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Lisa was now feeling a little better about her job security now that she had sold a couple cars. She knew that she would not be able to make a career out of sucking dicks to sell cars. Eventually she would run into someone that would not appreciate her advances and that person would report her. Lisa figured that she could probably get away with it a few more times, just enough to be able to keep her job until she got good at making sales without giving any extra favors.

A husband and wife were out on the sales floor checking out the new high end sports car they got in. Lisa figured this would be a good chance to make an honest sale. She greeted the potential buyers and went over all the details of the car and convinced the two to take a test drive. The car only had two seats and the dealership policy was that an employee must accompany the customers on the test drives. Because of this policy Lisa had to go with them one at a time on the test drive. After they got back Lisa took them back to an office to discuss price and payment terms. The wife seemed very interested in buying the car but the husband was reluctant to make a purchase. Lisa negotiated with them for etiler escort several minutes and offered to come down on the price to try to finalize the deal that day. Eventually, the man’s wife excused herself to the restroom, leaving Lisa alone with the husband who was still reluctant to make deal. “Do you want to go on another test drive” Lisa asked.

“No thanks” the man replied. “I think I have seen everything I need to see.”

“Are you sure?” Lisa asked. She unbuttoned two of her shirt buttons and spread her shirt apart to expose part of her breast. This was Lisa’s attempt to indicate to the man that he may be in for more than just a test drive.

“Well,” he replied “I guess another test drive couldn’t hurt.” Lisa and the man got in the car and took off on a test drive. As they left the dealership, list scooted over closer to the man and started rubbing his leg. “What do I have to do to sell you this car?” Lisa asked.

“I don’t know,” he replied, “show me what you have to offer.”

Lisa took that response as a green light to do what she needed to do to make the sale. She unzipped his eve gelen escort pants and took his already hard cock in her hands and started stroking his cock. The man continued driving while Lisa continued pleasuring him. All of a sudden Lisa felt the man’s hand working its way up her skirt until it reached her panties. This took Lisa by surprise, she wanted to keep her pussy off limits to the customers, but she also didn’t want to loose this sale, the commission was going to be huge. Lisa didn’t do anything to stop him form pushing her panties aside and squeezing a couple fingers into her tight pussy. At least it was just his fingers, she thought to herself. From now on she was going to wear jeans to work so she won’t be as easily accessible. She continued to stroke the man’s cock as he enjoyed feeling the inside of Lisa’s pussy with his fingers. The man started breathing heavily as he was approaching his orgasm. Lisa started jacking harder to put him over the top. He let out a load moan as he shot his load all over the seat and the steering wheel, some of his semen even splashed up on the glass covering the fatih escort speedometer gauge.

The man had been driving in circles, so they never got that far away from the dealership. He drove back and made sure to get his pants zipped back up and his shirt tucked back in before they got back. They went back to the office where the man’s wife was waiting for them. “It looks like your husband enjoyed that test drive even more then the first one.” Lisa said to his wife when they walked in to the office. “So, do we have a deal?” Lisa asked.

“Well, I think I want think about tonight and then I’ll have a decision for you tomorrow.” The man replied.

“OK” Lisa said. “But before you go, I’ll let your wife go on one last test dive, you got to do on two, so it’s only fair that I take her out a second time as well.” Lisa handed the keys to the man’s wife and they headed for the door. All of a sudden, the man remembered that his cum was still all over the seat and dash.

“Hang on” he said, “you know what, I think I do want to buy car today.” He grabbed a pen and signed the sales contract. His wife signed her name under his. Lisa handed them the keys and they headed out the door.

Lisa laughed as she watched out the window as the man argued with her husband about who got to drive the new car home and who drove the car then showed up in. Obviously the man wouldn’t back down and eventually won the argument and drove off in the new car. He stopped at a mini mart on the way home to buy some cleaning wipes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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