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I: New Beginnings

The gentle river filled the air with a soft “hushing” sound as it flowed over the smooth rocks. The water was cool, not unusual for this brisk autumn day. Jun dipped his hand into it, letting the water caress his pale skin. He often came here alone, especially if he needed to think, or escape the harsh troubles of reality. The serene setting was absolutely tranquil; the lush foliage now crisping into an array of yellows, reds and oranges complimented the browning of the grass just right.

Jun sighed. He was starting his senior year of high school at a brand new school in a brand new state. He knew absolutely no one in this fairly large city. Not that he had much to leave behind anyways; his old school life was a hazy blur. His small, pale body structure had earned him much names and insults from the more muscular guys and his shyness had kept him from making much friends. He peered into the river and stared at his reflection.

At eighteen years old, he looked more like a little twelve year old boy. But then again, most Asians often looked younger than what they really were. Jun sighed again. He was only half Japanese, half American, so his unique racial makeup had caused some narrow minded people to stray away.

“Maybe this is a blessing,” he mumbled to himself. “A new place to start fresh.”

He hopped to his feet, snapping out of his self wallowing in despair and marched straight back home, flopping on his bed. School started in two days; he needed to be ready – not that he was worried to begin with.

“Jun?” his mom called from downstairs. “Are you there?”

Jun gave a grunt of acknowledgement and peeked out of his room. “Yeah. Why?”

“Your father and I talked to the principal of your school. He says they have an excellent and wide array of classes!” she exclaimed. “You’re sure to excel there. Oh, and we reserved you a spot in a Japanese II class. Brush up on your skills.”

Jun’s mother was white, but spoke fluent Japanese. His father was a Japanese-English translator, so naturally, he’d be able to speak both fluently. Jun, on the other hand, barely knew anything, only a few Hiragana characters here and there.

“Come on!” his father cried out. “Let’s go take a tour of your school! It’s open house tonight! Hurry!”

Jun groaned. He didn’t like the sharp tone his parents used with him, and was nervous about stepping foot on that campus. But after minutes of protesting, he finally gave in and went to look at Eastwood High’s campus.

It was enormous and clean! Palm trees decorated the campus with tall sandy brick buildings; it looked like a beachside resort instead.

“Maybe this won’t be so bad,” Jun said to himself as he navigated the crowded walkway. He looked around and was amazed at the diversity. Jocks, scholars, Goths, skaters, anime fans, etc. – he absorbed them all. Smiling a little, he walked into the main building to retrieve his schedule.

It was really noisy in the lobby with chattering students gossiping about the latest trends and rumors. He approached the lady at the desk with a small forced smile.

“Hi. Koda. Jun Koda.”

The lady flickered through the stack of papers until she found his. “Senior? Wow! You look young!”

Jun smiled although beneath his innocent exterior was a violent little kid furiously cursing the lady. He hated being called “young, cute, innocent,” or anything related to his appearance. He knew he looked like a kid with his smooth, milky skin and adorable face that random strangers couldn’t resist pinching, but that irritated him to no end. Of course, his shyness prevented any of that from showing.

So instead, he kindly took his schedule from her hands and walked away. He studied his classes and locations, committing them all to memory. Jun was blessed with a near perfect memory. He was able to see something once, memorize it, and move on. It was the reason he excelled through school quickly.

He tossed his schedule in the trash can and turned to walk away, before bumping into solid wall. That solid wall, however, was actually the well muscled back of a tall, handsome jock, dressed in fancy Abercrombie clothes.

Jun was shocked and looked up to apologize heavily, only to be stopped by a handsome face that stole his breath away.

“Hi,” the wall said, extending out a hand. “You lost? Everwood Middle is just down the road.” He pointed to a building not too far from here.

Jun quickly snapped back to reality. “No, I’m not,” he replied in a firm voice. “I go here. I’m a senior.”

The jock’s eyes widened with shock. “Really?!” He turned to call his other equally handsome friends. “Hey guys! This kid’s a senior!”

Jun looked away. He already knew what would follow – endless teasing about him needing a bottle of milk or a pacifier. They were all incredibly hot, but their attitude would turn him off.

As the group of handsome jocks approached him, he must’ve let some of the anger to the surface, for the first guy took notice.

“Hey don’t scowl like that,” he said gaziantep escort in a reassuring voice. “You’ll wreck your skin. My name’s Aaron. With two A’s.” He laughed in a low sexy voice.

Jun blushed. “I’m Jun.”

The two shook hands as his Aaron’s friends came over.

Instead of teasing him like Jun anticipated, they instead merely introduced themselves as Zac, Josh, and Nathan. The four handsome guys towered over the 5’3 Jun. They were all much taller than him.

They made small talk, asking him where he came from, what he liked to do, and what kind of girls he liked. Jun shrugged his shoulders to evade that last question though. He was gay and was not prepared to tell such guys that he was.

‘Ask me what I like in a guy though,’ he thought to himself. ‘I’ll ride all of you in an instant!’

The four jocks then shook hands with Jun again and dismissed themselves.

“Well,” Jun said, surprised at the unexpected friends he made, “that was nice.”

II: Matthew Herring

The bell rang loudly at 7:15 am. Homeroom was now in session. They went over the basics – bell scheduling, tardies, punishment, code of ethics, etc. Jun wasn’t paying any attention to it. He scanned his eyes around his class to find any eye candy. None. Most, if not all, the guys in his homeroom were your typical rough looking thugs.

He sighed. ‘Why couldn’t these guys be like Travis Owens Parker?’ Jun thought.

He pulled out his latest Starship Enterprises magazine from his backpack, filled with the latest technology from the hottest company, which happened to be owned by the hottest man on earth. Travis graced the cover of the magazine with his seductive smile, flashing the perfect white teeth, contrasting his nice golden tan skin.

‘Oh! I’m pretty sure he’s a beast in bed, too,’ Jun thought as he put it away.

The bell rang, snapping him out of his erotic thoughts. Jun closed his eyes, recalling his first block class. ‘Swimming I. Gymnasium.’

He groaned. Jun hated any physical education classes, mainly because of his insecurity of his small frame compared to the bigger and more athletic bodies. He wasn’t scrawny, though. Just lean.

He walked into the gym and took a seat on the bleachers, secluded. He watched as more people came in. Expecting the teacher to be some old fat butt, he scanned the entire gym for anyone who looked even anything like a teacher. No one. Only young handsome jocks walked in.

The bell rang again, signaling the end of the class change period. Jun looked around.

‘Yes!’ Jun thought and smiled. ‘Only 6 people in my class! And … from the looks of it, they’re all hot guys! Really hot guys.’

Jun bit his lip to hide his excitement. Contrary to his innocent looks, Jun was actually a very naughty kid, filling his head with erotic thoughts of men almost 24/7.

“Where’s the teacher?” he asked softly to no one in particular.

There were three jocks laughing and chatting amongst themselves, with one listening to music and the other devastatingly handsome one writing something down on a clipboard.

Jun knew that that one clearly was the hottest. His short spiky brown hair went well with his naturally tan skin. He was tall too. He put his clipboard down and walked to the lines on the floor, blowing his whistle.

“Alright!” he yelled in a sexy, deep, commanding voice. “Seems like no one else is showing so let’s get the show started!”

‘What an asshole,’ Jun thought. ‘Why are all the hot ones such asses? Look at him! He thinks he runs the place. Psh. Let’s see him get in trouble with the teacher.’

The sexy man gripped his hands together. “My name is Matthew Herring. You can call me Coach Herring or you can call me Matthew, Matt. Whichever you prefer.”

Jun’s mouth dropped. THAT was the teacher!

“I’m 24,” Matthew continued on, “uh, graduated college not too long ago, and uh, sports are my passion! That does it for my intro. You there!” He pointed towards an isolated Jun. “Come on down! Let us hear ya!”

Jun gulped nervously. His shyness returned and threw any perverted thoughts out. He slowly rose from his seat and walked down.

“Hey! There’s the little guy!”

Jun turned to his other four classmates: Josh, Zac, Nathan, and Aaron. He relaxed a bit, knowing that his classmates weren’t total strangers.

Jun took in a deep breath before speaking. He was shy, so his voice wasn’t booming and charismatic like Matt’s.

“I’m Jun Koda. Half Japanese, half American. Um, I like reading and -.”

Matt interrupted his introduction. “Come on, dude! Louder! Speak with thunder!”

Jun blushed, which was very apparent against his pale skin. He spoke again with a slight raise in volume. “And I can’t swim.”


Nodding, Matthew patted him on the back, nearly knocking the wind out of him. “Alright, thank you … Jun. Nice to know you can’t swim. Well don’t worry. I’ll fix that reeaal soon.”

Jun walked back to his seat blushing harder than ever. Matt’s deep sexy voice kept repeating in his head, especially with those playful words. The rest of his classmates introduced themselves, but Jun only focused on Matt’s handsome face. He had a big thing for tan guys, and Matt was no exception.

His tan looked natural, unlike the horrible salon induced ones. Every time he smiled, he showed his white teeth, with unusually pronounced canine teeth, like cute little fangs. ‘This guy,’ Jun thought, ‘this guy might actually be my Travis Owens Parker.’

III: Better Times

A week had passed since school started. Everyone was already acquainted with their classes and teachers and classmates. Jun was. Despite his small, petite frame, he really enjoyed Swimming class. Mainly because Matt’s voice and presence hypnotized him.

“Hey! Jun!”

The booming voice snapped Jun out of his trance. Matthew was walking over to the dazed boy. Towering over him, he glared down.

“Daydreaming, much?” Matt asked sarcastically. “Maybe you’d like to run some laps. I understand it’s the morning time, but come on! Enough with the laziness!”

Jun looked down, trying to hide his blushing embarrassment. “I’m sorry, Coach Herring,” he replied meekly.

The teacher shook his head slowly. “Nah, that doesn’t sound right coming from you. Just call me Matthew. Or Matt.”

Jun looked up, happy to be on a first name basis with such a hot man. “Okay!”

Matt smiled, showing his cute little white fangs. “Rise, kiddo. It’s lap time.”

Aaron and the other jocks snickered playfully at Jun’s unfortunate predicament.

Jun was confused. “What? Why? I’m not dozing off anymore! Or daydreaming!”

Matt frowned. “I don’t like back talking. Ten laps around the gym. If you walk, it’s an extra five for you!”

Jun got up and started to protest but stopped. He knew it would be pointless. Starting off in a slow steady pace, he went faster; his slim body prancing across the glossy floor.

Matt turned to the other guys. “Alright, through that door over there is the pool. I want you gentlemen to get in and I’ll be there in a sec, alright?”

Aaron and his buddies nodded while heading out, leaving Jun alone with Matt. As Jun glanced over to Matt, he swore he could’ve seen a small smirk creep across Matt’s sharp handsome face.

‘Maybe it was my imagination,’ Jun thought as he ran. ‘Wow, that guy is hot.’

Matt picked up his papers and clipboard off the bleachers and headed into his office off to the side. It was a while before he came back out, dressed in white swim shorts and a white skin tight tank top. Jun nearly tripped over himself at the sight.

He couldn’t help but gawk at the marvelous man before him. The white went well with his tan skin. And those arms!

‘My god!’ Jun thought. ‘Those are some hot arms! I wonder what it would be like to be thrown around by him?’

Jun gasped as he felt his pants tighten. He purposely tripped, trying to hide his Matthew Herring induced erection.

Matt turned and walked over, making sure he was alright. “You okay, kiddo?”

Jun bit his lip. He loved it when Matt called him that. “Yeah, just tripped. I’ll be fine.”

Matt’s face turned into one of worry. “Hey look, you can stop now. If you’ve learned your lesson in daydreaming, that is.” He chuckled in a low and gentle voice.

Jun smiled and returned the laugh. “Yes sir, I think I have. Can I go now?”

Matt nodded slightly and patted him on the back. “Get in the pool, kiddo.”

Beaming now, Jun got up and walked side by side with Matt. He towered over him. “God, you’re tall,” Jun admired.

“I’m only 6’1,” Matt replied, not even glancing at him. “Still pretty short.”

Jun shook his head. “You look fine to me.” He instantly regretted saying it. ‘Why did I say that?!’ he thought to himself. ‘Now he’s gonna think I’m some creep!’ He looked up to see if Matt had noticed anything. ‘Judging from the nonchalant look on his face, I’d say not,’ Jun thought and smiled.

IV: The Attendance Lady

Jun walked into the pool to find Aaron, Zac, Josh, and Nathan had already shed their clothes off and hopped in. Although they were all well built and handsome, Jun thought they had nothing on Matt. He shed his clothes as well, revealing his pale and slender body.

As he slid into the pool, he could’ve sworn the other guys had stopped talking and stared for split second. They resumed afterwards, although on a quieter scale. Matt walked in with a bunch of posters held tightly under his magnificent arms. He set them up on a stand nearby.

“Alright!” his loud voice boomed, echoing in the dimly lit pool. “I don’t have anything special planned right now, ’cause my lesson plans are currently at home. So here!” He pointed to the various posters with swimming postures and techniques on it. “Try to see if you all can do of these for the moment. I’m gonna run back to my office. I’ll be back in a bit.”

After Matt exited, the other guys started playing around. Since they already knew how to swim, they merely goofed off, completely ignoring Jun and the posters.

Feeling a bit grumpy, Jun climbed out of the shallow end, dried himself off with a towel and marched right back into Matt’s office. He stopped outside the narrowly opened door as he heard another voice in there. A female voice.

“Come on, Matt!” the woman said, almost in a begging manner. “We’re only young once!”

Jun heard Matt chuckle in that low and sexy way. “That’s true. Can I get back to you on this? I got a class right now.”

“But aren’t they in the pool?” Jun recognized this voice now. It was the same as the lady who gave him his schedule on open house.

“Yeah. But still, there’s not enough time right now for one,” Matt replied, almost in a stern and commanding tone.

The woman huffed. “Fine. But I want it soon!” With that, Jun heard heels clicking on the floor, nearing the door.

Panicking, Jun ran back down the hall to the entrance doors of the pool, making it seem like he just came from there. The woman walked out of Matt’s office and smiled as she saw Jun walking up.

“Oh! Hello there!” she called out. She bent down a little, resting her hands on her knees as if she was talking to a short little kid. “Remember me?”

‘Hell yeah,’ Jun thought angrily to himself but put on a sweet innocent face. “Of course! You work at the front desk!”

The woman smiled beautifully. “Yes! My name is Ms. Landon. I actually work as the attendance coordinator, so if you have any attendance issues, you know who to see!”

Ms. Landon turned and walked out of the gym, leaving an angry and somewhat jealous Jun behind. ‘I don’t know what you were talking about,’ Jun thought, ‘but stay away from him!’

Jun walked into Matt’s office and found sitting in his chair behind a large black metal desk. A look of slight discomfort covered his once glowing face. “Hey, kiddo!” Jun could tell his enthusiasm was forced, but decided to ignore it.

“I need help, Matt,” Jun begged, putting on his best ‘cute kid’ face.

Matt smiled, flashing those sexy fangs that drove Jun wild. “With swimming? Oh yeah, you couldn’t swim.” He looked down, as if he was pondering something. “Okay, give me a few minutes alone, alright? I’ll be right out to help you.” He winked at Jun, which made the petite boy’s heart flutter.

Jun walked out of his office, shutting the door behind him. He knew exactly what Matt was going to do. ‘Relieve his hardness’. He desperately wanted to stay and try to sneak a peek, but wanted to surprise himself. He forced himself to walk away and push those thoughts out of his mind.

True to his word, minutes later Matt arrived with a rather flushed look on his face but at least the look of discomfort was gone. Jun was a little sad. He wanted to so badly give Matt a “helping hand”.

V: What’s Wrong?

“Can I talk to you after school?” Jun asked Matt shyly one Friday.

“After school? I don’t see why not,” Matt answered, smiling.

Jun forced himself to look away. He was NOT going to be unintentionally seduced by his prey. “It’s about my swimming progress.”

Matt nodded. “Okay. Well stop on by and we’ll see what we can work out.”

For some reason, Jun felt that Matt was not talking about swimming when he said that. Jun smiled. “Sure.” His plan had worked. Getting Matt all alone and to himself. He was going to slyly seduce him there.

That day, Jun couldn’t wait for the dismissal bell to ring. When it finally rang, Jun bolted out of class and dashed down to the gym. He opened the door and eagerly walked to Matt’s office, trying his best to contain his beating heart.

As he got closer to his office, Jun could hear Ms. Landon’s voice again. For some reason, that irked Jun to no end. He wanted to go in there and punch her in the face, but what good would that do? The woman had done nothing wrong, only a little harmless flirting.

Listening closely, he strained his ears to hear.

“I can’t wait for tonight,” Ms. Landon said, almost seductively.

Jun knew instantly what they were up to.

“You’ll have to earn this!” Matt replied in an equally seductive tone.

Ms. Landon giggled before hushing herself. “I’d better get going. Some of these pesky kids keep coming after school to fix their records.” She sighed as if she was annoyed of her job.

Jun heard the door click open and immediately ran away, hiding behind the ridiculously large trash cans. From behind, he peeked his eyes out. He saw Ms. Landon and Matt, talking some more before she left. Jun waited until she left the gym and Matt returned to his office.

Jun pounded on his door with his small fist. Matt opened it and smiled, dazzling Jun with his sky blue eyes.

“Hey, kiddo!” Matt greeted happily. “You ready?”

‘Yes. Yes I am. Ready to ride you, that is,’ Jun thought. “Yep! I just need some more practice on how to actually float in the pool.”

Matt laughed. “Well get in! I’ll review the basics with you again.”

As they walked towards the pool, Jun decided to get personal with him. “Do you have a girlfriend, Matt?”

Matt smiled. “No, not anymore. Back in college we were inseparable, but now it’s just gone down the drain.”

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