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Double Penetration

While Bella went into her room to change and pack, Aidan wandered around her home, getting a sense of her style and personality. She definitely wasn’t a frou-frou girl. No pink and lace for her. Bella had decorated her little cottage in what could only be described as country chic; muted earth tone furniture, oversized and comfortable, classical tables with cabriolet legs in the rich colors of green, gold and dark red. Her kitchen was very modern, with granite countertops, antique white beadboard cabinets and stainless steel appliances. She did seem to have a thing for chickens, though; they graced rugs and dishes, and there were several figurines prominently displayed. Overall, Aidan liked what he saw, just as he liked Bella.

Bella came out of her bedroom as Aidan was walking back into the living space. She had dressed in jeans tucked into black knee high suede boots, an emerald green long-sleeved shirt that came off one shoulder and showed off the black strap of her bra and long dangly earrings. She carried a thick, knee length knitted sweater coat in one hand and an oversized weekender bag in the other.

Aidan whistled. “I didn’t think you could look any better than you do naked, but you look hot, baby girl,” he told her. He walked over and took her bag from her.

Bella smiled, embracing the compliment, a rarity for her. “Thank you. After all the attention, I feel pretty.”

“You ready?” Aidan asked. Bella nodded and grabbed her purse from the table where she’d sat it upon entering the house. She handed Aidan her keys so he could lock up behind them. With a hand on the small of her back, he ushered her to the SUV. Placing her bag in the back, he again hoisted her up into the front seat.

“I could get used to that,” she told him with a little laugh.

“Me, too,” Aidan told her before stepping between her legs. He placed his hands on her thighs and just stood there. Bella felt a great tenderness for this man at this moment that went beyond lust. He had fucked her in ways she had never dreamed of, yes, but beyond that he had made her feel beautiful, cherished and had assaulted a man in defense of her. Placing her hands on his face, she leaned in and tenderly kissed his lips. She places little sipping kisses all of over his lips, from one corner to the next before running her tongue along the seam of his mouth. When he opened for her, Bella tenderly deepened the kiss, sucking on his tongue and licking the entire inside of his mouth, never once hurrying.

Aidan moaned and squeezed her thighs. Bella pulled back and Aidan leaned his forehead against hers, panting. “Baby girl, you are going to kill me. I’ve only known you one day and I think I’m falling in love with you.”

“You don’t have to say that, Aidan.”

“I wouldn’t just say that, Bell. I think you are so special. I can’t wait to get on with this weekend. We are going to prove to you how desirable you are. You get buckled up. We have a date with Eli,” and with that he kissed her on the nose he shut her door.

They drove to the restaurant in comfortable silence, Bella having changed the radio to something more palatable for her. Once they reached Jakes, Aidan had the SUV valeted and they walked into the restaurant. Eli, having arrived first, stood when he spotted them.

“Princess, you look beautiful,” he told her as he leaned in to kiss her on the mouth.

“Thanks, Eli,” he told her as he held out her seat for her. The men took up positions on either side of her. She stopped for a moment to think of how their situation would look to people. It was obvious from their body language, to anyone paying attention, that she was intimate with both men. After a moment’s quiet deliberation, she decided she didn’t give a whit about what anyone thought. Hell, this was Portland, weird and unusual were the norm!

After looking over the menu for several moments, Bella turned to Eli and offered, “Why don’t you order for me?”

A look of lust instantly filled his chocolate brown eyes. “Do you have any idea how much your freely given submission turns me on?”

Slipping her hand up his thigh to cup his now hard cock, Bella coyly told him, “I have an idea.”

When the waiter approached, Bella kept her hand where it was in Eli’s lap. Aidan ordered first, steak and lobster with a loaded baked potato. Eli, heavy lidded from arousal, ordered Bella the penne pasta with lobster and himself the same as Eli. He gave out a slight groan when Bella squeezed his cock under the table and the waiter smirked at Bella, clearly aware to what was going on.

When the waiter left to place their order, Aidan leaned over to whisper in Bella’s ear. “Wicked girl.”

Bella smiled, feeling a new confidence in herself as a sensual woman. “I’m learning.” With a final squeeze, Bella removed her hand from Eli and picked up her glass of wine, taking a sip.

“You are so going to pay for that, little girl,” Eli promised her. Their meal progressed in companionable conversation about mundane things. It seemed, in a small way, that they had Bostancı Yabancı Escort known each other for a much greater length of time than they actually had. Bella told them of starting her own business a few years previous.

“Honestly, if it hadn’t been for my parents I never would have been able to. They helped me. I’ve always loved flowers and plants. Even though my father is Italian, my parents were hippies to the core, still are. I grew up on a sort of commune on the outskirts of town. I loved helping in the garden, getting my hands dirty and creating life. After a while, my parents started a co-op grocery store. It was very successful. It’s a chain of stores through Portland now, but they are still hippies at heart. They helped me with the start-up capital. I was extremely lucky to find the storefront I have. It is a great place, lots of foot traffic. I was able to pay them back in the first year.”

“Hippies, huh?” Aidan asked. “I guess that explains you not freaking out over the thought of having two men; especially two men who want each other as well as you. All that free love among hippies?”

Bella laughed. “That’s probably a big part of it, yes. My parents had a pretty open marriage when we were growing up. They were swingers and had lovers. There was no shame or taboo regarding sex in our family. Of course, my sisters and I never saw anything inappropriate, our parents weren’t pervs, but we were aware. My parents may have been open about sex, but they only loved each other. Still do. They are head over heels in love after all these years.”

“Sisters? How many?” Eli asked.

“Two, one older, one younger. Both are married with kids, pretty happily I might add. I’m an aunt to 5 nieces. Girls seem to run in our family.”

“Well, I for one am grateful for your upbringing. You’re lucky,” Eli told her, a look of sadness in his eyes.

“I hope you don’t mind, but Aidan told me you don’t speak to your family. I’m very sorry for that. I wish everyone were accepted for who they were. The world would be a better place.”

Before Eli could reply, his phone beeped, signaling a text message. “That’s Lina. She can get us in at 1:30. That’s only 20 minutes from now so we’d better go.”

“Who is Lina?” Bella asked.

“She’s the owner of our favorite little kink boutique. She’s very exclusive and only takes clients by appointment.”

“Kink boutique?”

“Yes, kink boutique. You know, bustiers, leather, fishnets, etc.”

“Oh. Will she have anything in my size?”

“Of course. You’ll understand when you see her.”

Aidan flagged down the waiter and took care of the bill while Aidan helped Bella into her sweater coat.

“Did you drive?” Aidan asked Eli.

“No, I walked. We can take your monstrosity.”

Bella snickered at the apt description of his giant SUV. Upon hearing it, Aidan smacked her ass. Bella gave out a little squeak and Aidan asked her, “What is so funny?”

“Absolutely nothing, Aidan. Whatever could you mean?” She asked, innocently batting her eyes at him.

“You are incorrigible,” he told her.

Eli took her elbow and guided her out of the restaurant, with Aidan close behind. They all climbed in the car, Bella taking the middle, sandwiched between them and they drove the short distance to Northwest Portland. Arriving in the trendy 21st Ave shopping district, Aidan had to circle the block that their destination was in several times before finding a spot large enough for his SUV.

Eli helped Bella out of the SUV and they walked part way up the block. When Aidan stopped in front of a stationary store, she looked up at him in confusion.

“Not there,” he said, “there.” Aidan pointed to a set of stairs she hadn’t noticed that led down to a basement storefront. There was a small sign on the door that said ‘Lina’ in small, neat script.

Walking down the steps, Aidan rang a bell. The person that answered the summons took Bella by surprise. ‘Lina’ was clearly a drag queen. A very large drag queen whom Bella adored instantly.

“Hello, boys,” Lina said with a warm smile. “Who is this gorgeous little creature you’ve brought me?” she asked ask she ushered them in.

“Lina, please meet Bella. Bella, Lina.” Eli introduced them. Bella took a moment to take in Lina, while Eli made introductions. She was a very large ‘woman’, probably close to six feet and 300 pounds. She wore a red kimono and her flaming red hair was piled a couple of feet up on her head. She certainly made an impression, but as much for her clearly warm attitude as for her size and flamboyance.

“Come on in, you sweet little thing,” Lina welcomed and taking her hand pulled her inside. The shop was as over the top as Lina was. Plush velvet sofas and chairs were scattered about. The walls were lined with mirrors, giving the space an appearance of being larger than it was. It was lit by several Chinese lanterns and pendent lighting, giving an overall intimate feel to the shop. At the back were several doors, some of which she Bostancı Yeni Escort assumed were dressing areas.

“If you call me little one more time, I just might kiss you,” Bella told Lina. Lina laughed, a laugh as big and hearty as she was.

Lina turned to Eli and Aidan and told them, “Oh boys, this one is a keeper. Please come in, have a seat. Can I get you anything? Coffee, tea or wine?”

“No thanks, Lina, we just came from lunch,” Aidan informed her. He and Eli took a seat on one of the burgundy velvet sofas.

“I pulled some things for you, then. You were right about her measurements. Good eye, Eli. Bella,” she said turning to her, “come with me and we will try some things on you.”

“And Bella,” Aidan told her. “Don’t concern yourself with price, this is our treat. And we’ll decide how much and what we buy you, understand?”

Bella lowered her eyes and nodded, secretly pleased. “I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Whatever you’d like.” With that Lina led her to the back to try on outfits.

Eli turned to Aidan. “Do you see what a natural she is? She was meant to be a sub. Every time she unknowingly does something like that, it’s such a fucking turn on.”

“Turns me on, too,” Aidan said.

“I can see,” Eli said with a pointed look at Aidan’s crotch, where a prominent bulge was displayed against his jeans.

“Hmm…why don’t you do more than ‘see’ it?” Aidan told him, a smoldering look of desire entering his eyes.

Eli reached over and grabbed a fistful of Aidan’s hair, jerking his head back before he slammed his mouth down on his with violent passion. The kiss was far from gentle, a hard clash of teeth and tongue. Usually, Aidan was the more dominant of the two, though both were tops, but today Eli was the aggressor. Eli pulled slightly back only to nip sharply at Aidan’s bottom lip. Aidan growled and reached for Eli, only to have Eli slap his hands away.

“No,” Eli told him. “Just take it.” He went back to fiercely kissing Aidan and reached down a hand to cup Aidan’s straining cock. Eli moaned. “Fuck you’re hard,” he praised, pulling back again. Eli directed Aidan to turn slightly so he could lean back into the corner of the sofa. When he did, Eli unsnapped and unzipped his jeans. “No underwear, good.” Reaching inside his jeans, he pulled Aidan’s cock out.

“You’re usually not this aggressive. She’s really getting to you, too, isn’t she?”

“Yes, she is,” Eli told him, giving his cock a couple of light pumps, making Aidan groan.

“Don’t tease,” Aidan ordered.

“Don’t order,” Eli retorted and leaned down to kiss Aidan again. He was leaned over Aidan, one hand braced on the back of the sofa, one hand pumping Aidan’s cock. Aidan had both his hands pressed into the sofa at his sides so he wouldn’t reach for Eli. In their present position, it wasn’t much effort at all for Eli to release Aidan’s mouth and lean down to suck the head of his cock into mouth. Aidan’s hips came up off the sofa with a loud groan.

“Fuck, Eli,” he muttered. Eli hummed his acknowledgement around Aidan’s cock. Eli sucked and licked the head of his cock, driving Aidan crazy with the need for Eli to take the whole thing down his throat. Aidan curled his fingers into the fabric of the sofa and grit his teeth. When Eli finally stopped torturing Aidan and took his whole cock in his mouth, Aidan gave a little groan of ecstasy. Eli gave several strong pulls on Aidan’s cock before lifting his head slightly to look Aidan in the eyes. Eli’s eyes burned with fire.

“I can taste her on you,” he told Aidan.

“Yes,” Aidan panted, resisting the urge to shove Eli’s head back down on his straining cock.

“How,” Eli demanded, bringing his hand up to stroke Aidan, giving a little twist with each downstroke.

“I ripped her top off, pushed her over the back of the couch and fucked her tight little cunt from behind.”

“Fuck,” Eli groaned before again lowering his head and sucking Aidan with a new fierceness. Aidan groaned as his hips bucked from the intensity of his lover. He closed his eyes and threw his head back, reveling in this new aggressive side of Eli and he found himself praying is stemmed from the addition of Bella. Aidan wanted to keep her and needed Eli to feel the same way. Eli continued with strong pulls on Aidan’s cock for several moments before they were interrupted by the clearing of a throat.

“Well, if that isn’t one of the sexiest fucking things I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is,” Lina’s gruff voice announced. Both men lifted and turned their heads to see Lina and Bella standing not ten feet from them. They both quickly took in the outfit Bella was wearing. She stood before them in an emerald green satin bustier that laced up the front. Her breasts were pushed so high they were in danger of bursting free. She wore a matching tiny g-string with a row of crystals running down the seam of her slit and thigh high black stockings with little bows on the top.

When Eli looked up into Bella’s eyes what he Bostancı Masaj Salonu saw there took his breath away. Rather than disgust or rejection he saw a desire so intense it surprised him. As a result of her intense arousal, Bella’s pupils were so large there was virtually no color left to her eyes. He could see her chest rising and falling as she panted for air. In that moment, Eli was almost sure he loved her.

“Lina, can we have the big room?” Eli asked, never taking his eyes from Bella’s.

“You buying?”

“Oh, we are definitely buying,” he responded.

“Then have at it, honey.” Turning to Bella she said,” Ooh, little girl, I so envy you right now. I’ll just head back to my office,” Lina said to no one in particular and turned and headed back through her office door.

Eli stood and stalked to Bella. She stood very still, feeling like prey. He simply grabbed her hand and began dragging her toward the back of the shop where several doors were located, leaving Aidan to scramble off the sofa and tuck himself back into his jeans before he followed. Aidan would have been amused at the new attitude of Eli’s if he hadn’t been so turned on. Eli opened one of the doors and dragged Bella inside, Aidan hot on his heels. When Aidan closed the door behind them, Eli pushed Bella roughly up against the wall.

Bella quickly darted her gaze around the room, taking in her surroundings. They were clearly in a large dressing room. It housed the ubiquitous velvet sofa and matching chair. There were several mirrors and a table with a large chest on it. Returning her eyes to Eli, she drew in a quick breath at the expression on his face. Desire so raw it was nearly primal, feral, had her belly clench with fierce desire and a rush of fluid soaked her new panties.

“You are in so much trouble, little girl,” he told her. “I have never seen a woman look fucking sexier than you do right now. Aidan, give me your belt.” Bella’s eyes widened. “Oh, not this time, princess. I have another use for it.” When Aidan handed him the belt, Eli wrapped it around Bella’s hands, binding her, before lifting them to a hook she hadn’t noticed above her head. Eli stepped back, admiring the sight.

“Fuck, she looks good,” Aidan praised before removing his shirt. Bella and Eli both admired the smooth muscles of his chest and abdomen. He looked beyond sexy, standing there shirtless with his pants undone; a girl’s, or boy’s, wet dream.

“Oh, I’m not through with you yet, Aidan,” Eli told him, grabbing the back of his head and bringing his mouth to Aidan’s for another fierce kiss. Bella, trapped, could only watch the two of them go at each other with a hot ferocity. She was awed at how differently they treated each other, as opposed to how they were with her. Bella felt another rush of fluid so strong it ran down her thigh, having completely saturated her panties. She watched as Eli and Aidan grappled with each other, both seemingly looking for the upper hand. Aidan grabbed the bottom of Eli’s t-shirt and ripped it off over his head. He brought his mouth back to Eli’s before running his hands all over Eli’s upper body. Eli moaned into Aidan’s mouth loud enough for Bella to hear, causing Bella to give a little moan of her own. Hearing this, the men broke apart and turned to Bella.

“No, don’t stop,” she encouraged them.

“No, but we can’t ignore our baby girl,” Aidan assured her. Bella felt very exposed, hanging there as she was. The position of her arms over her head pressed her breasts high and together; dangerously close to spilling over the top of her bustier. Aidan moved to stand in front of her and with very little effort freed her breasts from their confinement. Bella gasped as she felt the cool air hit her already hard nipples, making them almost painfully hard, poking straight out from her full breasts. “Look at that, Eli. How beautiful is she?”

“Very,” Eli replied, coming to stand next to Aidan. “You know, I don’t think we’ve paid nearly enough attention to the beauties. Let’s remedy that.” Following word with action, Eli palmed her breast and brought his mouth to her nipple. Bella stared down as Eli took her nipple between his teeth and bit down slightly. That small amount of pain sent bolts of lightning straight to her cunt. She groaned in the back of her throat, causing the corners of Eli’s mouth to lift in a self-satisfied smile. Looking up into her eyes, he released her nipple and asked her, “Do you like that princess?”

“God, yes,” Bella replied. “More, please.” Eli just smiled before engulfing her whole nipple in his mouth. Bella threw her head back, lost in the sensation of his tongue swirling and flicking her nipple.

“No, baby girl, watch,” Aidan said as her came up to stand next to Eli. Bella brought her head upright to see Aidan run his hand down Eli’s naked back in a surprisingly tender caress. That action sent her arousal level spiking and she let out a small whimper. Bella watched Eli lick, suck and nip at her nipples for several minutes before Aidan leaned an arm on the wall next to her and used his other hand to collar her throat. Between her bound hands, his hand on her throat and just the sheer magnitude of being surrounded by these two men, Bella felt completely controlled and it turned her on like nothing she had ever experienced before. “Look at me,” Aidan commanded softly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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