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*First of all, let me say a big thanks to everyone who replied to my plea for feedback, and thank you everyone for your suggestions and comments. I would appreciate reactions to this follow-up from anyone who is willing to give it. Oh, and I forgot to mention in the first installment, this story is completely fictional, which some of you did not think was the case. Plus, feel free to e-mail me, especially anyone in Ireland! Enjoy. C.S *

My encounter with mom had left me shaken, but extremely horny. I heard her going down the stairs, and decided that I could not just go down to dinner feeling this turned on, so I proceeded to jack off again. Unfortunately, Mom had not been lying about getting dinner ready, and consequently did not interrupt me again. Even so, I had no problem cumming with the image of her sitting there watching me fresh in my mind. After I had finished, I pulled up my jeans and proceeded to wash up for dinner.

As I entered the kitchen, I stared at my mom. She was getting something from under the sink, and her ass was up in the air. She had not changed, and was still wearing the formal crisp white blouse and knee length black skirt from the office. She turned and caught me peeking. She wagged a scolding finger at me and I shrugged and sat down.

She served up, and when she sat down she asked. ‘Well, do you feel better now, honey?’

‘Oh yeah Mom, that was a real turn on.’ I said, looking up from my food.

‘Well, I’m glad I can still do that to a man…’ She said, poking her pasta with her fork, looking slightly down.

‘What are you talking about Mom, you’re gorgeous.’

‘Well thank you Danny, but for now lets just eat.’

‘Ok Mom.’ I said, not wanting to push her, although like any red-blooded man I wanted more from mom, but I sensed that now was not the time.

That night, we were both sitting in the living room, and mom suggested that we watch a movie. I agreed, so she told me to run out and get one while she took a shower. I agreed. As I walked, plan formed in my head, and by the time I arrived, it was fully formed.

To accommodate my plan, I browsed the shelves for something with a few good sex scenes. I found just the thing I was looking for, and brought it up to the counter. There was a cute little teen standing behind it, and her eyebrows raised when she saw the title Sefaköy Escort of the movie.

‘Home alone?’ she asked, smiling at me.

‘Not exactly.’ I replied, grinning back.

‘Ok, have a good time.’ she said.

I left, blushing slightly. If only she knew what a good time I was planning…

When I returned, Mom was sitting curled up on the couch, reading, a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn on the table beside her. She was now wearing a short silk robe, and as far as I could see, no bra. My cock twitched, but I forced it to stay down, I didn’t want to seem too eager.

I grabbed myself a soda and returned to the living room. Mom smiled at me as I walked in and I smiled back. There was definitely more of a connection between us, even in the hour or so since she had watched me.

I slotted the DVD into the player, and sat down next to her. I sat though the tedious chick flick intro, and watched my mom fill her second glass of wine.

Soon, the seduction scenes began, and I leaned back and spread my legs. The couple were soon bursting into the guys hotel room, and they were making out on the bed. Clothes were flying everywhere, and soon enough they were both naked. Of course, this not being porn, there were no groin shots, but the woman was sat up on top of this guy, riding him like a cowgirl, her tits were juggling and she was moaning really loud. Of course, I had known that this was coming, and so I allowed a very evident bulge to develop in my pants.

My Mom was blushing slightly, but seemed to be enjoying it. The tent in my pants soon became obvious to her. She looked a me with raised eyebrows, and paused the movie.

‘Looks like you need to take care of that,’ she said. ‘Do you want me to wait while you go to the bathroom?’

‘Aw, but I’m comfortable here.’ I said, wondering just how ell my plan would work, if at all. ‘And plus the movie is what’s turning me on. Can I not just do it here?’

She seemed taken aback, but not exactly grossed out.

‘Well, I suppose I have already seen it, so if you want to-‘

‘I’d love to.’ I said, interrupting her.

She snuggled up more comfortably on the couch and set her glass down on the table, then restarted the movie. I undid my jeans, pulled down my boxers, and for the second time that night, released my Sefaköy Escort Bayan cock before her.

The same lust-filled look was in her eyes as she said.

‘That’s mighty big Danny, I’m impressed.’

I thought about saying ‘I can tell’, but decided against it. I didn’t want to seem too cocky (Excuse the Pun).

’10 inches, last time I checked.’ I said, trying to sound casual. Her eyebrows raised even further, and I smiled.

The moans of the actress in the background and the look in Mom’s eyes were more than enough to make me grab my cock and begin to pump with fury. Mom frowned.

‘What’s wrong?’ I said.

‘You need lube.’ she replied, then, looking not at all apprehensive, she took my hand and spat into it. It felt kind of weird, but extremely erotic, so I greased up my cock with her saliva, and began again.

After about a minute she placed her hand on my inner thigh and squeezed it as I jerked myself off. I stopped.

Now it was her turn to ask

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Nothing, I was just wondering…’ maybe I was going too far, but I decided to ask anyway.

‘…Would you like to touch it?’

She frowned.

‘I don’t know Danny…’

By now I was completely ignoring the movie.

To answer the question for her, I took her delicate hand in my wet one, and began to lead it towards my hard cock. She did not object, and we locked eyes as I guided her hand closer, her lip trembling.

Suddenly, contact was made as her fingertips touched my hot cock. I jumped slightly and accidentally let go of her wrist. Her hand was cold from the wine glass and it had startled me, but she didn’t withdraw her hand. Her fingertips had only brushed it but I moaned. Her skin was silky soft. She slowly wrapped her fingers around the girth of my cock. I moaned again and she looked up from my cock and into my face. She was beaming. I reached my arm around her and pulled her closer to me. Her face was not very far from my cock, and she was once again ogling it. It was a huge turn-on that she seemed mesmerised by my swollen member.

Slowly but surely she began to stroke me, pulling back the foreskin slightly as she pulled down, and paying particular attention to the head. Her robe was loose and I reached for the top, where a lot of cleavage was on display. Escort Sefaköy She did not object, and I pulled the robe away from her bare tits. In a moment of pure awe, I stared at her gorgeous tits, and when she seen the look on my face, she gave my cock a little squeeze. I again looked up into her beautiful eyes, smiling, then lowered my head to her breast. As it took her left nipple in my mouth she moaned aloud, the first time I had heard her do so.

I was so horny. My hand wandered and began to slide down her robe, gliding down her belly. When I got past her belly button she twisted her body and I knew that she didn’t want me to got that far just yet, so I withdrew my hand, and put it onto her right tit instead, massaging it as I sucked her left.

Mom now used her free hand to massage my balls, and rub the sensitive area between my balls and my ass. I groaned again, in ecstasy. I was nearly ready to cum, although I didn’t want it to end. I pulled up from her breast and looked her square in the eyes, she knew what I meant. She increased the tempo of her stroking and began to roll my balls in her long fingers.

I groaned again. Mom was clearly skilled in the area of cock treatment.

‘Mmmm, does that feel good?’ she said.

‘Oh yeah Mom, just like that.’

‘Ok, just you sit back and let mommie take care of the rest.’

I did exactly that. I closed my eyes, feeling moms silky hand pumping my cock and fondling my balls. Suddenly my balls contracted and I looked up to Mom. She had felt it too. She pointed my cock at the tit I had been sucking, still wet with my saliva, and, staring a that tit, I came all over it. She giggled when my cum hit her nipple, but didn’t stop caressing my balls or jacking my cock. The second glob hit just below that, and the third rope hit her on the stomach. She did not relent until the last spurt had dribbled from the tip.

I sighed. Mom giggled again.

‘I think that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had Mom.’ I said, turning to her.

She smiled and stroked my hair, one hand still on my now limp cock.


‘Really.’ I said ‘You were awesome.’

‘Well I think that’s quite enough excitement for tonight. I’m going to go clean myself up and go to bed.’

I looked at her apprehensively.

‘No Danny.’

‘Ok Mom, thanks anyway.’

She smiled at me again, and calmly lifted her hand from my limp cock, stood up with her cum-covered tit hanging out and walked out of the room.

I shook my head in disbelief. The best was yet to come, I thought…

*Feedback please, and again, feel free to e-mail me.*

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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