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I woke up at 6:00 AM to pick up Kirthi from the railway station. Radha was sound asleep and I shook her and asked her to make some coffee and breakfast. Around 30 minutes later, I went to the railway station to pick up Kirthi. Kirthi is my sister who is 24 and 4 years younger than me. She is a petite and fair skinned beautiful girl who grew up with some traditional values. We shared almost everything. I have trusted her with some secrets since my childhood. But not the tales I was having with Ashwin and Pooja.

I reached the station and the train was 10 minutes late. My beautiful sister disembarked from coach A2. She was looking stunning and has put on some weight from when I saw her before. She is no longer the petite Keerthi I knew. She had a round nice ass and bigger boobs.

“Here Keerthi, this way.” I yelled.

She dragged her trolley suitcase behind her and reached me. I took it from her and we started walking towards the auto stand.

“How was the journey?” I asked her.

“Very tiresome. Couldn’t wait to reach home,” she said.

“Okay let’s go home. Radha is waiting for you.” I replied.

We reached home around 1 hour later and she immediately crashed on the couch. Radha gave us some water and asked us to get ready as she prepared breakfast in the meanwhile. I showed the guest bedroom to Keerthi and went to my room to freshen up. We soon had breakfast and I went to the office. Radha took Keerthi to the institute.

Over the next few weeks my life was routine. Kirthi and I will go to our office and institute everyday. Radha stays at home as she is a housewife. Kirthi usually returns home by 3 PM and I will reach at 7 PM everyday. Kirthi is taking an MBA coaching at an institute which is just about 20 minutes from our home.

Quite recently I saw some change in both Kirthi and Radha, they are so close to each other and almost behave like a couple. I thought they were bonding well as best friends.

One Wednesday evening when I reached home, they were cooking a special meal for us. After we had dinner, Radha and I went for a small evening walk and Kirthi stayed back and made some calls to her friends. After we returned home, Radha changed into a night dress.

I was feeling horny. I looked around and Kirthi was in her room, so I hugged Radha while she was doing her hair. It has been about a week since I had sex with Radha. When Kirthi is around we don’t get to have much sex as we were afraid of her hearing us. Our bedrooms are so close.

I held Radha from behind and reached for her pussy over her pyjamas. With my other hand I pressed onto her left boob over the shirt. Soon she turned around and kissed me on my lips. I grabbed her ass from inside the pyjamas. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. It is a habit we both have. We don’t wear anything inside while we are at home.

We went to bed and got to action soon. She took her shirt off and went topless. I sucked on her boobs and nipples. Later she pulled my pants and took my dick in her mouth. She went to town on my penis and I cummed soon. I returned the favour and made her orgasm. I ate that pussy like a hungry animal. Then I inserted my dick into her pussy and started slowly. I increased my pace and with my every thrust her breath intensified. We soon reached climax with me being first to hit. I rolled over and we cuddled each other. She turned her head to talk.

“Listen, I have something to say.” she said.

“I love you too!,” I said jokingly.

“No baba, listen. I understand why you and Ashwin were sexually involved. I can even understand your gay mentality,” she said.

“Are you joking?” I asked, looking in her eyes.

My eyes were wide open with shock from her statement.

“What makes you say so? You never had a lesbian sex. Moreover I am not gay, I am a bisexual.” I added.

“Well, I had a taste of it recently and it was amazing,” she responded.

I was aroused and appalled at the same time. “No kidding,” I said.

“No, not at all. I am sorry for not understanding!” she said.

“Well who is it? Do I know her?” I asked.

“I will tell you, but you have to promise not to overreact.” she said.

“Okay, I won’t. I promise. Now tell me who it is?” I said.

“KIRTHI.” she said.

“Kirthi? My sister Kirthi?” I was shocked and my head was spinning.

I didn’t expect that to happen. Since the last few weeks gaziantep eskort bayan they grew closer. I thought they were bonding as best friends. Little did I know they bonded as a couple. Kirthi as I know is a cute little sister to me.

“Spare no detail. Explain everything to me. What happened?” I asked Radha curiously.

“Okay, so, last Monday she came back home early and we went shopping. I bought some lingerie for myself. I was excited to try it on. As soon as we came home, we both tried them on. I noticed how sexy Kirthi was. I couldn’t resist and complimented her beauty.” She said

My curiosity had no limits. “Then?” I asked her.

“Mostly because we were women, we had no problem seeing each other naked. So, she went first and removed her t-shirt. She had nice round boobs in her brown sports bra. She removed the bra and her 34d round firm boobs with dark black nipples opened to me. She looked beautiful. We went on and tried a few more bras and eventually retired to our chores.”

“That’s it?” I asked shamelessly.

“Wait there is more,” she replied. “The next day she returned around 3:30 PM and took a bath. I was watching a horror movie. She came and sat next to me in her pink small shorts that barely covered her thighs and blue t-shirt. We were so involved and I did not even notice my hand was on her thigh as I have the habit of holding you while watching movies. About a few minutes later she placed her hand on my thigh and came close to me. I can hear her breath as it intensified. Later she had her head resting on my shoulder and we finished watching the movie. We just sat in silence. Later I stood and brought some tea and snacks.”

“The very next day, I had a back ache and she volunteered to massage my back. I took off my kurta and I am topless with my boobs hanging free. I laid down on my bed face down. She applied some oil and started massaging my back. I can feel the warmth and I relaxed. Her soft hands on my bare back made me horny. She moved down to my legs and asked me if she could continue. I wanted to feel her touch. I told her to continue and she continued. She removed my leggings. I felt it was sexy. I wasn’t wearing anything beneath and Kirthi commented on my firm ass. She massaged my legs and moved slowly upwards towards my pussy.”

“She came up and massaged my ass cheeks. Next thing I know she kept her hands between my ass creek and massaged it. Her fingers kept touching my pussy. It was steamy. I turned over and looked into her eyes. There was a glow in her eyes that told me we were going to have sex today. She took some oil and massaged my boobs one by one. I put my hands on her boobs over her t-shirt. She continued massaging down towards my pussy. I lifted myself up and took off her t-shirt. She had a sports bra and I removed it too. Now her beautiful boobs are free. I laid back down and continued to press her boobs. They were soft and firm. She touched my pussy and I jolted to her soft touch. She massaged along the length of my outer labia and then inserted a finger in it. With her thumb she rubbed my clit and added another finger in my pussy. Within minutes of her pleasuring me, I reached an intense orgasm.”

“Wow, I am hard again,” I interrupted her.

“Why won’t you be?” she responded and moved her hands to my dick. She started to beat my meat and continued her story.

“I stood up and hugged her, her warm naked body against mine was breathtaking. I kissed her sweet lips and held her left boob in one hand. It was my turn to pleasure her. I laid her beside me and went down on her pussy. I removed her shorts and panties. Her pussy had pubic hair trimmed to a good length. I inserted a finger in her pussy and sucked on her tiny clit. I went in and found a texture up her inner wall of pussy. She bounced up and down on my finger rub inside her pussy. And released sweet nectar onto my fingers. I licked and went to give her a kiss.”

“Since then, we have had sex almost everyday except for weekends.” she said finishing her story.

I was reaching climax and asked her to increase pace. She kept stroking my dick. I soon ejaculated all over her.

“I can’t believe it. That was awesome,” I said panting.

“You came all over me. Let me wash and come.” she said, getting up.

“I can’t believe you had sex with Kirthi.” I eskort bayan gaziantep said. I followed her to the bathroom to clean my dick.

“I know. I can’t believe it either. It just happened.” she replied.

“I know, that is what happened to me too.” I said.

“I am sorry for what I did to you. I couldn’t understand you.” she said. I noticed a tear from her eye. I went and hugged her. We were still naked.

“It’s okay. Now that you understand, I am happy.” I consoled her.

She rested her head on my chest and said, “I am feeling guilty of not understanding my husband.”

“There is nothing wrong with this. The world is changing towards a more positive mindset,” I said. “Clear your mind and sleep, we will talk tomorrow.”

We slept through the night. She hugged me from the side and rested her head on my shoulder. Next morning I woke up and found Radha in the kitchen. Kirthi was sitting on the sofa watching TV and having coffee. I went near Kirthi. That day Kirthi looked different to me. Until yesterday she was my sweet little innocent sister. Today she is almost a wife to my wife. I couldn’t believe how much my sister grew up physically and metaphorically.

“Good morning!” I wished Kirthi, sitting beside her.

“Did she say anything last night?” asked Kirthi.

“Did you know?” I asked in shock.

“Yes, she said she will tell you.” she said while sipping coffee.

“Look, she told me everything and I am okay with it.” I responded. “I can understand as it is one’s personal belief.”

“Thank you!”, she replied.

“Since we are on the topic, can I ask if you are a virgin? Just be honest, I won’t say anything.” I asked.

“I am not, I lost it in college.” she said.

“Wow, you are so grown up now.” I said.

“So, are you bisexual?” I asked.

“Yes!” she responded.

“Me too, I had an experience myself once.” I said.

“Like Ashwin?” she asked.

My mind blew off. Damn these girls talk about everything.

“Is there anything she hasn’t told you?” I asked her.

My mind lingered off towards Ashwin and Pooja. It has been long since we spoke. I was curious how they were. I am even missing those little talks we had after sex. I miss Pooja’s love and her fragrance. I miss Ashwin’s touch. I am even afraid to ask my wife how we can see each other again.

“Here is some coffee,” Radha said while handing me the cup. She sat between us.

“I literally miss Pooja and Ashwin.” I said to Rahda.

“I know, I am really sorry for everything I did.” Radha said.

“It is okay. Can we invite them for lunch or dinner this week?” I asked.

“Yes, let me invite them. Give me a chance to correct my mistakes.” said Radha.

“Thanks, I love you!” I said and leaned in to kiss her. She kissed me on my lips and turned towards Kirthi and kissed her too. I watched curiously.

Radha called Pooja and Ashwin on Pooja’s phone. We were listening to the conversation on a loudspeaker. Radha continued to narrate everything to them and ended it with apologies.

“So, are we cool now?” asked Ashwin.

“Yes, pretty much and to make it up I want to invite you guys for lunch this Sunday as well,” Radha replied.

“Does that mean…?” Pooja took a pause.

“Yes it means you guys are good to go.” Radha responded.

“Really? I love you Radha!” Pooja said. I am almost in tears.

“And you will also get to have two more beautiful sex dolls at your service.” Radha added. The phone call ended after several catch ups and tears.

For the next couple of days Kirthi freed up in the house. Sometimes she goes in a bra and panties and sometimes she runs topless from the bathroom to her bedroom. Although I never got to see her boobs or pussy, I always saw her from behind. On the next Saturday, She took a bath and came out to the kitchen with a towel wrapped around her waist. She was completely topless. Her beautiful boobs were hanging freely. She came into the kitchen and I was standing near Radha. I can’t take my eyes off her. Kirthi reached out for a glass and filled it up with water.

Radha snapped her fingers near my eyes and said, “Mesmerised, aren’t we?”

“Very much,” I said.

“Really?” said Kirthi. “So let me give you something more.” she said and dropped her towel.

My eyes fixated on her pussy, gaziantep bayan eskort she had trimmed her hair into a square shape. The pussy lips were visible. She turned and walked out of the kitchen swaying her round plumpy ass.

“She is hot isn’t she?” I said to Radha.

“Now you know how I fell for her.” Radha replied back.

That evening I went into the common bathroom to get water for watering the plants. As I opened the door, which was half closed, Kirthi was standing there applying soap over her. I just stood there and watched her. She noticed me at the door and didn’t care much.

“Don’t you lock the door?” I asked her.

“Come on, there is nothing to hide here. Plus, you are my brother,” she replied.

“So?” I asked again.

“Enjoy bro, I am your co husband to your wife,” she replied while bathing.

I went in and got a bucket of water while noticing every inch of my little sister’s beauty. Later Radha served dinner for us and Kirthi just sat down in a towel. I objected and asked her to change into something. She got angry and dropped her towel. She sat down again and started eating. Radha started laughing and asked me to calm down. I was easily distracted. I couldn’t handle the hot nude body of my sweet little sister. No matter how much she has grown, she still acts childish.

We were sitting on an ‘L’ shaped couch. Kirthi is sitting across from me and Radha beside me. I could notice Kirthi. She sat down on the couch with her legs spread like a man. Radha keeps looking at her. A while later Kirthi came and sat down beside Radha scooting us over. Radha is in between Kirthi and me. I looked at Radha and saw her eyes closed and breathing. I looked down and found Kirthi had her hands inside Radha’s pants. I was aroused. I am waiting for what happens next.

Kirthi looked me in my eyes and continued fingering my wife’s pussy. Radha was lost in her own world. Her legs were spread apart and one hand on her right boob. Within seconds her breath intensified and climaxed. I can see a wet spot in her pants.

I started playing with my dick. Radha turned towards me and kissed me while she was also panting. She noticed me playing with my dick and inserted her hand in my pants replacing mine. She placed her other hand on Kirthi’s pussy and started fingering her. Radha is managing well with both hands pleasing us siblings. She had a steady pace and my eyes were fixated on my sister’s hot pussy. Within no time I came and she shifted her focus on Kirthi.

Kirthi however has wrapped her legs and hugged Radha’s hands while she orgasmed. Radha stood up and took Kirthi into our bedroom. I followed them. Radha took her shirt off. Kirthi kneeled on bed and started unbuttoning Radha’s pants. I went behind Radha and pressed her boobs. Soon Radha was also nude and facing Kirthi. They both started kissing each other. I had one hand on Radha’s pussy and the other on her left boob. She turned towards me and started kissing me. We know our intentions well and we couldn’t stop for anything now. Kirthi took off my shirt and Radha undid my pants. Kirthi for the first time saw my dick and winked at me.

“You are so lucky my dear sister-in-law.” Kirthi said.

“I know,” Radha said and kissed Kirthi.

Radha made me sit on the bed and went down on my cock. She took it in and started sucking my dick. Kirthi went underneath Radha and started licking her pussy. I had an intense orgasm. Radha got up and knelt on the bed. I went behind her and inserted my cock in her pussy. I started ramming Radha. Kirthi was sitting in front of her while Radha was licking her pussy. Radha and I came together. Kirthi hasn’t orgasmed yet. Not once since we started the sex session. Radha continued to lick Kirthi’s pussy. I was tired and slept beside Kirthi.

Kirthi held my hand and looked me in the eyes. I can see her pleasure in her eyes. She started twirling in the bed. Within minutes she arched her back and had an intense orgasm. She collapsed back onto the bed and Radha slipped in between us. All 3 of us hugged each other nude and stayed on the same bed.

“I love you both.” said Kirthi.

“I love you too.” Radha replied.

“This is my best day. Too bad I cannot have my brother’s cock in my pussy.” Kirthi said.

“Keep your fire in control sister. You will have a cock for yourselves one day. Not mine though.” I said.

“I am desperate for one. When will it come to me?” Kirthi asked.

“Wait for tomorrow, there is more to this story. You will have two more guests. If possible you will have a cock too.” Radha said.

My mind went to Ashwin and Pooja. I cannot control the excitement. I started pressing Radha’s boobs. We went down for the second round in that mood.

To be continued….!

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