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Author’s note: this story immediately follows the “Sinful Needs of the Flesh” series.


Samantha cried.

The clear blue waters sparkled magnificently as the sun began to set over the Pacific Ocean. It was a majestic scene that she had witnessed countless times, but still never failed to touch her to the very core.

But heartache currently commandeered her entire being.

Samantha was tall, standing over 6’2, and a lifetime of surfing and playing beach volleyball had given her a lean, athletic build. Her naturally pale skin had taken on a permanent sunbaked tan from, literally, growing up on the sand in 2-pieces bikinis. Golden blonde hair ran to her back which the athletic girl usually wore in a ponytail, and her green eyes glimmered.

Samantha fit in well with all the other beautiful bodies that crowded the Southern California beaches; she was gorgeous and she knew it.

Currently, however, the young blonde sat on a secluded strip. She had specifically chosen to come here at this time to avoid the throngs of beachgoers and annoying tourists in order to be alone with her thoughts. Rather than sport her usual skimpy bikini, Samantha wore a thick hooded sweatshirt over cut-off jean shorts that were rolled high up her long legs. Despite the added trappings and the subtropical climate, she still felt a chill in her bones.

Her depression started after she slept with her cousin [“Sinful Needs of the Flesh Chapter 1”].

Samantha met him for the first time during their family reunion, which was just this past summer. They were attracted to each other immediately, but what started off as innocent and playful infatuation quickly developed into something more… something taboo.

The young girl quickly realized that her feelings for her cousin was true love; and she knew that he felt the same way.

Samantha wasn’t a vacuous girl nor was she a hopeless romantic. She was aware that their forbidden relationship was doomed from the very beginning, but, unfortunately, neither of them had possessed the willpower to resist temptation.

Or each other.

Their family reunion only lasted a few days, and their romance burned hot during that short amount of time. Still, Samantha couldn’t believe the emotions that wracked her when she watched her cousin board his flight home to the East Coast. The heartbreak was as surprising as it was overwhelming, and she, much to her astonishment, had yet to recover.

This was years ago, before the rise of the digital age and the advent of social media, so the only way they could keep in touch was by telephone and letters. Samantha suffered from a gaping hole in her heart, and she often waited anxiously for his next correspondence, which did little to assuage her longing for his touch.

As she looked over the surprisingly calm ocean, Samantha smiled as she recalled the way her cousin fumbled hilariously as she attempted to teach him how to surf. That was only 6 months ago, but seemed much, much longer. She wiped away the tears, but more rolled down her face in little furrows that burned.

It was so fucked up.

Samantha swore to herself. It was bad enough that she still yearned for her cousin… to hold him, to touch him… but in the months that followed their taboo affair, her heartbrokenness gradually, painstakingly morphed into guilt. Knowing that she should’ve never have slept with him in the first place coupled with the fact that she didn’t regret it cast the young blonde in her a current state of depression. Her heart and common sense tugged her in different directions, and Samantha found herself losing much more than just her sense of self.

Samantha was only 18 years old and had just commenced her freshman year of college. Usually a vivacious social butterfly, this should’ve been the happiest, most exciting time of her young life. But she was now in a dark place and had withdrawn from her friends and acquaintances. And the typically straight-A student found herself struggling in basic prerequisite courses that she normally would’ve be acing with minimal effort.

But things were even worse.

Her parents had recently announced that they were separating after over 20 years of marriage. This left Samantha and her sister Breanne absolutely devastated, as neither had any inking that their parents were dealing with marital issues. Even worse, they couldn’t– more accurately, wouldn’t– explain to their daughters the reason for their separation. Before her father moved out, he had merely stated that he still loved them all, but that sometimes unexpected things occurred, and people had to deal with it in their own way.

Samantha found his words ironic, given what transpired between her and her cousin.

But his comments seemed vague on purpose, nor was her mother any more helpful. Their unwillingness to be forthcoming infuriated Samantha and Breanne; the girls had a right to know what happened… they deserved to know. casino şirketleri

Samantha hated her parents for tearing apart their family.

To add further insult to injury when her psyche was already fragile, Samantha’s mother met a man not long after her father left and, after a brief “honeymoon phase”, allowed her new boyfriend to live in the family home, which appalled the young blonde. She and her sister had grown up in that house, and to have this stranger move in so quickly was intrusive and insulting. It wasn’t that Samantha didn’t want her mother to be happy, but the wounds were too fresh.

But, apparently, not for her mother.

Breanne reacted in the same emotional manner in which she always did: she shut herself off from everyone, including Samantha, who needed her more than ever. Samantha wasn’t even sure where her sister was living right now.

But if Samantha hated her parents right now, then she despised her mother’s new boyfriend.

Robert. He was in his early 50’s with long black hair that was graying and often pulled into a ponytail, and with a matching thick beard. His serious eyes were blue and his baritone voice resembled a deep rumble. Samantha was smugly proud of the fact that she towered over Robert by almost 4 inches.

At first, Samantha suspected that Robert was the reason for her parents’ breakup, and even confronted her mother about him. But she vehemently denied it, and while Samantha knew that her parents were still hiding the truth, she believed her mother.

Samantha actually considered Robert to be quite handsome, and the fact that he appeared to genuinely care for her mother was of significance to the teen. It also painfully obvious that he was trying hard to get on her good side, to which Samantha blunted all of his efforts. She loathed him for what he represented, and treated him as horribly as she possibly could, whenever she possibly could. It was wrong, and the girl knew it. Robert was entering their lives with minimal knowledge of their family history, but Samantha didn’t care; she had anointed him as the target of her sweeping anger.

Life was unfair like that.

Heavy footsteps broke Samantha out of her black thoughts, and she turned to see 2 muscular, handsome young men trudging towards her, with boardshorts and scandals highlighting their tan beach bodies. They were grinning and eying her suggestively.

“Hi, there,” one of them greeted her. “Mind some company?”

Once, not long ago, Samantha would’ve returned their smile and welcomed them, literally, with open arms. It was clear that they, too, spent a lot of time on the beach, and she wouldn’t have been surprised to remember that they were among the countless, faceless boys whom she had surfed with, or even made out with.

Today was a different story.

Samantha shook her head in disgust and gave them a dismissive wave. They turned and abruptly left, but not before uttering some uncomplimentary remarks. Unfazed, Samantha remained seated on the soft sand, her knees pulled up to her chest, as she took in the calmness of her surroundings one final time. Home was no longer a safe haven and she felt drastically out of place in her college dorm.

But the beach would always be a place where she could retreat to find peace and solitude, and the ocean would be her friend no matter what. Samantha suddenly cursed for not have the foresight to bring her surfboard along with her. But evening was fast approaching on this Friday, classes were over until Monday, and she had begrudgingly promised her mother that she would come home tonight for dinner.

Even if that meant sitting at the same table as Robert.

Samantha made the long trekk back to her Jeep and swung herself nimbly into the driver’s seat. With the roof down, she took comfort in the wind that blew on her face and billowed her ponytail.

Days like today, Samantha regretted attending college so close to home, but, at the very least, it afforded Samantha more opportunity to exact cruelty on her mother’s boyfriend.


Dinner, as expected, was uncomfortable. They sat at a square table with her mother and Robert across from each other, and Samantha between them. She seethed knowing that he sat in her father’s rightful place, and wished with that Breanne was here right now.

For long stretches of time, the deafening silence was only interrupted by the clinking of silverware or an awkward cough. Samantha barely looked up, and when her mother attempted to engage her in conversation, the teen responded with curt, 1-word answers. Robert kept his tone light as he asked Samantha about college life, which made the girl seethe even more. Barely midway through the meal, Samantha’s mother and Robert gave up, and began conversing between themselves, virtually ignoring the girl. At one point, she almost burst out in tears as they looked at each lovingly casino firmaları from across the table and held hands.

When her mother rose to carry some dirty dishes to the kitchen sink, Samantha remained where she was with her head bowed. Through her peripheral vision, she could see Robert and was irritated that he hadn’t gotten up to help her mother. She lifted her head to look at him defiantly, and discovered that his eyes, too, were pointed downward.

Robert was staring at her legs.

Samantha’s eyes widened and her skin crawled at the realization. Her jeans shorts were rolled dangerously high up her thighs, and she showed off a great deal of leg. Robert eyes lingered on her toned flesh, and the corners of his mouth curved into a greasy smile. Suddenly, he lifted his head and gave her a polite nod, unaware that he had been caught. The young girl fought back revulsion, and a biting remark almost exploded from her tongue. But her mother returned at that moment, and Samantha was suddenly even more lost in the confusing mess that was her life.

Samantha still hated Robert, but she was even more furious with her mother for reasons that she couldn’t explain. All she knew was that her emotions, which had been eating her alive for months, were finally boiling over, and something needed to be done.

For the rest of the evening, Samantha didn’t have to look at Robert to know that he was casting furtive glances in her direction… at her long legs, at the outlines of her breasts through the fabric of her top– when he thought no one noticed.

An idea suddenly entered her mind, one that was so simple and evil that she contemplated it for the rest of the evening. Sure, relationships might be irreparably damaged if it came to fruition, but considering the direction her life was going, the pretty blonde didn’t care too much about collateral damage right now.

As her mother was speaking to them, Samantha suddenly looked up and caught Robert staring at her once more. This time, he flushed, and his expression contorted in panic and guilt.

It was so fucked up.

Samantha unleashed her most devastating smile at him.


Months later, mid-June.

“I’m so happy that you decided to spend the summer with us, Sami,” Tabitha told her daughter. “I know it’s still hard for you, but please… try to at least be civil to Robert. We’re all trying to make the best of an awkward situation.”

Samantha hugged her mother. The older woman was dressed in light blue medical scrubs as she was on her way to work.

“I will, mom,” the young girl replied succinctly. Tabitha realized her daughter was holding back her true feelings but decided to leave well enough alone. It was surprising enough that Samantha had actually agreed to live with them for the summer. Tabitha had expected her daughter to find her own apartment, but was so happy that she didn’t want to rock the boat.

“Have fun at your first day of work, Sami.” Her daughter was clad in her work attire, too. “I love you, kiddo.”

“Love you, too, mom.”

Samantha watched as her mother entered the car and drove away. A feeling of remorse and guilt suddenly clutched her soul, but she clenched her jaws resolutely. She had put her plan in motion months ago, and was finally nearing the endgame.

She walked back towards the house, where she spotted Robert working diligently on his convertible in the driveway. The hood of the car was propped open, and he was peering inside, so he wasn’t aware of the pretty girl until she lightly brushed against him.

Robert swore as he jumped, almost banging his head on the hood. “Jeezus, Samantha. You scared the hell out of me!” But the man’s startled expression quickly changed when he took a closer look at Samantha.

Rather, at Samantha’s breasts.

Samantha was starting her summer lifeguard job at her favorite beach –her usual stomping grounds, no less– and was clad in a bright red 1-piece bathing suit: her uniform. She may have been wearing shorts to cover her bottom for modesty, but there was definitely nothing modest about the way her firm breasts bulged through the stretchy fabric.

Robert’s blue eyes bulged, as well.

“I’m sorry, Robert. I didn’t mean to startle you. Whatcha doing under there?” Samantha asked innocently. She felt a swirl of air between her breasts, and knew that her cleavage would be on full display as she bent over to look beneath the hood.

Her mother’s boyfriend actually did a good job of pretending not to notice. But his eyes darted quickly back and forth from her chest area, and the girl inwardly shouted in triumph as she realized that Robert was taking the bait. “Just… uh, checking the fluids, making sure there aren’t any leaks in this old bucket.”

“Hmmm… leaks. Interesting,” Samantha commented, hoping he’d catch the double entendre. Robert appeared momentarily confused, güvenilir casino and the young blonde didn’t give him a chance to fully process. “My mom said you might be able to give me a ride to work this morning, but that’s ok if your car’s not working.”

“No, no,” Robert replied all too quickly. “It’s fine. I’ll be more than happy to give you a lift. Just give me 5 minutes to clean up.”

“Sure. Thank you, Robert. That’s very kind of you.” She gave his forearm a subtle, feathery touch.

“No problem, Samantha.”

“We’ve known each other a long time now, Robert. Please… call me ‘Sami’.”

“Sami,” he repeated softly, as if speaking her name for the first time.


In the weeks that followed, Tabitha was amazed at the noticeable change in her daughter. Gone was the sulking, withdrawn young recluse; the outgoing, carefree girl whom she had raised and loved had finally returned. And it warmed Tabitha’s heart to see her daughter and her boyfriend finally getting along so well.

There were often times when it seemed like Samantha was even flirting with him!

The very notion made Tabitha laugh. Her work schedule was changing from a traditional 9-5 day to a 3 to 11pm shift, and the budding relationship between Samantha and Robert, as well as the time they would now be spending alone together, would’ve been cause for concern if she were paranoid. But Tabitha wasn’t that type of person, and in her heart she believed that the three of them were slowly coalescing into her definition of “family”.

Everything was falling into place.


Everything is falling into place, Samantha thought to herself as she entered the backyard. Robert was squatting in the corner, dutifully trimming some bushes with large shears. It had become somewhat of a game for her to sneak up on him.

But this time, the older man noticed her approaching, and grinned broadly. As usual, he noticed her smile first, followed by whatever she was wearing. He ogled her 2-piece bikini, which was MUCH more revealing than her already-skimpy red lifeguard bathing suit.

“Hi, Robert. Just thought I’d lay out here for a bit to catch some sun. Will I be in your way?” The teenager batted her eyelashes innocently.

“No, not at all, Sami. This house belongs to your family, and I still consider myself a guest here.” His poorly concealed leer momentarily softened. “You didn’t catch enough rays at work today?”

Samantha shook her head. “I wish! I spent the entire time in the surveillance tower. I was bored out of my mind, but on the flip side, that means there was no one drowning!”

Her mother’s boyfriend laughed. “And I’m guessing you’re probably sick of the beach by now,” he reasoned to which Samantha nodded.

“You got that right! I always get hit on by horny young boys or dirty old men old enough to be my grandfather.” She made a sour face.

“Yea, I bet,” Robert commented wryly.

Samantha unrolled the beach towel she was carrying and spread it out on the grass. “Don’t let me bother you, Robert. Just pretend like I’m not here.” She beamed him an angelic smile before sinking to her knees and purposefully turning away from him. Then, she casually reached behind her back and pulled the string to her top, letting it fall to the grass.

The blonde youth was fairly certain that she heard Robert swallow hard. Smirking to herself as she felt his burning eyes, she began sensually rubbing suntan lotion all over herself… first on her face and neck… then onto her arms and shoulders. Although her mother’s boyfriend obviously couldn’t see, she swabbed a generous amount all over her breasts and tummy, savoring the cool wet oiliness on her taut skin.

Samantha heard silence behind her, and she knew that her mother’s boyfriend hadn’t gone back to trimming the bushes; more likely, he was still gawking at her. With steel resolve, she made a pretense of trying to rub lotion on her back, then miraculously kept her voice even as she asked innocuously, “I can’t reach my back, can you give a poor girl a hand?”

The girl cringed as soon as the words left her mouth. It sounded so cheesy and, even worse, suspicious. After a long pause, Samantha braced herself for some kind of retort, but Robert answered cheerfully, “Sure, Sami.”

The male gender is always so predictable, Samantha thought in disdain. It was a fact that she planned to repeatedly exploit without remorse.

Samantha heard Robert approach and soon found herself kneeling within his shadow. The young girl suddenly felt vulnerable and wondered if he could peek at her breasts as he loomed over her. Her skin began to tingle, but not from panic.

The young pretty girl was highly aroused.

Not daring to turn around, Samantha held the bottle of lotion over her head. Robert, still behind her, took it and squeezed a copious amount into his hand. After rubbing the suntan lotion between his palms to warm it, he began spreading evenly it all over the smooth, unblemished skin of his girlfriend’s daughter.

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