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It was a Friday night and Curtis had no plans. He was looking forward to spending the night in and to himself. His roommate, Craig, was gone for the weekend visiting his parents back in Texas and Curtis couldn’t have been happier to have their New York City apartment all to himself.

They had met in their freshman year at NYU and had been roommates through to their senior year now. They had lucked out and found a gorgeous rent controlled apartment a few blocks from the school and moved in together less than a week later.

While living together was smooth, there were some very thin walls in the apartment. Craig was the more outgoing of the two of them and he often had company over. He was a good looking guy standing at six feet tall. Craig spent a lot of time in the gym and playing a lot of sports. He had no problem picking up anyone he wanted and Curtis was pretty sure he heard Craig bring home a guy one night. Curtis often was woken up by these escapades on Friday and Saturday nights and he took advantage of the free show he was getting by jerking himself off to the sounds of his best friend banging some college chick.

Since Craig was gone, Curtis decided that this was the perfect opportunity to pop in some porn onto their 50″ television in the living room. He grabbed a bottle of lube, a condom, a fleshlight, a towel, and a DVD that he popped into the player. He cracked open a beer and lit himself up a joint. The movie started playing and Curtis stripped down and threw his clothes to the side. His soft cock hung down at five inches on top of his large balls and he started to play with it as the woman on the screen started sucking off her boss.

The effects of the pot kicked in and Curtis’ libido was suddenly heightened. As the movie went on, Curtis rubbed his cock until it grew to almost eight inches. The movie wasn’t turning him on as much he had hoped so he dripped some lube onto his cock and started slipping it in and out of his fleshlight. That did the trick and he started getting harder and harder, reaching almost nine inches now. He started leaking precum into the fleshlight as he continued to pump his cock.

A scene with two guys came onto the television and Curtis found his eyes glued to the screen. He tossed the fleshlight aside and resumed a grip on his wet dick. He started stroking it, spreading the precum that was still leaking out of his red mushroom head all over his shaft. Curtis moved his other hand towards his balls and started massaging them. After a few seconds, he moved his hand up to his shaft so that he was now pumping his stiff member with both hands.

Loud, wet, smacking sounds filled the apartment as Curtis picked up the pace on his throbbing meat as he started nearing orgasm. Casibom His cock was grown to its full ten inches and Curtis started moaning as precum started flowing out in a steady stream from his round mushroom head.

Right at that moment, the two guys on the screen started moaning as one of them unloaded his load into the other’s ass. With all of the moaning and Curtis being in a state of ecstasy, the door lock opening was lost and suddenly, Curtis looked up and made direct eye contact with Craig standing in the open doorway of their apartment.

There wasn’t enough time for Curtis to process what was going on in his stoned state and he was too far gone as his cock erupted stream after stream of cum onto himself with a few spurts hitting him almost directly in his open mouth.

Craig closed the door behind him as he stared into the eyes of his roommate while he came so powerfully from his massive cock. Craig finally broke the gaze to stare at Curtis’ massive cock and felt his own cock twitch a bit in his pants.

“Uh, dude, I’m so sorry…” Craig said as he suddenly became aware that he was staring. He looked away. “My parents forgot to tell me that they were going to be in Europe this month so I came back…”

Curtis didn’t know what to do or say. His cock was still hard and pointing straight up. His jizz was everywhere and he grabbed his towel and covered his crotch.

“Fuck, I’m so sorry. Shit. I don’t even know what to say,” Curtis was blushing a bright shade of red. Craig walked over towards the couch and looked at the television still playing porn and the cum all over their living room.

“Holy shit dude, talk about a big mess.”

“I’m sorry man.. I …”

“I heard from a few of your ladies that you were well equipped but I had no idea that you were also a shooter too,” Craig gazed down at the towel that was tenting in Curtis’ lap. He wanted him to move it so he could stare at his glistening wet cock some more.

“It smells like pot. Did you smoke in here?” Craig took a glance down and saw an ashtray. “Hook me up with some of that.”

Curtis was taken by surprise as he reached over towards the edge of the coffee table and handed Craig another joint he had rolled. All he wanted to do was clean up his mess and run into his bedroom and never look at his roommate ever again. Perhaps he could move out the same night after he had gone to sleep.

Craig took a seat in the chair beside the couch Curtis was on and lit up the joint. It was not an option for Curtis to leave now after he had been caught. His shame was keeping him there, completely naked and still very hard. They started to smoke the joint, passing it back and forth, as they turned their attention to the television Casibom Giriş that was still playing yet another sex scene in the porn.

“I can see why you wanted release man.. this is a good movie,” Craig said to Curtis with a grin. “Can you pass me the ashtray over there?”

Curtis leaned over to grab it and the towel slipped off his massive boner. Before he had a chance to pick it up and throw it back over his lap, Craig caught him by surprise.

“It’s cool. I want to take mine out too, this movie is so hot,” Craig undid his pants and kicked them off. He was wearing boxer briefs and there was a very visible outline of his hard dick with a large wet spot of precum. Craig began to rub his hands over his cock as his eyes were glued to the screen. It didn’t take long before he abandoned his underwear in the pile with his pants and he let his pulsating member free into open air.

Curtis was no longer watching the movie. As soon as he saw Craig pulling his pants off, his cock jumped a little and precum dribbled out. Craig had a thick, veiny cock that was eight inches. He had bigger balls than Curtis and he was sticking straight up. Curtis was almost drooling as he watched Craig place a firm grip on his cock and began to tug on it. Curtis did the same without noticing that he had started jerking off again.

“You okay?” Craig looked over at Curtis and grinned.

“I’m good, why? Are you okay?” Curtis blushed.

“Yeah, can I borrow your fleshlight?”

“Um, I kind of used it earlier…”

“That’s okay.”

Curtis didn’t know what to think. His head was swimming. He picked up the fleshlight and walked over to hand it to Craig, who was sitting there jerking himself off watching Curtis’ ten inch dick lead the way.

“Help me use it,” Craig said in a firm tone. Curtis walked in front of Craig and knelt down between his knees. He positioned the fleshlight on top of Craig’s thick and hard shaft and pushed down until it had engulfed his friend’s entire cock. Curtis started pumping the toy as Craig closed his eyes and leaned back. The inside was still wet with Curtis’ precum and that turned Craig on even more. His own cock was harder than it had ever been and his balls ached for a release.


Curtis picked up speed as he reached down and started to jerk himself off to the same rhythm. Craig started to moan as he knew he was getting close. As he started getting closer and closer to the edge, Craig began to buck his hips to meet Curtis’ pumps.

“Is your arm tired yet?” Craig asked. Curtis shook his head. “Okay, good, because you’re going to stop using the toy and jerk me off now.”

Curtis pulled the fleshlight off Craig’s dick in one swift move and started Casibom Güncel Giriş jerking him off without missing a beat. Craig’s entire cock was coated in a mixture of their precum as Curtis expertly worked his hand magic.

Curtis was only a few inches away from Craig’s shiny man meat.

“Put it in your mouth.” Craig didn’t really give Curtis a choice as he stuffed his dick into his best friend’s waiting mouth. Craig started to pump his hips to shove more and more of his cock down Curtis’ throat, who seemed to be having no issues at all. Craig took this as a good sign as he picked up pace and started to fuck Curtis’ face more roughly.

Curtis’ cock was leaking precum all over his shaft down to his balls as he jerked himself off in a frenzy. He couldn’t believe it had taken four years for him to know that they could have done this all along. Curtis loved the taste of Craig’s meat and his precum was salty yet delicious. He was only letting Craig think he was in control right now but he had a surprise planned for him.

Curtis knew Craig was close to orgasm as he moaned louder and louder. He sucked on his shaft harder to try to encourage his balls to release their seed into his waiting mouth. Curtis started bobbing his head up and down, twisting around on Craig’s shaft as he continued to pump his own cock.

“Shit, I’m going to blow, get ready, fuck!” Craig pumped his cock one last time into Curtis’ mouth as he unloaded a huge load of cum, coating the inside of his mouth with his man seed. Curtis didn’t expect Craig to blow such a huge load that cum dribbled out of the corners of his mouth and he couldn’t swallow in time to catch the overflow.

Craig was panting as he threw his head back with his eyes closed. Curtis quietly got up with his hand still furiously jerking his cock off, roughly yanking on it as his balls began to twitch.

“You’re not the only one getting your fun tonight,” Curtis said to Craig, who had a surprised look on his face. Curtis was not as big as Craig but he was just as strong. He grabbed his legs and pulled him forward on the couch a little bit and pushed his legs up in the air so that his ass was directly in front of his cock.

“Fuck, yes, you want to cum on my ass? Shoot your load on my ass,” Craig growled as he watched Curtis beat his thick cock.

Without any warning, Curtis’ breath shortened and ropes of creamy cum came shooting out of his dick all over Craig’s ass. Before he was done shooting, he slipped the head of his cock into Craig’s ass and finished emptying his balls inside of his best friend. Craig moaned as cum started spurting from his cock in streams that covered his chest.

The two guys rolled off each other’s sweaty bodies and sat on the couch, side by side, panting to catch their breath. Cum was everywhere and the air was stagnant and reeked of sex and pot. Craig turned to look at Curtis and grinned.

“I don’t think we’ll be going out this weekend. I hope you’re okay with that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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