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– A Ms. Neb Story –

It was late, after one in the morning, when I woke up. I’m not sure what it was, maybe a distant train, the cat, who knows. A few moments later I realized that my husband was still not in bed. I heard him tapping on the computer in the other room. I understood his dedication to working late but this was ridiculous. I got out of bed and put my robe over my short nightgown and went to see what was keeping him.

When I got to the doorway of the extra bedroom that we had converted to an office, the back of the office chair was facing me. I could easily see the large computer monitor. The screen had a spread sheet on it but another window was open over it that took up almost the entire screen. Inside that window was some kind of moving image. I knew that it had nothing to do with work because the movie, of marginal quality, was of some blonde gal sucking some guy’s cock!

“What the hell is THAT?” I called out.

My husband was so startled, he practically fell out of the chair. He turned to me, collected himself and calmly closed the pornographic window.

“Geez! Don’t sneak up on me like that!” he responded.

“From the looks of things, I should sneak up on you more often. What was that you were watching? Put that back up there. Let me see that.”

With guilt-ridden and apologetic tones he suggested that it I might prefer not to see it. Pressing him further, it seems that he wanted to spare my virtuous sensibilities by not exposing me to such trash. That just irritated me so I insisted. He put it back up and let it play to the end. It was an amateur video clip of an attractive blonde giving a guy a blowjob. The view was so close that only his cock and her head could be seen. The clip ended with him expelling an impressive amount of ejaculate, mostly in her mouth and the rest on her lips and face. She then, shall we say, seductively savored the experience.

Now I am not a prude but I must say that I’m not a great fan of pornography. I consider myself pretty sexually progressive and I am no stranger to giving enthusiastic oral sex but I will have to admit, the girl in the video went beyond anything that I had ever done. I didn’t let on but I was feeling the tingly beginnings of arousal between my legs.

Without mentioning any of the details depicted in the video I asked, “Why are you watching that when the “real thing” is in the next room?”

“Aw honey, that’s different. She’s just some slut and you’re…’re….”

“What!” I snapped. “I’m what.”

“I dunno. You’re just not a slut. That’s all.”

“Am I was supposed to take that as some kind of compliment? So just because I am not a “slut”, sex with me can’t be that raw and uninhibited? Is that it?”

The conversation continued along those lines for a few minutes. He kept stammering and fumbling about how sex with me was special and sensual, not “dirty” or “nasty”. Finally, I had had enough.

“Listen. Who you do it with and with how many makes you a slut. It’s not what you do. So get off you God damned high horse. Are you suggesting that I am incapable of plain, hot, passionate, lustful sex? Well I’ve got news for you, you dumb shit!”

With that statement, I spun him around in the office chair. I dropped my robe and then my nightie. I pride myself in my good figure and the flickering glow of the monitor highlighted all the curves in all the right places.

I reached for the waste balçova escort band of my husbands sweat pants and slipped them off easily, right along with his underwear. His semi-rigid cock flopped up against his abdomen. (As many times as I have seen his impressive penis, that first look always makes me take a deep breath.) I told him to just sit there. He was not to touch himself. I began to sensually dance in front of him. My hands softly caressed my hips, my waste, and eventually my breasts. I rubbed and pinched my nipples while running my wet tongue around my lips. I was looking at him for his reaction when I lifted my breast up and began licking my nipple to a tight erection. He was enjoying it all right. His cock had swollen to its fullest length and girth. Clear pre-cum was seeping abundantly from the pulsating tip and trickling down the shaft. His breathing was very heavy and he was watching every move I was making.

I laid down on the floor. The light from the monitor cast long shadows over my body. I lifted my legs up and spread them wide open and began to caress my inner thighs. The cool air against the moist separated lips of my pussy sent shivers of excitement through my entire body. I knew that I would be literally dripping juices from my pussy at any moment. I started talking dirty to him like that “slut” in the clip would have if there had been any sound.

“Oh, baby! I love when you touch me here, on my pussy. See? See how excited I am for you. Can you see how badly I want you? Can you see how wet my hot cunt is for your touch? For your kiss? For your cock?”

I knew that this was having the desired effect. I kept it up. It wasn’t difficult, especially considering that I was turning myself on immensely.

“Oh! Right here. I want to feel your tongue right here, where my fingers are. Yes! Oh, I am so fucking wet! I want you inside of me. Like this. Like my fingers are!”

I had slipped two fingers deep into my pussy and was now thrusting them in an out. The wet sounds of my masturbating were easily heard. It wasn’t long before I could smell the scent of my wetness. I withdrew my damp fingers from my pussy and rubbed the dripping tips over my nipples. I made repeated trips between my open legs and my nipples. After the last one, I brought my coated fingers to my mouth and as seductively as I could, slid them over my lips. Then I slowly licked my lips and my fingers. My wetness was so deliciously sweet and slippery. The scent was equally wonderful. With my fingers deep into my pussy once again, I resumed my arousing talk, my lips still sticky with my wetness.

“I’m going to make myself come for you baby. I am going to fuck myself right in front of you until I come!”

My fingers were thrusting wildly now. Regularly, I would rub my soaked fingers over my hard clitoris, racing myself towards orgasm.

“Is this is what a slut would do? Would your slut fuck herself for you just like this?”

I couldn’t keep talking at this point. I was too close to my orgasm. I began to loose myself to my climax. I just kept writhing on the floor, fucking my pussy with one hand and rubbing my aching breasts with the other.

My orgasm came quickly. I closed my legs tightly, trapping my hand between them, assuring that my fingers would remain deep inside me throughout the entire set of convulsions. I twitched and quivered, thrashing my head from side foça escort to side. My fingers were grabbed and squeezed each time my pussy tightened in ecstasy, drenching them in my cum.

When it was all over, I laid there for just a moment to compose myself. Then it was time to resume the show. I removed my dripping fingers from my pussy, releasing a nasty wet sound. I stood and with a seductive saunter, I stepped to my stunned husband who was just sitting there with his mouth dropped open.

“Close your mouth honey. Someone might stick something in it.”

He wasn’t fast enough. I stuck my fingers into his mouth and then slid them about his lips like a painter would apply paint in broad sloppy strokes. His lips glistened with my cum in the flickering monitor light.

I sat on him, straddling his lap. I took hold of his engorged precum slicked cock with my sticky fingers and began pumping him. I kissed him hard, thrusting my tongue past his slippery lips and deep into his mouth. It was so wonderful to taste my own juicy excitement from my husband’s face. We kissed wildly until my taste was completely diluted with our saliva.

When we stopped kissing I said, “Is that what a slut would do? Would a slut come for you like that and then kiss you like that, right through her cum?”

He was speechless.

“Well I’m not so sure but we do know one thing now don’t we. We do know that a slut would suck a guy’s hard cock until he came all over her. Right honey?”

With that, I slipped off my husband’s lap and squatted between his legs. The evaporating juices felt wonderful on my pussy. With an open-mouth smile, his cock bobbed against my face and lips leaving threads of precum that connected us. I twirled my fingers over the head of his dick, smearing his juices evenly over the entire length. I took him straight into my mouth without any pretense of teasing. The swollen crown rested comfortable at the back of my throat. I twisted my head back and forth causing my tongue to glide almost completely around his pulsing cock. I made sure that my mouth was very wet with saliva thus making sure the whole experience was all the more enjoyable.

I let the wet cock slip from my mouth. I brought extra attention to the long thread of precum that connected us by pulling my head back until it broke, leaving a streak on my neck and breast. I licked his balls, making sure they were as equally wet. I took long slow licks up from his balls all the way to the head of his cock. Each time I slid my tongue up his length, his lubricating juices oozed out and smeared against my cheek. I don’t know if any of this was “slut” behavior but I sure was enjoying myself.

My goal was to out-slut that girl in the video clip and so it was now time to bring my husband to orgasm. I alternated between sucking him deep into my mouth and sliding my wet lips up and down his complete length. Whenever his cock wasn’t in my mouth, I tried to encourage him by talking.

“That’s it honey. Fuck my mouth with your hard cock. I want to feel your long dick pressing deep at the back of my throat! Fuck your slutty wife’s mouth. Come for me baby. I know you’re close. I can feel it in your balls. I can feel your cock getting ready to shoot your cum for me.”

I could tell that my sucking and talking was doing the trick. His cock was so very hard and warm. It liberally flowed with precum. I began torbalı escort stroking him over the edge and kept talking.

“That’s it honey. Come for me. I want to see your hot sticky cum squirt out of your hard fat cock and shoot into my mouth! Don’t you want me to feel your warm cum in my mouth and on my face? Don’t you want me to, like that girl in the video? I’m ready baby. I want it. Yes! That’s it! Come for me baby!”

He certainly did! A thick white stream of semen leapt from his cock and shot right into my mouth. It instantly felt warm and thick and sticky in my mouth and on my tongue. I loved the taste, the thick texture and the musky smell of his cum. Another spurt burst from his erupting cock, this time spattering my lips and streaking up my cheek to just below my eye. It was so wonderfully warm and wet against my face.

I slid his spurting cock into my mouth and closed my sticky lips around the hard pulsing member. I felt each successive twitch spurt more cum against my tongue that was pressed hard against the crown. As best as I could, I sucked him in and out of my mouth until he was done filling my willing mouth with plenty of thick cum. I made no attempts to swallow.

Only when there was no more to be had did I let his still hard cock slip from my lips but I was not through yet. I just ignored the huge amount of cum that filled my mouth and kept caressing and kissing him. I opened my mouth and extended my tongue through the gooey cum and began licking around the head. White sticky cum stretched across my teeth and lips and bubbled around his cock. I slid him back into my mouth deeply causing his semen to collect all around my lips. Cum dripped and hung from my chin. Some fell to my breasts. I opened my mouth as wide as I could with him still deep between my lips. I drew him out and a thick sticky band of cum mixed with saliva connected the back of my tongue to his coated cock. I rubbed his slippery dick back and forth across my lips, smearing cum everywhere. The opening and closing of my mouth during the process made my lips sticky with bubbled cum.

The last gestures in this act excited my husband to the point were I though he would have another orgasm. I leaned back and rested with my elbows to the floor. I was completely naked. My legs were open, open exposing my pussy that had dribbled plenty of my juices to the floor. My face was slick and sticky with cum. A few strands clung to my chin. My breasts were wet in a few spots too but surprisingly, my mouth was still filled with an impressive amount of my husband’s ejaculate.

I opened and closed my mouth as if I was mouthing the letter “P”. Cum made my lips stick just a bit. Each time I used my tongue to slip the cum and saliva mixture from my mouth. I didn’t care where it went. I just let it slide over my lips and from the corners of my mouth. I opened my mouth wide, again showing my husband what remained of what his cock had squirt into me. In a very un-lady-like way, I slid my extended tongue, coated in a white film, around and around my lips. Eventually, the only cum in my mouth was whatever remained coating my mouth and tongue. Then I swallowed for the first time.

Now it was time to reverse the process. In a teasing and playful way, I collect his cum from my body with my fingers and licked it all. I made sure that I used exaggerated movements. I slid his cum around my nipples before taking my sticky fingers into my mouth. I was sure to create long threads from my chin to my fingers before licking then clean. When I was completely finished I was still pretty wet and I smelled strong with the mucky scent of my husband’s cum.

“So how was that?” I asked through wet lips. “Still need some grainy computer picture to get you off?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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