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With that simple declaration, my mother and Marcy turned in unison and led me to the bedroom with both of them holding my throbbing dick. They pushed me down on the bed while they discussed exactly how Marcy was going to fuck me and how my mother would be involved.

“I think he should fuck me from behind doggy style so I can lick your pussy while he cums in me,” Marcy told my mother with a wicked smile.

“I would like that and we will do it, but not first,” my mother responded pulling Marcy close for another kiss that silenced them both for a moment. “I want to be able to see my son’s cock going in and out of your sweet cunt.”

“A good sixty nine always works.”

“Yeah, but this first time, I want to watch him fuck you, I want to concentrate on just that.”

“OK, you want me on top or underneath him?”

My mother seemed to consider that for a moment as Marcy idly fondled her own nipples. Then she looked at me directly with a wicked grin.

“Get on top, Marcy, and take your time sliding your sweet pussy down over my baby’s hard dick.”

Marcy looked at me hungrily, the cat about to play with its totally under control mouse. My dick twitched as she stepped up to me, her small pink nipples directly at my eye level.

“Can I taste him just a little first?” she asked my mother looking back over her shoulder.

“How about we taste him together, make sure he’s nice and hard,” my mother responded and pushed me back on the bed.

They climbed up on either side of me, first both lashing their tongues with mine as their hands roamed over my chest and belly and mine over their backs and asses. About the time one of their hands encased my throbbing cock, they broke off their kiss with me and flicked their tongues together outside their mouths right above my face, then slid down to lick and suck my dick together.

When that too ended, my mother rammed her tongue into my mouth as Marcy straddled my thighs.

“Now, baby, I so want to see you fuck her…cum inside her…and then I’m going to lick her sweet pussy clean…suck every drop of your sperm out of her while she sucks you hard again…and then you will fuck me again…and cum inside me again…so she can lick my cunt clean,” my mother groaned into my mouth as she reached down and held my rigid dick straight up.

Marcy parted her pussy lips with her fingers of both hands as she lowered herself down over me. The tips of her rosy nipples were rock hard and the flesh inside her slit moist and pink…and oh so warm…as she slowly enveloped my cock. She moaned lowly and wiggled her hips slightly, letting her weight pull her down until I was as deep inside her as I could possibly go, both her hands pressing on my chest.

I reached up and cupped her small tits, the rigid nipples pressing against my palms. Marcy rotated her hips a couple of times then slowly pulled her hips up until just the very head of my cock was still encased in her wet pussy lips. She held me like that for a brief moment.

“Fuck me!” she mouthed silently, her piercing green eyes flashing, before slamming her cunt down as hard as she could, taking me deep inside her, then riding me faster and faster.

Next to us, my mother sat back on her heels, watching my dick slide in and out of Marcy’s pussy. After a moment, I could feel her finger rubbing Marcy’s clit and hear the soft slurping sound as she fingered her own sopping slit.

As my cum started to shoot into Marcy’s pussy, she gasped slightly and tightened her pelvic muscles, keeping me as hard as possible for as long as possible inside her while my sperm flooded her. She kept contracting her pussy on my dick long after I was done spurting into her until her whole body tensed,and she shrieked her own orgasm, flailing wildly on me until my flaccid dick slipped out of her.

Marcy first collapsed on my chest then rolled off me on to her back. My mother immediately pounced, spreading Marcy’s legs wide and burying her face in the young woman’s dripping pussy to lap up my semen oozing out of her.

I propped myself up on one elbow to watch my mother hungrily lick Marcy’s cunt. Marcy shivered another orgasm on my mother’s face and looked over to me. She smiled and beckoned me closer until she was able to take my quickly stiffening cock into her mouth.

After a few minutes, my mother looked up with the biggest shit eating grin I’ve ever seen. Her face was smeared with my cum and Marcy’s pussy juices, a single sticky string dripping from her chin. She crawled up and rammed her tongue into my mouth, sharing the taste of those mixed fluids with casino şirketleri me before doing the same with Marcy.

By then I was pretty hard again, hard enough anyway to slide into my mother’s dripping pussy when she rolled on her back, spread her thighs and pulled me on top of her. She was so wet and warm, her breathing ragged in my ear as she pulled me down and into her.

“I want a closer look,” Marcy murmured from beside us, rubbing my ass cheeks until her hands cupped my balls. “Get on your knees, Alicia, and let him fuck you from behind while I get underneath and lick your clit.”

Neither my mother nor I had any objections to that, so I pushed myself up and back on my legs while Marcy and my mother positioned themselves. My dick stiffened even more looking at my mother’s puckered asshole and wet gaping gash as she straddled Marcy’s face. Her back arched slightly when Marcy flicked her tongue through that moist slit.

When they seemed settled, Marcy reached between my mother’s legs and cupped my balls, drawing me closer until my rigid shaft, pressed against her dripping dark hole. My mother pushed back slightly, taking just the head of my dick between her slick lips. I could feel Marcy’s tongue lick through my mother’s slit and brush over my cock before she sucked in my balls.

I pulled my mother’s hips to me, sliding my dick into her warm, wet, welcoming pussy. She groaned and pushed back, lowering her head to lick Marcy’s cunt at at the same time spreading her ass cheeks for me even more.

Without a second thought, I swirled my thumb around the puckered bud of her asshole and pushed it inside. My mother shrieked her orgasm, soaking Marcy’s face with her pussy juice mixed with the semen I was spewing inside her.

My dick went limp but Marcy grabbed my mother’s ass cheeks and pulled her dripping pussy down to her mouth. My mother raised her body up, straddling Marcy’s face, while the veritable river of semen and pussy juices flooded the young woman’s face and mouth.

With the final shudders of both of their orgasms, my mother and Marcy collapsed on the bed next to me. After a few minutes, they crawled up on either side of me and I dozed off with them snuggled under my arms.

I’m not sure how long I napped, but when I awoke, I was alone in the damp, clammy bed. As I crossed the hall to the bathroom to piss, I heard my mother and Marcy talking quietly in the other room.

They giggled as I entered, both calmly sipping a glass of wine. My mother beckoned me closer and, as I approached, together they cupped my balls and dick in their free hands.

“Would you like something to eat…in the way of food I mean?” my mother tittered and Marcy practically choked on her sip of wine.

She rose and flicked her tongue in my ear then walked to the kitchen to get out some leftovers. Marcy kept her hand on my now twitching dick and looked up at me with her mesmerizing green eyes.

“You have no idea how happy you’ve made your mother,” she murmured, “and me too. If things had not gone…well…when you first got here, she was going to tell me to stay away. I’m so glad I’m here…with you both.”

My dick was beginning to ache again, so I sat and pulled her close. Marcy held my cock in her hand, idly thumbing the very tip as she nuzzled under my chin. I started to lightly fondle her hard pink nipples and she moaned lowly before flicking a tongue around the outside of my earlobe.

“So, Ian, where do you want to cum in…or on…me next?” she whispered huskily, slowly increasing the tempo of her hand stroking my throbbing dick. I answered with a loud groan and five strings of creamy jism shooting on to her neck and tits and hand.

Marcy grinned walking those few steps with my cum still dripping down her torso toward her legs and patch of cunt hair when my mother called us over to the counter to get the leftovers. More than a few specks of my spent sperm crusted in my own pubic hair.

My mother smiled sweetly at me as she scooped up a string of my jism dripping from Marcy’s nipple with a fingertip. That led to a tongue lashing kiss between the two of them and sufficient groping I was again getting aroused.

“Why don’t you finish eating, then come join us?” my mother murmured huskily, taking Marcy’s hand in hers, picking up the wine bottle and their glasses and heading back to the bedroom.

I finished my food and picked up a fresh cold beer before heading to the bedroom, stopping short in the doorway.

My mother had laid out an array of toys…vibrators…dildos…anal beads…on the dresser while Marcy was casino firmaları adjusting the double headed strap-on already embedded between here thighs.

“Oh Ian, just in time,” my mother cooed, taking my hardening dick in her hand and leading me to the bed. “Marcy’s going to use the strap-on first, so you have some choices. I can suck you off or you can fuck me in the ass or pussy while she fucks you with it or fuck me in my ass or pussy and she’ll fuck me in the other.”

I just looked at them both dumbfounded, a small drop of precum oozing from the tip of my cock.

“And it’s not really a big deal which one you choose first,” Marcy chimed in with a devilish grin, “since we will be doing them all before we’re done….and then it will be your mother’s turn to wear the strap-on.”

By then my dick was rock hard and throbbing again. My mother squeezed my balls and straddled my hips, easily sliding her warm wet pussy down over my cock. She wiggled around a couple of times and them leaned forward until her tits pressed against my chest and her tongue flicked out to outline my lips.

After a moment, I felt the vibrating tip of the strap-on gently pressing against my mother’s asshole and the base of my dick buried inside her cunt. My mother groaned lowly as Marcy pressed forward and ever so slowly the fake cock tickled the inside of my mother’s pussy and my shaft.

My mother gasped and arched her back as the oscillating fake dick plunged deeper into her bowels. Once all the way inside her, Marcy stayed still for a few moments, letting my mother and I both fully enjoy the vibration against her g-spot and my throbbing cock.

Even as the vibration combined with my mother’s warmth and wetness caused my dick to harden and begin to cum, my mother screeched her own growing orgasm. Marcy pumped her harder, adding the increasing friction to the vibration insider my mother’s tightening pussy.

That was more than enough for me. My sperm gushed inside my mother’s pussy as she screamed her own orgasm with my dick and Marcy’s fake cock both pounding her g-spot. Even as I started to go limp, I stayed inside her, held there by the combination of my mother’s tightened pelvic muscles and the rigid strap-on filling her ass.

Eventually, my mother shuddered one last time and collapsed on top of me. She may have been done, but Marcy was not.

Marcy rolled my mother on to her back and dived down between her legs, lapping up my sperm still oozing from my mother’s pussy. When she finally looked up at me, her face and chin were smeared with the mixture of my semen and my mother’s juices. She still wore the strap-on.

“So, Ian, you ready to be next?” Marcy grinned and rose to her knees with the fake dick flopping back and forth underneath her patch of flaming red cunt hair.

She leaned forward and traced my lips with the tip of her tongue, the taste and aroma of my mother’s pussy filling my mouth and nose. I pinched her nipples in both my hands as my mother joined Marcy lashing tongues with me, taking my stiffening dick into her hand.

“Yeah, Ian, I want to see Marcy fuck you in your ass,” my mother added, “and suck your beautiful cock while she does it.”

As soon as I got on my hands and knees, Marcy spread my ass cheeks wide and swirled her tongue around my asshole before sliding a finger inside me. She twirled that finger around to loosen my sphincter until she could slip in a second.

Meanwhile my mother squirmed under me, taking my dick into her mouth at the same time squeezing my balls. She spread her thighs wide beneath me, her throbbing pink clit and glistening slit inviting my mouth and tongue to feast on her musky wetness.

The strap-on was still vibrating as Marcy slowly pushed it into my asshole and as deep as she could go into my bowels. My entire body quivered when the oscillating tip tickled my prostate. Marcy kept up a steady pounding of my ass, cumming herself as the strap-on dick inside her constantly excited her g-spot and clit.

When Marcy started to shriek her pleasure, my cum again filled my mother’s mouth, spilling out of both corners to dribble down over her chin to her neck. I crumpled on top of my mother with my nose buried in her dripping slit and Marcy on top of my back. We lay in a heap breathing raggedly for a few moments before Marcy stirred and rolled off the bed.

“I need to pee,” she announced and undid the straps holding the fake cock.

“Me too,” my mother added and rose as well.

Together they walked the few steps toward the bathroom when my mother turned back to me.

“You are güvenilir casino going to join us, aren’t you, Ian?” she said with a devilish grin.

I barely got to the doorway of the bedroom when they entered the bathroom, walked past the commode and stepped into the shower together. They embraced and kissed passionately before both turned to me.

With a wicked grin, Marcy slowly dropped to her knees in front of my mother until her face was buried in my mother’s pussy. My mother pulled the younger woman’s head back slightly…and began to piss on Marcy’s face. I looked on in utter surprise as my mother’s golden stream splattered over Marcy’s face and into her mouth with a goodly amount washing down over her small tits and to her pussy. Then she stood up and kissed my mother again passionately before turning back to me.

“C’mon, there’s plenty of room,” Marcy muttered and stepped back from my mother, giving me a little space.

I stepped between them and my mother fell to her knees, taking my cock in her hand as she looked up at Marcy.

“Piss on me while I suck my son’s cock,” she groaned and licked the hardening knob of my dick.

Marcy put one arm around my neck, raised one leg up over my mother’s shoulder and, after a moment’s hesitation, loosed a warm stream of piss that splashed on my mother’s face and my dick at the same time. I couldn’t believe how hard my cock became as Marcy’s piss washed over me and down over my mother’s stiff nipples.

When that flow stopped, my mother looked up at Marcy with her own devilish smile, holding my now fully erect cock just beyond her lips.

“He’s ready,” my mother groaned and licked the tip of my cock, “do you want him in your mouth or your pussy or your ass?”

“My pussy,” Marcy responded and bent over at the waist with her hands on the tiled wall of the tub and looked back at me over her shoulder. “And after you cum inside me, don’t pull out. I want to feel your piss filling my pussy and washing down the inside of my thighs.”

My mother directed my dick into Marcy’s dripping cunt and I started to shoot my semen into her after only a few thrusts. Marcy obviously could feel the sticky warm cum filling her cunt. As the last droplets of my jism gushed into her, she tightened her pussy around my deflating cock and my mother pushed my ass cheeks forward.

“Now piss inside her,” my mother moaned, “Wash your cum out of her and down her legs and over my face.”

With that, my mother slipped down between my legs and took my balls into her mouth. Marcy reached down and began rubbing her finger over her clit, incidentally touching the base of my limp cock as she did so.

After a moment, my bladder let loose. My piss gushed into Marcy’s pussy and just as quickly poured out again and down both our legs, over my mother’s face and into her waiting mouth. I couldn’t believe how arousing I found my warm piss washing down my legs after filling Marcy’s cunt. My cock hardened again and she knew it, flailing back against me until I shot another load of cum inside her.

I leaned back against the wall totally spent. My mother stood and kissed me and then Marcy before turning on the shower and tenderly washing us all.

I was drinking a beer as we sat on the couch together, while my mother and Marcy each had a glass of wine. I was totally spent but at the very least they appeared to only be taking a breather. So I sat back and watched my mother and her young friend grope and kiss each other until I was falling asleep.

Perhaps I did nod off momentarily, since the next thing I remembered was my mother and Marcy pulling me to my feet and directing me to the bed…that is until I awoke in near total darkness with the bed bouncing like we were in an earthquake and my mother moaning loudly. Marcy was on top of her, grinding her pussy into my mother’s face while burying her own face between my mother’s thighs.

Naturally, my dick immediately sprang to complete attention. Even in the dim light, I could see Marcy raise her head and arch her back as she let out a low moan and began to cum on my mother’s face. I couldn’t see the juices gushing from Marcy’s pussy, but the sloppy slurping sounds my mother made as she gagged and swallowed left nothing to my imagination.

Marcy rolled off to the other side of my mother and a hand…my mother’s hand…groped for my stiff dick. I rolled to my side so she could easily stroke me as I reached down between her legs. Her pussy was so warm and wet. Three of my fingers slid into her easily, her g-spot swollen and rough to my touch.

My mother’s fingers tightened on my cock as her hips flailed against my hand. Her orgasm exploded in a fountain of her juices as my cum gushed on to her tits and over her fingers. She didn’t release her grip on me even as my dick deflated and I drifted back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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