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Our family liked to take off for the weekend and go camping. It usually ended up being Cathy, my wife, our two kids Jim and Pat, who were 27 and 24 respectively, me and Poppie, Cathy’s stepstep-dad. Cathy had lost her mother about four years ago which left Poppie alone. We had not seen Poppie with anyone since her death so we tried to get him involved in family gatherings. Poppie always seemed glad that we invited him and was always more than happy to show up. On this occasion we ended up at the lake on Thursday night and planned to stay until Sunday afternoon. We went about setting up the tents and getting everything set up.

We had two tents with us so Poppie, Jim and Pat would sleep in one and Cathy and I were going to sleep in the other. After everything got set up we popped a few beers and talked about the trip and what we were going to do. We had rented a little fishing boat for Friday and Saturday and planned to do some swimming around the fishing. Cathy and I were not into the fishing much so it was decided that I would do the barbequing and Cathy would set everything up. We started asking Poppie how he was holding up and he said that for the most part he was doing well. I asked him what he meant by the most part and he said that he got pretty lonely at night and when he got up in the morning.

Cathy asked him if he had been able to meet any ladies that he was interested in and he said that he had not. Cathy asked him why he was not looking for a nice lady friend and Poppie said that he just had not met one that he thought could be as much fun as his wife Mary was. I asked him if he was frustrated not having a partner at night and he said that was the hardest part but that he was able to take matters into his own hands when it got to be too bad. We all had a laugh with that but I thought it was kind of sad for him and they did like to travel and seemed to have a lot of fun together. Later that night when we went to bed I told Cathy how sad I was for Poppie not having a partner. Cathy said that it was his business and at his age it probably was not that important. I told her that I thought that was the reason that most older people died so soon after their partner did. Cathy just told me to drop it and we soon drifted off to sleep.

The next day everyone went fishing except Cathy and me. We stayed back so that I could start cooking some chicken for the day. Cathy and I started talking about how having Poppie with us was probably good for him. Getting him up and enjoying himself was good for him. I told her how much I thought he liked being around us as he never seemed to turn down an invitation. I told her that it was probably that she reminded him of his wife. Cathy said that her and her mother did like doing the same things and that was probably why he liked being around us. Around 1 o’clock everyone returned from the day of fishing. They had about 12 fish with them so we went about cleaning them and putting them away.

We then set about eating lunch and relaxing with a few beers. The boys said that they wanted to take a walk and look around and who else was there and maybe do a little swimming. We told them that they should be back before it got too dark because they were not that familiar with the area. Since it did not get dark until around 9pm, it gave them plenty of time to fool around. Poppie, Cathy and I stayed back at camp and decided to play some cards. Poppie said how much fun him and Mary use to have playing cards so we decided to play his favorite game. We played for a couple of hours but soon found ourselves just sitting around the campfire again and chatting about this and that.

I then asked Poppie if he was ok about not having sex or a partner. He said that at his age it did not present a problem too often but it would still be nice from time to time. I asked him if he still had urges and he said that he did but did not want to find someone just for that. He said that he was looking for someone like Mary that was fun to be around and liked the same things he did. It then hit me that was the reason that he liked being around us as Cathy reminded him of Mary as they both liked the same things. I looked at Cathy as I said to Poppie that if he was having any urges during this trip that we would have to see if we could help.

Cathy’s eyes just about popped out of her head as she looked at me. I told her that it would be like Poppie being with Mary again and would be very special. Poppie just sat there not saying a word as Cathy and I talked about what I had just put on the table. Cathy then looked at Poppie and asked him what he thought about this. Poppie then said that Cathy did remind him of Mary and that was why he liked being around us. I then asked Poppie if he had ever thought about being with Cathy. He admitted that watching her grow up into such a beauty put bad thoughts into his head but he never thought about acting on those thoughts. I then asked him if he would like to have sex with Cathy during the trip or would he feel it was too wrong.

Poppie just looked down and said that he felt it would be the best thing that could ever happen to him. I told them that it would be almost four hours before the bursa escort kids would be back and that I thought we should go into the tent. Both Cathy and Poppie looked at each other as if to try to decide what to do. I then sat down next to Cathy and held her in my arms as I told her that it was to help Poppie and that it would not affect us. I told her that I would love her even more for giving Poppie another reason to keep living. Cathy said OK and got up to walk over to the tent. Poppie and I followed behind her to the tent. As soon as we got inside I gave Cathy a big kiss to relax her a little. I started to kiss her neck and whispered in her ear how much I loved her.

Poppie then sat down next to Cathy and leaned over to kiss her. Cathy kissed him back and let the kiss linger for a little while they each got used to the idea. I then started to undo the buttons on Cathy’s blouse as she was still kissing Poppie. Cathy got a little tense as I started to take the blouse off her shoulders but I started kissing her on the neck and shoulders to loosen her up. I soon had her blouse all the way off. I then reached in back and unhooked her bra and slid it down and off. She was now sitting topless if front of us. Poppie broke the kiss to pull back and take in the site of her sitting in front of him naked from the waist up. Poppie reached out and touched her tit and lifted it up to his mouth as he licked the nipple.

Cathy let out a sigh as his tongue touched her tit. I could see her eyes close as Poppie continued to lick her nipple. I pulled back to let them proceed alone and watched as Poppie pulled her close and kissed her a little more hungry this time. I could tell they were both starting to like what was happening. Cathy then started unbuttoning Poppy’s shirt and soon had his shirt off too. Poppie then pulled her close and said that he just wanted to hold their naked bodies together. He then undid the button on her pants, unzipped them and started to slide them down. Cathy laid down and raised up to allow him to get them off. Poppie then grabbed her panties and slid them off at the same time. Cathy closed her eyes as her pants and panties slid down past her knees. Poppie was now looking at her nude for the first time. I could see such tenderness but such hunger in his eyes as he took in the site before him.

As he slid her clothes off of her completely he asked her if it was ok if he kissed her down there. Cathy said that if that was what he wanted then he should go with it. Poppie spread her legs a little and put his tongue out to slide up her slit. Cathy let out a cry as he touched her. “Wow, your tongue is so hot.” she said. “I feel like I am on fire, I never thought that I would be doing this with you” Poppie then looked up at her and said “I have thought about this many times but never thought it would ever come true.” With that he started to lick her pussy some more. As soon as he found her clit Cathy let out a cry. “I’m cumming already. This is so erotic I think I am going to explode.” She rose up and twitched as I could tell she was having a booming orgasm. Poppie continued to lick her clit until she exploded for a second time.

Cathy then cried out, “Oh, my god, I can’t take it any more you have got to fuck me now. I am cumming so hard right on your face. Get up here and fuck me now.” Poppie then slid his pants down and let his extremely hard cock free. He slid up Cathy’s body until they again locked lips. Poppie then looked in her eyes and said “Thank You.” He then pushed forward as he lined up his cock to the entrance to his dreams. I could hear a great intake of air from Cathy as his head entered her. As he slid forward she threw her legs up in the air and cried “I can’t believe how this feels, I am cumming so hard, please fuck me.” Poppie then slid all the way in and started to slid it back out slow. Cathy wrapped her legs around his ass and pushed so she could get more of him inside her. Poppie was talking it very slow as I am sure he wanted it to last.

Cathy just screamed “Please, oh please fuck me hard and fast. I need you to fuck me so bad. You’re cock is on fire and I need it to fuck me hard.” Poppie started to pump faster as Cathy was bucking like there was no tomorrow. I was not sure how Poppie was able to keep it in her as she raised up and down getting him to fuck her faster. Poppie could not take it any longer and told her that he was going to cum soon. Cathy then said “I need you to cum in me, I want to feel your cock cumming in me.” Poppie slid his cock all the way in as he let it explode. Poppie was crying out “You are sooooooooo hot, you are milking the cum right out of me.” “This is so much better than I had ever imagined.”

Cathy then told him to stay in her as she wanted them to cum together. “I am almost there, please stay in me as I get there. I am starting to cum for you. Here I go, yeeeeeee. Oh yes, I am cummmmming.” With that she started bucking up and down. As they both came down from the most passionate moment of their lives, they held each other. Poppie was shriveling up and soon it slid out. They again kissed as they held each other. Poppie was the first to speak, “That felt so wonderful and you felt so bursa escort bayan wonderful.” “I never felt so alive in my life.” Cathy then said “I did not know that having sex with you would be so good. Something that is so wrong feeling that good.” “I cannot believe how horny this has made me but I want to have you again.” I asked Poppie if he thought he could do it again tomorrow and he said that it has been so long since he last came that he was sure he could.

He said that it was so good for him that he knew that he wanted to do it with her again. I told him that he never needed to use his hand again. I had no objection to him coming over whenever the urge got to be too much for him. We then decided to go down to the lake to swim and cool down. I walked hand in hand with Cathy as we walked down to the lake. I looked in her eyes and told her that I loved her very much. She asked me if it was really ok if she had sex with Poppie again and I said that I thought it would be wrong if she didn’t. She told me that she loved me but it felt so hot to be with the man that raised her most of her life. I told her that the weekend was not over yet, it might get better.

The kids got back in time for dinner and everything at the camp was back to normal. Cathy had dinner ready for everybody and seemed to be back to her normal self. We all sat down and had a great dinner and pounded down a few beers while we relaxed and chatted about the day. The kids said that they had a pretty good day looking around and swimming and told us about their day. We told them that we stayed and played cards before going down to the lake and swimming for a little while. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits but you could tell that Poppie and Cathy were a little on edge from what happened earlier. They did not want to let the kids know anything about what had happened earlier. We all decided to play a game of cards after dinner. We sat around the picnic table and chatted as we played cards.

It started getting pretty late and we decided to call it a night. Cathy and I went to our tent and the boys and Poppie went to the other one. Cathy and I got into our sleeping bag and cuddled up close so we could hold each other. She said that she was feeling a little guilty and was not sure what Poppie was thinking about her now. She did not want him to start thinking bad about her as they had always had a close relationship and she did not want to ruin that. I told her that I did not think that Poppie was going to think badly about her and that their relationship might get a little closer now. I knew things would change now but I had no idea how much.

Around 2am I heard a noise that woke me. I could hear Poppie as he was shaking Cathy and asking if she was awake. I lay there listening as I did not want to startle anyone. Finally, I heard Cathy say that she was awake and asked Poppie if there was anything wrong. Poppie said that nothing was wrong but he wanted to take her up on her previous offer for the night. Cathy said OK but that they needed to be quiet so not to wake anyone. She told Poppie to lie down next to her. I could hear Poppie as he moved around so that he could lie down next to Cathy. I could then hear them kissing and Poppie saying how much he wanted this since earlier today. He said that he has been able to think of nothing else since it happened. He told her how beautiful she was and how it was like going back in time 20 years. Cathy then admitted that she had thought about him years ago and how she had a crush on him or wanted to marry someone exactly like him.

I could then hear them kissing again and then the rustling of the sleeping bag as Cathy got out from under the covers. I decided that I would turn over so that I could steal a few peeks but would do it in such a manner as not to alarm them that I was awake. As I turned over I could see that Cathy had Poppie’s shirt off and was kissing his chest. I could hear Poppie start to breath hard as he whispered “Oh that feels soooo good. You are making me so hot”. Cathy slid up his body to give him another passionate kiss. I could see their tongues going in and out of each others mouth. Cathy said “I want to make you feel so good. It makes me happy knowing that I can bring you such pleasure. I love the way you make me feel and I love the feel of you.”

With that Cathy reached down to rub his manhood through the pajama bottoms that he had on. She said “You are so hard already and feel so big. I love the feel of your dick in my hands and I want to bring you to full pleasure. Let me go down on you and feel you in my mouth.” With that I could see her hand going inside the bottoms of his pants and reach inside to pull out a very stiff cock. He seemed to be even bigger than he was this afternoon and he certainly was harder than earlier. Cathy wrapped her hand around it and stroked it up and down a few times.

She said “I cannot believer how good you feel in my hand, it is so soft and yet so hard at the same time. I just know how much pleasure this is going to bring me in the next few minutes. I want to bring that pleasure to you now.” With that her head went down and her lips wrapped around the head of his cock. She took escort bursa his cock in both hands and started licking it from the bottom to the tip. Poppie then said “Oh that feels so wonderful, I have never felt this much pleasure in my life. Your lips and tongue are driving me mad. Oh, suck my cock, put me in your mouth and suck my cock like you have never sucked a cock before.” “Your mouth feels so good.”

Poppie then rolled her over and proceeded to take her top and bottoms off. He laid there for a minute just taking in Cathy’s nakedness. He then said “You have the hottest body I have seen in 30 years.” “It is my turn to bring you as much pleasure as you have just given me.” With that he started sucking on her left breast and then moving to her right breast. Cathy started breathing real hard and I could tell she was getting close. She was trying to hold back so that she could keep quiet but I could tell she was having a very hard time. Poppie then started kissing his way down her belly and moving toward paradise. Poppie then reached down with one hand and brought it to her mound and started rubbing her slit.

This put Cathy over the top as she could not hold out any longer. She cried out “Oh God, you are making me cum. I am starting to cum on your hand. You have me so hot and driving me mad with passion.” Poppie then reached where he was headed and stuck out his tongue to run it along her gash. Cathy again cried out, this time a little louder. “I am cumming so hard. You have put me over the top and I am cumming hard.” Cathy was moaning and thrashing about so much that I could no longer fake being asleep. I watched as she bucked her hips up and down as Poppie was licking her slit with everything he had. Cathy then cried out “Please come up here and put that big, hard cock of yours in me and make me cum. Let us cum together as we make love.”

Just about that time I heard the zipper on the tent and saw four eyes peek in and get as big as saucers. Jim then said “Mom, what are you doing with Poppie. You woke us up with all the noise and here you are naked with Poppie.” Cathy was startled but was so far gone right then that she could only say “I am about to be fucked by Poppie and I have cum for him twice already.” “Now if you would leave us alone so that we can finish what we started.” They both looked at me and Jim said “Dad, why are you laying there letting this happen.” I then said that I felt it was our duty to make Poppie feel less alone so that he did not miss Mary as much.

While I am saying this, Poppie is still licking Cathy’s slit for all he is worth. Cathy’s hips are bucking up and down and she is about to have another climax as the kids stood there and watched. The boys then both climbed into the tent and started taking off their clothes. Jim was the first to start sucking on Cathy’s breast. This brought Cathy over the edge just as her eyes flew open to discover what was happening. She screamed out this time “I am cummmmmmmmminnng again for the third time. I have never cum so many times in my life. Oh my God what are you doing?” Cathy’s climax was so intense that she did not have the strength to pull away but her eyes were as big as saucers.

About this time Pat had gotten on the other side of Cathy and started sucking on her other breast. I moved to the bottom of the tent to get a better view of what was happening. I watched as three men worked over every part of Cathy’s body. The orgasm’s were about non stop now and Cathy had no chance to regain her senses as she had lips and tongues everywhere. As another giant orgasm hit her she screamed out “My God, I need to have a cock in me right now. I do not care whose it is but I need someone to fuck me and fuck me now.”

Jim said that Poppie should go ahead since he was the one that started this. Poppie then slid up her body and positioned his cock at her opening as he kissed her hard on the lips. Cathy reached down and grabbed a hold of his ass to force his cock inside her. As Poppie’s cock entered her she cried out again. “I am being fucked by my step-dad while my two sons watch but I cannot help it, I need to be fucked and fucked hard.” With that Poppie started moving in and out and getting into a good rhythm as Cathy was pumping back to meet his strokes. All the time they are doing this both kids are still sucking on her breasts.

Pat was the first to move up her body so that his cock was in line with her mouth. He started pushing against her lips until she kind of gasped from the shock. This was all it took for Pat to shove his cock into her mouth and he just held it there. Cathy could not believe that she was being fucked by her step-dad and now had her sons cock in her mouth. I think it was all too much for her as she just really let go. “I am going to fuck every one of you and you are all going to be with me tonight. I have never been this high before and you are going to keep me this way for the rest of the night.” “Now put that cock back in my mouth and let me make you cum.” Pat did as he was told but did not have to worry about getting it in her mouth this time. Cathy opened up for him so that he could push most of it inside. Cathy closed her mouth and started working his cock up and down and I could see her tongue flicking everywhere. Pat then cried out “This is the hottest blow job I have ever got. Your mouth feels so wonderful and you are taking my cock so deep in your mouth.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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