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We’d been to the major city of Birmingham (UK) to see a top class concert by Lynerd Skynerd and Deep Purple, essential listening when you’re into Heavy Rock. The support had been pretty impressive too. There is something about seeing world class bands and listening to the songs together that makes it likely that an exciting time may ensue. Driving back we were enjoying each other’s company as we hadn’t been getting out much. Somehow we decided to make a detour along a small lane when almost home and park up at the public car park at some local meadows which by day were a popular walking/nature spot.

She was driving and we parked up and kissed and necked and caressed in the car. Fancying a bit more room we got out of the car on the dark car park and I leaned against it as we hugged and thrusted as she fondled the outline of my hard-on through my tight jeans. It was past midnight on a summer evening, so it was still warm enough that we did not have to hurry our pleasurable time on the deserted car park in this country almanbahis spot. I enjoyed feeling her tight little bum and pert tits as we ramped up the passion. We were clearly going to go for it (unless another vehicle rolled onto the car-park. I would quite happily have taken her onto the grass and ravaged her there, but we were both quite urgent to satiate our lust as soon as possible, without a lot of embellishment. There was lots of hard wet kissing going on as we felt like teenagers in lust. We pulled each other’s jeans down – not the most helpful clothing; this wasn’t at all planned but entirely spontaneous. She kept her jeans round her ankles so how I banged my stiff rod into her is any-one’s guess – but a lot of urgency was involved.

I had divested myself of my jeans and somehow was just wearing a shirt and trainers. My stiffness thrust between her barely parted soft white thighs and penetrated her shaved labia. The anticipating of the journey and the expectation that if we got home we would immediately be almanbahis yeni giriş fucking passionately mean that she was slightly moist before we had parked , and was glistening wet by the time her jeans came down. We just gave ourselves to one another in the moment, she enjoying being penetrated; I took pleasure in sliding up and down her tight wet love receiver as she sat on the car. We could both see enough of each other in the moonlight as I unbuttoned her top to enjoy feeling the outside and inside of her bra.

My lover is often quite reserved and prim, and dislikes getting her lovely pert tits out in the open, but when she gets going – things happen. From time to time I was licking her bullet hard nipples both through the thin fabric of her bra and by lifting her pretty little tits out of their cups. It was short intense and passionate fucking. I think because in out teens we had not always had a place to meet, and ad done lots of petting and mutual pleasuring outdoors, we did find outdoors lovemaking almanbahis giriş very exciting and often memorable – even though we have done a lot of it. I was kissing in turn her breasts, shoulder, neck, mouth.

We were both urgent and wanted to get on, me just to take the pleasure – and she, much as she was enjoying the moment, thinking of getting me finished before any-one else came along. Neither of us had much liked it years before towards the beginning of our relationship when during some car-bound ‘making out’ which would have led to full satisfaction, a load of bikers turned up in the country lane we were using.

I was enjoying the feel of her soft bum and thighs, though the penetration did not allow unfettered thrusting. We were both turned on and going for it, the excitement enhanced by having had a nice night out together, the country and night-time venue, and the risk of discovery. I shot a hot load of high velocity sperm up her willing slit and we kissed and embraced some more as the excitement subsided and the togetherness and tenderness took over.

As we re-clothed, headlights came along the little lane, we got into the car and drove. Soon afterwards we were home in bed and wrapped together – sleeping the sleep of the just come that is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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