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Authors note:

This is the first two chapters of a much larger story. I received a few comments on my ***Bane story (you need the *** to search for Bane) that the story was to long. Well, this story is possibly longer than Bane, so I am going to release it in chapters. This story is not as over the top as Bane was, but I am working on that.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it – and I “enjoyed” it often.


Billy Wolf was born with a rare birth defect. When Billy came out of his mother’s womb, he had a huge cock that was rock hard. The doctors told Billy’s parents that unless Billy had an operation his dick would be rock hard for the rest of his life. The doctor said that the operation could be performed at any time, so since Billy’s Parents were only bartenders and did not have a lot of money, they decided not to perform the operation until Billy was old enough to decide for himself.

Cheerleaders Rule:

On Billy’s first day of High school, he received a note from one of the cheerleaders. The note told him to come to the girl’s locker room after school. This sounds interesting Billy thought. Billy was a little sheepish about going into the girl’s locker room but he snuck in anyhow. When he got in, he found 5 naked cheerleaders waiting for him. Some of them looked embarrassed and huddled together sort of covering their bodies.

They didn’t need to hide. All of them were beautiful. Two of them stood there totally unashamed at being naked in front of him. To Billy’s surprise one of them was his twin sister Jennifer. Billy knew Jennifer was beautiful just from seeing her around the house. She often walked around in skimpy underwear and t-shirts which did little to hide her large tits. While Billy sometimes got quick peeks at her naked body through cracked doors, he had no idea she was this good looking. While she was the largest of the cheerleaders, she had a perfectly formed body – and she knew it. She had muscular thighs, a nice round ass, wide hips, a narrow waist and large tits – very large tits. Billy just stared at her for a moment taking her in, the lust for her growing inside him. Then he noticed Beth, the lead cheerleader. Her body was very similar to Jennifer’s, but she was slightly smaller. Then he noticed Denise who was hiding behind Beth. She was a petite young girl – the youngest cheerleader, probably only 12 years old. She was very cute. Then he saw Suki. Suki was a tiny Asian girl. She was the cheerleader the other girls threw into the air during the games. She had a beautiful body as well, but her best feature was her tits. While they weren’t as large as some of the other girls, they were disproportionate for her size and consequently, they looked huge. Finally he noticed Nancy Goodman. Nancy was his best friend Jimmy’s sister. Jimmy and Nancy had moved to town just a few months ago; about the same time Billy did. Billy had fallen in love with Nancy from the moment he saw her. His friendship with Jimmy was in part due to his desire for Nancy. Now Nancy was standing naked before him (hiding slightly behind Jennifer). Like Jennifer, she was even more beautiful naked then she was in his fantasies.

The girls didn’t say a word. They just walked up to Billy and started taking his clothes off. When they got his pants unzipped and a few of his shirt buttons undone, his enormous cock bounced out at them. Some of the girls took a deep breath, some said “oh my god!” Beth had her hand to her mouth, the expression on her face said “what have we done.” Even Jennifer looked shocked too; she must have got a sneak peak at his cock recently because she said “I told you so.” Beth quickly composed herself and grabbed Billy by the arm and guided him to a chair. It was a wooden chair that had a cutout where his balls could hang thru. “Why the cutout” he asked. Beth said with a smile, “all the better to suck your balls with.” Then she knelt down in front of him. His dick was so long, she needed to put a few school books under her knees to get her mouth up to the level of the head of his cock. Once in position, she started sucking down along its length until she got down to his balls. Like his dick, Billy’s balls were enormous. All the girls were shocked at their size and they just gazed at them in wonder. Beth said “they are the size of baseballs. How do you sit at the school desks?” Billy’s response was “very carefully.” With that, all the girls giggled and laughed.

Beth looked up at Billy with a soft smile. Then her smile turned into a look of hunger. She looked down at Billy’s cock and immediately put her mouth over its head. She sucked and licked the tip a bit, but then she plunged face down hard and tried to get as much of his cock in her mouth as possible. Beth had given many blow jobs and she was very good at it. She started moving her head up and down sucking with each stroke. Then he felt the other girls approach him. Two kneeled down in front of him along side of Beth and grabbed hold of the portions of his cock that Beth wasn’t sucking. Their hands looked small against the size of his cock. Two other girls went around behind him and spread his legs a little wider, and then they grabbed his balls and started playing with them. Billy was still a virgin, but he had received many blowjobs from his mother. His mother was very good at giving blowjobs actually better than Beth. But this was different. Receiving a blowjob from someone new and having all these girls climbing all over his cock was a wonderful experience. The feeling of their small soft hands and Beth’s mouth on his cock and balls was incredible, so he leaned his head back and enjoyed it.

After a few moments of sucking, Beth pulled her head away and guided one of the other cheerleader’s mouths to take her place. Then Beth stood up and started educating the girls on how to give good blow jobs. Before long all the girls were taking turns sucking Billy’s cock. At one point, two girls – one of them being his sister – fought over whose turn it was next. As the girls got better and better at sucking cock, Billy got closer and closer to cumming. Somehow Beth knew he was ready to pop. She instructed all the girls to get behind her while she finished the job. Billy had another birth defect that the girls were about to learn of. Billy’s balls produced far more cum than the average boy – or man for that matter. When Billy came, his cum shot down Beth’s throat faster and harder than she had ever felt before. Her face was practically pushed away by the sheer force and volume of it blasting into her mouth and down her throat. She drank what she could, but she had no choice but to pull her mouth away and use his cock as a fire hose to spray all the girl’s with his hot cum. To keep him cumming for as long as possible, Beth furiously rubbed his shaft and gently massaged his balls. Billy’s orgasm lasted for almost 30 seconds. Before long, all of the girls were coated with cum. When Billy was finished, he opened his eyes and saw the girls rubbing cum all over each other and some of the girls were licking off excess cum before it could fall to the ground.

Beth realized that Billy’s cock was still hard. She asked “when is your cock going to get soft.” Billy said “Never, it is always hard.” Beth said with a wicked smile “how marvelous.” Then she took Billy’s hand and guided him to a mat that was laid out on the floor in the girl’s shower. Beth knew that the insulation of the shower walls would muffle any noises she knew they were about to make. She had Billy lay on his back and she squatted over him. She grabbed his cock and lined it up with her hole. Then she slowly squatted down on it. Billy and the girls could see the pain on her face as that huge cock spread her hole wide and penetrated into her. Then she slowly slid down his shaft until Billy felt the tip of his cock bottom out inside her and saw her wince a bit. Beth squirmed her cunt around trying to get a little more of him inside her. Billy decided to give her a little help and thrust his hips up hard. Beth yelped and jumped off his cock. She looked down at him and said “now you play nice or we will leave you to play by yourself.” Billy just smiled and indicated that she should put his cock back inside her again.

Beth smiled and slid down on him again. When she reached bottom, Beth’s best friend (and lover) Denise knelt down and inspected Beth’s cunt lips and the seal they formed around Billy’s cock. She pulled her lips apart – stretching them until Beth gave her a dirty look. The other girls moved closer to get a closer look. She then grabbed Billy’s cock with her fingers positioned such that they were touching Beth’s cunt lips. Then Beth slid back off Billy’s cock. They all looked in wonder at the position of Denise’s fingers. Beth had managed to take in more than 8 inches of Billy’s cock. While this was nowhere near its full length, it still looked like a lot. All the other girls wondered how much they could take and they knew they were about to find out. Beth got back on Billy’s cock again. Using her legs, she moved quickly up and down. She commented that this was good exercise. To help Beth reach orgasm as quickly as possible, Denise started rubbing Beth’s clit. Soon, the other girls joined in helping to support her and sucking and playing with her tits. As Beth reached her orgasm, she squealed in delighted as her body convulsed around Billy’s cock. When her orgasm was complete, she practically fell off Billy’s cock and lay on the ground panting like an overheated dog.

Denise loved the taste of Beth’s pussy juices. So, she immediately started licking Billy’s cock clean. Before she could finish, Suki pushed her aside and said “now it’s my turn – why don’t you go drive Beth insane.” Denise knew exactly what Suki was suggesting. She turned to Beth and wrapped her mouth around Beth’s cunt and started furiously licking her clit. Beth tried to push her away, but she was too exhausted. Denise licked and watched as Beth squirm and convulse as she went thru orgasm after orgasm.

Suki quickly jumped on Billy’s cock and slowly pushed it into her tiny body. To all the girl’s amazement, her cunt went down past the point where Beth had managed to get before it bottomed out inside her. She squealed in delight and to be sure she had as much of him inside her as possible, she rose up on her tip Porno hikayeleri toes and unloaded almost all of her weight on Billy’s shaft. Suki was light, but this put a little too much stress on Billy’s cock and he quickly grabbed it with both hands to keep it from bending. Suki rode up and down a bit, but then she indicated that Nancy and Jennifer support her arms and legs and play “ring around the cock” with her. Nancy and Jennifer grabbed Suki’s arms and legs as if they were playing tug-of-war. This stretched her legs in a full split position. Then Jennifer and Nancy started spinning her around Billy’s cock stepping over his chest and legs as they spun her. They even managed to lift and spin which was too much for Suki. In less than three minutes, Suki went into a powerful orgasm and cum shot from her hole soaking Billy’s chest and legs.

While Nancy and Jennifer were lifting Suki off Billy’s cock, Denise snuck in and slid her body over Billy’s cock. Jennifer said “hey, it’s my turn.” Denise said “sorry bitch, you weren’t quick enough.” Jennifer gave Denise a dirty look, but she knew how Denise fucked and she knew she wouldn’t have to wait long before it was her turn. As soon as Denise got the head of Billy’s cock past her tiny opening, she started rotating her body as if she were screwing Billy’s cock into her. Denise wasn’t as interested in penetration as the other girls were; Denise wanted gyration. However, to satisfy the other girl’s desire to know how much she could take and to stretch her cunt a bit and prepare it for the torture she was about to put it through, she slid all the way down until Billy’s cock bottomed out insider her. Unfortunately, even pushing past the bottom out point, she only managed to get about 7 inches of cock into her cunt. Still, it was enough for her.

Then Denise started slowly rotating her body. While she was still stretching her cunt, she was also looking for that sweet spot. Once she found it (which didn’t take long), she started rotating faster and harder which caused Billy’s massive cock to slam into the sweet spot harder and harder. Soon she had her body rotating like a g-force ride at a carnival. To help her get to orgasm quickly, Jennifer lay down between Billy’s legs, grabbed his shaft with both hands and started swinging his cock in the opposite direction of Denise’s rotation. It looked like she was using Billy’s cock to stir a witch’s brew in Denise’s cunt. Nancy tried to help as well, by rubbing Denise’s clit, but Denise was moving so quickly, all Nancy could do was smack Denise’s clit as it rotated towards her. But the smacking was just what Denise needed. As Jennifer predicted, it took Denise less than 5 minutes to cum. When she did cum, she drove her body down hard on Billy’s cock and leaned back and screamed, SMACK IT, SMACK MY CLIT!” Nancy was a shy gentle girl, but for some reason, Denise’s scream caused her to start smacking Denise’s clit as hard as she could. Denise screamed from both the pain and the ecstasy of Nancy’s violent slapping. When Denise finally finished her orgasm, Jennifer push her off Billy’s cock and said, “My turn bitch.” Denise just fell to the ground. Nancy felt bad for being so abusive, so she gently massaged Denise’s clit to sooth it. Denise was far too exhausted to say anything, but the expression on her face told Nancy “thank you.”

Jennifer squatted over Billy’s cock. She said to him, “I have been looking forward to this for a long time.” Billy said “so have I.” All of them were about to find out that Jennifer also had a birth defect. Jennifer didn’t waste any time trying to slip Billy’s cock gently into her. She simply plunged her cunt down on his cock as if she were falling on it. To Jennifer’s, Billy’s and all the other girls’ surprise, her body dropped all the way to the base of Billy’s cock with a smack when her pussy hit his groin. She squealed in surprise and delight. Beth had been fucking since she was 11 years old. She had been screwed by many guys, but none of them came close to filling her. Now she found that her brother’s cock was the perfect size for her cunt. Little did either of them know but while they were growing in their mother’s womb, Billy’s cock was in Jennifer’s pussy from the day they were conceived. As Billy’s cock grew, Jennifer’s cunt was forced to grow to accommodate it. Billy was born first mainly because his cock needed to pull out of Jennifer’s cunt before either of them could make it out of their mother’s womb.

With a howl of delight, Jennifer used her strong wonderful legs to thrust her body up and down on Billy’s shaft like a piston in a Porsche engine. Her tits were firm, but with how hard and fast she was moving, they still bounced up and down wildly, practically hitting her in the face. Billy could feel his cock just barely bottoming out inside her with each plunge of her body, but she didn’t seem to care about the pain. Billy wasn’t satisfied with just having his sister ride him. For some reason, he wanted to find her bottom regardless of how much it might hurt her. So, he lifted his hips as high and as hard as he possibly could – driving his cock deep inside her. This practically lifter Jennifer off the ground and she squealed like a 10 year old girl. Billy used the movement to spin Jennifer around so that she was on the bottom and he was on top. Then he started violently pounding her – ramming his cock deeper and deeper into her with long powerful strokes. Jennifer met each of his downward thrusts with an upward thrust of her powerful hips. Their bodies slammed together SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! All the girls looked on in amazement at the violence of their raw sex act. Jennifer was screaming like a wounded animal, Billy was grunting like a rabid beast. Then Jennifer’s body went rigid for a second or two and suddenly she started convulsing in a powerful orgasm that looked like it could rip Billy’s cock off. Billy had an almost angry look on his face as he rammed into Jennifer even harder than before. He looked like he was trying to rip Jennifer in two with his cock.

Then in a purely instinctive move, he hooked his arm under Jennifer’s knee and lifted her leg off the ground. This caused her to rotate slightly and split her legs wider and it gave Billy at least two more inches of penetration. Jennifer screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Beth knew that even the walls of the shower could not contain that scream. Hopefully they could finish what she had planned before someone caught them. Beth realized that Billy was about to cum, but she had different plans for his cum. She quickly crawled over, grabbed Billy by the balls and literally pulled him out of Jennifer’s cunt by his balls. Jennifer screamed NO!!! and tried to crawl back under him. Beth ordered the other girls to pull Jennifer away. As they dragged Jennifer away, Beth could hear her pleading, “No, No”, I want his cum inside me.” Beth said, “Don’t worry; you will get your chance.” That was when Billy turned on Beth and tried to smack her in the face. Beth had a black belt in martial arts and she not only managed to block his blow, but she also used the force of his swing to flip him on his back. Then she quickly pounced on him pinning his arms and driving her pussy down on his cock in one smooth movement which somehow managed to restrain him for a second. “Relax” she said. I have something special planned for you. Billy said “It had better be good bitch or I am going to fuck you just like I was fucking my sister – I doubt you would survive it.” Beth looked up in Jennifer’s direction and said “I doubt I would survive it either, but don’t worry, you are going to love what I have in store for you.” They could hear Jennifer sobbing and begging for Billy to fuck her some more. Beth told Suki and Denise to help Jennifer. They both went to work; Suki started ramming a large dildo (that somehow magically appeared in her hand) hard into Jennifer’s cunt. Denise had a strange box in her hand which had wires protruding from it. At the end of some of the wires were little pads. One wire had a metal ball attached to it. Denise quickly slapped the pads on Jennifer’s clit and tits. Then she shoved the metal ball into Jennifer’s ass. When she threw a switch on the box, Jennifer started squealing in ecstasy again as she went through orgasm after orgasm. Obviously Denise and Suki had done this to Jennifer before.

Then Beth called Nancy over. She said to Billy, “I think you know Nancy.” Billy said yea, she is my best friend Jimmy’s sister. Nancy was a beautiful girl with a muscular, cheerleader type body. She was well tanned, with dark brunette hair, large blue eyes and while her tits were not as large as some of the other girls, they were still big in the fact that they had a larger diameter then the other girls. Billy had lusted after Nancy since he first met her. “Nancy wants to be a varsity cheerleader” Beth said. Being the new girl at school, Nancy desperately wanted everyone to like her. She knew the best way to do that was to become a cheerleader. Beth said “to be a cheerleader, Nancy is going to need to make some sacrifices for the team and go through our initiation.” She said, “Did you know Nancy is a virgin?” Her first sacrifice is to give her cheery to the team and Billy, you are going to help us with that.” Beth was right when she said that Billy was going to like what she had in store for him. He wanted to fuck Nancy since he first saw her and to now know that she was a virgin made him want her even more. Nancy was scared; Beth told her that she was going to have to make this sacrifice, but now that it was time to do it and seeing the size of Billy’s cock, she wasn’t sure she could go thru with it. She said to Beth “I have trouble getting tampons inside me. That huge cock will never fit inside me.” Beth said, “Don’t worry, it will fit. It will hurt a bit, but it will fit.”

Then Beth called the other girls over and told them to reach into their cunts and wiped their juices on Nancy’s cunt lips and Billy’s cock. Each girl did as Beth suggested. When Jennifer stepped up, her legs were shaking and everyone could see that her cunt was soaking wet and dripping juices. She said, “Here, let me wet his cock for you.” Then she quickly spun and slipped Billy’s cock into her cunt and went all the way down on it. Before she could rise up and drive it into her again, Beth grabbed her arm and lifter her off. Erotik hikaye Jennifer said with a smile “I just wanted to be sure his cock was good and wet for her. Then Jennifer wiped some juices from her cunt and spread it on Nancy’s pussy lips. Then she flicked Nancy’s clit and said “you are going to need this you lucky bitch.” Then she turned to Billy and said “you and I are going to talk later.” They both knew (as did all the other girls) that there wouldn’t be much talking. Beth then looked down and said, “Look, even Billy wants to contribute some lubrication.” When Nancy looked down, she saw some pre-cum oozing out the tip of Billy’s cock. Beth reach down and rubbed the pre-cum all around the tip of Billy’s cock and then put some into Nancy’s hole by pushing her finger inside it. “Wow, you are tight” she said. Then she told Nancy to straddle Billy as the other girls had done. Then she grabbed Billy’s cock and aligned it with Nancy’s hole.

Nancy squatted down as she had seen the other girls do. When the tip of Billy’s cock touched her cunt, she bit her lip and her pussy lips quivered a bit. This was partly because of fear, partly because of excitement and partly because no one had ever touched her cunt hole before. She tried to get his cock into her, but it was very big and it hurt just having it push her cunt lips apart. Beth reached down between Nancy’s legs, grabbed both pussy lips and stretched them apart. Nancy squatted down a bit harder and winced again as she felt Billy’s cock clear her initial opening. Then she felt Beth’s hands on her shoulders. Beth said “ready?” Nancy said “I guess so.”

With that, Beth pushed down on Nancy’s shoulders with all her might. At first nothing happened, then Billy’s cock punched through Nancy’s Hymen and ran her all the way thru until it bottomed out deep in her cunt. Nancy screamed in horrific pain, but Beth had put her hand over Nancy’s mouth to muffle her screams. Nancy tried to stand and get Billy’s cock out of her, but Beth and the other girls held her firmly in place. Beth whispered in her ear “don’t worry; it will only hurt for a few moments. We will hold you here until your cunt relaxes a bit. You let us know when you are ready and we will help you ride Billy’s cock.” To Billy’s surprise, he was enjoying Nancy’s pain. One of the girls reached up and gently started massaging Nancy’s clit and playing with Billy’s balls. While there was still a lot of pain, Nancy could tell that the pain was diminishing as Beth said it would. Having her clit being massaged helped too. Then she felt the other girls rubbing her tits. She even felt a finger enter her ass – which created a tingle inside her body that she had never felt before. Soon, she found herself rotating her body slowly as Denise had done. Then she felt Beth let up on her shoulders a bit, so she moved her body up very slowly as if she were afraid it would hurt more, but to her amazement, the moment she started moving, almost all the pain disappeared and was replaced by a sense of wonder. She looked up wide eyed at Beth with a look of excitement on her face. Beth said “I told you you would like it.”

Nancy started riding harder and faster. Beth looked at Jennifer and said “soon she will be riding a cock like you do. We should have a side by side contest someday.” Jennifer said “any time.” Then Nancy felt a second finger plunge into her ass. Nancy looked back with crossed eyes showing both glorious pain and wonderful pleasure and saw that it was Suki who was pushing her fingers in and out of her ass. Nancy started sliding up and down on Billy’s cock riding it faster and faster. Beth could tell that Nancy was near to cumming. She looked down at Billy and he looked like he was about to explode. Beth moved her lips near Nancy’s ear and whispered “you can cum now.” Something about that whisper drove Nancy over the top. She screamed with delight and threw her head back looking towards the ceiling. This time Beth didn’t bother muffling her scream. In fact, at just the right moment, Beth expertly reached around and flicked Nancy’s clit which drove her screams up another octave. Beth thought; so much for the school hearing, the whole town heard that scream. As she screamed, Nancy’s body spasmed and quivered.

At that moment, Billy exploded inside her. The combination of having all those girls fuck him all afternoon combined with Nancy’s super tight, red hot virgin cunt and feeling her literally vibrate on him gave him a massive orgasm. When he started to cum, Beth started massaging his balls helping him pump as much cum into Nancy as possible. The initial blast felt as if it blew the tip of his cock apart like Elmer Fud’s gun in a bugs bunny cartoon. He could feel his cock pulse and throb as he pumped wave after wave of cum into Nancy’s red hot cunt. Nancy’s body was vibrating wildly and he could see her cunt lips convulsing as if they were sucking on a straw. It felt like she was trying to suck his balls up his urethra. Nancy was still vacantly looking at the ceiling, squealing, lost in her orgasm, with her hips thrusting wildly forward and backward. Then Billy and the girls saw something which shocked them. They could see that Nancy’s belly was ballooning out; stretching like she was getting pregnant before their eyes. They knew from their experience with the blow job that it was because Billy was filling her with cum. The thought excited Billy even further and he felt a massive blast of cum shoot out of him. The other girls look on the scene with a mixture of horror and amazement. As Nancy’s orgasm reached its peak, she began to feel a cramp pain in her womb. Then it felt like something exploded inside her. When she looked down and saw her belly, she immediately shrieked and jumped off Billy’s cock.

As she jumped off his cock, a blast of Billy’s cum shot up on her face and tits. Then she felt a bowl being thrust between her legs. When she looked down, she saw cum pouring out of her cunt hole and filling the bowl. She watched as her belly began to deflate and then she saw Beth was sucking on Billy’s cock. He was still cumming! Beth drank all that she could and quickly passed the cock to Jennifer. Jennifer continued sucking her brother’s cock until she emptied it. Nancy watched as some of the cum that had hit her in the face and tits was now running down her chest. For fun, she bent over slightly so the cum would run off her nipples and drip on the back of Jennifer’s head.

When they were finished, Billy looked exhausted. He looked at all the girls and watched as Suki reverently brought the bowl of cum to Beth. Beth looked into the bowel and saw a mixture of Billy’s cum and blood from Nancy’s Cherry. She smiled and chanted, “With this drink I pledge my body to the soul of the team.” The other girls repeated the chant. She took a big drink and passed the bowl back to Suki. Suki did the same chant, took a drink and passed the bowl to Denise who made her same pledge and passed the bowl too Jennifer- who again did the same chant. Finally the bowl was pasted to Nancy. Nancy was amazed at how much of her blood was in the bowl. Beth said, “Once you make the pledge, you must complete your initiation.” To Nancy’s own surprise, she didn’t even skip a beat. She said proudly “with this drink I pledge my body to the soul of the team.” Then she took a big drink. When she was finished, she passed the bowl to Beth, wiped her mouth on her arm and smiled down at Billy. They all laughed and started rehashing their fuck session as if it were a football after game party play-by-play.

Ms. Adams gets milked:

Suddenly, the door opened and Ms. Adams, the female gym teacher, stepped in and said “what is going on here?! We could hear screaming all over the school. I had to tell everyone you girls were playing a prank and wanted to see how many people you could get to come running to your aid.” Then Ms. Adams walked over to Beth and said “what do we have here?” Both Nancy and Billy thought they were in big trouble. Ms. Adams took the bowl from Beth, looked into it and said, “Looks like a new cheerleader initiation.” To Billy and Nancy’s amazement, Ms. Adams brought the bowl to her lips and chanted “with this drink I pledge my body to the soul of the team” the other cheerleaders repeated the chant and then she took a drink. Then Ms. Adams handed the bowl back to Beth and said to Billy “this is impressive Billy. I doubt the entire football team could produce this much cum in one evening.” Beth said “Ms. Adams, he produced a lot more than that – we have all taken our pledge drink – including Nancy.” “Wow” said Ms. Adams “that is impressive.” She went on to say, “So who is the lucky girl?” Nancy walked up and said, “I am Ms. Adams.” Ms. Adams said “yea, I expected you would want to be a cheerleader – welcome to the team.” Then Ms. Adams turned to Beth and said, have you explained the rules to her. Beth said “no, but I was about to.”

Beth walked over to Nancy with the bowl still in her hand. She scooped up some of the cum and virgin blood mixture and started rubbing it on Nancy’s body. As Beth began explaining the rules, the other girls stepped up to help coat Nancy’s body with cum. They coated every inch of her body. They even coated her hair. Suki managed to get some blood on her finger and used it to draw symbols on Nancy’s face and body depicting the sexual battle they just fought. Then Beth said “you are no longer allowed to wear underwear to school. You can wear pants, but they must have the crotch cut out – most of the cheerleaders wear dresses. You will allow any boy or girl who is playing on any of our sports teams to fuck you any time they want, any place they want and any way they want.” Nancy got a look of horror on her face, but Beth said, “It is too late now. If you do not do it, you will be punished. Any game the team loses will be blamed on you. No one at school – other than the real dorks – will talk to you. And you will probably be raped everyday anyhow, so you might as well just do it. Don’t worry, it is not that bad. Our little fraternity was started a few years ago. Since then, we have never lost a game. Our school has always been state and national champions. You will understand more as time goes on. But consider, these boys will do anything to cum. They know that if they lose, we might not allow them to fuck us and that drives them to win.” Beth Sikiş hikayeleri continued “as part of you initiation, you must wear this cum the rest of today and tonight. You are to meet me at 6am tomorrow morning in the boy’s locker room. You cannot take a shower or wash this cum off until then. If you do, the entire football team will fuck you and there will be other punishments as well.

While Beth was explaining the rules, Ms. Adams had walked over to Billy and was inspecting his cock. “When is it going to get soft” she asked. Billy said, “It never gets soft” Ms. Adams said “wow that is fantastic. You are going to have a lot of fun here.” Then Ms. Adams said “that’s enough for now. I need your help girls.” She grabbed Billy by the cock and helped him up. She said, “You come to Billy, I want to see what you can do with that thing.” Beth looked at Billy, smiled and gave him a conspirational wink. Ms. Adams led them into her office and took off all her cloths. Ms. Adams was a large woman, but in excellent shape and she had huge tits which appeared somewhat bloated. She walked over to a table which looked somewhat like a padded massage table except in addition to a hole for her face; the table had two more holes for her tits to fit into. The table looked to be a few years old and the holes did not look large enough for her tits. As Billy and Nancy watch, Ms. Adams positioned herself on the table while the girls lubed up her tits. It took a few moments of pushing, pulling and wiggling, but Ms. Adams tits, finally popped into position. Then Ms. Adams relaxed on the table. Beth began explaining. “A few years ago, Ms. Adams had a baby. Since then we have been milking her every morning and every evening.” Ms. Adams said “and they are late milking me today – which I imagine is your fault Billy and Nancy – she said with a smile.” We give the milk to the team and it has done wonders for their bodies. They are bigger and stronger than any players on any other school’s team. Suki said, while playing with her tits “it has done wonders for us too.”

Beth said to Nancy, “you will find when they fuck you that some of these guys have a lot of strength; don’t worry, you will learn to enjoy it.” Nancy wasn’t sure what Beth meant by that. At that moment, they could hear the sound of milk being sprayed into a bowl. Billy and Nancy looked down and watch as the girls milked Ms. Adams as if she were a cow. Then Ms. Adams said to Billy “let’s see what you can do with that thing kid.” She said to Nancy, “Why don’t you get down here and rub my clit a bit.” Nancy got down under the table and did as she was told. Beth guided Billy to the back of the table. The table had special supports for Ms. Adams’ legs. There was a hand crank which could be used to spread a girl’s legs into a full splits position. Beth said ”we use this table to stretch our legs.” While Ms. Adams’ legs were not spread into the full splits position, they were split wide enough to allow Billy perfect access to her cunt. Clearly, Ms. Adams had been fucked on this table before. Billy also saw that Ms. Adams’ cunt was covered with curly black hair. Billy had not seen a cunt covered with hair before. The girl’s cunts were too young to have much hair – although he did remember seeing some blonde hair on his sister’s cunt. While Beth tied Ms. Adams legs to the table, Billy lined his cock up with her cunt. Beth looked at Billy, smiled and winked indicating that he should run her through. Billy got a sinister smile. He had to play with Ms. Adams cunt hair a bit to find the opening. Ms. Adams said “Billy is this the first time you have seen a hairy cunt?” Billy said “Yes.” Ms. Adams said “do you like it?” Billy said “yea” and then rammed his cock all the way into Ms. Adams in one solid stroke. Ms. Adams screamed and involuntarily lifted her body hard enough to cause her tits to pop through the holes. As they did, milk sprayed all over the girls who were milking her at the time. She looked back at Billy and said “can we try that again, a little more gently this time.” She then put her tits back into the holes and the girls started milking her again.

As Billy was lining up his cock again, Beth was tying straps tightly around Ms. Adams’ waist and back. When she was finished Beth indicated by hand/fist signals that Billy should ram in as hard as he possibly could this time. And Billy did as he was instructed. He rammed his cock in so hard; he could feel it bend slightly when it bottomed out in Ms. Adams cunt. Ms. Adams screamed again and tried to pull away, but Beth had securely tied the straps. All she could do was swing her hips from side to side and she used this motion to restrain Billy’s cock a bit – preventing it from doing her serious damage. Still, the pain of having that massive cock rammed into her so savagely over and over again was incredible. Ms. Adams cussed at Billy and all the girls threaten them with punishment if they didn’t stop this abuse, but none of them did anything to slow Billy down. Beth whispered in her ear, “relax and enjoy it bitch. We all took his cock and so can you.”

Ms. Adams said “I will get even with you for this you fucking whore!!!” Then Beth stepped behind Billy and slapped him in the ass as if he were a horse she wanted to run faster. Billy started pounding Ms. Adams faster and harder. Since Billy had just cum twice, it took him almost half an hour before he was near to cumming again. By that time, Ms. Adams tits had long since been milked dry and she was laying there sobbing. The only thing which made the pain bearable was Nancy massaging her clit. Again, Billy was enjoying hearing Ms. Adams’ cries. Actually, Ms. Adams had 3 orgasms during the session, so it wasn’t all bad. Suddenly, Ms. Adams began to feel the throb of Billy’s cock and the warmth of his cum in her cunt. At first it was a wonderful soothing feeling, but as he filled her more and more, she began to feel her belly swell and the pleasure turned to pain. She begged Beth “It hurts, get it out of me.” Beth said “promise to give us all “A’s” and we will pull it out – if we can.” Ms. Adams said “yes, yes, anything.” So Beth had Billy pull his cock out and squirt the remainder of his cum on Ms. Adams ass and back. The girls mixed some of Ms. Adams milk with Billy’s cum and they passed the bowl around and each girl made their solemn chant “I pledge my body to the soul of the team.”

When it was Ms. Adams turn to drink, she was so dazed from the painful fucking that she needed help sitting up. Beth helped her and put the cup to her lips. Ms. Adams warily said her chant and drank from the bowl. When they finished their drink Beth helped Ms. Adams stand and supported her until she was able to walk. Then Ms. Adams said to Beth “there is one more thing we need to do.” Beth said “what is that?” Suddenly, Ms. Adams grabbed Beth’s arm and swung it behind her back in the classic restraint movement. She bent Beth over the table and ordered the girls to grab Beth’s other arm and legs. She told Suki “you know what I want to do.” Suki said with a sadistic smile “Oh Yea.” Beth said, “No, No, No! That’s Suki’s thing, not mine.” Ms. Adams said “you should have thought about that before you had this bastard fuck me the way he did. I am sure he would have been brutal anyhow, but I know you bitch and I know that was your idea.”

Suki got down on her knees and put her mouth to Ms. Adams cunt. She sucked up as much cum as she could. Then she turned to Beth, put her mouth to Beth’s asshole and spit the cum into her and used her tongue to spread it around a bit. When she stepped away, Ms. Adams told Billy “hit the bull’s eye kid.” Even though Billy was pretty much done fucking for the day, the thought of putting his dick in Beth’s ass hole intrigued him. Would it feel any different than a cunt hole he wondered? Rather than just plunging his cock in as he had been doing, he decided to do it slow this time. As he touched her hole, Beth struggled and begged, “Please don’t, I will do anything for you, but please don’t fuck my ass.” Billy said “I want to know what this feels like.” Then Billy started slowly pushing in and Beth started screaming.

When he first broke Beth’s asshole seal, the head of his cock actually popped in. Wow it was hot and far tighter than even Nancy’s pussy. He continued pushing slowly in until he bottomed out and felt the tip of his cock pop past another seal. At this second pop, Beth screeched and screamed. Then Billy started pushing in and out faster and harder with each stroke. But with each stroke he realized that while it got hotter the deeper he went, he really liked that popping feeling. So, instead of ramming in full strokes, he would pull his cock all the way out of Beth’s ass and then push it back in again until he felt the pop. He did this over and over and Beth screamed and cried and begged him to stop. Her screams only excited him more. At one point he heard Suki say, stop your crying bitch. If you just relax, you will learn to enjoy it. In fact, it can often be better than being fucked in the cunt. Obviously, Suki liked being ass fucked. Billy was surprised at how much of his cock Suki was able to take in her cunt. Now he wondered how much cock a little girl like Suki could take in the ass. Suki read his mind and said “I can take at least 7 inches and I am looking forward to taking at least that much from you.”

After cumming 3 times already, when Billy finally came, the load was not as big as what he had pumped into Nancy or Ms. Adams, but Beth could feel it shoot into her like an enema. She soon felt the cramps, but then something opened up inside her and the hot cum began to fill her belly. Strangely, Beth was enjoying being filled like this. When Billy was finished, he pulled out of Beth’s ass and Beth suddenly felt her asshole being stretched again. For a moment she thought (in horror) that Billy was going in for seconds. But then she realized that what was being put into her now was much bigger than even Billy’s cock. Suddenly, she felt it pop into place. Then Suki whispered into her ear “remember my initiation bitch? I told you I would get revenge. I just put a butt plug into you. Tomorrow you will meet me in the boy’s locker room at 5am. When I pull that plug out, I expect to see Billy’s cum pour out of you. If you pull the plug out before then, every baseball player on the team is going to fuck you in the ass.” Then Suki gave the bowl of cum and milk to Beth. She said, “Here take a drink.” Beth said her chant and took a big drink. Later, Beth would realize that Suki had slipped some laxative into the milk.

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