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You don’t get great benefits working in the bar/restaurant business. For most of my time in this crazy industry I had been a faithful boyfriend to 2 girls. My 7 year relationship ended on pretty good terms as a friend and I helped her move back to NY and we kind of kept in touch. The more recent 1.5 year gf really left me thrown for a loop. She had pursued me where we worked for months. I was the GM and she was a 25 year-old cocktail waitress. I was perfectly happy being unhappy but this girl would not take no for an answer. Don’t get me wrong I fucked her doors off but she wanted more. After I finally relented and fell in love with her things went off track. Her rich parents didn’t approve of me being 35 and my job status. Our sex life was great and she moved in to my house. After two kittens and lots of domestic bliss her parents told her to end it. I was devastated when she complied with their wishes.

Enough junk! I was single and running a pretty good bar/restaurant with plenty of fun to be had. But my heart wasn’t in it. Until Zara started. An ownership change at the restaurant left many of the workers jaded. Not Zara. She was full of life and really cool. One night a friend of mine was in from out of town and George brought his usual amount of craziness. George hooked up with Pamela (a girl staying in my house and very hot) and somehow Zara ended up driving me home. Zara was around 5’3″ with a tight compact body and a pretty face framed by short light brown hair. George tried hard to get some group sex started in the living room but somehow Zara and I ended up in my bedroom talking and making out. Since I was her boss I was reluctant to push things further despite my raging cock. Zara told me she sensed an inner-sadness in me that needed a sex hikayeleri big party to release it. It was really late and we fell asleep. We hadn’t talked about that night for a couple weeks and then on a crazy Wednesday Zara told me to stay open because she was bringing a couple friends in. I told her “of course.”

I kind of forgot about Zara because the night was a little nuts. This hot blonde was all over me but she had crossed over into the crazy, muttering, stuttering and staggering portion of her night. As I closed the last bartender out I heard a knock on the window. It was Zara with two girls. I got very lucky too. Diane, the bartender, knew the crazy blonde and hauled her out with her just as Zara and the girls came in. It never happens like that. There is usually 10 different things preventing you from having fun. Not tonight.

Gwen had dark red hair, a pretty face, perfect white skin, a hard body and a heart-shaped ass. Rhea had dark hair, a voluptuous body and olive skin.

Zara took control and asked me for some whisky shots. I am always impressed when girls ask for real shots so I poured 4 shots of Jameson. I also gave the girls strong local beer. After we downed the shot I quickly made sure we were locked in and out of sight from the streets. I didn’t expect anything at that point but it was great sitting at a table with 3 hot girls that were well-read and sexy at the same time. I found out that only Rhea had a sort-of-boyfriend and that everyone at the table knew that Zara and I had hooked up. Gwen persistently asked why I hadn’t tried to fuck Zara at my house. I finally laid it on the line and told them “I like to take my time with women. You youngsters might be used to guys that treat sex like fast food but porno hikayeleri I like to savor it. Taste it. Get lost in it.” I don’t know where that shit was coming from but they seemed impressed. Zara cut through the mystery like a hot knife through butter. Zara looked me deep in the eyes and said, “I want you to go downstairs to the office and eat Gwen. If you are as good as you say and Gwen comes you can fuck me on your desk while they watch. Rhea is kind of with someone but she may let you play with her asshole. That is if you’re up to it.”

If a girl wants to get the best a guy has in bed lay out a challenge. Fuck food and lingerie. Challenge. Without a word I got up and extended my hand to Gwen. I didn’t really know if it was on until she pushed her chair back and got up. She grabbed my hand and we headed toward the stairs. I told Zara and Rhea to drink anything they wanted but to not touch the phones or let anyone in no matter what. Zara smiled and said, “have fun boss.”

Gwen and I headed down to the secluded and Spartan basement office. I was thinking strategy when Gwen said, “You better bring it because I don’t cum easily.”

Something snapped inside of me. I had enough of being challenged. Had enough of feeling broken-hearted. Had enough of everything. The only thing I was focused on was getting Gwen naked and getting my tongue inside of her. I stripped her in no time and sat her in the reclining leather business chair. Her beautiful white skin was hot and she had just a slight landing strip above her clean shaven (or waxed) lips. Without so much as a kiss I got down on the cement floor and got between Gwen’s legs. I knew she expected a testosterone fueled tongue-fuck so I gently kissed her. Slowly and really gently seks hikayeleri I got next to her clit. She was going nuts. Finally I put my lips around her clit and snaked my tongue out as my lips suctioned. Gwen’s eyes rolled and she cried out. Her pussy tasted great. Knowing I had one go to move I ventured down and tasted her entire pussy. I even gently licked her perfect ass. Seeing the look in her eye and the way her hips were rotating I went back to her clit. By this time Gwen was ready. She exploded on my tongue and she came hard. It tasted sweet. I then went back to ever-so-gently touching her with just the tip of my tongue. I stood up (still wearing my pants: with bulge) and kissed her deeply. “Zara! Get down here and fuck Chris before I do!”

A second or two later we heard rumbling on the stairs and I knew Zara was not alone. Wow. I was ready. At 36 you have great control. The drinks help too. Gwen didn’t cover up and curled back in the office chair with a smile. Zara came in first and asked if I had done well. “Oh yeah. He earned it,” Gwen laughed. Rhea was a little wide-eyed as she surveyed the office. Zara came right to me and kissed me. I swear I saw stars as we kissed for what seemed like forever. I felt my pants being undone but I felt Zara’s hands still around me. I was surprised to see Rhea unbuckling me. Looking up at me and Zara she said, “I can still see some cock can’t I?”

Rhea got my pants off and I started to get Zara buck naked too. Zara looked so fucking hot. Out of nowhere Gwen commanded, “Zara bend over and let Chris fuck you from behind over the desk. Rhea suck that cock so it’s nice and hard for her.”

Without a word they did as she said. I looked at Zara’s bent over and then felt a fully-clothed Rhea slowly kissing my dick. After a few light licks Rhea went deep! With Zara bent over I was even harder than before. Rhea released me and guided me towards Zara. The second I was inside Zara I kicked myself for not fucking her at my house.

To Be Continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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