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Those of you who are familiar with my stories, all true, know that I am a bisexual white male, just turned fifty, living in west central Texas. I’m primarily an oral bottom, and love to suck cock. As I write this, I still have traces of his sperm on my face from an awesome encounter I just had, and wanted to get it down in print before forgetting any details.

I had today off, and was cruising the Adam4Adam website looking for playmates. I was in the mood to suck some serious cock today, and was hoping to find one of my friends or perhaps even a new playmate. Just as I had given up hope of finding anyone, a chat window popped up from a new guy that I had not seen before.

The question was simple and to the point — “Hey, what’s up, want to suck me?” it read. I checked the profile, learning that it was from a 22 year-old college kid with a pic of a very nice bubble butt. No cock shot, disappointing, but you can’t have everything. I’ve been burned by the younger crowd before, from going to “their place” and finding nobody home to having them set a time and no-show, so I usually avoid the twenty-something crowd. They’re not usually interested in older guys anyway, especially those of us who don’t have rock-hard abs and chiseled bodies. I was interested, but highly skeptical.

“Sure, if you’re serious, but I’ve got to warn you — I haven’t had good luck with younger guys, are you sure you’re interested in a bj from an older guy?” I typed, wondering what his response would be.

I didn’t have to wait long. “Yeah, I’m horny and want a bj. Where are you?” came the reply, and I answered him with the part of town gaziantep escort I was in. This point is usually where they tell you that they don’t have a car, can’t get out of their apartment, want a face pic, etc., so I continued to wait and see.

He responded with a query as to whether I had a lot of tattoos and was bald. I replied no, lots of hair and no tats, guess he’d had an experience with an older guy he didn’t like and wanted to be sure I wasn’t him. He asked for the specific address so he could Google it, and I gave it to him. A few minutes later, he said he was on his way.

I was eager to see him, curious about his desires, and horny to see his cock. About ten minutes later, I heard a car pull up outside and went to the peephole in the door to check him out. He looked to be about six feet tall and thin, nice looking young man, so I let him in when he knocked. We exchanged greetings, and he looked at the dark living room, lit only by a table lamp.

“Um, you wanna do it here in the living room?” he asked nervously. I nodded, and offered him a seat on the couch. “Should I just take my jeans down right here?” Nodding again to him, I watched as he unzipped and dropped his jeans to the floor, still keeping his boxers on, rubbing the ample bulge in the center. When I began to go to my knees, he stopped me and began to kiss me!

I was taken by surprise at this, as I don’t usually kiss. I know it’s weird, I want his dick in my mouth but am squeamish about kissing his lips, just a personal thing. Anyway, we began kissing, and both of us began rubbing his bulge. His erection was straining to get out of the boxers, and I wanted it.

After a few minutes of kissing, he asked if we could move to the bedroom. I demurred, saying it was a total mess, and we could just play here in the living room. He asked what would happen if my wife came home, and I assured him she was safely at work.

Finally, he sat down and I saw his cock sticking through his shorts. A very nice cock, uncut and thin, looked to be every bit of the seven inches stated on his profile. I wasted no time in taking it into my mouth, and he groaned loudly as I began to swallow his penis.

He let me work on his cock for several minutes, pulling my face into his crotch so I could take it all, then easing back up on me. He asked me to show him my cock, and I reluctantly released his so I could take down my jeans. He asked me to stand, and then pulled me forward and engulfed my cock with his hot mouth. I moaned and told him it was hot, and then he asked me if he was better than my wife! I told him he was great, and let him suck me for a few minutes. He asked me if I liked to be fucked, and I told him that I’m very tight and it would take some time to do it properly; he told me that he knew what he was doing, and that he wanted to fuck me. I told him “next time”, and we continued.

He was jacking his cock as he sucked me, and I feared that he would orgasm if I didn’t get down there and finish the job, so I pulled out of his mouth and resumed kneeling in front of him. He stopped me from reaching his cock and kissed me some more, pulling my lower lip and nibbling on it. I gently pushed him back on the couch and resumed sucking him, his red dick now wet with precum as well as from my previous efforts. I sucked him deeply, and he moaned and told me to suck it like a lollipop. He demonstrated what he wanted by grabbing my hand and sucking my finger, swirling his tongue around, and getting me even harder in the process.

I nodded my understanding and attacked his dick with eager licking, and he moaned his approval. He asked me where I wanted him to cum, and I pulled off just long enough to tell him to cream my mouth. He pulled my head off his dick and began jacking, grabbing my hair and pulling my head back, telling me he was going to cum all over my face.

He was hurting me a bit, but I wasn’t about to stop him! His cock was just barely out of range, but I kept pointing my tongue at it in hope of getting my creamy reward. He groaned loudly, yelling “I’m coming, take it, take it all man, all over your face!”

Suddenly, it began to rain hot sticky sperm all over my face. I caught a lot of it on my tongue, and swallowed as he kept squirting, but I lost count after the eighth shot. I held my tongue out until he was finally spent, then swallowed and licked the rest off my mouth. He got dressed, and we agreed to meet again soon, when we would have more time to explore. After letting him out, I began typing this, but had to break halfway through to relieve my own cock.

This was quite a nice afternoon, and something of a shock. It was nice to find a 22 year old who was honest and enjoyed our encounter, and I’m looking forward to getting him naked in bed to see what else happens. Should I let him fuck me? I’d love feedback on this, and if there are enough positive responses, I’ll let him take my bottom and write a part two to this. Thanks!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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