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His dream starts playing off of his reality, and not long after he’s out, his kitty jumps up on the bed and makes its way over to him, nuzzling his arm and his head. Brian can feel himself starting to tear up because he’s happy to see him again, but sad because he can’t move his arms to pet him or hold him.

“You’re still gone, aren’t you,” he asks as the cat moves to the middle of the bed and lies down. It meow’s back, but in his dream state, the meow gets translated into ‘I’m always here. She’ll tell you.’

“I still miss you though.”

His kitty quietly purrs, looking out the window towards the light.

He feels the edge of the bed shift. This snaps him out of his dream as he looks over to see Cindy sitting next to him again.

“Here you go hun, a blended fruit drink. It should give you more energy for the day,” she tells him. As he sits up with a blank stare at the drink, she notices a wet streak running down the side of his face where a tear had come and gone. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

He barely looks her in the eye before looking back to the middle of the bed, and sinking back down where he last saw his cat. “Dammit,” he says into the blanket with a heavy, disappointed sigh.

“What is it?” resting her hand on his shoulder closest to her.

Trying to fight back more tears, he takes a few deep breaths before raising back up but with his head still hung down, “my cat was here… in my dream.”

Cindy knows better than to dismiss this after all of the years she’s been with Christie, so she calls her in, “Hey sweetie?”

“Yeah?” Christie replies from the bathroom.

“Can you come here real quick?”

Moments later, Christie enters the room, still trying to get an ear ring in, and sees Cindy attempting to comfort Brian.

Cindy turns and looks at her with an inquisitive expression, “do you…see…anything?”

Christie knows what she means by ‘see’. She means see something ordinary people can’t, like Spirits. Without a word, she looks around the room, and doesn’t see anything at first. She sees Brian slumped over on the bed, and slowly picks up on what he’s feeling. Then out of the corner of her eye she sees a small figure at the window, sitting on the sill. She’s done this enough times in the past to not jump at the sudden sight. It’s a cat. It looks at her and calmly blinks its eyes once. It almost seems to smile at her as they look at each other. She softly smiles back.

Cindy sees Christie’s expression change as she stares blankly towards the window.

“Hun, was your kitty a tuxedo?” Christie asks Brian.

“What?!” Brian shoots his head up and looks back at her.

“Your kitty, was he…” she gets cut off.

“Don’t you do that!” His words are filled with hurt as he gets up from the bed. “Don’t you go poking around in my head for him just because he’s in the past,” he says approaching her.

She remains calm and collected as she knows full well how much this cat means to him and understands his pain, “I didn’t.”

“I just had a dream about him, and now that’s in the past, so you saw him in the dream!” he says knowing how Christie’s gift works.

“No, I see him now in the window.”

Brian resists turning to look at the window as he knows he won’t see anything; instead he holds his look to Christie with tears welling up. “But, he was in my dream…looking up at the window.”

Christie starts choking up. With a hard swallow and looking in the window’s direction, “he’s a handsome kitty, and he knows you miss him…which is why he visits in your dreams, because that’s the only way you can see him,” she tells him as her pretty eyes return to Brian, placing her hand softly on his cheek.

He breaks down again, sinking to his knees and leaning into her waist, embracing her thighs and forcing her to remain standing.

Cindy sets his drink on the dresser that’s next to him before kneeling beside him on the floor, also giving Christie more to brace with as she’s slightly off balance with him holding her legs.

Neither of them rush to get him to release his hold or to have him sit back on the bed, they just let him get his pain out. Christie gently runs her fingers through his hair as he continues to rest his head against her midsection, and Cindy rests her head on his shoulder while rubbing his back to calm him down. Christie takes her eyes off the window for only a few seconds to check Brian, and when she looks back, his cat is gone.

It takes a few minutes, but he finally pulls himself together.

“I’m sorry I’m such a mess,” he says with a sniff and wiping his face free of tears, also loosening his hold on Christie’s legs.

“Don’t be sorry sweetie, you’re fine,” Christie replies, somehow managing avoid tears of her own this time.

He looks up, “is he still here?”

She looks back down, “I don’t see him right now, but I get the vibe that he’s always here.”

He closes his eyes with his head still facing up, “that’s what he said in the dream,” resting anadolu yakası escort his forehead against her thigh as he sinks back onto his legs in a sitting position.

“You weren’t kidding when you said he was a good companion. He must still care about you if he’s coming around here.” Cindy says to him, trying to lighten the mood again.

He smiles softly, “yeah.”

She smiles back, hugging him. “Here,” grabbing his drink off the dresser and presenting it to him, “have a drink and let’s get some energy in ya.”

The ladies purposely dismiss him getting up off the bed as having energy because they know he did that out of heartache. He takes a few slow sips, calming down more between each one, and starts to pay attention to his surroundings again.

First thing that registers to him is that Christie is standing right in front of him partially dressed for her venture, making him wonder how long he was asleep this time as he didn’t feel like he was out long at all. She doesn’t have her shoes on yet, so her curves catch his eye rather quickly being that they are accentuated with a black, knee-length skirt, dark nylons, and her black lacey bra.

He takes a deep breath and sits back against the bed.

She smiles down at him as she turns back to the hallway, “I should get back to getting ready.” To Cindy, “Thanks for that,” referring to being called in to see Brian’s cat.

“Hey,” he says as Christie gets halfway back to the bathroom, “I know you aren’t fully ready, but you already look, um…Wow~”

That puts an even bigger smile on her face and a spring in her step as she takes the last few to the bathroom door on her tip toes, and once around the corner, she playfully pops her foot out the door before disappearing completely.

He smiles to himself momentarily before returning his attention to Cindy. He reaches his arm out to her for another hug and she happily clings to him for about a minute before getting back up to have a seat on the bed again, leaving him to remain seated on the floor.

Brian slowly finishes his fruit drink as his thoughts dwell on his dream, and his cat, then on the ladies and how much they are helping him through all of this. Their patience and understanding is extraordinary. He tries to think of ways to help them back, or simply show his appreciation. Then he feels Cindy’s bare foot graze his arm. He looks over at it, then up to her face, and it doesn’t appear that she’s trying to get his attention, she’s just sitting close enough to him that her foot hits him as she crosses her leg.

She’s partially distracted by her own thoughts, but smiles at him again as they make eye contact.

“Sorry about all of that. We were having a pretty good time there for a bit I thought,” he tells her, feeling somewhat shameful for changing the mood so suddenly.

“Of course we were! We’re happy to see you again!” she replies, playing with his hair. “We don’t think that was a negative thing though,” referring to the cat reaction. “On the contrary, it was actually pretty cool to see her get to use her abilities again. She hasn’t been that clear with using them for a while now, as she said before of course.”

Brian adjusts his position on the floor so that he’s facing more towards her, leaning his head against her knee in contentment and taking her dangling foot in his hand so that he can rub it for her. “Well, I don’t want her thinking that I don’t appreciate her help by telling her not to look for my cat in my head.”

“She won’t, you know better hun.”

“I guess because we’ve been apart from each other for so long, I got used to a different life style… or re-familiarized with the life style I had before you two showed up, I guess you could say. Perhaps it’s also fair to say that for a moment, I forgot how kind you two really are, and thought that because I was around normal, or fairly negative people for so long, that I figured you two would’ve ended up that way too somehow,” he tells her, trying to explain himself.

“And yet you still came back to us.”

His thought pauses as they lock eyes on each other. She smiles at him as she leans over to hug him again, kissing him on the cheek at first, then moves to his lips, being soft and gentle on them. He moans softly as he’s still not used to getting kisses on the lips from her, or from Christie for that matter, and starts to melt again. Feeling him sink back to the floor, she pulls him back up by the head and gives him a reason to melt for sure as her lip lock with him gets more affectionate.

A few minutes later, she finally lets him drop, smiling at him as he goes down.

“Wow,” he says as he tries to catch his breath.

With him now lying oddly on his side only a few inches away from her legs, she presses her toes into his stomach, rolling him flat onto his back. Her smile grows as he’s finally in a prone position for their favorite pastime. She adjusts herself slightly on the side of the bed ankara anal escort and rests both her soft feet on his stomach, flexing her toes gently into him.

His clothes haven’t been returned to him yet, so he’s still only in his shorts and undies, giving her free reign to put her feet anywhere she likes on him and still have skin to skin contact. With the thought in the back of her mind that he might still be physically weak, she simply taps her feet around on him as she remains sitting on the bed. She idles her feet on his chest for a bit, letting the feeling of his slim form register to her. He doesn’t feel boney thin, just more or less toned, like his body absorbed whatever fat he had on him when he couldn’t eat.

He takes a deep breath as he relaxes on the floor, watching her feet work their way over him.

She notices how much his attention is drawn to them, and nibbles her lower lip as she starts to caress his face with one foot.

This is his golden opportunity to free her beautiful soles of their jealousy that she mentioned having after he had his turn with Christie earlier, and he happily acts on it! Holding her foot against his lips, he kisses her sole a few times before licking his way back up to her toes, much like he did with Christie’s foot, and kisses each toe lightly before starting to suck on them.

It sends chills up Cindy’s body, and she moans accordingly. Her eyes cross as the sensation quickly overwhelms her.

“Oh my! Somebody seems to be feeling better,” Christie happily remarks as she returns to the room and sees her guy enjoying her lady’s toes.

Cindy smiles up at her, partially covering her face with her hand from trying to correct her eye sight. Brian, however, nearly stops in his tracks when he sees Christie, because she returns with a red blouse on, a fancy one that shimmers a vibrant red from one angle and dark red from another, and along with the rest of what she’s wearing, she is an absolute stunning sight to behold!

“You know, you’re making it incredibly difficult to leave now,” Christie purrs as she smiles down at him.

He is still speechless as he looks up at her! Even Cindy wiggling her toes on his mouth barely breaks his focus. He almost forgets to breathe when Christie lightly strokes his cheek and jawline with her nyloned toes.

When he does nothing but stare at her, she takes a moment to look him over and notices how much he seems to being enjoying himself with his view. “Looks like something still works just fine,” she playfully points out as she takes a couple steps down along the side of him and rests her foot gently on his shorts, sliding it slowly down against his manhood.

This understandably melts him yet again as he lets out a whimper of his own, giving Christie a partial feeling of satisfaction in payback for what he did to her with her toes.

After a quick tease of gripping her toes against his member, she rests her foot across his stomach and leans against the dresser behind her, and simply smiles down at him for the time being.

The fact that she doesn’t stand on him right away snaps him back to reality enough to question her on it. “You do want to stand on me, right?” he says with his lips somewhat held in place by Cindy’s toes.

“Oh honey, I do in the worst way! I…, well, WE have both been hesitant about it because of how thin you are and how exhausted you’ve been. We weren’t sure if you could handle it yet or not,” she tells him as her toes gently grip his abs.

“Yeah, I can.” He moves Cindy’s foot from his mouth onto his chest next to her other one but keeps it held in his hands, “I’m not sure I can do everything I could before right now, but I can definitely still handle you two.”

The smile the ladies get on their faces is priceless! They still opt to take it slow getting on him though, just to be sure. Slow to them is simply not hopping onto him the instant they see him on the floor. Before they left, that’s how they got on a lot of the time because they knew he wouldn’t flinch. After three years in each other’s presence, it’s what he got used to. Now, after two years of not being walked on, and Christie not being up to speed on his well-being, it’s something he needs to be worked into again.

Christie does everything in her power to contain her excitement as she slides her soft nyloned foot back and forth across his stomach a couple times before stepping up full weight, lightly walking in place as she braces the dresser with her hands behind her.

Just like the first time she walked on him, Brian gets butterflies in his tummy as she moves about on him. He can tell she feels a little different weight wise, but can’t tell if it’s because of his diminished tolerance, or if she actually weighs more. Either way, she’s not hurting him at all, but she’s definitely taking his breath away the same way she used to before just by looking up at her. He is rendered speechless yet again, and can hardly moan in enjoyment; his ankara anal yapan escort only real response to Christie’s movements is taking both of Cindy’s soft bare feet and placing them on his face.

Cindy is ecstatic to see him start to act like his old self again! Even if he’s only at maybe ten percent of his former abilities, after seeing him collapse onto Christie the day before yesterday, this is a huge improvement to her!

Christie is still beyond words. She has a permanent smile plastered across her pretty face as she kneads his abs with her toes and the balls of her feet, getting swishing noises with each step she makes. She sees the lump in his shorts twitching with each step and knows if she lets her toes go exploring in there, he’s going to lose it~

Cindy sees it too, and shares a look with her lady on whether or not they should relieve him.

Because Christie is on her way out, she puts on the most adorable pouty face as she wants to do it, but doesn’t want to mess up her nylons for her outing. If this had happened after she came home for the day, she’d have no reservations what-so-ever. It’s something she, well both ladies actually, did a lot more after their jacuzzi night years ago up until they left, and it’s something they really want to get back to doing, especially now that their relationship status now includes him. What Christie does next though is something completely selfless.

She turns on his stomach and lets her amazing toes slide effortlessly under his shorts, rubbing both sides of his bare member with them and adjusting its position to lay flat against his abs. She can tell he’s getting close because she feels his stomach sink in under her feet. As much as she wants to finish him off right there, she scrunches her toes gently up his shaft, pulling her foot out and stepping down between his legs. She looks back to Cindy, “have fun~” followed with a wink.

Brian inhales deeply through Cindy’s toes, and slightly turns his head to free his lips, “Mm, you tease!”

Christie lets off a sweet giggle, “Oh you have no idea, mister!” she tells him, as it was as much a tease for her as it was for him.

Cindy turns his head back straight up with her toes so that her soles can playfully smother him as Christie reaches into the closet for her heels.

Once she grabs them, she turns and walks right back up between his legs, sliding her foot up his member again as she steps onto his stomach, then up to his chest and parks it there momentarily to give her lady a sweet kiss, whispering to her “You owe me big for this.” With another quick peck, Christie steps off, puts a kiss on her fingers, and waves them at Brian as she heads out of the room.

Cindy smiles at her until she’s out of eyesight, then returns her attention to him, moving one foot up onto his forehead and the other onto his chest so that he can see and speak.

“Why’d she stop?” he asks, catching his breath with the ultimate set of blue balls.

“She’ll be late for her appointment if she doesn’t leave now. Besides, those bankers aren’t going to fix shit themselves,” she replies, scrunching her toes on him.

“Bankers? What, is she going to go give them blue balls too?”

Cindy cracks up! “Heavens no! And don’t worry about that,” referring to his predicament, “they won’t be blue for much longer,” she tells him with a soft poke into his stomach with her toes. “I’ll be right back first,” she says as she gets up, “stay put.”

Brian gets a moment to collect himself, catching his breath and rubbing his face with both hands to try and release some of the mental tension Christie left him with. He hears something land on the bed, and when he uncovers his face, he sees Cindy already standing by his head with her hand resting on the dresser.

“So I can walk on you too, right?” she asks looking down at him with a sexy smirk.

“Absolutely. You know I’d never tell you No,” he replies, resting his arms by his side.

“Yay~” she quietly cheers to herself. She positions herself facing the dresser with him between it and her feet before stepping on his chest with one foot, “just let me know if you have any problems,” she tells him before stepping up full weight.

To him, she feels different weight wise too. As she gently walks in place, he finds it unusually easy to breathe, like she’s just a tad lighter than he remembers her being. Again, he can’t tell if this is true or not because of his physical status, so he disregards it for now and relaxes under her as she does her thing.

She caresses his face lovingly with her right foot, letting him breathe between her toes a bit before having him suck on them. As much as she loves it, she has to cut it short or her legs will turn to jello before she’s done with him. Continuing to walk in place on his chest, she listens for any kind of struggle in his breathing pattern, and there is some. It’s coming out of him a lot sooner than she remembers of his performance from years back, but she knows he’ll hold out to the bitter end for her as the time she’s spending with him now kind of reminds her of that first day he was invited over.

It doesn’t sink in how much she’s affecting him until she shifts her weight to his stomach. With one foot each on his chest and abs, his breathing evens out after a good inhale of air.

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