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“How did you get that?” Diaz examined his bruised shoulder.

“I got into a fight with some Wanderers,” Jake mumbled, while trying hard not to wince as his brother poked his arm.

“No shit. I bet the others look worse,” his brother’s face lit up with a smile.

Jake fell silent. He wasn’t going to tell Diaz he got saved by a gorgeous man named Klaus who had jerked him off and made him see heaven for the first time in his 21 years of life.

“So,” Diaz insisted. “Did you beat them up?”

“No,” Jake said softly while pulling his t-shirt over his head. “I ran away.”

“You did what?” his brother’s voice sounded flat and dangerous. “An Outsider does not fucking run away!”

Diaz slammed his palm against the table, making even the old china in the single cabinet in the kitchen rattle.

“They were five, I was one. What the hell could I have done?” Jake yelled back, his hands curled into fists.

“I don’t care how fucking many they were! We stand our ground! How about we all run away, huh? How about we all leave the city and go live in the woods, like monkeys? How would you like that?” his brother pushed him back into the chair, while looking him square in the eye.

Of course his brother was right. And even if he wasn’t right, and Jake had been entitled to save his ass, there was no way he could tell Diaz otherwise.

“Sorry, Diaz,” he murmured while looking down.

He had never been tough like his brother. He could not take five guys and live to tell the story.

“I taught you how to fight, didn’t I? You finally put on some muscles, use them for fuck’s sake!”

Jake let his brother scold him, casting his eyes down like a kid. What was he to do? Diaz moved and fiddled with something outside his field of view. Jake didn’t dare to look up. A plate filled with food was soon slammed on the table in front of him. A smack upside the head followed. Ah, well, that was to be expected, but Jake felt relieved. It meant the scolding was over.

“Eat up, puss,” his brother spoke with something between affection and disappointment in his voice.

Jake knew that. He knew he wasn’t how Diaz wanted him to be. And his older brother didn’t even know the half of it.

“We’re going to meet someone,” Diaz added, and Jake didn’t question it. His brother knew best when it came to business. Jake had to be present, just because he was family, and family was one of the values Diaz held in high esteem.


The old building downtown had been renovated to accommodate new offices. Jake was pretty sure that he hadn’t seen that happening, but he hadn’t been downtown for a while. He feared he and his brother looked like total punks dressed in their regular t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. As they stopped at the third floor and walked inside a large hallway, his feeling of inadequacy only deepened. He stole a glance in Diaz’s direction. His brother didn’t seem to care, although the tension in his shoulders could tell him that Diaz was apprehensive of the surroundings as well.

A woman in her late 20s with impeccable hair, wearing thin-rimmed glasses looked at them as they stopped by her desk. Jake felt ready for the floor to open up, swallow him and his brother, although the woman did not seem to judge them, but just observe them. She rose gracefully from her desk and greeted them.

“I will let my boss know you are here,” she spoke and walked away.

The gaziantep escort woman was attired in a white blouse and a black pencil skirt, cut right above the knee. Her heels were just the right height to be both sexy and business-like, without going over the top in either direction.

Diaz stared after her.

“Do you see that, Jake?” he whispered. “That’s a golden pussy for you, right there. If you score with someone like her, you can just die and go to heaven,” he added. “Not that you would notice. I sometimes doubt you have a dick, although I saw it. You just don’t know how to use it, do you?”

Jake knew he was now expected to comment on the secretary’s charms. “I do know how to use it,” he said in his defense. “And yeah, she is very …”

As the woman walked back with a tall man in tow, Jake felt his breath hitching in his chest. “… beautiful,” he eventually finished his sentence, as his eyes met amused sapphire blues.

Again, he was fucked. What was with this guy appearing in all the places he happened to be?

“Hello, I am Klaus Metzger,” the man shook Diaz’s hand, then Jake’s. “Please, gentlemen, follow me to the meeting room. Martha, would you be so kind to bring some coffee and some pastries? Just to sweeten our deal.”

“Yes, sir,” Jake heard the woman’s musical voice.

He threaded behind Klaus and his brother, feeling like walking the plank in a bad pirates’ movie. Klaus didn’t show any other sign that he was recognizing Jake, which was good. For now, at least.

They were invited to take a seat at a round table.

“So, what’s this all about?” Diaz questioned.

“Mister Lopez, I believe that you agree with me that gang wars are not a good thing for the city,” Klaus began, as Martha moved in and about gracefully while placing cups of coffee in front of them and a plate filled with something that looked delicious.

Jake took one cookie in his mouth and had to hold back a sound of pure delight. He was so nervous that he was sure he could eat the entire plate then puke at home.

“You want us out?” Diaz asked aggressively.

“Not at all. What I really want is for us to work as partners. The city is located in an area favorable to trade and tourism, and it is quite a shame that street crime is taking such a toll on its inhabitants.”

Klaus stood up and went to take something from a drawer. He unfolded a map in front of Diaz and started to explain. Not that Jake could pay much attention to the conversation. He was too engrossed with looking at Klaus, taking in the man’s moves. Even Diaz seemed to be taken with the guy. Of course, not for the same reasons, Jake thought. Klaus was apparently offering Diaz an opportunity.

“This smells fishy to me,” Diaz laid back in his chair. “Are you willing to help us with money? Money you don’t want back with interest?”

“Exactly. It is in my best interest to have peace of the streets. Of course, some of my supervisors will be sent to see if you all follow up with the plan. What are you saying?”

“What makes you think that we are not just going to take the money and throw a big party plus piss on your plans?” Diaz said with a sneer.

Don’t be an idiot, don’t anger him, Jake thought, staring at his brother, in pure fear. Diaz had no idea who the man was. He was wearing a suit, but he knew more about street wars than Diaz could imagine.

“Well, I am asking everyone for collateral,” Klaus explained with a small smile.

“Collateral?” Diaz frowned, not knowing what to make of the word.

“Warranties,” Klaus added.

“Alright, that’s more like it,” Diaz shifted in his chair. “What kind of collateral do you want?”

“Is he your only brother?” Klaus gestured in Jake’s direction.

Jake froze in place.

“Yeah, my only family,” Diaz glanced at Jake, fortunately not aware of how scared his brother was.

“I want him,” Klaus said like it was the most normal thing to say in a business conversation.

“What?! He’s not a dog!” Diaz showed his surprise at the man’s demand.

“He will come live to my house, and I will teach him how to help you run a real business,” Klaus continued his explanation.

“I don’t see how that is supposed to squeeze my balls,” Diaz said gruffly.

“Let me put it this way, then,” Klaus spoke. “If it ever crosses your mind not to follow up with the plan, be aware that I have your brother.”

The man didn’t have to spell the threat for Diaz to understand.

“Like a hostage?” he seemed to ponder.

“Not a term I would like to use. I can assure you Jake will receive the best education and his well-being will be cared for.”

Jake felt breathless. His eyes were darting quickly from Klaus to Diaz and back to the blond again.

“But he will be a hostage,” Diaz insisted, tapping his fingers against the table. “I don’t know, man. He’s my little brother. My only family.”

“That’s why he’s so precious,” Klaus smiled, but there was no warmth in that smile.

Jake had seen the man smile before, and it had not been like that. Cold, heartless. Unconsciously, he touched his chest.

“You have to admit my offer is rather generous. If you don’t agree …”

“No, no. I see no problem here,” Diaz cut him short. “Jake will be in good hands, right?”

No, Diaz, you have no idea … Jake wanted to yell at his brother.

“What do you say, Jake?” Diaz looked at him, with a look in his eyes that told Jake not to mess this one. “How about going to live with Mister Metzger here and learn chemistry or something?”

“Not chemistry,” Klaus chuckled. “I doubt that discipline would ever convince anyone to go back to school.”

“I don’t fucking want to,” Jake eventually articulated the words he wanted to say.

He was well aware he sounded like a petulant child, but he could not help it.

“Jake, you’re fucking 21. You cannot live with me forever. Now you can do something for us. Don’t fuck it up,” Diaz warned, and Jake crossed his arms over his chest.

“I can let you two sort this out,” Klaus offered. “I can wait,” he consulted his expensive watch with a small frown, “for a little while.”

“No, he’ll do it,” Diaz concluded and stood up.

Jake could not believe it. He got up, too, ready to leave.

“Stop by Martha, and she’ll give you everything you need,” Klaus told Diaz.

Diaz nodded, turned to look at Jake, then back at Klaus.

“Do you want him to come to your house from like right now?”

“Yes, that would be great. I don’t want to run all over town chasing after him since he doesn’t seem so happy with your choice,” Klaus admitted.

“Diaz,” Jake called after his brother.

Diaz grabbed his nape and shook him gently while looking him in the eyes. “You heard the man. Stay here. I’ll stop by later to bring you everything you need from home. I’ll make sure nothing bad happens to you. I’ll keep my word, and Mister Metzger is going to keep his.”

Jake didn’t dare to beg. He wasn’t going to make a fool of himself, more than he was doing it already.

“See you, kiddo,” Diaz ruffled his hair a bit too harsh, and Jake took the hint.

As the door closed after his brother, he felt strong arms embracing him from behind.

“Don’t fucking touch me, you freak,” he squirmed against the man. “If I tell my brother what you are up to …”

“You had your chance. You said nothing,” Klaus squeezed him harder while dragging Jake closer and breathing in his scent. “No harm will come your way.”

“Like hell, no harm will come my way, you fag,” Jake tried to break free to no avail.

“Don’t you want to be a man? Stand on your own feet? Not live in your brother’s shadow all the time?”

Jake was miffed for not being able to break free from Klaus’s hard embrace. “What are you going to do with me?”

“First, I should wash that potty mouth of yours with soap,” Klaus spoke, rather amused with Jake’s attempts to free himself.

“I am not a child,” Jake warned.

“No, you’re all grown up,” Klaus kept him close with one hand, letting the other travel on Jake’s taut abdomen and rest atop his crotch. “I think I remember that very well.”

“Are you going to do something dirty?” Jake asked, his breath becoming faster for some reason.

Gently his head was turned enough to stare into Klaus’s blue eyes. “Dirty? Like this?” the man asked and brought their lips together.

Jake felt dizzy, as minty smell and taste invaded his nostrils and tongue. He was being kissed, and it felt more amazing then anything he had ever felt. He had kissed girls, but they had been soft and yielding, while Klaus was hard and demanding and his tongue moved inside Jake’s mouth, making him feel like he was being fucked. He moaned into the kiss, without realizing it.

“I think we’ll have to redefine what ‘dirty’ means in your vocabulary,” Klaus chuckled while interrupting the kiss. “For instance, last night, I would have very much liked to lick all that remaining cum spread all over your chest.”

Jake felt his knees turning into melted butter. He had come quite a lot the night before, and he could remember his t-shirt getting all sticky from it. The idea of having that gorgeous man do the cleaning for him was making him impossibly hard.

Klaus’s hand moved again to squeeze him through his jeans. “Are you really a virgin, Jake?”

“I’m not a fucking virgin,” he breathed out. “I’ve fucked plenty of girls,” he tried to fake bravado.

“You know exactly what I mean,” Klaus squeezed him harder. “Have you ever had a cock up your ass?”

“No, I’m not a fucking fag, you asshole,” he tried to fight against the man’s embrace.

“What are you afraid of? That your brother is going to find out?”

“There’s nothing to find out,” Jake said stubbornly.

“Really? You’re seconds away from coming in your jeans, and I’m merely stimulating you,” Klaus pointed out the obvious.

“Let me go,” Jake squirmed against the touch.

“As you wish,” Klaus suddenly released him and took a step back. “I have a lot of work to do today, and it is usually against my principles to mix business with pleasure. I suppose you can get through the day with a small … unresolved issue,” he added, laughing softly.

Jake swallowed with difficulty. Stopping his racing heart was not easy either.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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