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“He said what?”

John’s voice booms with incredulous tone, the emphasis on ‘what’ very noticeable.

We were driving home after our stay over at Mike’s house, it was early saturday morning and I’d just informed my hubby of what Mike had whispered in my ear while he had me, bent over his kitchen table just an hour earlier.

Speaking a little louder this time, for I had for some reason lowered my voice previously…I repeat Mike’s surprising request.

“He said….call me uncle Mikey.”

I was describing to John how I’d gotten up that morning while he was still asleep, and taken a shower.

Mike had told me the night before that I could.

I was in a mess from the nights debauchery, covered in dried cum.

After the shower I got dressed and went down to the kitchen where Mike was having breakfast, turns out he’s an early bird like myself.

I was offered something to eat and a cuppa.

We chatted and after breakfast things began getting, intimate.

Mike was eager to have a little morning action, especially with John asleep upstairs.

Our new friend has a cuckold fetish and didn’t want to waste a chance to use his guest’s wife.

Initially I was reluctant, having a half hearted grumble about the fact that I’d just gotten clean.

But, he knew it was only a pretence.

Anyway, one thing led to another and I ended up bent over the kitchen table with ‘Mikey’ buried deep in me from behind.

Shit that thing can penetrate!

Initially he held me down by the scruff of my neck.

But soon let me up so I could straighten a little, giving him access to my breasts.

My jacket wide open, they were jiggling like crazy to Mike’s deep thrusts.

Well, I’m just getting going when he leans forward and starts on my ear….oh my god…I love my ears played with.

So I’m really enjoying myself, having my ear nibbled while his thing is knocking on my inner door….if you know what I mean.

And that’s when he drops the bomb shell, “Pippa….call me uncle mikey….please?”

I just froze, wide eyed.

I mean, this guy is buried to the hilt up me and I’m about to wake John up with the racket I’m making….and then…

He goes and says that.

As I described what had transpired that morning to my husband, I noticed his initial reaction of surprise had settled down to one of interest…a burning curiosity.

“So…what did you do?….did you say it?…call him uncle?”

I told John the truth.

Yes, I was taken aback.

It’s not something one expects to hear.

My initial response was to comply.

I was after all, under his spell so to speak….in his control.

Yes, I do what he says, repeating his request, “Yes…uncle Mikey.”

It sounded so wrong but….at the same time….

He gets me to say it over and over, adding the word ‘please’ so I’m begging.

John asks how I felt, saying that?

I admit that it did creep me out initially, but after saying it a few times….well…it began to feel good….exciting.


John asked if I climaxed and also, afterwards did I question Mike as to why call him uncle?

Nodding I say, “Yeah…same time as him….he came pretty quick after I started calling him uncle Mikey….actually it drove him wild.”

I did ask him why but he just shook his head and became withdrawn, then moments later he apologised and muttered something about, “Shouldn’t have said that.”

Now John asks the big question, “So….what do you think?…are we talking just a bit of kinky role play here…with this other woman calling him that for fun…or….or is this other woman his actual niece?”

A big question indeed, and one neither of us knew the answer to….at that point in time.

We would however, have that big question answered the following weekend.

All during that intervening week we discuss the night at Mike’s house.

Not only was there the question of a possible incestuous affair, Mike has other kinks too.

Our new friend does appear to have a cuckold fetish, this aspect of his kinky side flourishing in the safe and familiar surroundings of his own home.

We’d both noticed his teasing comments aimed at John all through that long steamy night.

And then there were his obvious talents as dominant master over me.

We had certainly found an interesting guy alright.

As the week progressed it became clear that both myself and John were turned on by Mike’s incest kink.

Despite the initial shock discovery.

This acceptance was aided by the fact that my first crush was for my own uncle.

It was a long time ago, a silly fantasy really.

Nothing ever came of it, my uncle was devoted to my aunt in law and would never have touched me in that way, but it didn’t stop me from fantasising.

My very first solo session was while indulging in naughty thoughts about him.

So, I was already predisposed to…..that kind of thing.

I put my initial creeped out response down to the sheer surprise of hearing Mike’s unusual request for the first time.

So porno videolar as friday night loomed, we were both very much looking forward to the prearranged meeting.

That evening I went through my usual routine of bathing, doing my hair, make up, getting changed etc.

We had swapped phone numbers with Mike and also offered to accommodate him at our house but he refused, preferring us to go visit him while Sarah was out at her friend’s.

Because the doggers were no longer there we could meet up earlier.

Not having to wait until after dark before setting off.

John parked our car in its usual spot and we got out and walked down the narrow country lane hand in hand.

That previous saturday morning Mike had walked with us back to our car, showing us that his driveway actually led up to the lane we’d parked on, so it was an easy matter to get to his house, no walking across fields or through dense woodland.

This time I’d opted for a simple, white summer dress, nice and short with a plunge neckline and a tie front.

No bra, the thin material of the dress enabling just enough transparency to see a little colour and definition.

I didn’t bother with underwear.

A simple pair of sandals finished it off.

That evening was glorious, still warm from a hot july day, the sun beginning to dip low on the horizon.

John knocked on Mike’s cottage door at just past 9, a few minutes late.

Mike answers and welcomes us inside with a firm handshake and warm smile.

His eyes widening as he takes in my appearance, then piles on the charm, telling me how gorgeous and sexy I look.

Once inside the door is closed and locked behind us.

Despite the warm welcome it soon becomes apparent that Mike is a little tense, he seems uncharacteristically nervous and on edge…

This time we’re invited into the living room and have a chance to swap wide eyed glances of approval with one another while he gets us drinks.

And what a sight to behold, dark wooden beams run across the ceiling, antique furniture adorns every corner of the room and a large open fireplace is the central feature.

The fireplace being surrounded by a huge marble mantlepiece.

Another noteable feature of this spacious room is the amount of guns on display, mounted on the walls.

There are four shotguns and one hunting rifle.

As Mike returns, my hubby, who has an interest in guns points the collection out and a brief conversation between the two men ensues.

It appears they have found another common interest….as well as me.

Presently Mike invites us to sit down, and I notice him eyeing me up as I make myself comfy on the sofa, leaning back and crossing my legs….knowing full well the short dress I’m wearing will leave little to the imagination as it rides up.

I’m sat next to John, facing Mike opposite us, so I know he has an interesting view of me.

A conversation now begins with Mike asking how we’ve been? How’s work? Etc…

Regular, normal stuff.

We discuss last weeks close shave and Mike tells us about its aftermath, several arrests for possession of drugs and one drink driver.

Most of the others received cautions about ‘outraging public decency’.

Mike has a friend who knows one of the cops that took part in the raid.

We’ve been talking for half an hour, the drink starting to have an affect on both myself and the boys….beginning to relax….any inhibitions….evaporating.

But Mike, still looks a little nervous, preoccupied even.

And then, we discover why.

He has something to tell us.

“Look….about last week….”

Mike sets his drink down, clears his throat and continues, mainly looking at me but occasionally glancing at John.

“…I said some thing….that….well…may have surprised you…I hope I didn’t upset you?”

At that moment, big, tough, confident Mike looks so vulnerable, so unsure of himself.

It’s a huge contrast and I cannot stifle a cheeky grin and corresponding comment.

“Well…did I look upset last week?….at all?….uncle Mikey?”

At my words his face transforms completely from one of worry to one of excited relief.

He copies my grin and then breaks out into a chuckle before replying, “Ah fuck… a was so worried about that….really?….you alright with it?”

I nod still grinning, then tell him that it just came as a bit of a surprise at first….but I soon got used to it.

Then, to make him feel more at ease I told him about my first crush, and who it involved.

Mike became visibly excited at this and asked lots of questions.

Then, after I’d opened up to him, it was his turn…

Deep down, my intuition told me that ‘uncle Mikey’ was no made up name as part of a kinky game by some past scarlet woman.

And now as we sat and listened, Mike revealed a real family secret buried for twenty years.

It’s a long story but I will try and keep this short.

Her name is Amber and this took place when Mike was 42 and porno video izle Amber was 20.

The two had always been very close with each other.

Her father had ran off with another woman when she was still quite young so Amber had grown up thinking of Mike as more a father figure than an uncle.

As time went by and the girl grew to be a fine looking young lady, their close relationship continued.

She lived in the next village a few miles down the road with her then boyfriend in a cottage that belonged to her mother, Mike’s sister.

Everything was fine with the relationship until she became pregnant.

The boyfriend initially begged her to get rid of it but she wouldn’t.

Amber carried the baby to term and gave birth near to her 21st birthday.

Her boyfriend, who wasn’t exactly father material, promptly donned his running shoes and disappeared.

Mike, seeing his niece struggling on her own, gave as much help as he could.

And it was during these first months after the birth, that they grew much closer.

Mike’s relationship with his wife Sarah was ok at the time but the fire between them, the physical aspect, had begun to dwindle.

Amber too, had needs of her own…and with no other man in her life…

After being dumped by her boyfriend she had developed trust issues with men in general.

Except of course for uncle Mikey….the only man Amber felt she could trust.

She was attracted to him physically and he likewise to her. So, it was only a matter of time before they overcame the ‘taboo’ barrier.

We continued to listen to Mike’s incestuous recollections, as he went on to describe that first time.

Finishing off his whiskey, swallowing several times before beginning.

He appeared both nervous and excited about what he had to say.

“Sarah worked at a nursing home back then….she used to work nights sometimes…so…when she did…I’d spend the night at Amber’s place.”

He explained that although he and Amber hadn’t done anything at that point, they had decided to keep this arrangement secret because other family members may think it strange.

The seeds of their incestuous affair had already been sown, they were keeping secrets together.

And that wasn’t all, Mike continued.

“There was this….tension…in the air….ya know?…between us….we both knew what we wanted but…a couldn’t….ya know?….make that first move….a was torn….between being an uncle….and…”

He stops for a moment to compose himself.

“….and well…what a wanted to be with her.”

However, despite this inner struggle things did come to a head, and it wasn’t Mike that eventually made the first move.

He described being over at Amber’s place late one night.

Amber had just gotten the baby to sleep and Mike was sat watching television on the sofa when his niece wandered back into the room.

“When she’d took the baby to get her down to sleep….Amber had been wearing her everyday clothes but…when she came back in the living room….all she had on was this wee… see through nightie.”

Mike stopped for a moment shaking his head slowly and grinning as he relived this fond, erotic memory.

“Oh man….she looked so beautiful…a could see everything ya know?”

He went on to describe what happened next.

Amber strolled over to the television and turned it off, she gave Mike a meaningful look as she came over to sit next to him on the sofa.

Turning with her back initially, and asking if he wouldn’t mind rubbing her shoulders.

At this point, Mike explained that his heart was thumping, and he was getting hard downstairs.

Or as he put it, his ‘old man’ was waking up.

“A just knew….with that look she gave me….this was it.”

Mike did as asked and massaged his niece’s shoulders and neck for a few moments.

Then she suddenly reached her hand back onto his to stop him, looking around at him before turning in her seat to face him.

Mike recalled how she slowly moved in for a kiss.

“It was so soft….like a feather….right on my lips.”

She moved back and stared right into him, a look of pure, focussed desire…

Mike returned her kiss, gentle at first, then more forcibly as the lust that had simmered between them for so long, came to the boil.

“That was it….we just….oh man….it was so intense.”

Mike didn’t go into any great detail about the act itself but he did tell us something interesting about how Amber behaved during their lovemaking.

Apparently, that first time, and on most other encounters betweem them, Amber had feigned reluctance.

Mike elaborated, “She would say things like…no we shouldn’t….please uncle Mikey dont….we’re not supposed to be doing this….ya know?….pretending to not want me.”

That’s what Amber would be saying.

But this would be in direct conflict with her actions at the time.

Mike described the wicked look in her eyes as she pleaded with him.

The way she would be pulling porno video him down on top of her, while uttering those seemingly genuine protests.

Or, kissing all the way down his naked chest, slowly inching her way towards his awaiting hard on below, all while expressing her opposition to what was happening.

“A mean…if she’d a meant it…then yes I’d a backed off right away….but…oh man….the way she used to look at me.”

He glances at John now while pointing an accusing finger at me, “Pippa does it…ya know which look a mean….don’t ya.”

John nods grinning, and agrees that he knows what Mike is talking about.

Looking back at me, Mike’s grin slowly evaporates as he takes in my form….his gaze wandering amourosly.

“Your just like her Pippa….older than she was at the time yes but…your hair….your figure….and oh that voice…exactly the same….when a close my eyes….your her.”

I’m long past being creeped out by such a comment, enjoying immersing myself in Mike’s story of forbidden lust….so I choose to be flattered instead.

Forbidden lust? Or something more?

I had to know.

Mike continued, and revealed that their affair lasted an astonishing 2 years.

Kept a complete secret the whole time.

We, were the only two people he’d ever spoken to about it.

Our ‘unique’ relationship providing just the right kind of trust between us.

Amber did eventually meet someone her own age, quite by accident.

A man from down south up in Yorkshire visiting, he was a friend of her best friend.

“The pair fell for each other… love at first sight.. it’s called.”

Mike tells us, looking distant for a moment, sounding dejected.

Within a month they were engaged.

The secret intimacy Mike had enjoyed with his niece for so long came to an abrupt end.

Amber, more easily accepting this than Mike.

“Just a few weeks after announcing the engagement…she moved in with him…. down in cornwall…a year later they got wed…and that was that.”

She’d been married to him ever since and had 2 more children.

Amber and Mike still kept in touch and regularly spoke over the phone.

Mike answered my question without me having to ask it.

Yes he loved her, it wasn’t just about sex. A very special kind of love indeed.

It broke his heart when she left.

And at that, Mike told us he had said enough, for that night.

It’s astonishing how quickly the focus of attention can change in these unorthodox situations myself and John often find ourselves in.

It seems that one moment we are listening to a man divulge such important, secret and sensitive information about himself…..and then everything changes so quickly.

On with the business in hand….

Mike settles his gaze upon me, looking up and down slowly, licks his lips then allows a very evil looking grin to creep across his face.

Clearing his throat once more while beginning to stand up, “Well….it’s time a was going upstairs….”

As he’s talking Mike is walking over to me, reaching down he grasps my hand in his, pulling me up off the sofa.

I don’t resist.

He alters his gaze briefly to John who’s still seated, looking up at us excitedly.

“….you wait down here for a bit pal….a got some business to tend to with ya wife.”

It’s said in that casual, nonchalant way that I’ve heard before from Mike.

Looking down briefly at John before I’m led off upstairs, that all important eye contact between myself and hubby.

I see his excited look intensify.

He’s being blatantly cuckolded, and he’s loving it.

It’s good for me to know that John is ok with Mike taking control, not only of me but him too.

Cuckolding is not our primary need in a threesome relationship.

We prefer it to be like it was with Dave, good friends on equal terms sharing me.

But, we had developed a taste for it during the time with Sammy my elderly Indian boyfriend, who’s teasing of John had been done in a one sided, covert way.

Sammy believing that my husband knew nothing of our affair.

This with Mike however is different.

Mike now openly asserting his dominance over John with all parties full knowledge and acceptance.

This new aspect I find….very exciting.

I’m led like before, up to the small back bedroom with the creaky single bed.

And it’s there on that old noisy bed that Mike…. makes me his own….my bull…in full control.

During the heat of our coupling, whispered between heavy breaths, I repeat what Amber used to say to him.

Pleading with uncle Mikey, telling him we shouldn’t and, please don’t….amongst other more provocative things that are conjured by the dark side of my mind….in the heat of the moment.

The effect upon dear old uncle Mikey, is devastating.

I’m fucked to within an inch of my life, it’s a wonder he doesn’t break the bed.

Later, during our second course I hear the bedroom door creak ajar, turning my head I see John stood staring through the narrow gap.

My husband is naked and hard as rock, he’s stroking his stiff shaft while staring intensely at me.

I’m later to learn in conversation with John that he’d already come while downstairs, listening to the sounds I made while Mike….took care of me.

He sees me now on my back, legs spread wide open, Mike on top.

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