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She had waited for tonight for too long. With a short walk from the bathroom to their bedroom she would be in the presence of her husband. Their passions were stirred from a day of light flirting. The warmth she felt when he held her in his arms. Knowing he would soon be inside her. The excitement, the feelings, knowing what tonight meant were almost overflowing inside her. With a final look in the bathroom mirror she made her way to the master bedroom.

Rachel closed the behind her, flipping off the light switch. The dim light of the nightstand lamp was all that remained to illuminate her silky pink nightgown. She took gingerly steps towards the bed, arching her shoulders back and her breasts forward as she approached.

“What do you think?”

Jacob needed no time to figure an answer. His wife had been preparing for this all week. This was the beginning of another week of intense romantic passion between them. His mouth dropped as he looked up and down her shapely body, gazing over his wife’s hips and chest. Zeroing in his eyes on hers, reading of intense mutuality and understanding, he stood up to meet her. Placing his left hand to her shoulder, Jacob placed his right hand to the side of her face, playing with her cheek and teasing her brown hair.

“My God, you’re absolutely radiant, Rachel.”

She met his mouth with a kiss, passionate and thorough but not too deep. His hands began to feel and caress her body, his left arm slipping the nightgown past her shoulder to reveal the soft skin that lay beneath. She began to feel him as well, playing on his chest with her fingers while the other hand worked its way towards his shorts. They concealed his nakedness, and as his member began to swell, she knew that it wouldn’t be long before they were climaxing in the throws of passion.

As they continued to neck and entice each other, Jacob began to turn her about slowly, her back now to the bed. Slowly he eased her down onto the mattress while she braced herself and uncovered the other half of her nightgown, exposing her flesh and cleavage. Once she was entirely laid back on the bed, Jacob began to unbutton the rest of her nightgown as Rachel giggled.

Jacob worked on the few buttons that remained, looking up to see Rachel move the silken nightgown past her shapely breasts. Her nipples expressed her arousal – stiff and upright. The expression on her face of innocence and anticipation added to the moment – his member twitched at the sight of it. The idea that this woman, so sweet and pure, was now giving herself unto him – that they might become one – always drove him wild. As her breathing became heavier, the sight of her firm breasts gently rolling continued to build on the thought that he would soon be inside of her.

Once the last button was released, he briefly stood up to remove his shorts – allowing his member to spring free. Rachel took a brief look at it before darting her eyes to Jacob’s as he began to lean over to initiate the act.

Slowly he put his member inside of her. Rachel cooed as his manhood pressed her up through her vaginal opening. Jacob soothed her by caressing her face while he continued to enter her. Soon Jacob was well inside and began to rhythmically move in and out, breathing heavier as well while his wife met his thrusts below him. Rachel limited her expressions to soft coos, doing her part to keep their union tame.

Their gyration continued on for several minutes as both began to feel their climaxes building, Jacob’s breathing became grunts as deep, muffled groans resonated from within Rachel. They continued to fumble about each other – Jacob kissing and exploring the upper portions of Rachel while she continued to taunt his chest.

Abruptly, Jacob reached his climax, feeling his balls swelling and his dick reaching its final jerks before ejaculation.

“Rachel! Rachel my darling! I’m going … to… ahhhh!!!”

“Ohh!! Jacob!”

Rachel had only begun to experience the joy of sex – of pleasure of having her intimate lover penetrate deep within her, when his member suddenly swelled up inside of her.

Her sensations of intimate bliss quelled to satisfaction knowing Jacob’s hot fluid was now gushing inside of her. Spurt after spurt continued to fill her womanhood. Each little bit of Jacob fighting through her body – making its way deeper inside her body to seek out her waiting egg. She cooed thinking of this, filled with a relieving sense of pleasure once again. It was this she had been waiting for, his hot semen filling her belly. As he continued izmir escort to grunt and spill his contents into her, she felt relieved that they both could experience this blissful climax.

“Yessss, Jacob, keep it going! Ohhh! Yesss, yes my love!”

In due time Jacob’s member emptied its contents and became limp. He kept it in her, trying to have it act as a plug for his semen. Some mixed with her sexual juices, seeping out along her thighs.

Jacob rested next to her, his arm draped around her. The couple exchanged adoring words cuddles as the mood shifted from sex to sleep. Jacob drifted off to sleep first, exhausted with their sexual activity. He echoed her words of love before slowly easing into sleep for a job well done.

As Rachel lay there, feeling his semen settle in her, she blankly looked upwards at the ceiling. She felt complacent and content. The difficult part was over for her. Now the two must wait to see if Jacob’s sperm proved enough to impregnate her. This was a task that would best be left in God’s hands, she thought, and offered up a silent prayer. She prayed that this time Jacob’s semen would be successful in finding and penetrating her new egg to begin life in her. She wished to be pregnant to fulfill her duties to her husband so that they might raise a family – the obligation of any good Christian couple.

Upon concluding her prayer, she twisted to cuddle about Jacob, his flaccid penis having left the warm embrace of her vagina long ago. Embracing him, she too entertained thoughts of satisfaction as she dozed off to sleep.

* * * * *

It was still fairly early in the morning, two days after her attempt to conceive with Jacob. Rachel had plenty to attend to around the house. Still, she remained depressed. She and her husband’s attempts at conceiving another child were met with failure. Previous attempts – months worth of planning, hope, and prayer – always became shattered by the arrival of her monthly period.

A devoted Christian and the mother to a Christian family, Rachel felt it was her duty to rear a family that one can lay claim to. She was fairly young – thirty to be exact – and very agile and youthful looking. Throughout her high school and college years she always had to turn down the lusty intentions of her peers, as they could look no further than her breasts – which she knew as a sure sign of weakness and infidelity. She knew her New Testament inside and out, and found fear of God in the words that Jesus spoke:

Matthew 5 : 27 – 28

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you, everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

Throughout college she found the temptations around her increased a hundred-fold. At campus she found herself surrounded by hundreds of people with loose morals. Even her best friend from high school, Rebecca, cracked under the pressure by having promiscuous sex with the [admittedly cute] men on campus. At the end of her sophomore year, Rebecca broke the news to Rachel that she had lost her virginity the week before. As a cornerstone member of a Christian movement on campus, Rachel told Becca in frank terms what she thought of her actions. Their exchange unintentionally created a schism between them that she still felt.

Times still existed when Rachel regretted telling Rebecca her opinion. She did miss her company, and Rebecca always stood alongside Rachel when she stood out in front of a large portion of the student masses to state her beliefs in hopes of recruiting members to her group. The embarrassment, taunts and ridicule almost became too much for her to bear, driving her to the brink of dropping off. It was Rebecca’s encouragement that saw her through – and drove Rachel’s movement on campus to make people see the way.

Their junior and senior years saw the then former friends drift apart. Rachel had her student organization and Rebecca was exploring her newfound freedom. Last she’d heard, Rebecca had headed to the coast with her boyfriend, who’d accidentally knocked her up. Although disappointed in her, Rachel was glad to hear Becca had never given any thought to the idea of abortion. She wanted that baby. They prayed together that that the move to the coast would bring the new family prosperity. She saw them off, and never heard of them since.

Life after college, away from the comforts of her student organization, proved more difficult than she anticipated. She found a job and church alsancak escort to attend soon enough, but her social life was non-existent. She found herself longing for the companionship of people like Becca. She missed leading bible study discussions.

It was by God’s grace that He delivered Jacob into her presence. He was a widower, and although he was able to make it through a good part of his life raising the two kids on his own (with the help of part-time nannies), he was finding it increasingly difficult as they became teenagers. He was looking for a new path and approach to life. He found it in the teachings of Jesus through the Bible, through which he found someone to share his new life with.

The rest wrote itself.

It’s not that his kids were demons or tough to work with. At least Rachel never found them as such. Reuben and Dinah accepted her as a family friend early on during their father’s courting and welcomed her into the family with open arms when the marriage was announced over a year ago. Reuben, the older of the two siblings, was glad that there was someone else around the house whom he could turn to – especially during his father’s business trips. With Dinah well into puberty, she was glad to have a motherly figure to talk to. So when Jacob and Rachel asked if the children would like a new member to the family, they were ready to accept that as well.

Apparently though, the stress of properly raising two children as a single parent had taken its toll on poor Jacob. His sperm was impotent, possibly the result of a mild heart condition Jacob developed after his wife passed away. Indeed, a sufficient volume of sperm would overcome this deficiency; otherwise little could be done short of creating life in a test-tube, which Rachel was vehemently against. Although disappointed, she and Jacob both set out a plan whereby he would wait a month without ejaculation. Then when she would be in her most fertile period he would try to plant his seed.

Time and again they tried their plan. With every attempt Rachel’s cycle began anew.

Rachel lamented. ‘At least Leah was able to get pregnant, while I am faithful and yet barren. Why is the love between Jacob and I not making it possible?’

* * * * *

The afternoon’s chores left Rachel with plenty to attend to. The kids had just finished a year of school and would be around the house more for the summer. This meant there was more cleaning to be done. Both Reuben and Dinah had their friends over the night before and had left the house looking like the usual sty. Just before she could head out the door, however, the phone gave a ring. Rachel found a somewhat somber Jacob on the other end.

“How are you doing honey?”

“I’m fine dear, thanks. But um… Rachel, you know Dan here at the office, right?” A slight pause on the line made him continue, “Remember, he was the best man at our weeding, the one you call ‘the dorky one’?”

“Well, yes. Of course I remember him. He was always very sweet. How are he and his wife doing?”

“Umm… That’s the reason I wanted to call you sugar. Turns out Susanna surprised him this weekend with a second honeymoon vacation.”

“Oh really!” she gasped, excited at the romantic idea. “How was it?”

“Well, that’s just it dear. They’re anniversary is tomorrow, so he’s going to be taking the rest of the week off.”

“Oh! Well, good for him!”

Rachel smiled on the phone, giving a chuckle through her nose to agree with Jacob. Susanna and Rachel had become good friends since Jacob and Rachel met up. It turned out she was also a church going, very devout Christian. Dan and Susanna were a perfect couple – always putting a smile on everything. They had become known amongst their friends as ‘the fun couple’ in their church-led bible studies.

“Oh yeah, we all congratulated him here at the office. Thing is though, he’s been working on this project which really needs a lot of attention right now. And since Suzie put so much into this little getaway for them, he needs someone to cover for him. And you know me – I agreed to. So it probably means I won’t be able to come home until late at nights.”

Rachel sighed. “Yes. And it probably means you won’t be able to, well, you know… this weekend.”

“Sorry dear. That’s the breaks. Its tough, I know, and trust me, there’s nothing more that I’d want to do than to be with you. But after all Dan’s done for us in the past, I think we owe him this much.”

That’s true, she thought.

“Mmm… buca escort Well, tell Dan my prayers are with him and Suzie”

“Will do honey. I gotta run though, dear. I’ve got a lot to cover. I’ll see you later tonight – love ya!”

“Love ya too dear!”

Rachel hung up the phone, standing in her place for a few moments before heading to the kitchen table to hold her head in her hands. ‘Why me?’ she cried to herself. “Why after all this time and prayer must I be denied the privilege of pregnancy for at least another month? Is my desire to rear a child of my own too strong at this point Lord? What must I do?”

A few minutes later, calmer, she reminded herself such answers were not procured through blame. God had an answer for everything, and one might find His teachings on any matter in the Bible. One understood that what God wanted would not challenge Him, but work alongside Him.

To find solace and ease her heart, she went to her bedroom and pulled out her Bible, through which she found solace in times of crisis. ‘This may not be a typical crisis,’ she thought, ‘but for me it is a time where the word of God can help me out.’

She opened the good book to the Torah and sought the words of Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The Old Testament was littered with what God told his chosen people to do in times of sorrow – like when they wandered in the desert for forty years. Then, such sorrow was warranted, yet God’s people saw through it with Him and – ultimately leading to the land of milk and honey.

It was during her perusal of the text of Deuteronomy that she came across a passage on Levirate Marriage.

Deuteronomy 25 : 5 – 6

“When brothers live together and one of them dies without a son, the widow of the deceased shall not marry anyone outside of the family; but her husband’s brother shall go to her and perform the duty of a brother-in-law by marrying her. The first-born son she bears shall continue the line of the deceased brother, that his name may not be blotted out from Israel.”

Rachel paused at the end of the passage. “Interesting,” she said aloud. “So, under this Levirate Marriage passage, if Jacob were to die, then I would marry his brother, I suppose. Of course, he doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, and of course I would never kill Jacob!” she chuckled. The idea was preposterous.

Unless Reuben counted.

The idea made Rachel’s heart miss a beat. Reuben did look a remarkable amount like his father. Many of the same characteristics his father displays are also apparent in him. He really grew over the past years into his own man.

“Of course Jacob isn’t dead. Although his ability to procreate virtually is,” Rachel rationalized in her thoughts. “It wouldn’t be all together too harmful to have my own stepson copulate with me, just once, would it? For the purpose of pro-creation? It’s not like we’re genetically related, so I don’t have to worry about our child becoming a retard or anything. Besides, the child would be considered Jacob’s not Reuben’s. We could keep it our little secret – and it would make Jacob and me so happy…”

As Rachel continued to ponder the idea, she thought of what it would be like to make love to Reuben. She imagined them both standing there, caressing each other’s bodies. She pictured her hands feeling the manly physique of his arms and chest. His hands soothed her arms as he nuzzled head at the side of her neck … his kisses moved down to her breasts to tug at her nipples while his member grew in her…

“MY GOD RACHEL!” she reservedly shouted. Her breathing was heavy – the thoughts of lust had consumed her mind momentarily.

“This is a SINFUL idea, and I can’t go through with it…” She paused.

Rachel looked at the bedroom mirror – she saw a reflection of herself: her aging, older self. Time had worn thin for her and Jacob. If things continued as they were progressing, Jacob and she would never have a child of their own. As sinful as it sounded, it was clearly endorsed in the Bible as a special provision.

“Can I?”

‘Perhaps,’ she thought, ‘this is some sort of indication from God, an answer to your prayers. Maybe this will not anger Him, perhaps He sees this fit for me…’ She noted that there was dampness in between her legs – a feeling she’d only gotten whenever she had tried to conceive.

“Maybe, this is a sign from God…”

Reuben and Dinah would be home from work later that day. But Dinah was also talking at the breakfast table today how she was hanging out with her friend Sarah, and would be seeing a movie with her later. ‘Likewise, with Jacob gone until late,’ she thought, ‘perhaps Reuben and I can have a little – chat—over dinner today.’

A smile of relief and optimism graced Rachel as she headed towards the garage to tend to her errands that day.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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