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Chapter 07: To Pee Or Not To Pee

“Okay, big boy. Time to come down,” I said, uncoiling the ends of the rope. I lowered him before unlocking and removing each wrist band, then bent down to unlock and detach each ankle cuff. I dropped my tools and had joeie pick them up to put them in their proper places. joeie soon returned to me to stand in silence, save for some leftover sniffling. He stood as I’ve trained him, shoulders square, arms at his side, cock pushed out to me, proudly.

I had considered leaving him tied in position for the rest of the day, but decided against it. Since I’d be going out and had no idea when I’d be home, I didn’t need to return tired and filled with fresh sperm only to be bothered with having to release my pussieboy before he could receive his treat. I wanted him ready and waiting, on his back, face ready for me to sit on, tongue ready to begin mopping, mouth opened for pussy to drain into. Yes, I’d require his services immediately upon my arrival.

The raised letters from the taws left wonderful impressions of themselves, and were quite legible, crisscrossed as they were. After rubbing joeie’s behind with oil I shot some pictures. I got some very nice ones of his ass, him kneeling and standing while holding it in the air and looking over his shoulder. I was pleased with the results and his obedience, very pleased. Despite tears and sniveling, which proved quite vexing to me, joeie posed like a real trollop. I even got some of us together, me and my trophy.

I had him thrust his hips forward, so I could get great photos of my cock and bloated purple balls, all for the website. I zoomed in on its pulsating veins running along its length, and caught several long thick gobs of juice seeping from its hole. The poor organ vibrated and cried for me, appearing to be in agony, its balls bloated and about to burst, just the way I like seeing my darling. I do have a responsibility to touch it some, at the moment using only the tip of a finger to get it bucking like the untamed bronco it wanted to be. Oh, my cock!

This male organ wouldn’t win me any awards at a competition, but it was a superb example in both shape and function, and I was happy to own it. I’d never allow my pet, joeie’s cock, to function as it was meant. I’d never allow it to experience sexual intercourse, or enjoy a blow-job. Through it I control my joeie’s life completely, the poor boy doing nothing without permission. Through this wonderful organ I helped him become the best sperm slurping pussieboy I’ve ever owned, and with it I planned taking him further, without the slightest worry of reaching an end to his training.

On the other hand I felt confident joeie’s tongue would win me awards, along with his thirst for sperm, whether hot or cold. I’d worked long and hard helping him acclimate to the smell and taste of sperm, and planned that one day it would be my pussieboy’s only source of nourishment.

“It’s time for you to pee, before I leave,” I said.

“Yes, Mistress Colleen,” came the meek reply. I took my drooling bursa eskort bayan cock in hand and with it guided joeie to the bathroom.

“Hmmm, you’re never going to pee with this hard-on, but I have a remedy,” I stated. I then pinched my cock hard as I could, and within seconds, joeie winced as the excited organ became deflated enough to pee. I pushed joeie down on the toilet, making sure cock was aimed into the commode, having him sit like a girl. It took a few moments, but soon a long loud stream hit the water to play its sprightly tune. I watched and smiled as joeie peed, making sure he looked into my eyes while he did. Soon the splashing turned to a trickle, and then a few drops. “There, there, don’t you feel better,” I stated in a tone one would use potty-training a toddler, while washing and drying my hands. When joeie finished he too washed his hands. By then I found cock standing straight out, spinning webs of fluid, prepared for what every male organ is made for.

“Ah, joeie, joeie, joeie. Just make sure you don’t get any of your mess on my clothing. Now come along to my boudoir,” I said leading the way. This particular room was off-limits to him when I wasn’t there, and he knows it well. He learned his lesson the day I caught him kneeling before it, with his nose wedged up to the keyhole. My little pervert was sniffing aloud, attempting to draw the room’s scent through the tiny hole, and didn’t hear me approach. I was of course tickled pink to find him having progressed so well, but none-the-less punished him out of principle.

joeie followed staying one step behind me, until we reached one of my closets, where he fell to his knees. He did this out of reverence for what the closet contained. He lifted his eyes from my breasts to look into mine, and beg. Here I keep joeie’s favorite ‘slut’ clothing, designed to keep his faith in one day becoming a man, an obligation. joeie loved kneeling beneath all the daintiness, the silk, satin, lace, feathers, and fur, looking up running the tip of his nose into and along the delicacies, breathing in the intoxicating fragrances. I’d stand over him as a guardian providing his life reason, allowing him time to inhale gentle scents, closing his eyes in delirium, tying to imagine what it must feel like to fuck me in the same way he’s watched men fuck me on the DVDs I’ve given him. Sometimes I reach down to scratch his neck, encouraging his surrender to his dream of fucking.

I flung the doors open, thinking sure my cock would shoot, being as excited it was. We entered and I began fingering through the blouses first, slowly, giving air time to rush between each one only to be puffed out again, for joeie, who moved on his hands and knees below me, taking in very long, deep sniffs, while scatching the tip of his nose with the hems. After filtering along the row, I pulled out a cream colored silk blouse, and held it up for joeie to see.

“What do you think,” I asked aloud, to no one particular. joeie was in dreamland, eyes half-closed, my cock looking so neglected I felt sorry bursa merkez escort for it. I hung the blouse back, and went for a semi-sheer silk white one next. “Oh, I like this much better,” I said gaily. Knowing my joeie was higher than a kite right then, I rambled on, giggling at my little sex addict, who’s yet to have sex. “It will go nicely with my red leather skirt and black stilettos.” I then gathered the garments and stepped back into the bedroom to dress, with joeie following like almost all baby four legged animals do their mothers, dumbly. “joeie, dear, go and fetch my shoes,” I said, bringing him back to my reality. I slipped into the skirt as joeie jumped up to fetch the shoes. I then slid my arms into the blouse and turned to joeie, whose eyes had returned to where they belong.

“Sweetness, do button my blouse,” I said to him softly, holding my breasts up and out to him. I just adored the way he drooled over them, sure he’d never tire of them because they were the only pair I’d ever allow him to see in the flesh, ever. He pushed his hips back to avoid juices from cock reaching my clothing, or feet. I smiled as his fingers, quivering, tried to button each button. But then it began taking too long. “C’mon, you ignorant sloth! I’m going out tonight, not tomorrow morning,” I roared. He tried working faster, but he fumbled and failed even worse. I finally pushed his hands away and finished buttoning my blouse. Then I tucked it into my skirt and slipped into my stilettos, making my way to the bathroom for a few final touches, joeie one step behind me.

In the bathroom, I went to the tall armoire in the corner and removed a brush, comb and mousse, for starters. I then had joeie brush out my hair, and then go over it again with the comb. I then put mousse into my hands, and turning my head upside down, ran it through my hair. I looked up and into the mirror, finding my hair looking good. It was controlled enough to not look wild, but sexy enough to show I meant business. I grabbed some mascara and applied it slowly, following with just a hint of black eyeliner. joeie stood beside me agog, horny as a dog in heat, drooling as usual. I allowed him to drop onto his knees and bend low enough to begin kissing the top of my foot. He so adored worshipping my feet. I went back to work.

Next I chose the shade of red lipstick matching my skirt, and after applying it, finished it with a deeper red lip liner. When satisfied, I dabbed Chanel No. 5 between my breasts and on my wrists. I chose my Cartier watch, and a few delicate gold pieces to compliment it. All the while joeie’s lips teased and loved, caressing gently my foot, instep, toes and ankle, with warm, soft, long and short kisses, both juicy and affectionate, very affectionate. Every woman deserves to have a male at her feet, and I was truly a successful woman.

I was quite proud of myself when it came to joeie, having discovered and exploited his perversion so successfully. Any woman can find a male to fuck, or marry, but to own a male is totally bursa sınırsız escort bayan different. Birth and ownership is what women were created for. Males were put on earth to be owned and controlled by women. They’re needed only by Mother Nature to provide diversification to the species, nothing more. Discontent, hatred, and wars came to humanity with the advent of the male ego and it’s re-writing of history with its belligerent male-dominated holy books. In my case, my male was progressing nicely, becoming more affectionate and more passionate every day. The more I both sexually teased and denied my pervert sex, the harder he struggled to get close, the harder he worked at earning some small tidbit of female affection. More proof came one day when I had him hold his head back with mouth open so I could fill it with spit. When I finally made him swallow he actually ejaculated in tribute to me, without touching himself, and I was ecstatic. Soon his entire existence would orbit me. I looked down to find joeie looking up at me. I knew he liked seeing me this way, knowing full well I wouldn’t look this way when I returned.

“See all this,” I began, running my hands from head to stiletto, pointing out the charms I wore and those I was born with. “I do it all for you, joeie, for you! I want to bring you home treats, and I can’t find a man unless I’m dressed for the part. Do you understand that, my little pussieboy?” I glanced at him. “You may speak.”

“Oh, yes ma’am. I do understand, and I appreciate what you go through for me,” joeie replied quietly. Inhaling deeply, he continued shyly. “Sometimes I’d, sometimes I’d like you to stay here for a while. So I could rub your back, or massage your feet? And… You haven’t let me beat-off for a week…”

“You mean to tell me I do all of this for nothing?! And all you think about is your own damned satisfaction and happiness! Are you really that selfish,” I shrieked. “Don’t you appreciate what I put my body through just for you!?” I was just beginning to get wound up, and though not really upset, made myself sound and feel real.

“Oh, no, Mistress Colleen, no! I really do worship your body and appreciate every load of sperm you bring me,” joeie interjected, trying to calm the tempest. “Really, I do! But… You haven’t let me beat-off for a week…””

“Well you certainly don’t act it! And you have done nothing, NOTHING, to earn the right to masturbate! Perhaps I should swap you for another pussieboy who WILL appreciate me,” I screamed. joeie began trembling and his eyes became moist. He sniffled nervously and looked up at me like a frightened puppy. I stormed out of the room and into the studio. joeie appeared suddenly with a glass of Old Grand-Dad in hand, which I took from him wordlessly. He took a cigarette from my case, lit it, coughed a bit from the tobacco, and held it out to me.

“Please Mistress,” he began, falling to his knees at my feet, watching me take a gulp and a puff. “I never want any other woman but you. I promise to be good. Yours is the only female body I want to worship. You are my Mistress and Governess, and I will have no other before me,” he cried. I swirled the liquid, drank again, and inhaled. Never would my little pervert know I’ve decided to keep him in my stable. After all, in a few months would be the Sorority’s Pussieboy Competitions. And I planned on winning this year.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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