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If my wife hadn’t been acting like a bitch then I know I wouldn’t have cheated, for the simple reason I wouldn’t have had the opportunity, not that I wouldn’t have been tempted. I would have especially with the sexy little minx that seduced me.

It was that time of the year when so many infidelities take place, temptations are put in front of the vulnerable, inhibitions are lowered, casual encounters are embarked upon, sometimes with painful consequences, sometimes not. A time of the year when even the most faithful of people cheat and fall, and I was one of those who fell from grace.

My wife had been in a crap mood when I left the house this morning, in fact, she had been in a crap mood all week, and it wasn’t P.M.T. She had refused to go to my office Christmas party tonight, which was a pain as I had already booked a room to stay over so we could both have a drink and relax, have some fun together.

I had phoned her again just now during lunch and she was still being a bitch, so I told her so, before going back into the office, and bumping into Sophie and Lisa two co-workers. Even though both are a lot younger than me Lisa is a Team Leader and Sophie is a Deputy Team Leader, me I’m just a worker drone.

I currently work in a call centre for a national bank, although I am an electrical engineer and project manager by training, I have taken a sabbatical to recover from the stresses of my last job. The work is well below what I am capable of doing and the pay only just covers the mortgage, but we are both fine with that.

Sophie is about five foot seven inches tall and looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar in her Buffy days, but with better legs and hair that is about two shades darker, so, all in all, a very, very nice package. Her friend and boss Lisa is smaller and more chunky in build, dark hair cut short and spiky, with a firm, compact body and big bouncy boobs, not too big but big enough to more than fill her bra and make the sight interesting. Legs are shorter than Sophie’s as she is only five feet five inches tall, and she has thicker thighs.

So yes I had noticed what both of them looked like and I liked the look.

“What’s up, Steve?” Lisa asked, “You look pissed off.”

“The wife’s being a total bitch, and still not coming to the party, but sod it I’m still going.”

“I’m surprised she’s letting you out alone at night with all those sexy young things ready for a quick party fling. I know I wouldn’t. You’re much too hot to let loose on your own, even if you are an old man. She’s taking a risk.”

Now let me put that comment straight, I am forty-two, so not that old, but I suppose compared to those two who are only into their early twenties I must appear to be.

“Oh, so you think I’m hot do you?”

“Yeah, for an old man. If I fancied a man as old as my dad, but don’t get any ideas about that, I’m more than you could handle.”

“Is that a challenge?” I fired back at her.

“No, just a statement of fact,” she teased.

“I could handle both of you together, given the chance.”

“Oh, who’s bragging now?”

“I’m not bragging, just stating a fact.”

Now, this was a normal sort of exchange between me and Sophie, Lisa normally keeps away from the banter due to her management position.

I flirt with all the women in the office, nothing heavy, just a bit of banter. Noticing and commenting if they have a new hairdo or dress, saying they look nice. Nothing that could be construed as sexual harassment, that comes the other way at me, the things some of the women insinuate these days is amazing. As I’m older than most of the other staff and not in any management role a few of them have confided in me, so that helps with the banter and flirting.

“Chance would be a fine thing,” this time from Lisa.

“We’ll have to see about that. Maybe you’ll get that chance, if you’re lucky,” I replied and left it like that as I got back to my desk and logged on for the afternoons drudgery.

Five p.m. and I’ve finished work, so never being one to hang around I log off, and make my way to the hotel where the Christmas party is being held, check into my room, have a quick shower and phone the wife again. She is still in one of her increasingly frequent moods and still refuses to change her mind about coming, but relents slightly by telling me to have a good time, not get too drunk and not dance with too many girls.

I was going to have a good time, get as drunk as I wanted, dance as often and with who I wished, maybe even grab a couple of drunken kisses and a quick feel of anyone willing, just a normal office Christmas party.

I got dressed in a pair of black slacks and a black silk shirt that shows off my still strong and firm body to its best, then head down to the main party. Most of the staff have arrived and are mingling about so I joined a few groups, drifting from one to the other, helping myself to the free booze that is available for the first couple of hours. I’m talking with the lads and flirting like Kastamonu Escort mad with the girls, threatening to dance with anyone who will put up with me. All good innocent fun

Lisa and Sophie have been drifting in and out of my circle, chatting, and both of them flirting back at me but with a bit more intensity and more direct comments than normal. Also, Sophie looked a little bit drunk and pissed off. I find out why from Lisa. Sophie has just dumped her boyfriend, literally an hour ago.

Sophie comes back from the bar and makes a direct beeline for me saying, “Come on Steve, let’s see some of that “dad dancing” your so proud of, let’s have a dance.”

Now I’d not had a dance yet, not by design just not got round to it. I think Sophie thought she could make me look a bit of an idiot with the “dad dancing” quip, but the fact is I am a good dancer, no more than good, I can really move. In my youth I’d had a spell in amateur dramatics and been in the dance line up.

“OK. But that’s if you can keep up with me.”

Sophie is dressed to kill in a simple sheath dress, black and shimmery, cut well above mid thigh to show off her great legs, four-inch heels on shiny black shoes and her hair is pulled into a ponytail. It’s pretty obvious she hasn’t got a bra on, and if I was to hazard a guess no panties either. She looks fantastic as she shimmy’s onto the dance floor in front of me, giving me a lovely view of her tight peach of a bum as she sways provocatively in-front of me, spins around and starts a wild dance. She’s swaying and grinding her hips, going up and down, she is obviously putting on a show, and looks as sexy as hell.

After a couple of dances I need another drink so take hold of Sophie’s hand and lead her off the dance floor.

“Wow, for an old man you can dance. Are you as good at everything as you dance?”

“That’s a secret for me to know, and maybe you to find out, that’s if you’re good. But I’ll give you a hint, I’m even better,” I teased and flirted with her, “any way you couldn’t stand the heat.” Challenge thrown out. By now I was more than interested in her, if she wanted to play with fire, then I wasn’t going to call the fire-brigade.

As I went to the bar I could see Lisa and Sophie heads together in deep in conversation but also arguing as well. Lisa smiles, looking like the cat who got the cream and Sophie looks totally pissed off. What had those two dreamed up now?

This scene continues for a while as I dance first with Lisa and then a couple of other of the girls, by now the girls can tell that I can actually dance and I hardly have a chance to sit and have a drink before I’m on the dance floor again. To be honest, I’m loving it, the attention from lots of sexy young women, it’s totally playing with and stroking my ego. Total contrast to my wife.

As Sophie grabs me and pulls me onto the dance floor once again, I can see Lisa is not looking so happy. After another couple of quick dances, the DJ slows things down, just as I’m ready to move off. Sophie grabs hold of my arm, pulling me in close to her and I mean really close, grinding her hot sexy body hard against mine.

“Don’t you want a slow dance with me?” she almost purrs into my ear, then starts to nibble on it.

“I don’t think I have a choice do I,” I manage to gasp in reply, as Sophie takes one of my hands and plants it firmly on her bum, “Don’t move that, well you can squeeze if you want,” she says with a sexy giggle and smile as she pushes one of her legs between mine rubbing her thigh on my crotch. Her eyes are sparkling as she looks up at me and licks her lips seductively.

“Like that?”

All I can do is nod, Sophie by now is kissing my neck, and not bothered about who can see us, kisses me hard on my lips, tongue forcing its way into my mouth. She takes hold of my other hand pulls it down, pushing it between us and then up her dress, as high as she could. I was right no panties, she pushes my hand into her pussy and then starts to grind on it.

“Oh, I think you like that,” she murmurs into my ear as by now my cock is rock hard and pressing against her leg.

I let this action continue for a few minutes more, before regrettably, breaking away from her, fortunately, the dance floor is packed so I’m pretty certain nobody has seen what we have been doing.

As we get back to the table with our drinks I see Lisa smiling at Sophie and then Sophie leans over to me and says, “Steve, I want you now, nothing serious, a quick, simple, no frills, no commitments, fuck, a quick half hour of hard fucking. Think you can manage that, think you can handle me, keep up with me?”

“Hard and fast, no holds barred?” I challenge her.

“Anything, anyway. Hard and fast, but it can only be a half hour.”

“Room 412 in five,” I shoot at her as I get up and leave, “and you’d better be worth the risk I’m taking.”

Even before Sophie enters the door to my hotel room she is pulling her dress over her head, it’s a good job Kastamonu Escort Bayan I opened the door on the first knock.

Stepping into the room she looks fabulous, totally naked apart from those killer heeled shoes, long legs ending in a trimmed mound, narrow hips, slim waist and firm boobs. She doesn’t wait and drops to her knees in front of me, opens my pants, flips my cock into view and sinks her hot mouth deep onto it, then slowly pulls back, using her tongue at the same time to stimulate and tease me. I let her continue for a while enjoying the sight of her head moving up and down my shaft, her soft hot mouth closed on me. She looks at me all the time she is sucking me off, never breaking eye contact once. I find that so sexy when a woman does that.

Regretting it, I pull Sophie to her feet pick her up and carry her to the big double bed, throwing her on her back on it, I push her legs up high and wide as I push my tongue deep into her pussy, she tastes, sweet and tangy, to paraphrase the words from a song, “just like a young girl should.” I lick her from top to bottom of her pussy, no finesse, hard fast long lashes of my tongue, pushing deep into her, Sophie is moaning and shouting as I do this.

Just as I sense she is going to cum I stop the licking, flip her onto her front, on all fours, hips high, position myself behind her and slam into her as hard as I could doggy style, and not stopping for a second begin to fuck her hard, pounding her as hard and deep and fast as I can. Sophie is pushing back equally hard against me in reply, driving my lust for her higher as she squeezes her pussy on my cock. Her face is buried in the pillow as I continue to hammer into her, going balls deep with every thrust. This is hard, fast, fucking, no love or gentleness, she had said hard and fast and that was what she was getting, what she had asked for, and to be truthful what I needed.

One final hard slam into her and I came, shooting what seemed like me to be gallons of cum into her pussy, I hadn’t cum as hard and long as this for ages. My cum kept pouring out of me, flooding her pussy. Sophie screamed as the first jets of my cum hit her and she hit her own intense orgasm, her pussy clamping tight onto my cock, holding onto it as though she was never going to let go of it.

As I slipped out of her she sighed and said, “Fuck, that was intense. Just what I wanted. Definitely sorry I lost the toss now. Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“What toss?”

“The coin toss between me and Lisa, I lost so only got you for a quickie, but Lisa gets you for the rest of the night.”

“Oh, and when did you have this coin toss, and do I have any say in things?”

“We decided we wanted you ages ago, when you first started working here, but never expected we would get a chance. The coin toss was earlier tonight, when we knew for sure you’d be on your own, and no you don’t have any say. Don’t worry this is a one-off thing, and nobody will know.”

As she said this she picked up her dress and slipped it over her head and prepared to leave. I grabbed her wrist and said to her. “What if I want something different?”

She looked at me questioningly, “What do you mean?”

“Well, what if I feel like having both of you all night, together. Fancy a threesome, think you could handle that, are you up for it, are you as sexy as you try and put out, or just a prick teasing flirt? One quickie like that is not enough from you, I want more. And you said you wanted more time, what better way to get it?”

“I’m not sure, I’ve never been with a woman before, I don’t know if I could.”

“Go on be adventurous, hell I’ve just cheated on my wife with you. Or are you just a little flirt. I bet Lisa would be up for it.”

“OK… think I could do it, just. Lisa would, she’s just about ready to fuck anything at the moment and she’s always hinting at trying a girl, but how do we set it up?”

“What did you two have planned for me?”

“Lisa dances with you and then sets things up as I did but she stays the night. Fucks your brains out and then taunts me in the morning I expect.”

“OK, to be fair we play it like that at first, when me and Lisa disappear give us an hour, she gets her alone time with me, then you come back here and the party can really begin.”

Sophie sulks as she realises Lisa is getting more “alone time” with me than she had, but she had me first, so I think that’s only fair.

Not sure if I believed what had just happened and what else could lie in store I made my way back to the ballroom where the party was in full swing, and getting more raucous by the second. I got a drink from the bar and scoped out the room. There were lots of people in groups sitting and drinking and the dance floor was full to overcrowding. And lots of people seemed to be paired up and having some cheating fun, or just starting out on a quick office fling.

I saw Lisa looking at me, trying to figure out what, if anything had happened. I ignored her, then Escort Kastamonu Sophie came into the room and it was obvious she had just had a good time, there was that special glow on her. She looked like the cat that had got the cream. Lisa smiled knowingly, and a little bit enviously. Then she cast a glance at me, smiling even more and pouted, licking her lips. I smiled knowingly in return but made no move towards her.

Every time Lisa came towards me I moved away, ignoring her, tormenting her by making her wait, even dancing with a couple of other women until eventually she cornered me and taking hold of my hand dragged me to the dance floor.

By this time of the night the dance floor is packed, nobody is taking any notice of the tempo of the music, some are dancing fast, others slow and some locked together in passionate embraces. As Lisa turns to face me I pull her in close, put one hand on her hip and the other just on the top of her bum, then pull her groin in hard on me. Lisa’s eyes open wide, she hadn’t expected anything as forward as this. After all, she is a Manager.

I look down at her smile and then shift my gaze lower making it obvious that I’m looking right down her cleavage.

“Ready to claim your trophy?”

“What, what do you mean?”

“Your trophy, for the bet or whatever it was you had with Sophie.”

Lisa tries to deny everything, but I squeeze her bum and move my hand off her hip and pushing it between her body cup one of her full breasts. Lisa doesn’t back off or protest.

“You won, so Sophie got me for a half hour, but as you won apparently you get me for the rest of the night. And I don’t have any say in the matter.”

Silence for Lisa as I continue.

“Sophie told me after we’d finished, and Lisa, you’ve got some competition, she was hot, nothing denied. Can you match that, are you willing to do anything, and I mean anything? If not then I’m willing to give you the same as Sophie, a quickie but that’s all. I’m cheating when I do this you know.”

All the time I’m saying this I’m staring down Lisa’s cleavage and moulding the breast I have in my hand, the hand on her bum increasing pressure and pulling her onto me, upping the ante I start to grind my hips against her.

“Steve, you can fuck me any way you want tonight, but it’s a one-off thing.”

“OK by me, but only tonight? What about in the morning, I thought you wanted me all night. What if I want a quickie tomorrow morning?” I tease her.

“You won’t be able to do anything in the morning,” she shot back confidence returning.

Making no pretence at subterfuge Lisa and I leave the dance floor and head out of the door and to my room, arms around each other, one of my hands planted firmly on her bum, and if anybody looked they could see I was squeezing it.

The bed is a mess after Sophie and I had used it not that long ago. Lisa comes into my open arms as I close the door behind us, taking her time, unlike Sophie, but then again she thinks she has me for the rest of the night.

We kiss; long, slow, passionate kisses, open-mouthed from the start, tongues twirling around each other. Hands are gently caressing the other’s body, taking our time, this is more like making love with a new lover than a quickie office fling.

Lisa undoes my shirt and pulls it from my pants, then bends her head and sucks one of my nipples into her mouth, tongue running around it as she teases me, at the same time her hands drop to my pants, unzip the fly, slip inside and fondle my already hard and eager cock. A mumble of pleasure escapes her as she feels the size and hardness. I let Lisa have her fun for a while, mainly because I’m enjoying what’s she’s doing with her hand on my cock, gently squeezing it and stroking it in the lightest of grips. This girl is hot, maybe I’ve made a mistake in wanting the threesome, maybe I would have enjoyed being with Lisa all night on my own. Then I think, hell it’s Christmas, and I may never get the chance of a threesome again.

Breaking away from Lisa I lay on the bed and say, “Undress for me, I want to see your body, especially those lovely boobs.”

Lisa doesn’t obey at once, but first strips me of my pants and briefs, my cock is standing to attention, as she moves away she gives it a little flick with her hand and a quick kiss on the tip.

“Can you taste Sophie on it?” I taunt her.

“Do you want me to do a strip?”

“No, I just want to watch you undress, but you can take your time if you want..”

Lisa stands swaying in time to the beat of the music from the ballroom echoing through my room and pulls her top over her head, her boobs bouncing as they come into view, full and firm and young, and bigger than I normally go for, but a change is as good as a rest. She turns away from me, reaches behind her for the zipper on her skirt and teasingly slowly runs it down until it is at the bottom, shaking her bum and wiggling her hips she lowers the skirt, bending over as she steps out of it. Her bum is tight and as full and round as her boobs. I want to bite it!

Turning back to me she is only wearing a matching thong and bra set in black, and sheer dark hold up, as I thought her thighs are a bit chunky, but I can’t wait to get my head between them, I want them crushing my head as I eat her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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