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Big Dick

I take a moment to catch my breath, grinning inanely at you as you slowly undulate on the blanket, eyes closed and moaning gently between heavy breaths. Your chest heaves up and down as I watch, dew gleaming in the moonlight. I settle in close behind you, wrapping myself around you like a shroud. I nuzzle into your hair, and breathe deeply in, then out in heavy satisfaction. My top arm is stroking down your hair and neck and back, as your head rests on my other arm’s bicep as a pillow.

Gently, I work in a few playful kisses to your ears and neck and cheek between strokes of your hair, demonstrating just how happy I am to have pleased you so well.

As your breathing steadies, my hand strokes down your side. Up, down; up, down go my fingertips on your bare moonlit skin, gradually getting closer to your hip.

I begin stroking more with the entire pads of my fingers, staying in the top of the thigh region and only occasionally drifting inwards. I drift from the thighs to your belly, and back again, slowly nudging you onto your front as I keep my body tightly pressed to yours.

Soon, you start to groan, half tired and wanting to sleep, the other half searching for further release. I keep stroking, aiming closer and closer to your pelvis, then tracing around the delta of hips and beltline in a slow swirling motion. Your breathing starts to pick up again as my hand dips back down to explore the joining of your inner thighs again.

Without warning, I take hold Kayseri Escort of your top leg with the exploring hand, and with your headrest I seize your forearms. I start to turn onto my back, and twine my legs around yours, leaving you helpless, belly up, and naked under the stars.

Grateful for our frenzy earlier, I use my spare hand to pick up your underwear from the edge of the blanket. I use your bra as a rubber band, pulling your wrists together until they are pinned nicely.

Pushing your hands to stretch high above out heads, I whisper to you “stay put.” As you try to hold still, both my hands roam out sides and chest freely, causing soft cries and moans to escape you as you sway your taut midsection from side to side on top of me.

I move a hand to your hips, pulling your ass against me as you attempt to slowly gyrate on me, while the other hand reaches up your side, syour back, your neck… and grabs a handful of hair, forcing your head back and down.

I take full advantage of this, and lick your neck and nibble your ears, whispering the things I want to do to you that would make you red if anybody uttered them in daylight.

But this time, you DON’T blush. You tremble harder, wanting – NEEDING – to be taken, to be claimed with sweat and sex and strength.

Groaning a little louder, you untangle your legs from mine to get better leverage, dry-riding me as we both begin to lose out self-control.

You try to sit Kayseri Escort Bayan up, to press down on my fully erect length, but I won’t let your hair go. Frustrated, your whole body shakes as you twist this way and that, serpentine and burning with desire.

Close to giving in, I close my eyes and start to relax my hold on your hair.

Feeling my grip weaken, you try to sit up again – and this time, you almost make it. Just as you line up to grind my brains out without taking an inch, I reach down, down between us, and point upwards.

Not expecting this, you come down hard and grinding – and I slide deep, deep into you. It doesn’t happen all at once, but you somehow cannot stop yourself from finishing the stroke that put me inside of you. With an angry cry, you finish taking me into you, feeling your anatomy suddenly made to expand to accommodate my girth.

Your muscles protest, but it feels too good for you to stop. Placing your still bra-bound hands on your breasts, you begin to shakily ride me, gasping when I reach up and pull you by the hair towards me so that I can finally meet your lips with my own.

Heat rolls over us, through us as we keep rutting, ignorant of animals or night hikers. All that matters is our heat, our friction, the sparks we make as we rub ourselves together.

I move my hands, putting them on your clit and your hip.

Slowly, I start to press my fingers flat on you.

I begin to circle Escort Kayseri your clit, pressing lightly but firmly as I masturbate you while you fuck me.

As you realize what I am doing, you lean forward, taking over my hand’s position, and your climax is almost upon you. I can feel it through our joining, I can taste it in the air, and I can see it in your frenzy.

I rake my fingers over your back, down and up, down and up, until you are seconds from the edge. I suck my thumb, index, and middle fingers, and quickly press against your asshole with my thumb. Nearly out of your mind with lust, this only makes you buck against me harder.

I can feel you starting to tighten, feel your heart pounding and lungs heaving, feel the electricity buzzing just under your skin, turning your veins to magma, and I know I’ve bought myself seconds only before a collision of worlds occurs.

Arching your back into a bow shape, you let out shriek that breaks pieces from the rocks in the falls. As you whimper, bouncing on me, desperate to regain control, I can feel that I am getting closer. I’m almost there.

I apologize softly into your hair, but you can’t understand me for now. I roll over, keeping inside you, and pin your panting, heaving form under me face down.

Taking your hair on one hand and your hips in the other, I begin to ravish you, tasting your neck and back in a frenzy, pounding into you from behind with powerful strokes, murmuring beautiful, filthy things to ears that don’t understand me anymore.

With a loud groan, I seize you harder than ever, pulling you against me roughly as I come deep inside you, filling you with heat.

Shaking, we collapse together in a pile on the blankets, and try to remember how to breathe correctly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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