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Chrissy awoke to find her sister sleeping naked beside her. She had mixed emotions about that and was unsure about what to do. Had it not been her room, she would simply have crept out. As it was, she decided to just get up and get on with things. She went into the bathroom to get ready for the day and noticed the shaving stuff everywhere. She quickly set about cleaning it up, getting very wet in the process as she remembered how it had felt to shave each other and of course how her sister had looked when she came.

She showered and returned to her room to find the bed empty. Shelly had obviously woken and made a dash for it to her room. Chrissy was both disappointed and not getting to see her sister’s bald pussy and little titties again, but relieved as well at not having to deal with the events of last night.

Shelly was going out for the day and Chrissy new that Alex would be over again and that she would get to show him her surprise. With that thought in mind, she went about her day.

Shelly had bolted to her room, unsure of what would happen if her sister came back from the shower and found her still in her bed. She was tempted to find out, but afraid that she might be rejected. Last night had been a little surreal and she wasn’t sure if she wanted it to go further or not. So she had decided to get out of there and head off to her friend’s place.

Later in the afternoon, Alex showed up at Chrissy and Shelly’s place and he and Shelly had quickly disappeared upstairs to have some fun whilst they had the house to themselves.

It was only a matter of moments until they were in each other’s arms in Shelly’s bed, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths and their hands seeking the pleasures of each other’s bodies.

Chrissy pulled at Alex’s top, stripping it over his head so that she could caress his chest. She took his nipple in her mouth and sucked at it before quickly nipping it. Alex pulled away in surprise but quickly indicated that this was a game that worked both ways, lifting Chrissy’s tank top over her head, spilling her braless breasts free of their constraint, the nipples hardening in anticipation and in the cool air of the room.

Alex’s mouth quickly sought out a nipple, sucking it deeply into her mouth, drawing on the nipple, pulling at it, nibbling as his hand grabbed at the crotch of her shorts, applying pressure to her pussy. She ground against his hand, feeling her juices as they seeped into her panties and shorts in response to the pleasure that she was feeling.

Her own hand reached down and grabbed the engorged cock within his shorts. She loved the feel of its girth, swollen within his pants. She worked her hands at the fastenings in order to check it out in more detail. Alex was attempting similar moves on her own shorts, but she wriggled free and he relented when she was obviously moving into a position to suck his cock. He lay back as his cock sprang free of his shorts and he felt her hand grasp his shaft. The pleasure of the hand was quickly eclipsed as he felt Chrissy’s mouth envelop him. Her lips captured the head of his circumcised cock, her tongue swirling about its head.

She slowly slid down the length of his cock, taking it deeper into her mouth until it was pushing at the back of her throat and she thought she would gag. Then she sucked her way back up it. Alex was moaning with delight as she started working his dick with a rhythm, up and down, stopping occasionally to swirl her tongue about the tip, or to lick up and down the length of the shaft and suck at a testicle.

She felt Alex’s hands in her hair, pushing at her as he thrust his hips towards her. She allowed him to fuck her mouth for a bit, thrusting in and out, her mouth watering around the cock.

She stopped, deciding that it was time that she allowed Alex to see his surprise. As soon as she moved within reach, his hands were seeking to remove her pants and reveal the prize. He moved lower as he pulled them down, leaving only her thong to hide what was within. He pulled the pants off and came returned to attend to the thong as well, his face level with it. He took the thong in his hands and peeled them down as he had with the pants. Chrissy leant forward to see the look on his face as the lack of hair registered on his face. She wasn’t disappointed.

Amazed and thrilled, Alex ripped the thong from her, one hand immediately reaching out for the bald mound before him, caressing the smooth skin, trailing down to the wet lips below it. Having removed the thong, his tongue quickly followed the path recently taken by his fingers, the smooth mound trailing beneath its tip before it slipped delicately between his lover’s lips. She shuddered beneath him as his tongue sent shocks through her pussy.

She found herself mirroring his recent movements, running her hands through his hair, pulling him into her as she thrust her pussy at him. He started licking at her clit and she squealed in delight.

“Yes, like that,” she told him, directing him to pleasure her when it felt at the most fabulous. He casino şirketleri set up a rhythm on her clit and she grabbed at the bed beneath her, arching her back as she was overwhelmed by the efforts on her body as it was rocked by her orgasm.

“Fuck me!” she demanded. “I want you in me now. I want you to stick your big prick in me Alex.”

Alex was only too happy to oblige, climbing up over her body. She felt the stiffness of his cock as it dragged along her thigh. He hovered above her and she felt the head of his cock push against the soaked entrance to her pussy. She spread her legs, inviting him in and gasped as she felt herself penetrated, his cock filling her, sliding deep inside her cunt. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him into her.

He moved in and out, thrusting her cock into her, feeling the smoothness of her freshly shaven pussy. He kissed her and licked at her lips before biting down on her nipple as his cocked moved in and out and she writhed beneath him.

She gasped and held tight to his body as she felt an orgasm sweep through her. She held him still against her, her muscles tightening and convulsing in response to her orgasm, gripping his shaft.

This was all but too much for Alex, his cock buried deep within a shaved pussy for the first time. He thrust a couple more times before losing total control and exploding within her.

Chrissy loved the feeling of his cock spurting its seed within her, filling her.

Later, after Alex had left, Shelly returned home from her friends place. Chrissy was sitting in the living room watching a movie. Shelly sat down with her, noting that Chrissy had an air of satisfaction about her.

“So did you have a fun afternoon?” she asked when there was a break in the movie.

“Sure. How was Cheryl?” Chrissy asked in return.

“Oh she was good. We just went down the mall and hung out. Did Alex come over?”

“He sure did.” Said Chrissy. Shelly noted the look of pleasure that crossed her sister’s face as she thought back to the afternoon she had spent with her boyfriend.

“Did he like his surprise? Did he lick you again?” Shelly asked eagerly.

“Oh he loved it and he did more than lick it too!” Laughed Chrissy, surprising herself at how willingly she was discussing this with her sister.

“Did you let him fuck you?” asked Shelly, not aware that her sister had become this sexually active.

“Oh yes and it was a great fuck too!” laughed Chrissy, enjoying the surprise that was all over Shelly’s face.

“I think I might have to go upstairs and ‘take care of things,’” sighed Shelly, “I get so horny when you talk about sex!”

“Stay here and do it,” Chrissy blurted spontaneously. “I want to watch you cum.”

Shelly was surprised by her sisters request but quickly decided that it would be exciting to masturbate for her enjoyment. She undid the zip on her skirt, letting it drop to the floor and then sat on the couch to quickly pull her panties off. She lay back and spread her legs, her fingers beginning to gently explore her pussy, rubbing up and down her lips, spreading the natural lubricant that had started to flow during their conversation.

Chrissy sat mesmerised by the view of her younger sister’s fingers exploring herself, loving it when the tip of a finger would slide along her slit, parting her lips, dragging moisture to her erect little clit. She could feel her own panties dampening again and her nipples starting to thrust out against the fabric of her bra.

Chrissy reached over and touched her sister’s breast, cupping it in her hand, eliciting a moan from her as she gently squeezed it through the t-shirt. She could feel that there was no bra underneath and so slipped her hand up Shelly’s shirt, across the taught smooth skin of her belly until she cupped a naked breast in the palm of her hand. The nipple was hard, pushing into her palm and she took it between her fingers, pulling it as she watched her sister’s fingers working at her clit.

She lifted the t-shirt up to expose Shelly’s breast and then took the nipple in her mouth, sucking hard at it, pulling it with her lips and gently nibbling with her teeth. Shelly responded, thrusting her breast at Chrissy’s mouth, loving the additional attention and looking to see her sister sucking on her nipple. Their eyes met, and Sherry grinned at the pleasure that she was receiving. Chrissy climbed knelt up next to Shelly on the couch and leaned over to kiss her, having decided to simply enjoy the experience and explore where it would take her. The two girls kissed passionately, their tongues duelling and their lips mashing together in as they shared their pleasure. With her tongue plunging into Shelly’s mouth and her hand on her breasts,

Chrissy felt Shelly shudder and convulse beneath her and as her sister was wracked by the orgasm that she had been seeking.

“ooooooh wow,” Shelly said, breaking away from the kiss with her sister. “That was sooo good.”

“God, I can’t believe how good it is to kiss you,” replied Chrissy, sitting casino firmaları back and looking at her half naked sister beside her. She reached out and gently stroked Shelly’s breast, brushing her nipple and causing her to flinch. Shelly simply leaned back on the couch and recovered from her orgasm, letting her sister wander her fingers over her breasts and belly, liking the intimacy of the moment.

Chrissy’s fingers wandered lower, feeling the silkiness of her sister’s bare mound, thinking back to the part she had played in the removal of the hair. Curious, she let her fingers brush down over the outer lips of Shelly’s pussy, feeling the wetness and the smoothness of them. Shelly sighed and encouraged, Chrissy pushed a finger between her sister’s lips, entering her. She gently slid them in and out, moving them around, enjoying the warmth and the sensation.

Chrissy then pulled her fingers from Shelly and brought them up to her mouth. Shelly, who had looked up when her sister stopped playing with her pussy, looked on incredulously as her sister’s fingers disappeared to be sucked and cleaned. She watched intently to see how she would react to the taste.

“Mmmmm, I think I like that,” said Chrissy dreamily.

“I can’t believe you just tasted me like that!”

exclaimed Shelly.

“I just wanted to know how it compared to the taste of boy cum,” Chrissy answered cheekily.

“Oh god! Well, is it better or what?” demanded Shelly.

“Very different.” said Chrissy. “And much nicer too. Here you taste it.” Chrissy ran her finger between her sister’s pussy lips before raising it and offering it to her.

“Um, I dunno. I don’t think I’m ready for that.”

“Go on, you’ll love it! And I tell you what. If you taste this, I’ll cum for you like you did for me. And then we can taste me to compare.”

“Weelllll, I want to see you cum but I’m really don’t know ..”

“Oh come on, pleaaaaase?” begged Chrissy, running her finger across Shelly’s lips, trying to get her to open her mouth and take her fingers.

Shelly gave in, opening her lips and allowing her sister to slide her fingers into her mouth. She sucked at the fingers, surprised (pleasantly so) at the taste of her own juices.

Having sucked the fingers clean, she turned to her sister and demanded that it was now her turn to cum.

Chrissy removed her shorts, stripping her panties down her legs at the same time to reveal her damp pussy. She was about to sit back and get to work when Shelly insisted that she get completely naked so that she could play with her tits the way Chrissy had for her. Shelly pulled her own t-shirt right off so that she too would be completely naked.

Chrissy obliged, lifting her t-shirt over her head before reaching behind her to undo the bra catch. Her breasts spilled free, the nipples a clear indication of her state of excitement. Shelly ooooo’d appreciatively and reached out and took them in her hands straight away. Chrissy sighed appreciatively and let her fingers make their way to the centre of her pleasure.

As she stroked herself and worked her fingers on her clitoris, Shelly played with her breasts, teasing her nipples and squeezing the mounds of flesh together. Then she started to suck on a nipple and Chrissy worked her clit round and round with her finger, wriggling as her state of excitement continued to build.

Then Shelly kissed her sister, sucking at her tongue, biting her lower lip. Chrissy loved the softness of her sister’s lips and really settled in to a rhythm, round and around the little nub that was shooting spikes of pleasure throughout her body.

It wasn’t long before Chrissy erupted in her own orgasm, quietly thrashing about on the couch, amazed that she had cum yet again today.

“mmm, that was damn fine.” She said to Shelly when she had recovered. “Now its time to taste me!” And saying that, she ran her fingers through her drenched pussy and brought them up to her lips. She sucked them clean before dipping them into herself again. This time she brought them to Shelly’s mouth and she too sucked them clean of Chrissy’s pussy juice.

“Mmmm, I’m so glad that you showed me how to cum last night Chrissy.” Shelly answered. “I just can’t wait ‘til I find a boyfriend to lick and fuck me so that I know what that’s like too!”

Chrissy sat, keeping her thoughts to herself a bit. The two girls sat there for a bit, partly (in one case) and wholly (in the other case) naked, their pussies slowly drying from the results of their ministrations. They watched TV for a bit before Chrissy turned to Shelly.

“You don’t have to wait for it all, you know,” she offered.

“Huh, what do you mean?” asked Shelly.

“Well, I could probably help you find out what its like to be licked,” Chrissy said quietly, not entirely sure about where she was taking this.

“What, with Alex?” Shelly asked in surprise.

“No silly, that’s not what I meant … I meant that … well … I could … you know …”

“OH! You mean, lick me?”

“yeah,” said Chrissy güvenilir casino quietly.

“Shit. Well, I guess if you want to, it’s a good way for me to find out. Probably better than waiting to find some guy I trust enough to do it.”

“ok, how about after dinner, we’ll shower and stuff and then I’ll lick you before bed.”

“umm, cool, ok then.”

Chrissy leant up next to her sister putting her arm around her and they settled back to watch the rest of the movie. They didn’t bother dressing and spent the rest of the afternoon wandering about the house naked, both keeping fairly quiet, thinking about what they were to get up to that night.

After they had cleared the table from dinner, the girls headed upstairs to their bedrooms.

“I love the way your arse wiggles when you walk upstairs,” Chrissy said as she followed her sister.

“I think I like being naked in the house,” said Shelly. “I’ve been getting so horny watching you parade those tits and that bald pussy of yours about the house. Its all I can do not to grope you all the time!”

“I know what you mean, I feel like I’m gonna have pussy juices half way down my legs if I don’t get dressed. But I love the free feeling of not having any clothes,” answered Chrissy.

The girls both went to Chrissy’s room and then to the bathroom that was between their bedrooms. Chrissy started the shower running and Shelly just hung around, watching her sister’s body move, salivating at the thought of what was to come.

Chrissy got in the shower and Shelly sat on the vanity to watch.

“Aren’t you gonna come in too?” asked Chrissy, surprised.

“Oh, sure,” laughed Shelly, I guess I am just not used to the idea that it would be allowed! She stepped into the shower, the warm water rushing over her body like the waves of heat that were coursing through her at the proximity to her sister.

Chrissy took the soap and lathered up quickly. She then stepped even closer to Shelly and took her into her arms, their wet bodies melding together, breast to breast. She kissed her sister deeply, sliding her leg in between Shelly’s legs, so that her thigh pushed up against her bald pussy. Shelly let her fingers roam over her sister’s back and buttocks, feeling the smooth wet skin, pulling her in tight to feel the crush of Chrissy’s breasts against her own small chest.

Chrissy took the soap and this time started to wash Shelly, massaging her breasts with her soapy hands, pinching her nipples and gliding her hands across her belly and smooth mound. Shelly leaned back against the wall as Chrissy’s fingers found her pussy. Chrissy pushed a finger into her sister and then dragged it up and over her clit, resulting in Shelly shuddering in pleasure.

“God, let’s get out so you can lick me, I want you to make me cum,” Shelly said suddenly, lust shining from her eyes.

In response, Chrissy simply shut off the water and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel from the rack. Shelly followed her into her room.

“How about we go to Mum and Dad’s room?” Chrissy asked. “They’re not back until tomorrow night and we can share their bed all night! Its much bigger.”

“Oh yes, I’d love that!” said Shelly, headed off in that direction.

The two sisters walked naked together to their parent’s room, Chrissy reaching out to take Shelly’s hand.

They clambered onto the bed and crawled under the covers, their naked bodies pressed against each other. They kissed and fondled briefly until Chrissy broke apart. She threw the covers back and looked lovingly at her sister’s form laid out on the bed. She sat up and climbed up and straddled her sister’s hips, looking down at her pert little nipples. Shelly reached up and took Chrissy’s breasts in her hands, commenting on what a lovely a sight they made protruding from Chrissy’s chest above her. Chrissy dangled her breasts over her sister tempting her to suck at them. Shelly obliged, taking a nipple into her mouth and sucking at it, drawing it away from the breast.

Chrissy pulled her breast away, then started to slide her way down her sister’s body. She dallied at the breasts, sucking, kissing, nibbling and licking. Then she moved further down, trailing her tongue over the taught belly down to the bald mound. Then, tantalizingly, slowly she ran her tongue down along her sister’s outer pussy lips. Shelly shuddered beneath her, agonised by the anticipation of what was about to happen.

Reaching the bottom of her sister’s lips, Chrissy began to move back the other way, straight up her slit, parting the lips, dipping briefly inside the heaven of Shelly’s pussy. She mimicked the moves that Alex had performed on her earlier. She moved her tongue up and down, tasting the juices that were now freely flowing. She pushed her tongue as deep as she could into her sister, listening to the moans that she was extracting with her attentions.

She felt Shelly’s hands in her hair and moved her tongue up from her hole to work her clit for the first time. Shelly bucked underneath her as a shock of pleasure plundered its way through her system. Chrissy circled her tongue around Shelly’s clit, working it with the tip of her tongue. She flicked it back and forth and then simply flattened out her tongue and went to work with a steady pressure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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