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Big Tits

Jean’s dried up juices on his face, her scent he smelled with every breath he took, Miguel headed back to school. Their last lovemaking session had been a one sided affair; he had licked, kissed, sucked, and fingered Jean to orgasm. She didn’t ask him afterwards if he came or even encouraged him to masturbate, but instead thanked him for the big O and commented on how it was getting late. She needed to be home as she had a full day ahead of her and he needed to be on the road. She said it worried her when he drove home so late. He didn’t complain, but dried her, then helped her put her panties back on, followed by her shoes. He started to wipe his face but she told him not, “I want my smell on you until you wake up tomorrow.”

She had him drive the car back to her house. Snuggled up against him she caressed his inner thigh as her breasts pressed against his arm. At her house, she walked him to his already packed car. As they hugged and kissed she ground herself against him acknowledging his erection. When they quit kissing she said, “Remember, next Saturday,” and rubbing her pubis against his erection, “And no masturbation.”

He answered, “I will and I won’t.”

Six days later he pulled into the rectory parking lot wishing he could first see Jean and have a hands free orgasm as he ate her. The rectory was a two story, all brick, rectangular building. He was nervous wondering what he and Father G would talk about. He was also intrigued wondering why their kisses and hugs kept popping up in his thoughts. Their kisses were just lip to lip, but they weren’t friendly pecks. They just seemed to last longer than a kiss between a pastor and parishoner should. As for their hugs Jean molded her body to his and after kissing Father she turned her head and looked at Miguel, challenging him he thought. Miguel wondered, “Is she reminding me all men, even priests, are fair game?”

The door to the rectory was locked. He rang the doorbell. A minute later a female opened the door. She was young, cute, her breasts enormous on someone so slight and her belly looked painfully swollen. Miguel immediately knew she was the girl Jean was replacing.

She escorted him to Father’s office. Father was at his desk. He looked up, told Miguel to take a seat, and said, “Thank you, Kris. I’ll see you and your husband upstairs at 1.”

She enthusiastically replied, ‘We’ll be there. I can’t wait.”

Miguel glanced at her and swore he had seen that same look on Jean, arousal. He shrugged it off thinking his own arousal was making him think everyone was as horny as he. She closed the door.

Father stood up so Miguel did. He reached across the desk. Miguel shook his hand. His grip Miguel noted was surprisingly firm for what appeared to be a very soft looking man. His grip wasn’t intimidating, but something told him there was plenty of strength left in Father’s grip.

“Before we get started, how was your trip? We have alot to talk about, but before we get started I need a restroom break. I’m sure you do too or did you already go.”

Miguel did need to go. He was glad Father suggested it because he was about to ask where the restroom was. They walked down the hall and entered the restroom. The restroom didn’t have individual urinals but a trough. Standing side by side they faced the wall. Miguel normally didn’t feel self conscious urinating around others, but Father made him nervous.

Miguel unzipped his fly and fished out through his tighty whiteys his penis. It felt even smaller than normal. He held it and aimed trying to relax his bladder.

Father unbuckled his pants, unsnapped his pants and boxers and reached his hand into the open fly and retrieved his manhood. Miguel stared straight ahead, but his peripheral vision captured Father’s movements. What he saw next caused him to look down. Father’s cock came into view. Soft, it was easily a half foot long and thick. At the end of that thick shaft was the aksaray escort head of his cock, even wider than the shaft. From it a blast of urine began to flow hitting the backside of the urinal.

With his free hand Father G reached up and pushed the lever down sending water the length of the trough, “Shy bladder,” he remarked. Since he was already urinating Miguel knew he was referring to him. Father continued to urinate aiming his cock in various directions, shaking it, then squeezing out a few more drops commenting as he did, “Shaking the dew off my lily.” Unlike Miguel he had to tuck his manhood back into his boxers.

It wasn’t until he stepped away from the urinal and began washing his hands that Miguel’s bladder relaxed enough. His bladder had been painfully full but all that initially exited was a rather weak stream. It wasn’t until Father said he would see him back in the office and exited that Miguel’s urine began to really flow. He felt embarrassed at the way he froze in front of Father, intimidated by his manhood and self confidence. As he washed his hands afterward he wondered what if Father’s opinion of him had lessened. Ten minutes earlier he had felt like a grown man; now he felt like a little kid in a room full of adults.

He exited the restroom surprised to see Father waiting for him.

“Since Jean will be working here and I’m sure you will be spending many of your Sundays here keeping her company, I thought I’d give you a nickel tour of the rectory. This floor is all offices. He went by each office pointing out the ones occupied by the parish staff. Of the dozen offices, priests used three of them, Father E, a 50ish priest from Nigeria, and Father D, a 60ish priest from Sicily.

“Ours is a popular parish Miguel. We have lots of visiting priests. We have one office for them and a couple of spare bedrooms for them upstairs.”

They entered the stairwell and descended to the basement, “Down here are meeting rooms. Lots of groups use our meeting rooms. If you’re not too busy on Sundays Jean will need your help setting up and cleaning the rooms. She’ll show you what to do.”

Miguel said, “I’d be glad to help her.”

Father smiled, “I know you will. She’ll be busy tending to us for lunch and dinner. During lunch she’ll need you to answer the door and take phone calls.”

Miguel nodded, “I can do that.” He could already see Jean’s new job was going to make Sundays anything but relaxing. He decided if he wanted to stay on Jean’s good side he would not point out anything negative and just go with the flow. Besides he thought, “This is what couples do, support each other.”

Finished with the basement they ascended the stairs to the second floor. Father pointed ou the laundry room. One of Jean’s duties was to put away the clothes; a lady during the day washed, dried, and folded the clothes. He then pointed out the various bedrooms for visitors and guests, but the only one he showed Miguel was his bedroom. Miguel was expecting a spartan room, but it was anything but.

Father laughed, “A bit much isn’t it. A very generous parishoner donated the furnishings. King sized beds in all the rooms.”

The rooms screamed rich. He was sleeping on a twin bed; he used milk crates for nightstands. His bookshelves were planks resting on cinder blocks. Father’s room was all Ethan Allen. His parents didn’t even have a king sized bed and certainly not one as nice as Father’s.

Miguel didn’t want to say anything negative about priests and vows of poverty so he instead said, “It’s very nice.”

“Nice is an understatement; it’s way over the top, but we couldn’t turn down his generosity. We’re very spoiled here, treated almost like royalty. You wouldn’t believe the gifts our parishoners offer; it’s as though they really believe we can influence who St. Peter lets in.”

They left Father’s bedroom and walked down the hall, stopping at what he called the alsancak escort break room. Oversized leather recliners big enough for two, custom made oversized chairs and ottomans the size of his bed, and one of the new projection screen t. .v.s filled the room.

“You can see why we spend a lot of our free time in here Miguel. Everything is so comfortable. That recliner there is my favorite, comfortable for one but big enough for two. This is where we go after dinner.”

The last two rooms they toured were the kitchen and dining room. The kitchen reminded Miguel of a restaurant’s while the dining room had a table and chairs for a dozen. They exited the kitchen but not before Father grabbed them each a Coke. Back in his office, Father closed the door and said, “Before we start let’s begin with a prayer.”

Together they made the sign of the cross and recited aloud the Lord’s Prayer. Finished, Father said, “Wait, I want to anoint you.”

He took a bottle of oil from his desk, opened it, pressed his thumb against the top as he tilted it. He then placed his thumb on Miguel’s forehead making the sign of the cross and asked, “God, May you fill Miguel with the Holy Spirit and open his eyes. Encourage him to be true to himself, to not question your plan, to not just be Jean’s faithful companion, but her rock. Amen.”

Miguel thought it was a most unusual blessing, but he really hadn’t attended Mass often and he was pretty certain the last time he had been anointed with oil was at baptism. He found himself saying Amen and wondered if Father’s blessing was one he gave all couples or tailor made for Miguel and Jean. He wondered to what extent Jean had confided in him.

Father wiped his thumb clean, put the lid back on the bottle, and beckoned for Miguel to sit down. He went behind his desk and sat down.

He looked at Miguel and asked, “Jean tells me the two of you plan to marry. Is that true?”

“Yes sir”, he answered.

“You don’t have to call me sir; instead just say yes, Father or no, Father.”

“Yes Father.”

“In order to receive the sacrament of marriage the church requires you and Jean to attend marriage counseling or Pre Cana classes. I normally counsel a couple together, but since you’re not here during the week and the classes are held during the week I will counsel each of you separately until our schedules allow all three of us to be here. Jean’s already begun her classes.”

He continued, “There is no test and nothing to pass. Our goal is to make sure you and Jean understand the importance of marriage, how your union is forever, and how your faith should be its foundation. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Father.”

“Good. Since marriage ultimately is about procreation a great deal of our time will be spent on sexuality. Catholics come in all flavors Miguel meaning it’s no surprise they express love for one another in just as many flavors. There is a caveat however to what I just said. Do you know what it is?”

“No, Father I don’t.”

“Lovemaking should bring two people together and it should always be open to the possibility of creating life. There should be no barriers. No condoms, no withdrawal, no birth control pills, diaphragms, IUD. Catholics like you and Jean should adopt natural family planning linking their lovemaking to a woman’s reproductive cycle. Semen is absorbed into the blood system through the vagina. It contains compounds that elevate a woman’s mood, two of them being serotonine and oxytocin. Semen puts her in a great mood, but only if it enters the bloodstream. Any other climax, while enjoyable for you and her, will not have the same effect as one released into the vagina.”

Father continued, “I think you know where I’m going with this. Your climax, particularly where you climax, is more than just a moment of bliss. Released inside the vagina it makes your bond with her stronger. Anywhere else and amasya escort it has no effect. Jean tells me you and she have engaged in intercourse, but have not in the past six weeks. Is that true?”

Miguel answered, “Yes, Father, but I always used a condom except for the last time when she was certain she was not fertile.”

Father asked, “And of all those times which one was the most satisfying for the two of you?”

“The last time Father.”

“So if Jean got pregnant the last time you had unprotected intercourse you would be open to marrying her.”

“Of course, Father.”

Father began to reveal just how much he knew when he said, “Jean and her mom have both told me Jean is seeing another man. Jean says she has not been unfaithful to you. Is that true?”

Miguel’s cheeks flushed. His answer came out choked, “Yes, Father, that’s true.”

Father smiled, but his grin was more triumphant than friendly reminding Miguel of a prosecutor about to blow a case wide open, “She also says they have been sexually intimate. Is that true?”

Miguel thought about acting surprised but decided lying to a priest would be pointless, “Yes, Father, it’s true. Jean and Leo are sexually intimate.”

“And Jean says you approve of she and this Leo fellow having barrier free sexual intercourse. She also says she is trying to get pregnant from Leo and she says you approve. Finally, she says you have agreed to abstain from sexual intercourse with her until she gets pregnant.”

Miguel answered yes three times. His innermost secrets now revealed he felt smaller than small.

Father, however, wasn’t through, “She says your size and lack of stamina deny her the coital bliss she experiences with other men. Being forced into the beds of other men angers her and causes her to resent you. She says her orgasms with you are strongest after she’s been with other men but the really strong ones are when she expresses her anger at you while you pleasure her?”

Miguel responded, “I can’t change what I have Father. I’m well aware of my size and stamina issues and when I do forget Jean is happy to remind me. I know she’s mad at me, but that guilt is hers, not mine. I don’t make her feel guilty. I know I am very supportive.

And yes, I’ve noticed the strongest orgasms are when she’s treated me the worst.” He took a breath and in a very soft voice finished his thought, “And Father, so are mine.”

Father put his hand to his ear and asked, “Miguel, speak up. I didn’t hear that last part.”

Miguel answered in a much louder tone, “Father, I said, and so are mine. The most intense orgasms I have are when Jean has treated me the worst.”

“And how are you climaxing Miguel if you are not having intercourse with Jean? Fellatio? She masturbating you?”

“Neither, Father. Most of the time they just happen while I’m eating her. A few times she’s encouraged me to masturbate after she’s orgasmed or while I’m eating her.”

“Spontaneous orgasms? Well, the mind is the biggest sex organ. What are you thinking about when you eat her?”

“Lots of things. How much I love her. Her smell and taste. Picturing her body as Leo makes love to her. Picturing her face as she experiences coital bliss. Imagining Leo’s cock going in and out of her. Seeing his scrotum tighten as he ejaculates inside her. Thinking about her getting pregnant.”

Miguel’s nervousness and shame evaporated. It was nice being able to confide in someone other than Jean. Finished, he waited for Father to respond.

“Changing gears Miguel, do you know Jean loves Leo?”

“Yes, but Jean told me it’s different from the way she loves me.”

“Miguel, what does she mean by different? I could interpret different as her feelings for him are getting stronger and her feelings for you are diminishing. While you and she are physically affectionate, the affection is increasingly one sided. Even more confusing is she’s made it clear. She wants to make a baby with him, not you. I think his deposits of semen inside her vagina are bringing them closer together.”

“Father, it’s not as one sided as you think. She just wants to make there’s no doubt regarding paternity.”

“Why is that Miguel?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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