around the base of his shaft. Watching him in the dim light of the tent, Jen gently pressed her thumb to the underside of his cock, massaging it gently as her tongue rolled around his tip. Her gaze dropped as she guided it into her mouth, cheeks hallowing in as she suckled upon him ever so gently- just taking the very tip into her lips. Tyler moaned quietly, his arms straining against the imaginary bonds issued with the simple word of ‘stay’. His chest heaved as his heart pounded, his blood running hot through his veins and urging his hips to arch up desperately. It’d been all day. He’d wanted it all day, the same as she, so why was she teasing him now? It didn’t seem fair, and yet, seemed perfectly fair at the same time.

Her hand moved, stroking slowly up his length as her other came forward to gently roll his sac in her palm. Gentle fingers stroked over his skin, as if admiring a fine sculpture with her touch. As her fingers came to the tip they paused, her lips still locked around it. Once more she glanced up to him before lowering herself, her tongue lifting to wiggle against the underside of his length as she took him into her mouth. Wet hair slid over his thigh, the coolness of it being a sharp contrast to the warm humidity of her mouth surrounding him. With her mouth opened wide she took just over half of him between her lips, with her tongue lifting and grinding slowly up against him the entire time. Her hand slid the rest of the way down, enveloping him fully before she slid back slowly on his twitching length. With her cheeks hallowed in she suckled upon him, all the way back to his tip where she let the seal break and her tongue slide slowly over his slit. Taking a breath she let her fingers dance over his tip, massaging against it and spreading her saliva over him before repeating the action- taking him swiftly into her mouth as far as she could. He arched, arms trembling with the desire to work his fingers into her hair. To coax her down further, to move her quicker, deeper or to pull her back up.

A few strokes more and she moved, abandoning his glistening wet arousal. It was a swift, teasing departure, pulling back as if she were about to slide back down on him only to leave completely. She kissed softly on the inside of his thigh, her hands slowly stroking down his legs, fingers curling behind them to teasingly tickle at the back of his knees just for a moment before traveling down farther to his ankles. As if she needed to touch every inch of him. She nuzzled against his thigh, shivering slightly as her hands danced back up, her touches adoring and slow. Jen’s fingers found their way back over his hips and sides, stroking slow and smoothly back up them as she moved again- placing her legs to his side so she was no longer straddling him but still letting her breasts tease against his chest as she lifted. Her palms cup his cheeks, guiding Tyler’s gaze to her own as she brushes the tip of her nose against his and places a gentle kiss to his mouth, allowing him to taste the flavor of them both combined, still lingering on her tongue. Gently her hands moved, tugging on his elbows and then guiding his own arms back around her as they remained embraced.

It was his turn, now.

Tyler tightened his grasp on her and moved swiftly, forcing her onto her side and then onto her back where he loomed over her. A smile spread his lips as he captured her lower lip between his teeth, giving a soft tug which coaxed a gentle little moan from her. Desperate hands roamed her body, savoring the feel of each curve and her delicate smooth skin. Shamelessly his touch flickered over her nipples, which were pebbled with arousal and nearly hot to the touch. Jen’s back arched in response, a soft whimper escaping her as her arms tightened around him. “Nuh-huh.” Tyler said quietly against her ear, his hands pulling her arms from him. “Now You stay.” He said with a quiet little growl, his teeth finding her ear and delivering a gentle nip as if to reinforce the command.

They were both trembling with want, but he knew how she worked. Jen could cum again, and again, until her legs were weak and her knees were wobbly the next day. While he didn’t quite want that, as they would be busy the next day- he did want her to be completely breathless by the end of it. “Remember,” he murmured, still close to her ear as his fingers teasingly sought out and stroked çekmeköy escort over her wet slit, “There are other campers near by. Don’t be too loud, we don’t want to make anyone jealous.” As he spoke he slid two digits into her tight passage, the anxious muscles gripping at him and coating his skin with her sweet slickness. He watched as her brows furrowed a bit and her head tilted back in pleasure, her teeth closing over her lower lip to desperately stifle the loud moan that wanted so badly to escape. How he adored teasing her.

Tyler’s warm, wet mouth found it’s way down to her left nipple, gently pulling it between his teeth as his fingers began to slowly drive into her. Steadily, he let them press in deep, while his thumb teasingly massaged over her clit- smiling as each stronger flick made a harsh shiver course through her body. She was already drenched, her wetness causing his fingers to prune up as he worked slowly into her. His tongue teased the textured flesh of her nipple as his teeth toyed with it.

Jen shuddered, her arms tightening as her fingers curled desperately into the edge of the sleeping bags as if that would help her fend off the oncoming peak he was steadily driving her towards. Breaking free of her nipple he moved slowly over to the other, kissing her softly every inch of the way until his teeth found the peaked mate. As his mouth set to work he lifted his free hand, gently massaging over her wetted left breast, his thumb rolling around the peak of it teasingly. She was completely at his mercy, her hips lifting slightly each time he drove his fingers in, her muscles tightening hungrily against him as he did so. His dark eyes looked up to her blues, watching as he curled his fingers just enough to stroke over that patch of textured flesh within her.

The woman arched her back, her head tilting back in delight as her breasts lifted against him and her body shivered hard. Another stroke. Another touch to her g-spot. Another flick of his thumb against her clit. She was lost, her breath sounding out in desperate gasps, her voice carried with it, as her body tightened up against him. Strong muscles clenched at his working digits as her slickness poured forth, coating his hand with it. “Good…” he said softly to her as his hand withdrew from her wetted walls. Jen was left shivering and gasping for breath. Her hands itched to touch him, to pull him to her. Soon she would have her wish, but not just yet. He wasn’t done yet.

He kissed his way down her plush tummy, his hands gently forcing her thighs to part further. Settling between her legs he let his lips graze over the inside of her thigh, delivering a soft bite to the tender flesh just to see her squirm. His gaze turned intently to her folds, lifting for only a moment to look at her face before grinning and letting his mouth find purchase on her clit. His fingers slid back into her tight passage, gently stroking the sensitive flesh as his tongue softly massaged against it. A slow build up after her peak, coaxing her body into climbing again. His own body trembled with desire as her walls responded, tightening slightly against his working digits as her hips rocked upwards. He kept the slow pace up, teasing her, waiting for one specific sign from his lover.

“Tyler… please.” She whispered quietly, her voice nearly whimpering with desire.

“Please what?” he asked just as quietly, wanting to hear her say it. “What is it you want, Jen?” his voice was low, and as he asked his fingers curled in against her once more, pressing his fingertips against her g-spot. She arched in response, a sharp gasp sounding out from her.

“Please make love to me.” She whimpered, “take me to heaven.” She moaned.

Instantly he was on her, his arms wrapped under her form as her own came down about him. Her fingers gripped into his back as her left leg lifted to wind about his hips. His mouth sought her own, coming down hungrily upon her as his hips moved- first grinding against her slit. Slowly. Once, twice. They both shivered with need, her voice sounding out in quiet moans. When the kiss broke she nuzzled in against his shoulder, taking in his scent, filling herself with him just as he lined himself up and slid slow and smoothly into her walls. Bliss filled their minds, bodies finally joined. Her walls clenched at his throbbing length as her leg tightened about his hips to hold him tight. His hands worked into her hair, pulling her face from his shoulders so their eyes could meet in the dim light as he withdrew and slid firmly back into place. Complete, they watched each others eyes as they moved together, stoking the fires and arching against one another surrounded by the storm that raged just outside of their tent.

Tyler quickened his pace, their breaths mingling together as their bodies worked towards their goal. Jen’s hands stroked down his back, holding him tight to her as each deep thrust he gave made her breasts bounce just a little against his chest. Her voice sounded out quietly, occasionally her teeth would catch her lower lip to stifle them- occasionally it was his teeth that found purchase on her lip. They moved as one, the pace increasing as he drove deeper and harder into her wanting walls. Long strokes, leaving her nearly completely before sliding back into place, each hilt forcing her breath from her in a gentle gasp.

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