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My boyfriend and I have birthdays that are only 5 days apart, and the weekend after we both turned 18 we wanted to celebrate. We had a nice dinner at a good local restaurant, but that didn’t seem like enough. We had been joking about being “legal” for sex, but after dinner the joking got serious. My parents were out of town, and we went to my home at about 10:00PM. We had done a lot of so-called heavy petting, but had never actually had sex. We have avoided sex mainly because of fear of unwanted pregnancy.

We sat on the edge of my bed, and we became aroused by our hot and heavy petting. We talked about it, and we were frustrated. We did not have any condoms, and I was not on birth control, my parents would not allow it. I offered to suck him off, but we both wanted more, we wanted to actually fuck. Believe it or not, I was the one to bring up anal sex. Talk about role- reversal, I bet it is always the male who suggests anal sex.

I had never had anything up my ass other than an enema tube when I was a little girl, and my Mother did that because she was concerned about the irregularity I had for a while (or so she said).

I have to admit that it was strangely erotic when my Mother pushed the long black tube up my little-girl asshole, and the warm water flowed into me. As I recall, she said she could not find the small enema tube, and she used the larger and longer feminine hygiene tube on me, and it went in very deep. She did it to me every day for almost a year when I was ten. She would hang the water bag on a chair next to the bed. I would lay face-down on the bed, my underpants pulled down, almost in a trance state. She would put some Vaseline on the big Douche tube, and slide it up my ass. She would un-snap the clamp on the hose, and the whole bag of warm water would gush into me.

At ten years old, I wasn’t aware of my sexual feelings, but I remember that I was always in a quiet, dreamy state of mind. I just held perfectly still, face down, eyes closed, and completely surrendered to the feeling of the large, stiff instrument sliding up my tiny asshole. Maybe that is where my anal erotic feelings began. One day after I turned eleven, she just stopped doing it. There was no explanation, but I recall going into my parents bedroom for something, and Eryaman Escort I saw the Vaseline jar on the night stand next to the bed. I am guessing that she finally talked Dad into fucking her anally. Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as they say. Here I was about to talk my guy into ass-fucking me.

Back to my story. We decided to get completely naked, which was a first. I had fondled his cock a few times during our make-out sessions, but this was the first time I had a good look at it. It was kind of semi-hard, I think because he was nervous and over-excited. I started to play with it, and stroke it, and I suddenly decided to take it in my mouth. I knew to slide it in and out of my mouth and lick it, and it did turn me on. It turned him on too, and he got rock hard. It was then that I surprised him with my deep-seated desire and fantasy. I asked him in a teasing way if he thought it was hard enough to go up my ass. I was surprised he didn’t come right then. He was red-faced and confused, because he was not used to that kind of language from me. He mumbled that it was hard enough, but I was concerned about whether he could really get it in. He is a healthy young man, with about 8 inches of nice cock. It was wet from my mouth, but I didn’t think that would be enough. There was a glistening drop of fluid on the head of his cock. It was not semen, because it was clear, not creamy. I used the tip of my finger to smear it all over the head of his cock, and it was very slippery stuff. I decided to see if that would work. Mother Nature knows what she is doing, because it sure did work.

I laid on my back with my legs up and my ass right at the edge of the bed, which was the perfect height to line up with him as he stood at the side of the bed. I was glad I had chosen this position, because unlike doggy-style, I had a perfect view of what happened next. As he moved into position close to me, his stiff cock led the way, swaying gently side to side like a tree branch in the wind. The head was still wet with his natural lubrication. I could see the tiny slit hole at the very tip where I knew his creamy cum would exit. He touched the tip of his cock against my asshole, and it was extremely exciting. The Sincan Escort expression on his face and the look in his eyes said it all, he was determined to fuck me up the ass, no matter how tight it was.

I pulled my legs up as far as possible, with my knees almost touching my shoulders. I reached down with both hands and spread my butt as hard as I could, and I conciously tried to open my asshole. I don’t know how much it opened, but the head of his cock went in. It wasn’t painful, just some pressure. I think any pain was being cancelled out by my intense desire to have it in me. He pushed it in another inch or two, and asked me if it was OK. In a soft whisper I asked him to please give it all to me. He continued pushing it into me until it was all the way in, up to his balls. It was interesting to feel every inch of his cock up in my insides. I could even feel the smooth pink head, way up in my stomach. It was amazing to have it all the way in, since it was my first time and his cock was so big. I know that if someone was trying to push a dildo or a sex toy that size up my ass, I would have been screaming. But a hard cock seems to be magical, and when you really want it in you, your body lets it happen.

Being so young, he couldn’t hold back too long, but he did manage to fuck me for a few minutes before he shot his load. Just before he came, I moved my hands closer to my asshole, and I touched his cock with the fingers of both hands. As he slid it in and out of me, it also slid between my fingers, and that extra sensation was enough to send him out of control. He pushed his cock all the way into me and held it there, and he began to grunt and squeal like a monkey! I could feel his cock pulse, and warm squirts of cum shot into me. We laughed about it later, and he had to put up with the nickname “Monkey Boy” for longer than he liked.

I already knew that semen came out of a man’s penis, but I always thought it just oozed out. Until now I did not realize that it squirted out so hard and fast. When I felt his five or six spurts of warm cum go into me I almost had an orgasm myself. I was sure glad it went up my asshole and not into my pussy. That much sperm would probably have done the trick, and we would Etlik Escort have been in deep trouble.

He was almost unconscious, not moving at all, so there was no need for me to spread my butt anymore. Instead, I gently caressed his balls with both hands. I wanted to show them my gratitude for the hard work they had done manufacturing such a large amount of semen. He was always reluctant to let me touch his balls in the past, but right now he just completely surrendered to whatever I wanted to do to him. He pulled his cock out of me as carefully and slowly as he had pushed it in, and when the last inch popped out, a small river of his cum ran out of me and made a mess on my bedspread. I would have to figure out how to clean that up without my Mother getting a clue. To tell you the truth, I was wishing I could lick it up, but it soaked into the fabric too fast.

We were finished now, and we got dressed quickly, as we were still somewhat embarrassed to be completely nude. He went home satisfied, but I had to masturbate in my bed to make myself come before I could get to sleep. It usually took a long time for me to come, but that night it was different. I pulled the wet part of the bedspread up near my face, and I could smell his cum. While I rubbed my clit in the usual way with my right hand, my left hand was underneath me. I slid my middle finger in and out of my asshole at the same speed as his cock had gone in and out of me. My asshole was still wet with his cum, so my finger would go in all the way with no problem. I would have eventually got off just by tickling my clit, but the combination of that, plus the sensation of being finger-fucked in the ass, and the fragrant aroma of his cum, worked wonders. I came in less than a minute.

I am looking forward to many more anal experiences with my guy, but I will have to teach him to lick my pussy and make me come after he fucks me in the ass, so I am satisfied too. I am not going to let him fuck me in the vagina unless we get married and we want to have a child. I will suck him off if he lets me, because I want to find out what his cum tastes like. Once will probably be enough, and I will ask him to never jack off again, because it is a waste of semen. I want every ounce he can produce to go up my ass. We only did it once that first night, but we are young, and I bet we can do it three or four times in each session. He will be completely empty, and I will be completely full. I can’t wait.

One kind of funny side effect is that when I go to the GYN doctor for my regular exam, he will report to my Mother that I am still a virgin! LOL.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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