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Cindy Davis stood waiting nervously by the foot of the hotel bed, watching as Ray tipped the old bellhop, locked the door, then turned and walked back to her. Wordlessly, he took the purse from her numb fingers and tossed it toward a chair. He missed. Neither of them noticed.

They stared at one another until, with a quick, unexpected movement, he reached out and gathered her into his arms. It was a sudden, passionate, exciting movement. It was also a complete surprise and Cindy instinctively stepped back. When her leg struck the mattress, she lost balance and began falling backward. Ray never let go, and followed her down onto the bed. While they were still bouncing, he began covering her face and neck with kisses. Before she could catch her breath, he started sliding down her body.

Moments later he had flipped up her skirt and was tugging down her panty hose. Instinctively lifting her bottom off the bed to speed his efforts, she was rewarded with the sight of a big approving smile on his face.

But once the panty hose were past her knees, Ray had to stop again. This time it was her shoes which had to be taken off. Impatiently, he fumbled with the tiny straps on each shoe until both were unbuckled, then quickly removed and tossed away.

When the last shoe thumped onto the worn carpet, the room became still and quiet. From her quivering stomach down the length of her long, shapely legs to her tiny feet, she was completely nude, lying open and exposed to the inspection of this man. With a shiver of excitement, she noticed he was looking at her with unfeigned desire.

After a long moment, he began slowly running his fingertips over her smooth, slightly spread legs. There was no mistaking the look in his eyes, and it thrilled her.

Slowly, gently, he eased her legs further apart, and then he lowed his head. When Ray’s lips first touched her pubic hairs, a jolt of electricity shot through Cindy.

She gasp and her body became stiff and tingly when he began to gently nibble and lick. But she had never felt comfortable receiving oral sex. So it was fine with her when he moved back up after just a few minutes. Besides, what she really wanted was for him to be on top with that hard penis she had only touched and tasted before now firmly planted deep inside her eager pussy.

Glancing down at Ray, Cindy thought how exciting it was to be able to see him there, lying fully clothed between her naked legs. It was even better, she thought, knowing that very soon now she would be in the classic missionary position, lying spread-eagled on her back with his thick torso pressing down on her as his powerful thighs wedged between her out-stretched legs. And she knew she was going to love every second of what would happen next.

“Let me help”, she said, and started unbuttoning Ray’s shirt when he began fumbling with his pants. Cindy noticed with satisfaction that her fingers were steady as she unbuttoned his shirt. Although she was nervous, excited, happy, maybe even a little apprehensive, she was pleased to realize she was still in control.

Studying the face of this strange man with whom she would spend the entire weekend making love, she suddenly remembered Danny Morris, the other man in her life. They had dated for over a year before she finally let him take her virginity. Doing it hurt and she hadn’t really enjoyed the experience, but the pleased expression on his face made it all seem worthwhile.

That was over two years ago, and they had been making love ever since. Although her experience with sex was still limited to Danny, she thought he’d become a competent lover.

Then during her summer job at a VA hospital, Ray came into her life. He was wounded, alone, and a long way from home. At first, she’d felt sorry for his situation. But she quickly grew to like him and always had fun when they were together. When they started dating, she told herself it was just a temporary thing until he was healed and went home. But she kept spending more and more time with the wounded vet. And now, they were about to make love.

There was more to this weekend than just making Ray Mitchell happy. She was, of course, still passionately in love with Danny. That didn’t mean she hadn’t wondered what it would be like to make love with someone else, someone big and tall, self-confident and experienced, someone a lot like Ray Mitchell.

This weekend will be, she thought while loosening another button, like a seminar on making love. And she rationalized that the love she and Danny had for each other, combined with this new experience, would improve their current love life and make their eventual marriage even stronger.

By the time she finished unbuttoning the shirt, Ray had shoved his pants down below his knees. When he started taking his shirt off, she reached down with both hands and began almost reverently stroking his stiff dick. This unexpected touch caused his entire body to jerk.

Despite this new distraction, he quickly pulled his shirt off and tossed aside. When he bent down to kiss Cindy, she grabbed his T-shirt and aydınlı escort pulled it over his head. To return the compliment, Ray finished removing her dress. Now they were both totally naked.

Silently, they began exploring each other’s body. Gently stroking and squeezing, they marveled at the smoothness of skin, the softness of breasts, the resilience of muscles and the texture of hair. Gradually, they moved closer until their bodies and lips met in an effortless, natural motion. Without breaking the contact of their lips, Ray carefully moved on top and then slowly lowered his hard body until flesh made contact with flesh.

Ray’s long, hard dick was now pressed against Cindy from her pussy up to her belly. Instinctively, she began pushing up to increase the delicious pressure. He responded by grinding his cock against her smooth skin.

They had been kissing with a fierce, almost painful intensity. But now she changed the pace. Putting her hands on the sides of his head, she gently inserted her tongue between his lips and started moving it around like a languid snake, making slow, sensuous oral love to his mouth.

They finally broke the kiss and in silence looked at one another. Both knew it was now time. Cindy managed to spread her legs even wider and lifted her knees so she could use her feet for a little traction. When Ray raised up to position his dick, she reached down to help guide it home.

For Cindy, feeling a dick homing in toward her pussy had become a favorite part of lovemaking. Besides, it was such a bummer when Danny missed. Although she had no trouble finding Ray’s dick, she had just begun to pull it toward her pussy when he suddenly plunged forward.

With one long stroke, Ray scored a direct hit and then plunged deep into the interior of his target. With little rhythm, he immediately started hunching furiously. After a moment, he changed pace and began using fast, deep, demanding strokes which sent his dick deeper and deeper into Cindy. Finally, he slammed into her one more time with all the energy and strength in his body and left his long rod buried up to hilt inside Cindy’s stretched vagina.

The only motion she now felt was that of a throbbing dick pumping wad after wad of cum deep inside her pussy. Actually, Cindy had only been half aware of all this. With the first stroke, she’d experienced sensory overload and still wasn’t sure what hit her. The size of Ray’s body, the feel of his dick, the enthusiasm, if not expertise, of his lovemaking, had all been overwhelming.

Now, her body was tingling and her mind was numb. In fact, with that first stroke, she had begun experiencing a series of quick, intense orgasms. It wasn’t until Ray’s own climax stopped his assault that she finally managed to catch her breath.

The steady rhythm that he began using now was very different from the frenzied pace of the first go around. But was this, she wondered with amazement, still the first round? Even though he had stopped, Ray had never pulled out and rested.

She was certain he had climaxed. But here he was back at it, and was he ever at it! It now felt like he was fucking her entire body, not just her pussy. The long, slow, deep strokes he was using sent shivers of excitement racing over her body.

As Ray continued his steady pace, he raised his head and looked at her. He said nothing, just smiled a very happy, peaceful smile which made Cindy feel wonderful. She kissed him and ran her hands down his back and onto his butt. It was peculiar to be feeling the action that was fucking you, she thought, as Ray’s ass rose and fell under her hands.

Squeezing his cheeks, she pulled him toward her on the next down stroke and felt his dick sink even deeper into her pussy. This is unreal she though, I can actually screw myself with Ray’s dick.

After some trial and error, she developed a rhythm. Keeping a tight grip of Ray’s ass, she would pull him into her on each down stroke, so that she was fucking herself. With each stroke she got hotter and hotter and pulled harder and harder.

Suddenly, she was coming. Her legs went stiff, her back arched and her head tossed back. Digging her fingers into Ray’s butt, she tried to cram his entire body into her pussy. Goose bumps covered her flesh, as waves of energy raced through her body.

Just as she was starting to relax in the afterglow of her climax, Ray started giving her some serious fucking. Making love had nothing to do with what was happening now. This was a screwing.

Getting into a kneeling position, Ray threw her legs over his shoulders. Now he was able to slam home every inch of his cock. For just a second, the student nurse in her worried that this pounding might actually damage some of her organs. But her fears were quickly forgotten as that same pounding started her toward another orgasm.

This one hit quick and hard. For a moment, she struggled to wrap her legs around Ray’s waist and hold him tight. But he overpowered her struggles to get loose, and continued holding a leg on each shoulder. The bağdat caddesi escort feeling of helplessness somehow intensified her orgasm and her body began to twist and jerk spasmodically.

Later, after they had finished making love, she would be both embarrassed and pleased to learn from Ray that when she reached the peak of this climax, she had bathed his balls with her hot pussy juice. In that position he said, the air had chilled his wet balls creating a new, intense, and very enjoyable sensation.

But that would be later. Now with her last orgasm having finally ended, she was beginning to feel the strain of their position. Finally relenting, Ray let her legs down, carefully placing them on the bed on either side of his body. But there was no relenting when it came to his fucking. Still kneeling between her legs, he began pistoning into her at a steady pace.

Gradually their fucking was turning into lovemaking. At least that’s what Cindy thought or hoped. Although she had no actual idea of the time, it seemed as if she and Ray had been in each other’s arms for hours. They were both on a wave by now, a sex high. If she had her way they’d make love together forever. But she did want Ray to come; it was a matter of pride with her. And her pussy was beginning to throb just a little, indicating it needed a brief rest from the steady pounding.

So she began to softly stroke Ray’s sides and back. Then she slid her hand between their bodies. With Ray positioned as he was, it was easy to reach his dick and balls. With Danny, she had always gotten a unique thrill whenever she had touched his dick while they were making love. Now, she ran her fingertips around the opening to her pussy and felt the hard, slick pole moving in and out on its marvelous journey.

Reluctantly releasing Ray’s shaft, she took possession of his testicles and began to gently stroke the area of the prostate. There was an immediate increase in the pace of Ray’s fucking. The force of his thrusts became such that Cindy had to pull her hand out or risk getting hurt. Grunts and moans came from Ray as he drove even harder into her. But, unlike last time, he now managed to keep a rhythm.

He was covered with sweat, his eyes were shut, and he was breathing in ragged gasps. Each thrust was deep, quick, and violent and shook Cindy’s entire body. It wasn’t long before they had her building toward another climax.

The very violence of Ray’s fucking was tuning her on and once the sensation started, it built quickly. Desperately, she tried to hold back, wanting them to come together. He was looking straight ahead now, muttering, “Oh shit, Oh fuck, Oh shit, Oh fuck,”

Knowing she was about to come, Cindy tried to wrap her legs around Ray’s back so she could drive him home. All this did was break their rhythm.

Stopping for just a moment, Ray grabbed her by the ankles, lifted her legs and then spread them apart until they formed a giant, “V”. Putting his full weight into the effort, he plunged back down. The full length of his dick was once again buried inside her pussy. The base of his shaft was crushing her pubic hairs while his cock head jammed against her cervix.

Ignoring her pleas for him to stop, Ray hammered his cock in and out of her tormented cunt. Soon she was responding to each violent thrust. Before long, her entire body was eagerly awaiting Ray’s next assault.

Just as she began shivering under the first waves of another orgasm, Cindy heard Ray make a strangled cry. With a convulsive shudder, his body stiffened and began to tremble. From deep inside her tingling pussy, she felt another load of cum spurting from Ray’s swollen dick head.

It was impossible for her to know how long they remained locked in their love knot. Finally she felt Ray’s body relax. With a sigh that sounded very contented, he lowered her legs, and then released her ankles. Slumping slightly, he let his arms drop to his sides. But he kept on kneeling between her legs with his dick buried deep inside her pussy.

Waves of pleasure rolled over Cindy as she looked at the obviously exhausted Ray. Her pussy was still throbbing and contracting around his dick. Never had she imagined that making love could be so physically demanding or satisfying.

There were also waves of emotion rolling over Cindy. Now that Ray had finally been satisfied, he would need to take a break, just like she did. They could talk and get to know each other better. Then sometime later, they could make love again, slowly this time. After all, she thought, they had all weekend. And if….

Suddenly, Ray began falling forward. Jolted from her reverie, Cindy gasped and closed her eyes. The bed shook when his hands slammed into the bed on either side of her head. When things finally quit bouncing, Cindy opened her eyes. There was Ray, looking down at her with a sly grin.

Before she could say anything, she felt him start hunching into her with slow, relaxed strokes. Her feelings ran from dismay, to disbelief, and then to delight. Their break would bahçelievler escort have to wait. This man wanted her.


For Cindy, the rest of the weekend was a steady blur of long, torrid sex sessions. The action never seemed to stop, at least not for long. Oh, they did go out to eat in a small, Italian restaurant. But they never really slept, only napped. And as soon as they woke up, or the moment they got back to the room, another session of lovemaking would begin.

Now it was Sunday morning. Lying alone in the bed, Cindy was feeling all the aches and pains in her sore, tired body. This morning they had conducted a marathon session which had just about finished her off.

She’d woken up to discover Ray’s unshaven face nestled between her thighs. He was nibbling and licking on her by now super sensitive pussy, having what he called his “Sunday Brunch,” in bed. Although weary from a weekend of almost constant sex, she had quickly started shivering and jerking as waves of another in a long series of climaxes approached and then crashed over her.

The “Brunch” continued for a long time. When Ray was finally full, he shifted position and began massaging Cindy’s sopping wet cunt with his fingers. In the beginning he’d gently inserted one finger. But he slowly shoved in more, until he finally had gotten four inside her stretched opening to her well-used vagina. Using his thumb, he then began massaging her clit.

When that climax hit, it was almost painfully intense. Her body jerked uncontrollably, until an especially powerful spasm lifted her hips and she became frozen in a stiff arch of pure passion. That’s when Ray discovered that by changing the amount of pressure he exerted against her clit, he could control the intensity of each climax. With just four well placed fingers and a thumb, he could make her body arch up off the bed. When the tension left her body and she sagged back on the bed, he’d pull up on her pussy and stroke her clit. This would cause another wave of passion to hit. When it did, her body would again arch up toward that tormenting hand. She’d become Ray’s personnel yo-yo.

Eventually, she was allowed to come down and rest for a few minutes. But the pause was brief. And once the serious stuff started, it didn’t stop for what seemed like hours. They fucked, screwed, balled, maybe even made love and all in a variety of positions. This continued for most of the morning until the steadily growing pain in her pussy finally forced her to beg Ray to stop.

To his credit, he realized her cries of pain had absolutely nothing to do with pleasure, and immediately stopped. Needing a few minutes to collect her thoughts, she asked him to shower without her this time. Lying alone in bed, she smiled in exhausted contentment.

Now that Ray had stopped, the pain in her pussy was not as intense. And the steady throbbing reminded her of the moments the two of them had shared. Hearing the shower stop, she wondered what would happen next. While she wasn’t sure about the time, she knew they’d have to be checking out before long. Turning her head in the direction of the bathroom, she saw Ray walking out. He was toweling water off his big, well muscled body and he was smiling.

Cindy stared in amazement. The look on his face and the state of his dick left little doubt why he was smiling. After a weekend of almost constant lovemaking, he wanted her again. It was incredible.

“I thought showers were supposed to cure that condition. Now what am I going to do with you?”

“Sorry, I messed up and took a hot shower instead of a cold one. Besides, I missed you.”

With an indulgent smile, she motioned for him to come closer. When he reached the bed, she extended a hand and softly touched the hard organ which had given her so much pleasure.

After an effort, she sat up on the edge of the bed. “Well, what can I say big boy? I mean, it wouldn’t be very nice of me to let you leave in like that, now would it? So let me see what I can do to cure this condition.” Putting her hands around the cock, she leaned forward and started feasting on a Sunday Brunch of Ray’s southern sausage.

Several positions later, brunch was still going strong. Ray was lying spread-eagled on the bed while Cindy, who was kneeling by beside him leaning over a very hard penis which was securely planted inside her mouth.

With Cindy in that position, Ray soon discovered he could use her mouth like a second cunt. Cautiously at first, then with increasing abandon, he began hunching his hips up, driving his dick into her mouth.

Gradually, the head of his dick began slipping into her throat. But in this position, the gag reflex was easy to overcome. Soon she could feel the entire length of Buford, as they had decided to name Ray’s dick, rushing past her lips as its head slid down her throat.

Feeling Buford traveling in and out of her mouth then down her throat was an absolutely incredible sensation. It wasn’t like this was the first time there had been a dick in her mouth. But all those other times, she had been in charge, using her mouth to give Danny a blowjob. This was different. The moment Ray laid his hand on the back of her head Cindy wordlessly relinquished all control. For the next few minutes, he was completely in charge. All she wanted to do was relax her throat, flex her jaw, and concentrate on being a receptacle for old Buford.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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