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When jane struggled to open her eyes the sun was streaming through her window and she realised with a start that she was alone.

Memories of the previous night shocked her into wakefulness and she was very aware that both her cunt and arse felt well-used.

It had started out normally enough – she had gone with her Master to have a quiet drink, but it appears that he had more than this in mind. He had organised something else for her.

He explained that it was both a test and a treat – she would have to endure whatever pleasure or torture he planned for her but he was sure that he knew her desires – and she would enjoy what was about to happen to her.

As he said this he nodded over her shoulder and the three burly men who had been standing and chatting behind her joined them.

They were loud and cheerful – all over 6ft and well built young men, smiling at her and saying how pleased they were to meet her at last – and that they anticipated a wonderful evening to come.

When they had all introduced themselves to her and kissed her cheek she looked quizically towards her master – realising too late that he had gone!

It was obviously his intention to leave her with these strangers so she had no choice but to stay and chat with them.

After a few drinks and some lighthearted banter about their work, sport and sex-life one of them took an envelope from his pocket and handed it to her.

She Bostancı escort bayan opened it nervously and read …

“These man are friends of mine and are skilled, careful and safe lovers.”

“I have given you to them .. and I have given them to you.”

“For one night only … Enjoy your night!”

She blushed!!!!

Then she looked up at them and held the gaze of each of them in turn .. they all looked right into her eyes as they smiled back at her.

She realised that her cunt was moist .. very moist .. and that the feeling in her belly was not nerves but anticipation.

The most handsome of the three men who faced her fixed his gaze on her and she felt her body melting as he smiled and spoke ..

“Shall we go jane?”

They had a large car waiting outside and she noted that they all got into the back with her and as the door clicked shut the engine purred into life and they drove smoothly out of the car park.

She took the decision then that she had no choice, that her Master wished her to enjoy it and that she should enjoy it as the fruition of all the preparation she had been through – giving herself to him and to his will. Besides which, she could feel the moisture seeping from her lips and soaking the fabric of her panties. How could she not enjoy it?

As the car sped through the night she looked around and realised that the car was a luxurious combination Escort Bostancı of features to entertain and relax – comfortable leather seats, a TV screen, speakers and a bar stocked with champagne and spirits. Jane was toasted by the men and given their total attention.

The windows were tinted and all she could see through them was the twinkling of street (or motorway) lights as they sped past. She neither knew nor cared where she was .. as long as the man between her legs kept doing what he was with his slippery tongue and those on either side kept using their lips, hands and fingers on her neck and breasts.

She had orgasm after orgasm and still they teased her .. none of them penetrating her in any way until the car came to a standstill and she realised there were no lights and no noise.

The doors were opened and she was half lifted out into the night.

The air was cooler but not cold; she was merry but not drunk; and as they laid her onto the soft grass she looked up and saw the sky filled with a thousand stars.

She was in a dream, somehow naked without realising she had been undressed and the three most amazing men she had met were kneeling beside her.

Without a word two of them took her wrists and held her gently from either side while the man in the centre laid his body over hers.

There was no need for her to be held, she was theirs to do with as they wished, but Bostancı Rus Escort she enjoyed the sensation as they knew she would.

As the shadow of the amazing man fell over her face she felt no weight of his body but his cock nestled between the lips of her wet sex.

She moaned. Her hips arched. Slowly the cock slid forward and gave her the feelings she had been longing for all night .. she was filled.

He fucked her gently – knowing that she had never before been taken so completely – and when he was about to cum he held his body still and told her to feel his cock pump.

From each side their strong hands gripped her arms and slid under her body as she was lifted a few inches from the ground and the cock grew heavier in her cunt.

She kept her eyes wide open and looked over his shoulder to the black sky and brilliant stars as the explosion started deep inside her. She came and came as his cock twitched and he poured his hot cum into her.

He stayed in her for some minutes as he softened and then as he drew back slowly and unplugged her she felt the warm cum oozing from her and dribbling between her bum cheeks.

The men to her left and right said together

“May I?”

She gasped – knowing that she had been given the most amazing present she could ever imagine.

She had almost forgotten who was responsible for what was happening to her – thinking now only of her body’s need.

Turning her head to each side in turn she quietly but confidently spoke.

“yes … yes … please … please”

Her Master took off his chauffeur’s cap and watched from a few feet away – knowing how grateful she would be and how much she would welcome his punishment later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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