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Camping Trip (Part One)

Hey Guys:) this is my first time posting a story so don’t be to critical. This is the sexual part of my story called Death Gate. It’s basically about a girl encountering a guy who slays demons. Enjoy.

Clouds parted the skies to reveal the ever-glowing sun as a young girl stepped out of the vehicle. She had wavy golden hair and liquid onyx eyes and tanned skin. “Hunter, come help unload the truck,” her mother smiled. “Alright,” Hunter lifted two bags of clothes and brought them inside the cabin. “So beautiful,” She murmured as she walked inside the warm cabin. There were two beds, and one shower. She had to share her cabin with her sister, Penelope.

“Hey Pen,” Hunter smiled lovingly. For she loved her little sister more than anything. “Hey Hunter,” Penelope carried several boxes. They had finished unloading the vehicle. “Can I go jogging?” Hunter asked. “Sure,” Mom smiled. Hunter went to her cabin and changing into jogging clothes. She wore shorts and a light pink t-shirt with tennis shoes. As she jogged around the lake, she could feel the cold breeze flow through her thick hair. While she enjoyed the weather, she came upon a rocky cave. “Strange,” Hunter was curious, so she decided to check it out.

There was a bed, with a burnt out fire, still sending off smoke. Maybe Hobo’s live here. Hunter laughed at the thought. She had begun to hear foot steps and decided to hide. “All in a days work,” It was a boy about her age, with kocaeli escort bayan smooth black hair and deep blue eyes. His skin was tan, and he wore a black pair of pants with no t-shirt. “See something Horus?” he asked the owl. Hunter had knocked something over and the boy stiffined.

He instinctively pulled her arm out and pinned her down. Hunter felt his warm breath down her neck, her heart pounding. “What are you doing in my cave?” He asked. “What are you doing in a cave?” He looked into her onyx colored eyes and gazed for moments longer. “Your clean…” He muttered, getting off her. “What does that mean? Of course I’m clean!” She muttered. “And you shouldn’t be living in a cave, your my age and deserves to-” She fell ontop of him, her blonde hair flowing to her side of his face.

He had a cut on his cheek, and when she looked into his eyes, he looked away. “Seriously, you shouldn’t tell people what to do, It’s annoying,” He pushed her off. “What’s your name?” Hunter asked curiously. “Alex,” He set the vase she had knocked over back on the shelf. “Yours?” Alex asked. “Hunter,” She sat on the bed and looked at him. “Doesn’t it get lonely in here?” As she asked that, memories flooded over Alex. His girlfriend, Avery, had died by the hands of a young man with coal black eyes and brown hair.

“Join us, and we’ll make you worth while.” He offered, as he held Avery in his arms. She cried out Alex’s name. “Why not?” He asked, walking to him. izmit escort “Don’t come closer, or I’ll kill her.” The girl felt the knife to her throat. “Alex…Alex are you alright?” Hunter asked, as he fainted. “Poor thing,” The cabin was too far to carry him back, so she laid him down on the bed. “Horus right?”

The owl hooted, and she smiled. “The Egyptian God, a cute name. Tell me, do you know of any herbs that can help him?” The owl flew out of the cave and into the wilderness. Hunter followed his shadow, running. He came to a small patch of herbs and she felt relieved. Her delicate hands grabbed upon a small plant and yanked it. When she came back, he had risen up. “Hello sleepy head,” she set the herbs into a basket. “Ugh…I fainted didn’t I?” Hunter nodded and took out her cell phone. “Staying in a cave. See you tomorrow.” she left the message.

“Why would Hunter sleep in a cave?” Penelope asked the mother, who only shrugged. “Alex, what happened?” Hunter sat next to him. “Avery…my girlfriend died in a monsters arms.” Hunter gazed at him. “I don’t believe in monsters, demons, angels or even God.” Alex looked at her. She reminded him of Avery, and his heart wanted to leap out of his chest and kiss her. “Hunter…” He leaned and kissed her gently. Her eyes grew wide, but soon closed again. He laid her onto the bed and kissed her neck.

“Alex,” She moaned as he slowly took her clothes off. Alex had to wrap his hands around her to unstrap escort bayan her bra. Her belly lifted up as he made her way to her tight cunt. “Never did it before? Me neither.” He slowly licked her cunt and lifted one index finger. “Be careful,” she murmured. “Don’t worry Hunter….” He smiled and inserted the index finger in and out of her pussy, while licking. “Oh….yeah….” She moaned. “I knew you’d like it.” He did this for several minutes and got up. Hunter unbuckled his pants and wrapped her hands around the cock.

It was 11 inches, and she could tell it had never been used before, for it got harder as she stuck her tongue out and swirled it around. Hunter sucked it like she never sucked before and sucked on the balls. She heard Alex moan several moans. She sucked unil the cock was all the way down her throat. “I’m gonna cum….” she heard him gasp. Soon, her mouth was filled with juices and she swallowed it all. Alex slowly placed the cock on her pussy.

“Be gentle,” Hunter murmured. “Don’t worry, you’ll love it. I promise,” He pushed the cock in the tight pussy. It had felt so good, and she was so warm. At first, Alex went slowly in and out. Hunter was confused at first, because she felt pain and pleasure. Hunter practically screamed. “Oh, uh….yeah….Alex,” He went faster and faster. Hunter felt an orgasm coming on. “I’m gonna cum!” She put one had on her breast and another on her pussy. She felt his cock growing hard and soon, the orgasm arrived.

Cum was flowing out of her ass and they flopped next to each other to rest. “Alex,” She turned to face him. “Your amazing,” They kissed passionately and the sun slowly went behind the mountain’s to reveal the stars.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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