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Cold Meat 2:
Slippery when wet


He kept telling himself, at least it’s a job. Spencer Drake had spent more than enough of the last few years on the unemployment line, or worse yet, standing in line at a soup kitchen. There were plenty worse jobs than pushing corpses around the morgue, at least that’s what he kept telling himself.
At the moment, he was pushing some old dead fart from ICU down to the meat locker. The old guy came in that morning complaining of chest pains, well, he wasn’t having them anymore! Spencer couldn’t help chuckling at his own wit. At least he wasn’t laughing out loud at his own private joke, as he too often did. People tended to look at him funny when he did that. Everyone at the hospital seemed to think just cause you worked with the corpses you were supposed to be all somber and reverent.
Spencer was always careful to not make faces or crack jokes around the grieving family. Once he was in the back halls or better yet, down in the morgue it was a different story. The Doctor in charge of the morgue even cracked a few funny ones now and then himself, he claimed that there was something wrong with anyone who couldn’t find a little gallow’s humor in this line of work. That was fine with Spencer, his friends had always told him he had a sick sense of humor.
Pushing the gurney onto the small service elevator, he sidled in next to it and pressed the third sub-basement button. Alone for a few minutes, Spencer couldn’t resist trying something. Lifting the sheet off the body, he reached under the flimsy gown and grabbed the old guy’s penis and began jerking it up and down. He wasn’t gay or anything, he kept telling himself, he just wanted to see a corpse with a hard-on just once! He’d seen it on the internet. There was this twisted site where this good looking chick was always doing corpses, sometimes when she was doing guys they’d get erections. His friends figured it was all just faked, but he’d seen enough dead people to know the real thing when he saw them.
The guy’s penis was small, and it was hard to get a grip on it. Spencer watched the elevators progress as it slowly descended. It didn’t look like he was going to have any luck, the guy was as flaccid as a wet noodle. That girl seemed to mostly get their cocks hard with her mouth, but there was no way in Hell he was doing that!Suddenly, Spencer felt something warm and wet splashing on his hand.
“Shit!” he yelped, pulling his wet hand out from under the sheet. The guy’s bladder had let loose, piss quickly soaked the white sheet. Unfortunately he’d seen this plenty of times. He was wiping his hand off on the corner of the sheet when the chime sounded and the elevator doors slid open. The hall was empty at least. Pushing the gurney out he turned right and banged open the double doors leading into the morgue.
“Watch it Spence!” yelled Idria Johnson, jumping out of the way at the last second. Idria was a hot little black girl who worked in the Family Services department. She was the newest girl in the department, so of course she got stuck with the onerous task of cataloguing the recently deceased and co-ordinating with the families and the physicians.
“Sorry, Idria,” said Spencer, trying hard not to be too obvious as he stared at her cleavage. She was wearing a thin, white blouse that was showing it off quite well. For a petite woman, she had the tits and ass of one of those hot, rap-video booty girls. “I guess I got in a hurry, got a leaker here!”
Idria looked over at the corpse and grimaced, “he pissed himself?” she asked.
“Yeah,” he said, trying to affect an air of worldly knowledge. “They do that sometimes, before rigger sets in the muscles in the body still relax and contract every now and then.” He pulled the wet sheet off to throw it in the linen bin. Too late he realized he’d forgot to pull the gown back down.
Idria’s eyes widened for a moment in surprise, then of all things, she giggled. “Somebodies got an awfully small dingle-dangle there!” She held her thumb and index finger about an inch apart and squinted at the corpses small cock. “I feel sorry for his wife.”
“Maybe he’s a grower, not a shower,” said Spencer.
“You think so?” Idria said, still staring at the man’s penis.
Grab it and find out, that’s what Spencer wanted to say so badly. He couldn’t count the times he’d had fantasy sex with Idria while he jerked himself off. In the end though, all he had the nerves to say was, “they say a corpse can get hard-ons, I’ve never seen it happen though.”
Idria lifted her eyebrows in mock surprise, turning to head out the double doors she said over her shoulder, “if you ever get an erection…”, she giggled again, a sound like bubbling water, “I mean if a corpse ever gets an erection, call me. That’s something I’d like to see!”
As the double doors banged closed, Spencer stood there mutely, his mouth hanging open in shock and surprise. If he didn’t know any better he’d swear that ‘sexy’ Idria was just flagrantly flirting with him. As a matter of fact, he was certain of it! He was in such a good mood, he didn’t even mind cleaning piss off the gurney after transferring Mr. Smith to his locker.

Two weeks had passed, and finally a situation arose that Spencer felt was deserving Sex hikayeleri of taking a risk on. The body of a black male had come in at the very end of the day, Spencer was the last one left downstairs with instructions to get him stored away before leaving. Picking up the phone, he dialed the extension of the Family Services office. A voice he didn’t recognize answered, and he asked for Idria. The voice asked him to wait, and he was put on hold to listen to the monotonous looping ad for the hospital.
He hadn’t spoken with Idria since the day she’d been flirting with him. They’d passed each other in the halls a few times, and he’d felt each time as if they were sharing a secret smile. Now he had to wonder though if he’d only just imagined it all. Maybe all of it had only been part of one of his many fantasies about Idria. He was about to hang up when the line clicked and Idria’s voice asked him what she could do for him.
“Idria,” he said, and had to clear his throat which was suddenly quite dry. “This is Spencer, down in the morgue, I just came across some information about one our deceased patients that I thought you should be made aware of.”
“All right,” replied Idria, “we were just getting ready to close up for the night, but I guess I can stop in before leaving. I’ll be down shortly.”
The line clicked dead. Spencer replaced the receiver in it’s cradle, his hand slightly shaking. He hoped he wasn’t just imagining Idria’s interest. If so, he’d probably be looking for a new job tomorrow morning.
The wait seemed like forever, but finally Idria poked her cute little head into the morgue. “Spence!” she said when she saw him, “are you alone?”
“Yeah,” he replied, “come on in.” She came in, closing the door quietly behind her. She nearly bounced across the floor to Spencers side and whispered excitedly, “where is it!”
Spencers face split in a wide grin, he hadn’t been wrong. “This way,” he said, “I’ve got a back room with a door that locks.” Idria bounced up and down like an excited little girl as they walked back through the morgue, it did wonderful things with her cleavage! At the back of the room, he opened the door to the storage area and ushered her through into the darkness. He closed the door before flipping on the light.
Idria squealed out loud, then said more quietly, “kind of spooky knowing we’re in the dark with a dead body.” She reached out and grabbed Spencer’s hand in hers. Her skin was warm and dry, a hint of lavender wafted up to his nose. He warned her to cover her eyes just before he flipped the lights on, and then they were bathed in brilliant, glaring light. Idria opened her eyes and stared around in wonder, except for the stacks of boxes, she’d have sworn they were standing in one of the surgery suites. She looked questioningly at Spencer.
“This is the old autopsy room,” he said in answer to her unasked question. “Up until a few years ago they used to do their own autopsies here, now they get farmed out to the University hospital, so the students can get on-the-job training.”
In the middle of the room sat a gurney beneath one of those bright, industrial operating lights. The shape of a body could be seen beneath a crisp, white sheet. Idria looked at the still form in disappointment. “Did I miss it,” she asked. “There’s nothing poking up!”
“No,” said Spencer quickly, but I figured this would be your best bet.” Whipping the sheet away, he revealed the body that lay beneath. A long, lean ebony body of a male in his early twenties lay on the cold stainless steel. Involuntarily, both Idria’s and Spencer’s eyes shifted to the large, thick cock nestled between the man’s thighs.
“So, are we just going to wait around hoping it’ll get hard?” asked Idria, sounding disappointed.
This was the part that bothered Spencer, the lie he’d concocted to get the ball rolling. “No,” he said, “I was talking with Dr. Morris the other day. I casually brought up this subject, and he said that most young male corpses get an erection when a finger is inserted into them during an anal exam.” With a slight flourish, Spencer pulled an examination glove onto his right hand, letting the latex snap against his skin the way he always saw doctors do it on T.V.
Idria giggled, “you’re going to stick your finger up his ass for me? That’s so gallant of you.”
Squirting a little lubricant onto his index finger from a tube in his smock’s pocket, Spencer lifted the corpses right leg. “Can you get his other leg for me, Idria?” She stepped around to the other side of the gurney, and after a few moments of squeamish hesitation grabbed the left leg and lifted it up, pushing the knee in towards the chest as Spencer had.
“God! I had no idea corpses weighed so much.”
“It’s not that they weigh any more,” he replied, “it’s just that a corpse is, pardon the expression, dead weight.”
With it’s legs pulled up to it’s chest as if squatting, the large penis thunked down onto the cold metal table. Spencer had to lift it up and lay it back against the smooth, muscular abs of the body. The cock was at least ten inches in length, and as thick as a polish sausage.
Spencer spread the bodies butt cheeks apart, exposing the anus. Idria watched with rapt attention. He had no idea if doing this would result in an erection, Sikiş hikayeleri it was just the only ploy he could come up with to get Idria in a situation where he could make his proposal. Pressing his lubricated index finger against the anus, he firmly shoved his finger into it as far as he could.
After a minute of this, Idria asked, “what does it feel like?” in a hushed voice.
“Just pressure really, not like sticking it up a real ass, there’s no clenching.”
For five minutes Idria watched the flaccid penis, and Spencer watched Idria watching it. Finally she said, “I don’t think anything’s happening, maybe you need to, you know, move your finger in and out to get him started.”
Spencer chuckled and did as she asked, sliding his finger in and out of the asshole. After a minute he said, “you’ve got a free hand, maybe you could try stimulating the cock directly.” Oddly, saying tne word ‘cock’ to Idria thrilled Spencer more than anything yet had. She looked at him with wide eyes, and after a moment, nodded her head. Propping the corpses right leg up with his shoulder, Spencer reached into his smock and handed Idria a glove and the bottle of lube. She took them, and with a little effort got the glove on and squirted some of the lubricant onto the motionless penis.
Gingerly, she picked it up with her right hand and lifted it up. Seeing her holding onto the cock, Spencer felt the first stirrings of his own eminent erection. Idria slowly stroked the penis up and down, spreading the gel lubricant evenly over the shaft.
“I smell cinamon,” she said.
“It’s cinamon flavored lube,” replied Spencer. Idria smiled sweetly at him, laughter in her eyes.
“That’s a strange choice for something to carry around at work,” she said.
“You never know when it might come in handy,” he continued pumping his finger into the anus. Idria was now over her initial hesitation and stroked the flaccid member with vigorous up and down motions, and wiggling it from side to side.
“I don’t think this is working,” said Idria, “I can’t feel it stiffening at all.”
It was now or never, Spencer thought to himself. “Maybe it needs a different kind of direct stimulation,” he told her, “you know…”
“Oh my God! Use my mouth on a corpse!” Idria sounded scandalized, looking around the room as if fearing someone could have heard. “I don’t know, that’s taking this to a whole different place.”
An awkward couple of minutes went by as both of them continued their ministrations to the corpse. Idria broke the silence. “Ok…I’ll do it, but I think if I’m going out on a limb like that, maybe you should help out by using something bigger than your finger to do your probing!”
Spencers eyes opened widely in surprise at her bold suggestion, he knew instantly what she was getting at. He knew also that he’d do it to get what he was after. Pulling his finger out, he grabbed both legs and pulled the body toward the end of the gurney, so that his ass cheeks just hung off the edge of the table. He then stood there for a minute trying to figure out the best way to do this.
“Here,” said Idria, climbing up onto the gurney and straddling the body. She then looked inquiringly at Spencer. “Whip it out and let’s get this show on the road!”
Feeling self-concious, Spencer pulled his pants and underwear down around his ankles. His penis hung limply, about two inches in length.
“Hmm! A grower, not a shower, huh?” said Idria.
“Well, it’s awfully cold in here,” he said, “and the thought of fucking a dead guy in the ass isn’t doing much to help!”
“Maybe this will,” Idria said. Lifting the hem of her dress she pulled it over her head and tossed it to the floor. The first thing to catch his attention were her beautiful, huge breasts which were barely contained by the small, lacy bra that held them. Her smooth ebony skin contrasted deliciously with the bra. It was then he noticed she was wearing no panties, and he was staring right at her clealy-shaven cunt. Just the barest hint of a pink nub jutted out from between her dark pussy lips. He looked back up in time to see her pull her bra over her head, her breasts swinging back and forth with her movements. Her nipples were large and quite hard, no doubt due to the cold metal table beneath her knees.
“There we go, that’s more like it,” Idria said, staring down at his crotch with a smile.
Spencer pulled his eyes away from her beautiful nude body to see his cock standing out straight from his mound of brown pubic hair at it’s full length of six and a half inches. Still woefully short of their corpses prodigous member though. Idria must have sensed his thoughts because she then leaned forward taking his penis in her slim hand.
“Yep, a grower all right. I’ve never seen one before.” She began stroking him up and down, spreading some of the cinnamon lube on him. “Every guy I’ve ever had was no bigger, but it just hung there full-length and just stood up when he got hard, they never got bigger.”
Slapping his erection, Idria took the corpses legs and tucked one beneath each armpit and pulled both butt cheeks wide apart with her hands. “Get in there and start pumping!” Without waiting for his reply, she ducked her head down and sucked the large, black penis into her mouth, seeming to swallow it whole until the Porno Hikayeleri tip of her nose was buried in thick, kinky pubic hair. Excited by that sight more than he would have thought possible, Spencer grabbed his erection and guided the tip to the anus and shoved himself in. The head of his penis slipped inside the tight sphincter, and he buried himself in as deep as he could go, attempting to emulate Idria’s enthusiasm. He pumped in and out of the tight hole, surprised at how warm it felt. His finger-fucking had generated a little friction apparently.
He watched the back of Idrias’ head as she bobbed up and down rhythmically on the cock, making a wet, slurping noise in the back of her throat. He found himself wishing fervently that it was his cock she was going down on. They fell into a rhythym in which Spencers abdomen bumped against the top of Idria’s head every time she went down.
Suddenly, Idria reached down as he was about to thrust back in and pulled his cock out and up to her mouth. She spit out the still flaccid black penis and replaced it with his. Spencer sucked in his breath as he felt his penis wrapped in her firm, yet soft lips. She sucked on it with the same intensity, and after several passes he felt his dick hitting the back of her throat. She gagged, pulling his penis out in order to breathe, thick strands of saliva hanging like ropes between her lips and the head of his penis.
She pushed him back down and guided him back into the corpses anal cavity. He returned to his ass-fucking, pumping his dick in and out with gusto now, watching as she took the black cock into both her hands now and pumped it as she coated it with shiny saliva.
After a minute or two she grunted in surprise, pulling the cock out of her mouth and letting it go. To their mutual surprise it hung there in the air, semi-erect, curved like a ten day old banana.
“Ride it!” said Spencer in a husky voice. “Get on it before it’s too late.” Idria didn’t hesitate, after pulling out, he helped her move the body back a liitle ways and she straddled the corpse reverse cow-girl style. Spencer grabbed the cock at the base and guided it towards her pussy. Idria spread her lips wide and plunged down on the stiffened cock. She moaned deep in the back of her throat, rocking up and down on it, clenching her vaginal muscles on each upward movement, and relaxing them on the ride down. She put her hands on Spencers shoulders to keep her balance, her breasts banging him in the face.
He grabbed a breast and brought it to his mouth, sucking her large nipple in, gently biting at it with his teeth, then swirling his tongue around it like an ice cream cone. Idria moaned louder. After a few minutes he took her breast from his mouth and told her, “stick this cock up your ass, I want to taste that sweet looking pussy!”
Obediently rising up, she spread her cheeks and let him guide the tip of the cock to her asshole. Slowly she lowered herself onto it, whimpering as it filled her rectum, larger than anything that had ever been in there. She leaned back, planting her hands on either side of the gurney and slowly pumped up and down on it.
Spencer leaned forward and buried his face in her sweet tasting cunt. He sucked in her swollen clit, treating it the same as he had her nipple. He was rewarded with a fresh gush of warm cunt-juice which flowed around his lips.
“Oh yeah!” moaned Idria, grabbing a handful of hair at the back of his head and pushing his face deeper into her, “eat my pussy out! Lick my clit Spence…lick it!”
After several minutes of noisy slurping Idria pulled his head up out of her crotch. “Get up here and stick that cock in my pussy!”
Spencer was more than happy to oblige her in that request. Springing up onto the gurney, he stripped off his shirt and plunged his cock into Idria’s wet snatch. She laid back on the corpse and slowly rocked her ass back and forth on the still hard black penis as Spencer shoved his white one in and out of her dripping wet box. She felt her on-coming orgasm swiftly overtaking her, and screamed as it exploded through her. Her asshole and cunt simultaneously clamped down on both penises as wave after wave of delicious orgasmic energy pulsed through her quivering body.
Spencers eyes shot open, his brows drawing down. Idria knew instinctively what that meant and pushed him back, he stood on the gurney, his head brushing the hot lights above. Idria scrambled forward and plunged his cock into her mouth seconds before he exploded. Warm, salty semen filled her mouth, she swallowed what she could and let the rest come pouring out around his penis, dripping off her lips and chin. She continued to suck him, swirling her tongue delightfully around the tip of his throbbing penis, making his body jerk in little mini-spasms.
Removing the still stiff corpses penis from her, Idria climbed down off the gurney with Spencers help. They quickly dressed and Idria helped him clean up their mess. Afterward, she helped him get the body into a locker, it’s cock still standing up like a flagpole.
“How long will it stay hard like that?” Idria asked.
“I don’t know,” Spencer replied, “hopefully before morning!”
They then shared a long, wet kiss, neither of them willing to let the other go. Reluctantly pulling away from his kiss, Idria asked, “can we do this again Spence? Only next time I want a woman!”
Spencer laughed and kissed her again. How could he have gotten so lucky and found someone as perverted as himself!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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