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He looked a the message on his phone as he made his way through the airport.

‘Hello 26. My flight lands in three hours. Be at the bar in concourse A.’

He was a half an hour early and was not going to miss out again. It had been three weeks since she last texted him. Three weeks since he could not make it. Three weeks of waiting. Waiting for release. Three more weeks of wondering if he’d be granted relief along with release.

His excitement quickly morphed into apprehension as he rounded the corner and seen that she was already seated in the bar. He swallowed hard as he had to force his body to start walking again.

His eyes locked in on her gaze as he walked up to her table. “Mistress, I thought you said three hours.” he stammered out, his voice almost quaking.

“Calm down counselor. My flight was early. Besides I don’t have much time so we’ll have to set things straight right here.” She motioned to the chair next to him. “Sit!”

He hoisted himself up onto the tall seat that was just inside the entrance. Although the airport itself was well lit, as were most, the inside of the bar was not. “Please let me explain. . .”

“Shh!” she put her finger to her lips. “I texted you where and when right?”

“Yes, but. . .”

“But nothing counselor. You knew the rules, right?”


“Was I not clear?”

“No, You were very clear, but I was in court. . . The judge. . . I just couldn’t. . .”

“No, of course not. So you chose to wait.” He demeanor was calm and reassuring. “Three long weeks. Never knowing when I would call again. . . Tsk, tsk, tsk. . . Well, I’m here now.”

“I wanted to. . .”

“Counselor, please. Stop. You’re going to talk yourself out of your orgasm if you don’t stop.”

She watched as he tried to calmed himself down. Actually he was more quiet than calm, fighting the anticipation of relief.

“Now. You missed our last meeting, but you should have had something to give me, no?”

“Oh, yes. Right.” He flipped his briefcase up onto the table and pulled out a small envelope. He slid it across the table to her.

She placed it in her purse and sipped her drink. “Now this meeting.”

He had expected this and slid the second envelope across the table.

Without opening that one either she put it away. “Now there’s the matter of my time. Pain and suffering. Damages, right. As a lawyer you can understand that compensation is in order. Five minutes you owe me.”

“I understand.” He didn’t, but he wasn’t in a position to question her. Not now.

“I hope you do. My time is valuable and when it’s wasted then there is less time to care for my pets. Less time for my pets means that I am now neglecting them.” She paused to gauge his reaction, which was on the surface blank, but she could smell his fear. “Neglecting them because of you. Now I’m sure this was not premeditated. . . At least I hope it wasn’t. . .” He shook his head quickly. “So the charge is 33 counts of neglecting pets, plus” She held up a finger. “33 counts of obstructing chastity administration.”


“Yes, counselor 33. Is that a problem?”

“No! I. . . It’s. . . Uh. . .”

“I should hope not. Now, that’s 66 counts that each carry a sentence of one month of sexual solitary confinement without the possibility of release and one session of corrective reeducation.”

His head was spinning. Five years of chastity. He knew better than to wonder if she was serious. He let out a deep breath as he thought about corrective reeducation, which was simply code ardahan escort for corporal punishment. “Mistress, please. I’m begging you.”

“You should beg. You need to understand how important my time is.”

“I do, really I do. There was no way to contact you.”

“So it’s my fault?”

“NO! Please. I’m sorry!”

They both paused. She could tell he was scared. really scared at what she had planned. “Would you be willing to plea bargain?”


“Plea bargain counselor. Yes or no?”

‘Anything had to be better than five years of chastity. Or could it.’ he thought. “Yes.”

“How do you plead?”

His heart was pounding. “Guilty.”

She slapped her hand on the table so hard it caused him to jump. “Guilty! Now to sentencing. Punishment is one month of sexual solitary confinement for every minute of my time that you wasted. At the end of each month you will be provided a five minute release for sexual relief. Failure to satisfy your probation will cause me to reimpose your 66 month sentence.”


“Really counselor?” she quipped mockingly. “Over the next five months I am only going to release you once a month for only five minutes. During that five minutes you follow my instructions and you need to be locked back up at the end of that five minutes. . . Or else!”

It didn’t seem that bad he thought. It could be worse, a lot worse. “I understand.”

A wicked smile spread across her face. “Good. Lets get started then.” She slid his key across the table. “Unlock yourself.”


“I said lets get started. Unless of course you’d rather stay locked up. . . For a very long time. Again.”

He words struck home. “Here?”

“Oh, come on. You love the thrill of jerking off in public. . . Don’t you?!”

He did. To a fault. It was an uncontrollable desire before she came along. And that’s how they met. She had did a friend a favor and ended up on his red eye flight. After everyone had gone to sleep, or so he thought, he went to the back of the plane, sat on one of the crew jump seats and proceeded to masturbate. He loved to do it, for what ever reason, he really didn’t know. The risk, the thrill, the chance or perhaps all of it. However this time he was not alone. She was on the other side of the plane with a curtain drawn. Planning her next move when she heard him groaning.

She quickly filmed the event and when he went to the bathroom to clean up she quickly went to his seat and took his tablet. He returned to his seat and in the frantic few minutes he spent looking for it she had found out everything she needed to know about him and how to control him.

His smart phone buzzed with a new text. “Loved your little show. You can pick up your tablet at lost and found when we land. In the meantime I’d like to see you jack-off again.”

So it began for him. He recorded himself in the bathroom before they landed. Then at home. At the gym. Restaurants. She even had him sneak into judges chambers and jack off on the desks. All this without ever seeing her, but always granting her requests. Yet he did it, every time. Occasionally she would send him a pic of her well manicured feet, which she knew was his weakness. Soon after that she sent him a video of her feet ‘jerking off’ a lifelike dildo. “Soon this could be you.” she said.

That was all she needed. He willingly carried out her next video requests of opening up his coworkers lunches and masturbating over them. Telling her how good his jizz was going to taste on their food. He never artvin escort actually came on their food, the clip always ended right before he came. After almost 20 clips of masturbating over his coworkers food she made him film himself cumming into his own lunch one day and wrapping it back up.

After the last video she finally let him meet his sexual tormentor. Over a simple dinner at his place she spun her web. Slowly and carefully she gained his obedience and compliance. Soon he was naked, laying down on the floor in front of her as she sat on his couch. Her stocking clad feet caressing his body.

Soon he was begging her to stroke him with her feet, but her calm and cool demeanor held him in check. “I will pleasure you when I am ready. Or rather when I feel you are ready.”

“Please I’m ready.”

She leaned over and smiled. “You’re not even close to being ready.”

“Please, I am.”

“OK, Let’s find out how ready you are!” She messaged his balls with one foot and then tugged down on them causing his cock to stand straight up. With her other foot she swirled her big toe around his head. Soaking up the thick beads of pre-cum. She then slowly moved that foot over his mouth like a crane and held it over his mouth.

He watched as her foot with a large drop of precum hanging from her toe move lower towards his mouth.

He pursed his lips and shook his head no quickly.

“Aw! My pet doesn’t like his cock juice. . . That’s too bad!” she cooed mockingly. “Well I guess you’re not ready.”

She stood up and left him there. He lay there for quite sometime wondering what was next. Only after his erection had disappeared did she come back. “Get up!”

As he stood up she tossed something at him. “That goes on. . . and stays on until you’re ready!”

He looked down at the chastity device and began to put it on. Once on she snapped the lock in place she giggled mischievously “Mm! Let’s see how long it takes before you’re really ready.” She gave his balls a gentle massage before squeezing them as she stepped closer and let the smile slide from her face. “Trust me it will be a while.”

And it was. The messages. The waiting. The teasing and torment. The gifts, or blackmail, depending on how you looked at it. It was just like the others he didn’t really know about.

The tapping of the key on the table shook him to the present. “Unlock yourself.”

He fumbled with himself as discreetly as possible and given his location privacy was next to impossible. The bar to one side, smoked glass looking out to the terminal on the other. The wide and spacious opening to his front and a room full of patrons to his back. He gave her back the key when he was done.

She slid a plastic cup across the table. “I’ll be back in five minutes. This will be full and the lock will be back on. . . Or else.” She stood up and walked to the ladies room at the back of the bar.

He slid off the tube as he looked around him to see if anyone was watching. He closed his eyes and let out a sigh of relief as his cock instantly responded to its new found freedom. He thought of all the times she unlocked him, teased him with her feet and denied him. All because she said he was not ready. He also thought of the three times over the last year that she ruined his orgasm with her beautiful stocking clad feet. All because she said he was not ready.

He hadn’t even realized his hand was already under the table, sliding across his shaft. He fought the urge to stroke as fast as he could, not wanting to draw any ataköy escort attention to himself. He struggled to keep his eyes open and watch his surroundings, wanting to close his eyes and imagine her finally finishing off all of the foot jobs she had tortured him with.

His fingers soon found that sensitive spot just under his head. A wave a heat surged through his body as his legs began to quiver and tingle. He didn’t know how long he’d been stroking and at this point he didn’t care. His cum boiled and churned inside his aching balls. His cock stiffened and swelled as it prepared for the immanent eruption of pent up cum. He grabbed the cup and held it in front of his cock.

‘Yes. Yes. Fuck yes.’ he thought to himself. His eyes fluttered as his climax began to consume him.

“Another drink for the lady sir?”

He shuddered as his dick spurt its load, then he froze as he was ripped out of his state of bliss by the waitress who had walked up on him. He knew she had to know. Mistress had sent her he thought. Now here he was awkwardly leaning in over the table with both is arms under it. Caught with a stupid look on his face. “Uh, yes, please.”

He watched as she walked off. His orgasm ruined. The mood lost. His excitement turned to fear and apprehension as his felt his raging hard-on wither in his hand. He felt his heart skip a beat as he looked down at the table and seen the tube sitting there right in front of him. His mind began to cloud with panicked thoughts as he knew time was ticking away.

He put the cup down on her chair and struggled to re-cage himself before the waitress or mistress came back.

The lock went back on, but it was almost impossible to put it back in his pants without standing up. He picked up the cup just as mistress returned, followed closely by the waitress who delivered her drink and moved on.

“Show me.”

The implication was understood. He rose up and faced her, his caged cock sticking out of his suit. She jiggled the lock and chuckled softly. “Bye, bye.” she said mockingly. She then looked up at him. “Close up.”

He tucked everything back in and sat down. She then slid his cup across the table to him. “Now lets see if your ready to reduce your sentence with some good behavior.”

He looked at the cup and knew excatly what she meant.

She held up her glass. “Shall we?”

He held up his cup.

She tapped her glass to his cup. “Here’s to being ready. Bottoms up.” She was grinning devilishly as he brought his cup up to his lips.

“To being ready.” he mumbled. He flung his head back as if doing a shot of liquor. However the milky viscous juice slowly took its time sliding into his parted lips. It was an agonizing wait for the cup to empty. His briny cum coating his tongue and filling his mouth.

He coughed as he put the empty cup dawn and looked around. Nothing. He had nothing to drink. He had now realized she had not ordered for him, nor did the waitress ask him if he wanted something.

Her movements caught his attention. She was standing and gathering her things.

“Very good counselor. You keep this up and you’ll earn yourself something very special. Now I’ve got a flight to catch, so if you could take care of my tab I’d appreciate it.” She stepped in and brushed her hand on his cheek. “You should be very, very generous with the tip. I wouldn’t want the waitress calling airport security about you masturbating in front of her.”

He stood there, frozen in place as she walked past him. “I’ll call you.” He smacked his lips at the taste of his own cum still lingering in his mouth and took out his wallet as the waitress approached.

She chuckled to herself as she made her way back to her terminal. She had one more flight to catch. Her flight home. Not just to rest, but to plan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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