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Cum Dumpster

I was sitting in my room doing absolutely nothing when the phone rang. I answered it and I heard her voice from the other end.

“Dawn?” I asked, and she replied with a happy yes. Dawn has known me her whole life, and I’ve always chased after her. She is my sisters best friend, and like a sister to me, since she was always around as I was growing up.

“Hey sweetie, how are you?” She asked. I told her I was fine. “How is college going for ya?” she asked.

” Its alright, but It’s really big and I really don’t know anyone.”

“Well, I got the night off and I haven’t seen you in a while. I got the number form your sister, feel like company?” Before I could even think I told her yes. I was thinking ” Oh my Lord, Dawn is coming to visit me!!” I gave her directions and quickly started cleaning up my dorm room, it was a mess.

About 6:30 that night, the phone rang and she was at the front desk. I went down and met her and brought her back up to my room. She looked great. She had fire-like red hair, and for having four children, she still had a nice figure. Her sweater was navy blue, and it was snug against her 36D’s. Her jeans were tight and hugged her hips and rear as I watched her walk around my little dorm room. I noticed a big ring on her left hand.

“That an engagement ring?”

“Oh, your sis didn’t tell you? I’m engaged again.” I was shocked. This wild girl that couldn’t keep loyal to her first husband was engaged again, and she was only 25! She told me the story of how she met him and etiler escort how things were and about her kids I hadn’t seen at all and the ones I hadn’t seen in months. As usual, we joked and laughed, played with my computer, and watched a movie. Everything was normal, we always cuddled when we watched a movie. I laid back and propped myself against the wall, and she laid her head on my lap. That was the usual routine. After the movie, things got a little weird.

“Did I ever tell you the two things that turn me on?” She asked me out of nowhere. I was shocked. I shook my head no, not knowing what to say to that.

“Well, it’s someone playing with the back of my neck, or letting me give him oral pleasure.” My eyes almost popped out of my head. Why was she telling me this? I didn’t know what to think.

“Well, what good does that do me now? Your engaged, off limits.” I told her as I tried to hide my semi-erection in my pants. She laughed. “Well, one night with me Dawn, and you’d break your engagement.” I told her jokingly.

“Oh really?” She replied, and I immediately began rubbing the back of her neck. Her head dropped forward, exposing her neck as she moaned softly at my touch. I couldn’t believe this. I was going to have sex with the girl I had wanted for since I was 5 years old! I rubbed more, and her hand fell on my thigh. I figured what the hell, and I reached for her breast. It was perfect in my hand. In no time, I could feel her nipple pressing eve gelen escort into my palm. I started kissing her neck, her lips, anything I could and she answered my every movement with a kiss of her own.

Now, my ears and neck, they are SUPER hot spots. The slightest brush of the wind against them get my motor going. She was kissing all over them, licking and biting gently. I was going crazy. Slowly, I pulled her sweater off and saw her beautiful 36D’s in a white lace bra that was glowing in the black light. I couldn’t resist kissing them, touching them, caressing and squeezing. The harder I squeezed, the more she moaned. Till this time, I had been with a few ladies, and met some loud ones that loved it hard and fast. But nothing could expect me for what happened next.

Damn threw me on my back, and pulled at my khaki’s so hard the button popped off and the zipper split. She reached into my boxers and pulled out my member. The oral I received was the finest a man could receive. She licked all over it, and tickled my scrotum with her tongue, making me shake all over. When she finally inhaled my better half, she deep throated every inch.

Now, I’m a solid seven inches and a good almost 4 inches around, and it was nothing for her to swallow it until I could feel her tonsils. She stroked her hand up my shaft fast, working me into her mouth for what felt like eternity. I pushed my hips with it, really getting into rhythm, smacking my cock fatih escort on the back of her throat. Right when I thought I was about to explode, she stopped.

” I want to feel your cock inside me right now” She seductively told me. I didn’t hesitate. I went to get a condom, and I turned around and she was already nude on my bed. I climbed between her thighs and plunged in. It was the greatest I’ve ever felt wrapped around my cock. Her pussy was so warm and wet and felt soooooo good. She talked to me as I went at her, telling me how hard and fast to get. She was like the energizer bunny, and she took everything I could give.

We banged on the wall, we fucked on the floor. She screamed louder than a porno star. Every time she came ( which we lost count), it was like a river flowing all over my balls. We were on the sink, against the dresser, the window sill, the desk, everywhere we could get. I fucked her hard and fast, watching her tits bounce like basketballs and she screamed out my name all night long. She rode me like I was a horse in the Kentucky Derby, and I thought my ear drums busted when I went anal on her. I was getting close to cumming after about 2 1/2 hours, and I jerked the condom off and sprayed my juice all down her throat. She never missed a drip! It was near checkout time, and I asked her about her fiancé.

“After the fucking I just got baby, he don’t matter.” Was her response. Talk about patting yourself on the back!! We walked out of the room, and there was 5 guys in the hallway who started clapping and hollering at us. Ego boost! We got a standing ovation for our fuck fest. She left, but we’ve been together many, many times since, and its better every time. Also, she is now re-engaged to her fiancé, and keeps me on the side. After 17 years of waiting, I finally got her in bed. Like the old story goes, GOOD THINGS CUM TO THOSE WHO WAIT.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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