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Big Tits

The night was cold and Sam was dreading going out in it. He glanced out the window of his penthouse office and saw that the snow was falling with a quickness. He had to decide whether or not to stay and sleep in his office or try to brave the storm. He glanced at his desk where a picture of his wife sat. She was pretty enough, long dark hair and her breasts were still somewhat perky after 10 years of marriage and three kids. He sighed, knowing it had been a very long time since he and she had been in a good marriage with great sex. Hell, it had been at least a year since she had even hinted at wanting it. Most nights, he waited for her to go to sleep and then got caught up in online pornography.

Thinking about that now, he decided to stay. He wouldn’t be missed at home. He picked up the phone and called his house. His wife didn’t answer so he left her a message telling her that he was staying at the office because of the snow. It could be true. Hanging up he laughed at bit. He wondered what she would say if she knew the truth. She was a frigid bitch and he wanted a divorce. Sam rose and removed his jacket from his 6 foot frame. He went to the floor length mirror that hung on the back of his office door. He looked at himself as he slowly stripped out of his clothes. His chest was solid and large. He liked how his chest was twice the size of a normal man’s. His thick muscles rippled as he removed his shirt. His chest was perfect with no flab whatsoever. He thanked the two hours a day at the gym for that. Girls feel over him all the time. It was so hard to say no, especially since they were so willing.

Now in just his pants, Sam started to remove them when he heard a noise. It was late and there should have been no one else in the office. He buttoned his pants back up and walked, barefoot, towards the sound. almanbahis It sounded almost like moaning. Sam moved towards the other largest office. He was a senior partner and there was only one other person above him. The sound continued, more clearly now and it seemed to be coming from his bosses office! Sam went to walk away when he heard a woman’s voice gasp out.

“Oh, yeah, I’m a dirty little whore.” He heard the voice say.

Sam debated what to do. His unattended cock was getting painfully hard in his dress pants at the sound of the woman on the other side of the door. Sam turned the knob and peered in, expecting to see his boss. Instead he saw the new office secretary. Her blue dress shirt was opened to reveal large, round breasts with pink rosy nipples. Sam suddenly longed to take those nipples in his mouth. He moved farther into the room, wanting to see what she was doing. The room was large and there was large bookcases surrounding the desk, so Sam was pretty well hidden. He peered around a bookcase and saw that the secretary had her skirt off and her black lacy thong was pushed aside while her fingers were working furiously on her nub. She was writhing in pleasure and Sam knew she was close. He opened his pants. Even if she did look up, which he doubted, she really couldn’t see him anyways.

She was moaning loudly now, watching a couple go to town on the computer screen in front of her. Sam held his thick cock in his hand and wrapped his fist around it. It felt so good to touch himself. The secretary was giving him quite a show and he was rock hard. He began to stroke himself, soon using his own pre cum as lube. He was moving his hand up and down his long cock and with his other hand, he was playing with his balls. He heard the girl gasp and he looked up. She was cumming! He watched as her almanbahis giriş hands flew in a dizzying array over and in her sopping wet pussy. Sam knew that when she came, he would to. He stroked himself quickly and as she came, so did he. He grunted and the girl, still enjoying the waves of her orgasm, shot up.

“Who’s there?”

Sam came out, his dick still in his hand.

“I saw you. You’re caught. I could fire you.”

“Oh, please, Mr. Price, please I’ll do anything! Please don’t fire me.” Sam’s face lit up. He looked at the couch.

“Stand over there.” He said, pointing to the couch.

Sam slowly unbuckled his belt and then his pants. The girl stood where Sam told her to. Sam went and stood in front of her.

“You are a dirty whore.” He said, roughly taking her face in his hand. He forced his tongue into her mouth and kissed her.

“You dirty, dirty whore.” He whispered against her lips.

Breaking the kiss, he took off his pants and underwear and sat, naked on the couch.

“Undress for me, slut.” The girl turned red and looked as if she would protest. Then, thinking better of it, she complied. Her breast feel from their confines and Sam felt his cock tighten.

“Now, little whore, you will take off your shirt, skirt and underwear. You are to be completely naked when I get back.”

Sam left the office and went back to his own. He reached above his door where a wooden paddle hung. He brought this back to the office and locked the door behind him.

“Stand up.” He commanded. He yanked her by her long blond hair, pulling it from its neat bun at the back of her head. Her hair tumbled around her body as he pushed her over the desk. His dick instantly wanted to take her, but he wanted to play with her first. He took the paddle and ran his fingers almanbahis yeni giriş over her ample white ass. It was a glorious ass, it was not so skinny that it wasn’t there, but it wasn’t so large that you could set a drink on it. He ran his fingers over her bottom, occasionally putting two fingers deep in her still wet pussy. His cock was aching now and he rubbed it on her ass. He took the paddle and wacked her ass with it.

“The secretary has been a dirty little whore, yes?” He smacked her ass again.

“Yes!” The secretary cried out.

“Can’t keep her hands off that sweet little pussy, can she?” Sam smacked her ass again and she moaned in pleasure.

“Yes.” He whacked her ass once more and then flipped her around. He put the paddle down and took her back to the couch.

“Lay down.” He commanded. She laid down, tears forming in her eyes. He brought her legs to the front of the couch and spread them open.

“Please, Mr. Price, I am only 18. I am a virgin.”

Tears were falling from her eyes now.

“You are lying.” Sam knelt between her legs and began to lick her pussy. He tasted the cum from her orgasm and his dick tightened. He could wait no longer.

“Stand up, whore.” She complied and Sam sat down. He led her to sit down on his lap and felt her sweet, tight, hot little pussy enclose around his cock. They both moaned in pleasure.

“Ride me.” Sam gasped out. The girl began to move up and down on his cock, rocking her hips back and forth. Sam gasped.

“Ohhhhh, I’m going to cum.” He cried out. The girl moved quicker, watching as Sam’s toes curls in pleasure as his orgasm rocked through him. He pushed deep into her as the last of his seed trickled out of him and into her. The girl got up and grabbed a towel from a drawer in the desk. She began dabbing up the mess.

“You are no virgin.” Sam said, coming up to her and kissing her deep.

“No, I’m not.”

Sam and the secretary meet many other nights after that, but only after he heard her moaning from across the office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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