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“I want to be naked with you,” I whined to Marty, “is there any night we can be together? Maybe spend the night in a motel?”

I already knew the answer. His wife, Miriam, told me she will intentionally be out of town Friday night so I could lure her husband to the motel. It was simply a matter of Marty working up enough nerve to meet me in public instead of the backseat of his car. I hoped he would say “NO” to my request to ease my guilty conscience.

Miriam knew of a motel on the outskirts of town called ‘The SixtyNiner’ that featured special ‘adult themed rooms.’ She had said when the time comes, she will reserve the ‘Mirror-Mirror on the Wall’ room. The walls and ceiling consisted of nothing but mirrors.

“Mirrors?” I’d asked her. “That might be fun for us, but how does that help with your plan?”

And then I suddenly thought of something: “Oh my goodness, you’re going to be behind one of those mirrors watching us, aren’t you?”

She leaned into me and with that patented look of sneering derision on her twisted face whispered, “Don’t be ridiculous, I am not wasting an entire evening watching two needle-dick faggots squirting puny loads…I don’t have to be there in-person-“

She abruptly stopped talking and changed the subject, but she had said enough for me to figure it out: I was sure there would be camera’s behind those mirrors taping everything Marty and I did.

I was now convinced her plan was to humiliate Marty during divorce proceedings in open court with the videos. Bitter and nasty revenge on her husband of twenty-years…his crime? Hiding from her the fact he is gay, and always has been.

The woman was consumed with a seething rage. She felt he duped her into a loveless marriage; twenty-years of unsatisfactory sex because of his natural aversion to women and his pathetically small prick. She wanted to destroy Marty in public; something I felt absolutely miserable about being a part of.

Marty stopped sucking me long enough to say, “Oh yes, I’d l-o-v-e that too…” but then took a deep breath and swallowed my hard cock again without answering the question.

In just four backseat trysts with Marty, he had changed from a shy, gay-denying forty-year-old man into a ravenous cock-slut; a natural ‘bottom’ hungry to make up for all his years in the closet.

Tonight, for example, no sooner had we climbed into his car that he was frantically fumbling with the belt on my slacks; if I hadn’t helped him he would have torn and ripped my pants in his effort to get at my penis. After forty-years of denying his love of cock, he couldn’t get enough of it now, and I was totally to blame.

For my own comfort, I rationalized his new-found behavior by thinking it a good thing; that I did him a huge favor by allowing him to express his true sexuality, but in the back of my mind I wondered what price that evil bitch-of-a-wife of his would make him pay.

I really don’t have a choice in this, I tell myself over-and-over. If Miriam complains to my boss, Tommy, the good life I have known will be over. I will lose my apartment and car, and in all likelihood end up homeless, hustling handjobs and bj’s in sleazy bars for disgusting old men.

Yes, I am a sharp and intelligent guy, but I don’t know how to do anything else. If I don’t follow through with this, in my next career I will be asking people “Do you want fries with that?”

“Ohhhh Marty, that is so-goood,” I moan when I feel my balls begin to rise.

I open my eyes to see his movements. There is something sooo sexy about watching a man’s head rising and falling in your lap.

His serpentine-like tongue causes a shiver of delight to race up my spine. I have taught him well. He has become an excellent cocksucker in just four-days, but I also know, a person who truly loves what they’re doing learns very quickly.

Suddenly I feel a finger rubbing my anus. I smile in the darkness congratulating myself on this move I taught him just last night. I now close my eyes, sit back and wait for his voracious sucking to relieve the intense pressure in my balls.

My moaning becomes constant. My lower body begins writhing and grinding on the seat; I am almost there…when my hips begin thrusting upwards forcing my entire prick inside his mouth, the finger on my anus suddenly pushes thru the sphincter deep inside my asshole.

My body thrashes about uncontrollably as Marty hungrily swallows three large loads of my hot jizz then a smaller fourth and fifth then licks at the final dribbles from my shrinking penis.

Marty continues licking my sensitive flesh, cleaning it of all my juices. The man has developed an unquenchable thirst for sperm and semen.

The moment I readjust my clothing, I reach to open his belt. His hands quickly stop mine.

“Oh, uh, it’s okay, John, I’m good,” he says.

“Sweetie, I want to return the favor,” I say to him.

“Well, uh, that won’t be necessary…” he replies.

Oh my goodness…my hand sneaks below his and feels the wetness seeping thru his slacks. The dear man had gotten so excited with my prick in istanbul escort his mouth he’d cum in his pants. How precious…

I kiss his cheek then whisper in his ear.

“I really would love to get naked with you…I’d love to bend you over and fuck your sweet ass until you cum…would you like to feel my cock inside you?” I ask.

“Ohhhhh…” he moans.

“We’ll do whatever you want, Marty,” I add. “Would you like me to make you my bitch for a night?”

“Ohhhh, John…I, uh, well…God yessssss…” he softly admitted.

“When, baby? Please make it soon, sweetie, I can’t wait to slide my dick in and out of your pussy!” I said darting my tongue in his ear.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, God, John…how about, well, sure, how about this Friday night?” he shyly asks me.

“Sounds good to me, baby…I’ll take care of the details. You don’t have to do a thing – you won’t even see another person, okay?” I say to reassure him of his privacy.

“Oh, okay, that would be great,” he answers.

Sitting in my car, I watch Marty drive out of the parking lot then I text his wife: “Friday night is a ‘GO’ – let me know when – I already know the where.”

I look at the time and decide it’s too late to call Andy. When I get home I’ll shower then slip into the pink panties and masturbate to my hearts content. Maybe that will help make me feel better…temporarily, at least.

I arrive at the Northside fitness center at noon the next day and report to the office of a man named Anthony. There are three, very large black men in the office. I assume ‘Anthony’ is the one sitting behind the desk.

“Hi, uh, I’m John, I am supposed to start work here,” I say softly.

I watch his eyes slowly travel from my face to my crotch then back to my face.

“I know who you are,” he said gruffly. “What you waitin on boy? Get them clothes off so we can see what you got!”

I am surprised by the abruptness of his words. My hands begin to tremble as I obey his command and undress before the three men.

When I am naked he said loudly, “Clasp your hands behind your neck and spread those legs wider apart!”

I immediately did as I was told and quickly realized how vulnerable and helpless I was in this position. I became consumed with fear as the three men simply stared at my naked, white flesh. My scrotum gently swayed from side-to-side.

I asked myself: Am I an employee or a prisoner here? There was no doubt in my mind these three men could do whatever they wanted with me with no consequences.

“Whadda ya think boys?” he said to the other men.

“I wanna see that precious pussy of his that Tommy don’t want us to fuck!” said the biggest of men.

The man behind the desk barked, “You heard him boy, open those cheeks and show us that little brown hole of yours!”

I meekly said, “Yes, sir,” and bent over slightly, reached behind and placed my hands on my butt-cheeks and slowly pulled them apart.

“Give Lewis a close-up look, boy!” said the boss.

“Y-Yes, sir,” I replied and shuffled backwards until my ass was inches from the man’s face.

I could feel the man’s hot breath on my anus. Suddenly, he gripped my hips with strong hands and the wetness of his tongue pushing past my sphincter gave me an instant boner.

Just as quickly he pushed me away and they all laughed at my erection.

“Hands behind your neck again, boy!” ordered Anthony.

“Yes, sir,” I said.

The other man stood in front of me openly staring at my hard prick and swinging balls.

He took the shaft of my dick between thumb and forefinger and stroked it fast for a few seconds then simply let it go.

“Yeah, with a needle-dick like this, this boy was born to be a man’s bitch!” he said.

“What say Tony, we bend this bitch over your desk and break him in properly?” said the man named Lewis.

“You know we can’t do that, man, Tommy said we can use his mouth all we want, but the boy’s pussy is off-limits – even to the customers…”

I watched Anthony open a desk drawer and pull out what appeared to be a butt-plug with a chain and lock.

“Tommy says the boy is to wear this every minute he is here so no one will be able to fuck his sweet ass,” he said then tossed the device to Lewis.

“Spread ’em, fagboy,” said Lewis.

When the man forced the butt-plug in my ass, and locked it in place I felt a curious mixture of fear, relief, and sadly, excitement. My prick began to throb from the feeling of the fake cock on the walls of my asshole.

Anthony suddenly stood and lowered the zipper of his jeans.

He said, “Fagboy is used to blowing little white dicks…we’ll have ’em do us first so he knows what he’s in for here every day!”

“Get on your knees, boy – it’s time to take some black meat in that pretty little mouth of yours!” he ordered.

“Y-Yes, sir,” I said.

What else could I say?

The moment Anthony filled my mouth with his warm gruel I heard Lewis lower the zipper of his slacks. My prick throbbed and my balls ached for relief.

I feel kind of foolish. I don’t beşiktaş escort know why the sound of a man lowering his zipper gets me so excited.

On the drive home, my head was in a cloudy haze and my stomach was bloated. I’d never had this much semen and sperm in my tummy at one time. The days’ events whirled through my mind making me dizzy.

Surprise number one was my uniform consisted only of a small, white jockstrap; no tee shirt – no gym shorts. I was very self-conscious of the contrast of my milky-white flesh and the charcoal darkness of the clients.

Yes, Anthony is the boss, and he stayed in the office while his two assistants, Lewis and LeSean acted as my body guards. Thank God they were with me, too…many of the clients wanted to yank the butt-plug out of me and ram their big black cocks inside me.

As it was, I think I set a personal record for the number of times I was on my knees, and the number of times I was forced to masturbate in front of groups of men.

I am exhausted and disappointed. For the amount of ‘work’ I had to do, the donations to my college fund were very small. At the Northside fitness center it would be quantity over quality every day, and I couldn’t complain for fear of losing the job.

I was opening the back door of my apartment building when the sound of a woman’s voice sent bone-chilling jolts of electricity shooting up and down my spine.

“Good timing, fagboy, I just got here myself,” said Miriam.

Her voice always reminded me of fingernails scratching a chalkboard.

I couldn’t help the flow of blood that turned my face beet red.

“M-Miriam, what are you doing here?” I timidly asked the woman standing over me. She is probably a good three-inches taller than me.

The glare from her narrowed eyes sent another chill up my spine.

“I-uh, I mean ‘Mistress Miriam’…sorry,” I said rather pathetically. “How, uh, how do you know where I live?”

“How do you think, numb-nuts!?” she coldly replied. “C’mon, take me to your apartment!”

“Oh, uh, yes Mistress Miriam,” I said, relieved no one else was nearby to hear my grovelling.

As I led the way, it occurred to me the only way she knew where I lived was through Tommy. Her hand suddenly began stroking my butt thru my slacks.

“Nice little ass, boy,” she said then pinched a cheek hard enough to make me cry-out.

Once inside my apartment I noticed the canvas bag she was carrying.

“I want to see your bedroom!” she said.

I took it as a command and instantly said, “Y-Yes, Mistress Miriam.”

My heart sank as we walked to the bedroom.

My God, I don’t even have privacy anymore. Outside of Andy and Billy, no one has been to my place. You might call it my ‘Fortress of Solitude’…the only place in my life I can call my own; the only place I can escape the sometimes-cruel and brutal outside world.

She set the bag on the bed then casually strode about the room examining everything as if it were her own. She even opened every drawer and looked at all the contents. I’d never felt so violated.

I stood meekly in the center of the room watching her movements. Her last stop was my closet and she went thru everything on the hangars. She chuckled when she came to Andy’s favorite, my yellow nightie and panties.

She fingered the material of the panties and I heard her say, “What the hell?”

She had found the small slit on the seat of the material. It enabled me to wear the panties while Andy slid his cock in-and-out of me.

She took the nightie and panties off the hangar and tossed them at me.

“Here – put these on!” she ordered.

I stood there not able to say anything; I was at her mercy and she knew it.

“GET MOVING SISSY-BOY!” she shouted at me.

“Y-Yes – I’m sorry, Mistress Miriam!” I answered.

I guess I was too scared to feel self-conscious stripping naked before the evil witch. I hurried out of my clothes and was about to put on the nightie and panties when she stopped me.

“Go into the bathroom first…” she said then added with a sneer, “I imagine you have some sort of lubricant in there to get your little boy-pussy wet – go use it – get your cunt wet for me, sissyboy!”

The blood drained from my face. Oh my goodness, what the heck is she planning?

“Y-Yes, Mistress Miriam,” I said dejectedly and did as I was told.

To my chagrin and horror, she stood in the bathroom doorway and closely watched me.

My hands trembled as I pulled the tube and lube from a drawer. My face was burning hot as I coated the tube then bent over with spread legs and rubbed the oil onto and into my anus.

It was a procedure that took about two-minutes to complete, and she stared at me the whole time making lewd comments.

“My God, what a little faggot!”

As usual, when I pushed the tube further into my asshole my prick suddenly sprang to attention. I couldn’t have been more embarrassed.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha – look at that tiny clitty…I think my clitoris is bigger than yours!” she laughed.

I was beylikdüzü escort wrong. I was now down-right humiliated.

When I finished, she furthered my embarrassment by leading me back into the bedroom by my prick.

“Get into your outfit, my pretty little sissyboy!” she said.

“Yes, Mistress Miriam,” I said softly.

I watched her undress. OH NO, cried my mind.

“Now here is what you’re going to do Friday night with my husband – listen carefully – you’ll follow my instructions or else!” she said forcefully.

“Y-Yes, Mistress Miriam,” I said softly one more time.

“I’ve decided you’re going to make him into a sissyboy like you…” she said then out of the canvass bag she showed me a pink nightie and matching panties. “You’re going to have him wear these, understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Miriam,” I said, trying to look away as she continued undressing.

“…and I like the slit you cut into your panties – cut a slit in these so he can wear them when you fuck him!”

“Y-Yes, Mistress Miriam.”

“When you’re naked and he’s in his outfit, I want you standing and him on his knees blowing you – got it?”

“Yes, Mistress Miriam.”

“I want him to swallow your first load, got it?”

“Yes, Mistress Miriam.”

“When you are able to resume your activities, I want you laying on your back on the bed…bring your knees back and push them apart and order him to lick your asshole, understand me, boy?”

“Yes, Mistress Miriam.”

“I want to see his tongue buried all the way in your hole – make him tongue-fuck your asshole, got it?”

“Y-Yes, Mistress Miriam.”

“Four-five minutes of his tongue in your hole should be good enough…now when you pop his cherry, I want him on all-fours on the end of the bed with you standing behind him, okay?”

“Yes, Mistress Miriam.”

“Tease him with your cock – make him beg you to fuck him…I want him to say it out loud – I want to hear him say ‘Please fuck my pussy with your hard cock’ – understand me, boy?”

“Yes, Mistress Miriam.”

“…and this might be difficult, but I want him to cum in the panties while you’re fucking him – I want him shouting ‘I’m cumming in my panties – I’m cumming in my panties – I’m cumming in my panties!”

“Y-Yes, Mistress Miriam.”

“…then have him lick your asshole again until you’re hard and have him kneel between your legs on the bed and blow you one more time!”

“Y-Yes, Mistress Miriam, but, uh…”

“But what, sissyboy?”

“I, uh, I don’t know if I can get hard that many times?”

“Ha-ha-ha, yeah, well, in the bag you’re going to find two ED pills – both of you will take one the moment you get into the room, understand me, boy?”

“Yes, Mistress Miriam.”

“Oh, I forgot…make sure he pays plenty of attention to your balls…have him kiss and lick them…oh hell, your nut-sack is so small he may be able to take the whole thing in his mouth, got it?”

“Yes, Mistress Miriam.”

I was vaguely aware she was now nude, but I refused to look at her. She pulled the bedspread down and laid on her back and obscenely spread her legs wide open and lewdly stroked her pussy with her fingers.

“Kneel between my legs, cuntboy…you’re going to make me cum with your mouth or I’ll whip your ass with your own belt…and I guarantee you will not enjoy that at all!”

Noooo, I wouldn’t…

“Yes, Mistress Miriam.”

I was still splayed out on my stomach on the bed when she finished dressing. The sperm and semen inside the panties turned cold. I felt totally vanquished; defeated. I buried my face in the pillow and wanted to cry but I refused to give her the satisfaction.

I was mentally and emotionally drained. I had willfully proven to her what a dirty cum-slut I was, and she was leaving here the victor – the conqueror…every name she had called me was true…yes, I am a sissyboy-faggot – yes, I love sucking cock and taking it in my ass – yes, I am weak with absolutely no self-control…no, I am not my own man, in fact, I am not a man at all.

I felt her weight on the bed as she sat beside me. Her hand gently stroked my panty-clad buttocks. Suddenly, she raised her hand and brought it down hard on me. I yelped more out of surprise than pain.

She said, “Maybe next time I’ll lower your panties and take you across my knees and spank your little butt until it’s a glowing red…ha-ha-ha, a boy like you would love that, wouldn’t you?”

When I remained silent she shouted “WOULDN’T YOU?”

I whimpered, “Yes, Mistress Miriam, I would like that.”

Her laughter filled the apartment all the way to the front door.

I stumbled into the bathroom and gargled with mouthwash to get the nasty taste of her cunt out of my mouth. It took three tries to do it.

I filled the sink with warm water then peeled the cum-drenched panties down my legs and dropped them into the soapy water. I then stepped into the shower and got the water as hot as I could take and stood catatonic-like under the spray.

Once I had made her orgasm with my hands and mouth, she had me lick and tongue-fuck her asshole until she was once again aroused.

She then ordered me on all-fours on the end of the bed. While I waited like that, I turned my head and watched her reach into the bag and pull out the oddest contraption I’d ever seen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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