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Nathan Thomas came home early from work that night. He murmured a greeting to the baby-sitter and went upstairs to look at his sleeping baby. After kissing him on the cheek, he went back downstairs and told the babysitter that she could go home.

“Oh, it’s okay,” she replied, “My mom can’t pick me up until 10 anyways.”

Nathan shrugged and plopped down on the couch to watch the news. As he sat there, his attention kept being drawn to the pert young baby-sitter. She was cute and short with shoulder-length brown hair. Her breasts strained up against the tight white tank-top she was wearing. Although he tried to keep his eyes on the television screen, they keep sneaking peeks at the barely visible nipples.

When she walked by him once to get something out of her purse, it was worse. She was wearing one of those new short skirts that flared out. As she passed by him, he could clearly see up it to the curve of her sweet little buttock. Nathan stared at that smooth flesh flexing and felt his cock suddenly harden. He hastily crossed his legs to hide the bulge in his pants.

Despite his efforts, he clearly saw her eyes flick to the tented fabric at his crotch as she returned. He blushed strongly and stared resolutely at the television screen. He felt guilty for having been turned on by something other than his wife. His wife. Now there was a safe realm of thought. Nathan focused firmly on thoughts of his wife, Ginger’s, body. As his visualized her round butt, it turned suddenly into that flash he had seen under the baby-sitter’s skirt.

He tried so hard to get that image out of his mind that he started when a fingertip touched the top of his erection. Nathan looked down to see the baby-sitter kneeling between his legs, her hand stretched out.

“Is that for me?” She asked and looked cutely up at him. Nathan tried to move his arm to push her away but couldn’t. All he could do was stare at the teenage girl kneeling in front of him, the tops of her breasts peeking out from her shirt and her hand softly touching his fully erect cock. She slowly unzipped his pants and his dick sprang out.

Nathan held his breath as her head inched down towards his aching member. Thoughts of Ginger were very far away as he stared into this girl’s eyes. When her lips brushed the tip of his cock, he moaned and thrust his hips against her mouth. He loved his wife and child dearly, but right now he wanted nothing more than this little girl’s sweet izmit escort bayan lips wrapped around his cock. She slowly stroked her tongue down and began lapping at his balls. He moaned again in frustration, hands fighting to stay down at his sides and not grab the girl’s head.

He sucked in a sudden breath as the girl suddenly enveloped the bulging head of his cock in her hot mouth. She gently took in more and more of him until half of him was inside her mouth. She swirled her tongue around him and Nathan’s hips began to involuntarily thrust.

Immediately the baby-sitter pulled out and Nathan groaned. “Mr. Thomas,” she said mischievously, “I think your cock is a little too big for that. So I’ll have to do something else with it instead.” Nathan couldn’t believe his luck as she sat up to straddle his throbbing member. The luscious breasts that he had been admiring were now rubbing against his face as she wiggled into position.

He cried out as she eased herself onto his cock, her internal muscles clenching his member. Nothing had ever felt so good in his life. She was so tight and wet, and her pussy was constantly tensing around him, massaging his penis even as she slid up and down it.

The girl looked so sexy, legs spread around him, head thrown back and little cries coming from her mouth. “Ohhhh, Mr. Thomas, you feel so good inside me, your cock is so hard.” She stared directly into his eyes, one hand supporting herself on his neck and the other playing with herself. She was so deeply into it that she didn’t even hear the door open.

Nathan gasped in dismay as Ginger walked in. His wife stood behind the babysitter, looking at the teenage girl fucking her husband. Ginger grabbed the girl’s hair and pulled her head back. The baby-sitter froze and tried to turn around. Ginger’s hands forced her to stay where she was. Nathan could feel his previously erect penis shrinking.

“So,” said his wife conversationally, “I come back from a hard day’s work, ready to prepare dinner for my husband, and what I find? Some slut,” she gave the baby-sitter’s hair a painful twist, “shimmying up and down my husband’s eager cock.” She stared at Nathan. “I’ll deal with you later. For now, I want to teach this teen bitch a lesson about messing with other women’s husbands.”

Ginger let go of the girl’s hair and she promptly fell backwards off of the couch. His wife looked at Nathan’s crotch. “What? Soft already?” She pushed the baby-sitter’s izmit eve gelen escort face into Nathan’s soft penis. “Start sucking this, slut, and it had better be hard by the time I get back.”

Ginger left to go upstairs and the baby-sitter obediently crawled forward to begin sucking Nathan again. This time she crouched meekly between his legs and tears ran down her cheeks. Nathan’s heart was pounding now. He had no idea what was about to happen. His wife’s reaction had dismayed and intrigued him – he knew how she liked to play at being dominant. Thinking about what Ginger might have in mind made his cock harden in the girl’s mouth. He took her hair in his hands like he wanted to do last time and guided her head up and down. Nathan forced her to take him in deeper. She had just begun to cry in earnest when Ginger returned. Nathan looked up and stared in delight.

His wife was wearing a leather bodice that thrust her large breasts up. It stopped above at her dark nipples and below at her hips. She had put on thigh length black silk stockings and black leather spiked heels. The expanse of skin at her midsection was broken by the straps of one of their favorite toys—a strap-on dick. It was black and 10 inches long and hung menacingly between her spread legs.

Ginger strode forward and grabbed the baby-sitter’s hips. The girl moaned in fear and her mouth went slack around Nathan’s cock. Ginger pulled up her skirt and slapped her bare cheeks. “Keep sucking, slut,” she said. She spat onto her strap-on and began masturbating it with her hand. Ginger looked up into Nathan’s eyes and smiled. “Hold her head tight, honey,” she said, and then with one motion drove the strap-on into the baby-sitter’s still wet pussy.

The girl cried out, something which only made her mouth vibrate on Nathan’s cock. He shuddered, then, grabbing tightly onto her hair, slammed her face repeatedly onto his hips. He fucked her mouth viciously as he watched his wife thrust deep into the girl’s pussy.

Ginger leaned over as she sensed Nathan nearing his climax. She replaced his hands with hers and increased the tempo. Nathan put his hands behind his head and leaned back with a long groan.

“You’re going to make him come, slut,” Ginger hissed at the baby-sitter, “and you’re going to take his seed in your filthy little teen mouth.” She transferred her hands to either side of the girl’s mouth and pulled hard so that it became izmit otele gelen escort a large, inviting cum-hole. Nathan grabbed his vibrating penis and directed stream after stream of white cum into the girl’s mouth. She was sobbing and trying to get away, but Ginger held her fast.

Nathan lay back down on the couch and slowly stroked his still-erect cock as he watched Ginger cover the baby-sitter’s nose and mouth until she swallowed all of his slippery cum.

Ginger pulled out of the girl’s pussy and slapped her ass. “Now, slut, you climb back onto my husband and ride his cock like you were doing when I walked in.”

Sniffling, the girl did as she was told. Nathan put his hands on her hips and ground her against him. Ginger put her knee on the couch and pushed the baby-sitter onto Nathan’s chest.

“Hold her, honey,” she ordered, and took a firm hold of the strap-on. It was still covered in the baby-sitter’s pussy juices and Ginger took a moment to add some saliva. She positioned the strap-on at the girl’s tiny little rosebud and then pushed viciously. The cock broke through with a small trickle of blood and the girl screamed. Ginger fastened a black ball gag into her mouth and then pulled her hands up behind her back She held them there with one hand and thrust forward until her hips were firmly against the little teen’s trembling buttocks.

Nathan could feel the movement of his wife’s strap-on inside the girl and thought he would cum from how hot it was. He and his wife were cruelly using this slutty little high-schooler who was now sobbing on his chest through the gag. She had completely relaxed, and the two pulled her hips every way as they fucked her hard from both holes.

“You wanted to fuck my husband? How do you like fucking him now?” Ginger demanded as she pistoned in and out of the baby-sitter’s aching hole. She rubbed her clit as her fucking grew more and more frantic. With a final cry of “You filthy fucking slut!”, she came hard and collapsed onto the girl.

At the sexy sight of his wife’s orgasm, Nathan couldn’t take it anymore and with a final thrust, he pumped his semen deep inside the girl’s cunt.

When it was over, they wrapped the strap-on’s harness around the girl. The strap-on was still deep inside the baby-sitter’s ass. Her clothes were otherwise back in place and the tears wiped off of her face. Her mom’s car honked outside and Ginger gave the girl a final warning. “Now, remember, slut. You keep that in until tomorrow when you come to baby-sit for us again. You’ll tell your parents nothing, unless you them to know what a whore you are.” The baby-sitter nodded quietly and left, very much subdued. Nathan turned to his wife in apprehension for what was going to happen next….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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