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The chastity kept me awake half of the night. I was thinking about what he might want from me for the next day. And that got me hard every time. I wanted to jerk off so bad but instead of my dick I just felt a cold metal cage.

In the morning Denis barged into my room while I was getting ready for school. I had recalled his instruction to wait for inspection so I stood next to my bed and waited. He was shirtless. His body was toned and well cared for. Not skinny but with just the right amount of muscles. Smooth skin without any hair. And a six pack…

“Good morning boy,” he said. “Slept well?”

“I can’t really say, Denis,” I replied. The cage is a little small for me.

“Well you know where I got the inspiration from. So it’s really your problem now.” he said. “Show it to me.”

I was a little nervous, but pulled the chastity out of my pants. He grabbed it in his hand and played with my balls. I was immediately starting to get hard. Then he slapped my balls hard enough for me to flinch.

“Get on your knees and hands behind your back,” he said. I had his crotch directly in my eye line. I could have seen an outline of his cock under the sweatpants he was wearing. And it was getting bigger.

He continued “I was so horny in the morning I had to jerk off. I came on my abs. I cleaned it with a towel, but I want you to clean it properly. So lick it off.” When I was hesitating he pulled out his phone and showed me the picture of myself. “Or do you want this to get out?”

I felt powerless. He was blackmailing me, but for some reason I was fucking loving it. If only I could I would blow a load by just touching my dick. So horny I was. With my hands still behind my back I started to do what he said. He was sweaty and I could feel istanbul travesti the taste in my mouth. His sweatpants were hanging low, just above his dick. I started there and slowly found my way upwards. I felt every movement of his muscles. He was breathing fast. I felt his rock hard dick pressing against my body. When I got up to his nipples he let out a quiet moan, but then told me to stop.

“Stand up,” he said. He grabbed my dick again, squeezing my balls. “You are such a good fag! When I get home in the evening I expect all the chores in the house will be done.” And with that he left the room. I heard his car in the driveway a few minutes later. I was alone with my still hard locked dick.

Later that day I got home early and did the chores. It wasn’t a big house so it did not take that much time luckily. Denis got home a few hours later. This time with Kris.

“We got you dinner. Hope you like chinese.” they said when they saw me. I was genuinely surprised. We went on with the evening. Watched a game on TV and I got to know Kris a bit better. After a few beers the atmosphere changed.

“I want to see that chastity of yours” said Kris suddenly. I looked at Denis, but his face was all “go on, what are you waiting for”. So I stood up and pulled it out.

“You should have seen him in the morning” said Dennis and they both burst into laughter. “Put your pants off for the rest of the evening,” said Kris. It was humiliating, but I had no choice but to obey. Nothing special really happened after that. I was asked to fetch some more beer and serve them chips. They would laugh at my junk and play with it when they got more drunk.

Before Kris left he told me “Denis gave me your phone number and we have some class together tomorrow. istanbul travestileri We will have fun. You better answer your phone when I call. Oh and I don’t want you to wear any underwear tomorrow.”

“I am going to bed” said Denis when the door closed. Clean it up here.


I woke up several times a night with random boners struggling against the chastity and my morning wood woke me up over an hour sooner than my usual alarm. On the second day I was starting to get a bit sleep deprived. Luckily it was Friday so I can get some sleep tomorrow.

Denis was already gone when I got out of bed. Probably had one of the early classes. So I just took a shower and left for school.

All went well until after lunch. I was just going to my psychology class when I got a text from Kris: “find a free desk at the far left of the hall”. It was a giant lecture hall for up to 300 people. When I entered it was about half full and about to start so I did not expect more to arrive. I took the turn and sat as instructed. Two rows in front of me were empty. In the next minute Kris joined me.

“Hey bro” he greeted me. “Two nights in chastity, I bet you are pretty horny right now”.

“Yeah…” I responded quietly.

“Good” he said, reached into his pocket and pulled out the key. Then he put it on the table in front of me. I was expecting a lot of things, but not this.

He saw my surprised face, grinned gleefully and said “You can use it as you like. Jerk off if you feel like it. Just one condition… you are not allowed to leave the room. Once the lecture is over, the cage will be back on and I`ll take the key.”

With that his hand slid towards my crotch. He played with it for a minute or two. It did not take much to get travesti istanbul me hard and super horny again. When the professor entered the hall he stood up and went to join his friends that just happened to sit about five meters to my right. The key was still lying where he put it.

Shit. I was so horny I would fuck a hole in a fence if I could. The lecture started. It was quiet, except for the professor talking. When he took a break to switch a presentation slide, you could almost hear a pin falling on the floor. If I tried to open a metal chastity cage, somebody would hear for sure.

It was torture. I had the key so close and couldn’t use it. I wanted to cum so badly, but the risk of getting caught was just too big. About an hour into the lecute I got a message on my phone. It was a short, ten seconds long video of somebody, probably Kris, jerking off and cumming hard. More texts followed:

“Felt so fucking great in the morning…”

“Go on, play with your nipples fag”

“Now bitch!”

It felt like my heart would jump from my chest. But I obeyed. My nipples were so sensitive and I got hard instantly. It felt like my dick would torn the metal cage apart. So. Fucking. Horny. After five minutes of this torture I stopped caring of somebody would saw me. I put the backpack in my lap and reached for the key.

“Put the key down. I changed my mind” was in the next message I received suddenly.

An hour and half has passed and the class is over. As promised, Kris came over and took the key. He didn’t even need to check if the cage was still on. Bulge in my pants was very visible.

He just said “Denis and I are leaving for the weekend. He will be back home on Sunday evening. Until then you are free to do whatever.”

With that he left me there horny and desperate. I was sitting and pretending to edit my notes as the hall got empty. I couldn’t get up. My dick was still trying to find its way out of the chastity and there was no way for me to hide the gigantic bulge in my pants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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