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Part 12

Young adults who stay up until 3 AM wrecking themselves in extreme sex acts can sleep until about noon to make up for it. Men past middle age tend to wake up at the same time no matter what they did the night before. I got up at 6:30 and did my usual Saturday morning stretching, cleaning, laundry, and run. I was in the kitchen with a light brunch all set when she emerged from the big bedroom. Her hair was tousled, her skin flushed with sleep, her breasts bulged and swung in the cotton kimono I’d given her to use as a robe. She moved stiffly, but not too lame, I judged.

I opened my arms and she came to me, resting her head against my chest as we wrapped ourselves together in a wordless hug. I poured her a cup of coffee and an orange juice, and we sat at the counter before we spoke.

“How are you?” I asked, tilting my head toward her crotch in case my particular concern wasn’t obvious.

“Um, not bad, I think. The whole area, uh, it’s like sore muscles after a workout, you know?”

“It’s not all–“

“Loose? Stretched? I don’t think so. Want to take a look?”

“If I ever say no to that, someone should just shoot me on the spot.” I fell to my knees.

She turned on her stool and spread her legs. I flipped the front of the kimono up and outward, then setting my hands on her thighs, I angled my head forward and down between them. I could see the fine blonde hairs at the top of her thighs, near where she shaved, moving as I breathed. I pressed her thighs outward for a better view.

Everything looked the same as always. She wasn’t aroused, so the lips were dry and pressed together. Maybe there was more redness than usual.

I looked up at her and reported that, “Looks pretty much the same as usual. I think I should give it the taste test.”

She laughed, just a little, “You would.”

“You could come get comfortable on the couch.”

“I think I’m going to rest it for today. Let’s eat– not that! — the food you made, for now.”

While she ate (fruit, bacon, granola, yogurt) I stripped the big bed and remade it. The sheets were splotched, and the towel I’d put down still soggy.

After brunch, just as I was putting the pillows back on it, she came in and laid out on it face down. Her voice was a little muffled by the pillow. “This is so nice! You are a sweet, sweet man and I love you. Would you like to tongue my ass?” She flipped the kimono up to reveal the pale, muscular and meaty bubble of her butt.

I admired the flare from her waist to her hips, the rounding of her butt, the peaches and cream tone of her skin. My cock twitched. “Another invitation I’ll never refuse,” I said.

She flopped her feet outward, spreading her thighs so I could move onto the bed between them.

I ran my hands gently up and down over her ass several times, then leaned in, close enough so she could feel my breath warm on her ass crack. I pushed my tongue out, but widened in a big lick, pushed down over the rosebud and licked the whole crack. I repeated the move several times.

She sighed.

I was enjoying it. My cock tented out my shorts front. I reached down to stroke myself.

She wriggled her hips and splayed her legs a little more. I shortened the length of the licks. I stayed right on top of her hole, licking like it was an ice cream cone, taint side to back side. I stayed with that move for a while, feeling the rubbery ring yield as my tongue swept over it, the hole flex away and back, beginning to open a little more with each lick.

I heard her sigh, and her body position changed again. she was lying with her head on her arms, relaxed like someone getting a massage. I kept up the same licking motion, and brought my hands back into use, actually giving her a massage. I reached zenci gaziantep escort high above my head to her upper back, pressed hard along the sides of her spine, then swept my hands around her ass and my face to cradle and massage her thighs. This move I also repeated several times, then when I thought I’d done it enough, I did it some more.

I switched to running my hands up and down the front of her thighs.

I pointed my tongue and pushed it firmly against her wet hole, darting it in and out, feeling the ring stretch then clasp at my tongue. My hands now around the tops of her thighs, I pulled her up off the bed as I pressed my face hard into her crack and pushed my tongue as far in as I could. Again, again, again, using my whole head to tongue-fuck her asshole as vigorously as possible.

The bed was flexing and springing, and she was pushing up against me as I jammed down on and in her.

“You love that, don’t you?” she said.

“It’s one of my favorite things in the whole world,” I answered, speaking directly into her ass.

“Last night you spent more than an hour working your hand inside me, giving me mind melting orgasms, and today you’re licking my asshole, and you never said, ‘now it’s my turn.'”

She rolled to her side. “Come sit on the bed by me. It’s your turn.”

I sat, leaning back at the head end. Her head was on the pillow beside me. I thought for a moment that she planned to suck my cock.

She said, “Jerk off.”


“I want to watch you masturbate.”

“Uh, okay.” My cock was stiff and ready. I slid my shorts down, hefted it out, cradled it in my hand, and ran my thumb over the top.

Her eyes glittered, her lips parted. She glanced from my hand to my face and back.

I lifted my hand to my mouth and spit into it, then wrapped it around my cock at the rim and began to work it.

Her eyes followed the movement of my hand; my eyes moved from her face, to the sag of her left breast as she lay on her right side, down to her exposed thigh and back. My hand dried and I spit into it again. The next time I stopped and took my hand away, she put her own hand out to stop me and pull my hand toward her face so she could spit into my palm herself.

“I’ve never watched you or any guy jerk himself off more than a few strokes before. I liked watching Jerry and Ben with each other yesterday, and this is even better.”

I continued stroking.

She said, “Tell me when you’re getting close.”

It took a while. Several strokes, then I put my hand to her mouth and she spit in it and I stroked some more. You know. My cock was totally stiff. I wasn’t messing around, just tugging at the sensitive rim. My breathing got tighter. “I’m getting there,” I said.

“Don’t come!”

I slid my hand to the base and squeezed hard.

She giggled a little, “I like having control. I told you that before. Go ahead, jerk off some more.” She spit into my hand again. “That’s what I was talking about last night. I want you to do what I say. I want to control your sex. What do you say?’

I kept stroking. “I’m not into celibacy. I like to come pretty regularly.”

“I just want to be in charge of it. I don’t want you to have any sex with anyone without me knowing. I don’t want you to cum without my permission.”

I held out my hand and she spit again. “Will you do it?”

I was getting close. I said, “When you moved in we agreed you’d do one of four things for me every day.”

“Suck your cock, have you lick my pussy or ass, or piss in your mouth.”

“One of them you’ve never done.”

She spit in my hand again. “Piss in your mouth? I’ll try it. Sometime. What about this? For the next month gaziantep zenci escort bayan I have total control of your sex, and before the month ends I will piss in your mouth at least once, you pig.”

I was so close, and thinking about her squatting over me and pissing into my open mouth inflamed my brain and took me over the edge. “Yes!” I shouted, “Oh, fuck, yesss!” My cock twitched.

Her hand darted out and squeezed the base just as I began to spurt. Instead of shooting, I oozed. “Good,” she said. “Catch all that cum in your hand.”

It flowed from the end of my cock and I scooped it with my fingers.

“You just made the bed. You don’t want cumstains on it.” She nodded at the sticky mess of my hand. “Lick it up. Clean yourself.” Her eyes shone with pleasure as she watched me lick my palm and suck on my fingers. Then she got up and went into the master bathroom, closing the door behind her.


It’s not like I was having sex with a bunch of other people, or any that she didn’t know about; our agreement meant that I was intimate with her every day, and we shared the concern about STD’s, so… I didn’t think I was surrendering much to let her have the control she wanted.

Her spring semester was grinding to a close, and she had a lot of studying for finals and a couple big projects due. The next day was Sunday and she spent a lot of it on that. Late in the evening I offered her a back rub. I’d already set up my massage table in the little bedroom, so when she accepted, I invited her in there. It wasn’t a full-on massage, but I oiled her back and worked along the spine, spent plenty of time around her neck and on the tension knots at her shoulders. By the time I was working around the small of her back, the glutes, and her piriformis area, she was barely awake and practically snoring.

I asked, “Want a little happy ending?”

Her voice was sleepy, “Happy for who, you or me?”

“It makes me happy to make you happy.”

Now she was more alert. “Right. But you’re not fucking me. Use a vibe on my clit.”

I put a pillow under her hips, set the Hitachi between her knees, and rested a hand on one of her thighs. Those muscular column rolled outward, and her buttocks spread open. I admired the pillowy expanse of her butt and the shadowy cleft, all shining with massage oil. The tight asterisk of her asshole drew my eyes like a magnet. Further down in the shadows, the rear view of her pussy offered first the bottom edge of her love canal, still-red from Friday night/Saturday morning’s stretching. Still the dark passage to her interior seemed no more open than in the past. The lips parted slightly, pinkish and welcoming, with the love bud of her clit just in sight.

I put more oil on my hand and spread it over the area. I clicked the Hitachi on and slid it up between her thighs to contact those parted lips. Then I simply let it sit there while I massaged the backs of her thighs.

The machine did it’s magic and soon her hips were moving up and down. I had to put the vibe back in place a couple times, and eventually hold it wedged so she could move against it. It sat on the top of her clit and she pressed down on it, then eased up. I watched her pussy open like a time-lapse of a flower. Her own lubricant joined the oil I’d smeared there. I love how wet and creamy she gets. It’s a sign whatever’s going on is working, it helps signal next steps, and it tastes great.

I shifted to moving the vibrator gently up and down over the open lips as she continued to twitch up and down. After a short time I noticed she was pushing back and down at me. I was already moving the vibrator back to rest directly against her clit when she growled, gaziantep zenci escort “Stop teasing me!”

With the vibe back on her clit, she pressed down against it. Her breathing deepened and gained a moaning quality. I pressed the device firmly as she humped her way through an orgasm, holding it there until she reached down to move it away herself.

I clicked it off and set it aside.

“That was nice,” she said.

I stood beside the massage table, wondering if she was falling asleep, for perhaps two minutes.

When she spoke again, her voice was low, sleepy, muffled because her face was in that hole in the massage table. “Will this table hold us both? I want to feel your body on me. Lying on me like a weighted blanket. It’s your turn again. Get on me and stick your dick between my thighs or my asscheeks. Dry hump me until you come.”

“Yeah, sometimes a massage calls for you to get on the table. This one will hold us” Because of my height the table is a little wider too. I stripped, worked a handful of oil over my cock, and carefully climbed on top of her. My knees astride her pressed her thighs together. I fitted my cock in where her asscheeks creased into her thighs, and stretched myself on top of her.

I put my face into her hair at the crook of her neck. She smelled of shampoo and sweat. Our bodies melded into an oily bond. I pumped my hips, enjoying the friction and heat of her thighs and pussy lips on my cock. I thought of backseat dry humps in my teenage years, of mornings early in my marriage when I woke my wife by pressing morning wood between her thighs. Then I didn’t think of anything. I just humped and pumped.

It felt great, and I went on for some time. Eventually I realized it wasn’t quite enough to make me cum. When she squirmed a little under me, I remembered she’d included her asscheeks. I lifted myself off her to hold my weight on my elbows, and let my cock angle up between her asscheeks. I renewed my humping. The pressure was changed. Great stimulation on the frenulum, some on the sides, but the head angled up toward my belly. It was fun and exciting, but still I wasn’t going to cum from it.

My breathing grew heavy and labored. She squirmed again under me. I explained to her what was going on.

“You need to get done,” she said. “Kneel and jack off. Shoot your cum into my asscrack.”

I did it. I knelt, and wrapped one hand around my cock. Bracing myself over her with my other hand, I was able to look down between us at her shining smooth back and the peachy curve of her ass. My pistoning fist slapped against the curves of her asscheeks. In minutes I grunted and squirted a load into the cleft of the peach. I collapsed onto her. My still-tumescent cock slid in the gooey puddle of cum on her asshole.

After a minute, she spoke again. “You can lick that cum off my ass.”

Oh, she knows me so well, it’s scary. I flushed, my limp cock twitched. I wasted not time getting off her. Standing beside her, I stared down at the valley of desire. My pearlescent goo smeared the length of it, and onto the inner slopes of her buttocks. The white jelly pooled on her butt-star. I jammed my face into the cleft, licking aggressively, slurping it up, mopping the length of her ass crack, and probing her anal love-pucker with my tongue.

She laughed, low and throaty into the face-hole of the massage table, “You love it don’t you? Suck up that cum. Yesss! I love it too. It turns me on when you eat cum.”

I licked her lick a dog, realizing that she was changed. Her demeanor about sex play had always been fun, goofy, playful. Now it wasn’t just the table and the massage muffling her tone. She was matter-of-fact and in control, but also cool, slightly mocking.

I’d licked up and swallowed all the cum. I continued to swirl and poke at her rectal ring with my pointed tongue, until she told me to stop. “That’s enough for now. That was good, right?”

“Very good. Delicious!”

“I think you’re going to like me being in charge of your sex. I want you eat a lot of cum, and a lot of ass, too, this month.”

Then we didn’t speak any more, and she drifted into sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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