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You are sitting at your desk, a mountain of paper work is in front of you. You are wearing a short black skirt. Not too short though, it falls to just above your knees. And a low cut blouse, showing just a hint of cleavage. One of your black peep toe pump dangles precariously from one foot giving a teasing view of your ruby colored toenails. Your long hair is pulled back in a messy bun, held in place with a pencil.

You are stressed. You need to relax. You take a deep breath as you lean back in your chair. You close your eyes for a moment but you are interrupted by the message alert on your phone. Irritated, you grab your phone to see what the problem is. Your mood is quickly changed when you see the message. A simple ?.

You smile as you again lean back and close your eyes. Your mind drifts to the previous night. You replay the scene in your mind. The sites, the sounds, the sensations. They all start rushing back to you. Your breathing rate starts to increase. You fidget in your seat as your body temperature rises. You are feeling flushed. You uncross your legs. Your hand starts to wander towards the hem of your skirt. You stop yourself and open your eyes for a moment. You double check the office door. Much to your delight, it is closed and locked.

Again you close your eyes. Your mind wanders back to where it was…last night. You unbutton your blouse enough to allow a hand to slip underneath. Your nipples ache for attention as you massage your breast through your bra. You bite your lip as you again fidget in your seat. Your legs spread a bit and a cool breeze blows up you skirt. Your pussy tingles with excitement. You finally give in to temptation and open your blouse the rest of the way to allow better access to your aching nipples. You pull down your bra and begin to pinch and pull at them. Images of me nursing on them flood your brain. The attention has you squirming in your seat now. You can’t help yourself. One hand wanders to the hem of your skirt. You slowly pull it up, your hand teasing your inner thigh as you do.

You gasp as your hand grazes your panties. They are wet with your excitement. More images flash through your head. Your excitement grows. You know you shouldn’t, but you must. You quickly stand up and remove your panties. You move across the office to triple check the door before sitting down. You spread your legs wide and prop your feet on the desk fully exposing yourself gebze escort to anyone if they were to come in. But they won’t, you’ve assured yourself of that.

You begin to slowly caress your inner thigh, teasing yourself more and more. The visions of last night become more and more vivid, feeling more like reality. You see me. I’m blindfolded and tied to the bed, unable to move, unable to see what is going on. Your hand moves to your pussy and you begin to tease and lightly pull on the inner lips. You recall how wonderful it felt last night as is sucked and pulled on them while you straddle my face. Your finger teases the entrance to your tight pussy. You plunge two fingers inside, imagining it is my tongue exploring you deeply. You pull them out, they are covered with your wetness. You can’t help yourself. You bring them to your mouth and suck them clean. You moan softly in pleasure. You cautiously let your hand fall back to your pussy knowing that the slightest touch could make you cum. You ever so slightly brush your engorged clit as you do. That’s all it takes. Your legs clamp shut and you shutter as you begin to cum. You struggle to stifle your moans. You must be quiet, there are still others in the building.

You inhale deeply and let out a sigh as the waves of your first orgasm subside. You really should get back to work, but you just can’t get the images of last night out of your head. Your hand wanders back to your dripping pussy.

Your brain takes you back. You had just finished cumming on my face when she appears. You smile devilishly when you see her knowing what is instore for me, knowing that I can’t see, can’t move.

I never heard her come in. I’m too focused on your magnificent pussy. I jump as I feel another set of hands on me. You both giggle as you lift off me and join her where she is. You watch wide eyed as she takes my cock in her hand. The head is glistening from the massive amount of precum that has leaked out. She motions to you with her head, offering you the first taste. How could you say no? You lean down and she guides the tip of my throbbing cock into your mouth. Your tongue swirls around the tip lapping up every bit of it. I moan in pleasure and my scrotum tightens. She knows I’m about to cum. But that is not what she wants. She gently pulls you off my cock and she squeezes it tightly to keep me from cumming. It göztepe escort twitches and pulses. Only a tiny amount escapes. When she is sure I won’t cum, she greedily licks it up and releases my cock from her grasp. She looks in your eyes. You can see nothing but desire and passion in hers. She kisses you. You can taste that tiny amount of cum as it lingers on her tongue.

“Go ahead,” she whispers as she offers my cock to you. “Tease him. I’ll make sure he doesn’t cum yet.”

You grin as you take my cock in your mouth and swirl your tongue around the head. I squirm in my restraints trying to get more in your mouth, but I can’t. You slowly tease me, running your tongue up and down the entire length before again taking just the tip in your mouth. I moan. I’m about to cum, I can feel it welling up inside of me. You stop. I hear you both giggle as she squeezes my twitching cock keeping it from release. You are both enjoying the torture, enjoying watching me squirm.

When she is sure I’ve come back down from the edge, she again offers you my cock and you again take the tip in your mouth. Slowly and methodically, you take more and more in your mouth. Stopping each time to tease the tip before going further. I’m in agony. I need release. I try to thrust my hips to get more in, try to fuck your mouth, but she lays across me preventing me from doing so. She is so close now I can feel her breath on my cock. She can’t help herself. As you come up, she greedily pulls my cock from your mouth with a “pop”. You both giggle as she takes her turn teasing me in much the same way you did, skillfully bringing me to the edge then stopping. You both stare at my cock as it twitches and pulses. Once again, she squeezes it tightly to keep me from cumming. This is exactly what she wants. To torture me. My torture is her pleasure.

My breathing slows as I back away from the edge. It is nothing short of a miracle that I haven’t gone over yet.

She offers it back to you, you happily accept. She watches as you tease me with your tongue. It swirls around the tip of my cock. She can’t resist, she leans in to join you. You share a kiss with my cock between you. I can feel both your tongues on me as you tease my cock and explore each other’s mouths at the same time. I’m too worked up. These edging sessions have me ready to explode at the slightest touch. She knows haramidere escort me too well. She knows I need more time to cool down or it will be all over. You both pull away. I hear her whisper to you, but I can’t make it out. I hear you both giggle as you leave the room.

A short time passes and I finally hear you return.

“I think it’s safe to continue,” she says pointing at my semi hard cock.

Your pussy needs attention. You again straddle my face and I eagerly lap your dripping pussy. My god you taste more magnificent than before, if that is even possible. You grind your pussy on me and in no time I’m covered in your cum.

You continue to grind your pussy on my face wanting to cum again. I feel the restraints on my legs being loosened, then removed. You lean forward, grab my legs, and pull them back towards you. A million thoughts run through my brain, but not a single one is what is about to happen.

There is sudden wet coolness on my exposed ass. Shocked, I struggle trying to get free from your grasp. “Don’t fight it baby,” she says as she uses her fingers to massage the lube around my asshole before carefully slipping a finger in. I inhale sharply as she does, almost choking on your pussy.

Knowing there is no way out, I give in and relax. She adds more lube as she probes me, exploring my virgin asshole. You both giggle as she stops. I’d give anything to see the two of you right now. Anything.

Without further warning, my asshole is penetrated. Oh fuck! She takes a few long, slow strokes with the strap on before settling in to a constant deliberate rhythm. My cock throbs as she catches my prostate in just the right way, a sensation I’ve never felt before. I’m in an almost euphoric state, unable to move, unable to fight it. You lean forward and take me in your mouth as she continues to fuck me.

I have lost all control. I can no longer contain what is inside me. I somehow manage to break free from your pussy. “FUCK! I’M GONNA CUM!” I scream out in absolute total pleasure. You heed my warning and release my cock from your mouth and stroke it furiously as she fucks me.

My cock erupts. Cum shoots everywhere with tremendous force covering both of you. Your tits, your face, your hair. You both giggle in wonderment.

*knock, knock, knock*

“Cat? Everything ok in there?”

You hear the door knob rattle.

Caught up in the moment, you had inadvertently cried out loudly in pleasure at your desk, cumming at the exact moment I did in your mind.

You scramble to gather your clothes and compose yourself. Thank god you had the sense to triple check the door.

“Umm, yes, I’m fine. Just give me a moment. Um, I have a cramp in my leg,” you stammer back. “Just give me a moment.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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