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Finally, I have the house to myself. What’s an eighteen year-old to do? Get naked, watch porn, and jackoff of course. My name is James, but my family calls me Jimmy. I am a slender five foot five, blonde hair, blue eyes, and hairless guy. I get my looks from my biological father, though he has been out of my life since I was born. My mom married my Stepdad when I was two, he’s a great guy and I call him Dad.

I just graduated from high school and have a week off before I start my summer job. Since I don’t know what I want to do, I am going to go to the local community college. I’m still trying to figure out a lot of things about life. I’ve been searching porn and I keep bringing up older men with younger guys. I’ve never had a man or a woman to know what I prefer, but I do know that when my Dad is around I get a hardon. My Dad is a big burly truck driver. He stands six feet, and weighs about 275pounds of muscle, except for the round beer belly. He’s hairy from top to bottom and front to back. He keeps his hair cropped in a GI cut, and he has a scruffy beard and mustache. Anyone looking at him would be scared of him, but he has a heart of gold and the sweetest disposition.

My Dad is my jack off fantasy. I want to tell him how he makes me feel. I want him to pick me up in his arms and hold me. I want to feel his big furry body against my naked skin. But I know I’m too chicken to ever confront him, and I fear if he didn’t accept my feelings that it could destroy our relationship with him and my mom.

My mom went out of town on business for the week and is adding on another week to visit relatives since the company trip is in the same town as where she grew up. My dad is a trucker and his schedule varies, sometimes he’s gone for a few days at a time.

I stripped out of my clothes and headed into the shower. I grabbed my enema bag, which I have hidden under my bed in a locked old tool box, and began my play time. I filled the bag with warm water, got on all fours, inserted the tube and let the water flow. I held it in for as long as the pressure would allow before I sat on the toilet to expel. I did this three more times before jumping in the shower. I washed up my body and took a razor to my arm pits, ass, cock and balls. I really didn’t have that much and I try to keep it all trimmed or clean shaven anyway. I ran the razor up and down each leg as well, but that is just to pick up the stray hair that may have grown, my legs are normally smooth.

I dried off and headed back to my room. I opened my tool box and pulled out my lube and favorite dildo. I turned on my computer and looked up my go to video website. I took some lube and began massaging it into my tight little pussy. Slipping a finger inside, I let out a moan. I turned up the volume on my computer. As I lay on my bed the video starts with the young boy on all fours waiting as his dad walks in the room naked, steps in front of the boy, and tells him to suck his big daddy dick. As the boy wraps his lips around his daddy’s big cock I begin to mimic his moves on my dildo.

I begin my licking the head of the dildo. I slap my face with it leaving spit marks on my cheeks, “Oh daddy let me suck your big cock. I love you daddy and want to make you happy.” I say out loud as I lick and begin to suck on my dildo.

The video now has the daddy lying in a 69 position with his boy. As his son sucks on his cock that dad licks the boy’s pussy. The boy squirms and grinds his ass onto his daddy’s tongue. I take some more lube and begin fingering my hole as I suck on my dad’s cock. I pull the dildo out of my mouth, “Oh yes daddy lick my pussy and get me ready for your big daddy cock. I want you to fuck me daddy. Put your big daddy cock in my tight pussy and fill me with your daddy juice. Fuck me daddy.”

I’m caught up in my fantasy. The video continues with the boy getting on all fours and his daddy pushing his big cock in his son. I move to the floor and push the dildo’s suction cup onto my closet door. I lube it up and, while on all fours, push back against it. I have to slowly push back against the cock. I wiggle my ass trying to expand my hole and let the head in. I know the first time it breaks through hurts, but soon goes away. I push back harder and the head pops in. “Oh daddy your cock is in me. Fuck me daddy. Make me your boy pussy, fill me up with your daddy juice.”

I began pulling off the dildo until just the head was holding my ass open, then I pushed back hard letting all six inches fill me up. It felt so good feeling the pressure against my prostrate. My cock was dripping cum that I eagerly took my finger and wiped my cockhead so I could feed myself my own cum.

The video was in the background ‘Oh daddy fuck me harder.’ And the father saying ‘You like daddy’s big cock inside of you boy? You like when daddy fucks you? You’re just a big cock hungry boy. You like a man’s cock fucking you don’t you?’

I was deep stroking the dildo faster and faster. I was ready to shoot my load. I grabbed the dildo ataşehir escort off the closet and jumped on the bed. I lay on my back and lifting my legs inserting the dildo back deep inside. “Ugh, yes daddy fuck me. Breed me. Fill me up with your thick hot daddy cum. Fuck me harder daddy. Oh yes I want your cock. Fuck me harder daddy.”

I raised my ass off the bed, grabbed my cock, and started to jerk off fast. The dildo was deep inside my ass as I threw my legs over my head to get my cock as close to my face as I could. I started to jack off faster, feeling my cum ready to shoot. “Shoot your cum daddy. Let me eat your daddy cum. Ugh, ohhh.”

I screamed as my orgasm hit hard and my cock started to shoot cum. I opened my mouth as the first shot landed on my lip and cheek. The next shot went right into my mouth. The third and fourth shot landed on my chin and neck. I squeezed my cock tight not letting anymore cum dribble out. I licked the cum off my lips and used my finger to wipe up the cum from my neck and chin before licking my finger clean.

I released the pressure on my cock and thick creamy cum dribble out into the palm of my hand. I raised my hand and let my cum drip into my mouth. I rolled the thick cum around my mouth, coating the inside of my mouth before I swallowed, feeling it go down into my stomach. I flopped back on the bed spent. I let the dildo slip out of my ass and rested.

I finally got up and took another shower, along with my dildo. I cleaned it in the shower, soaped it up and slipped it back inside. “Daddy” fucked me again until I shot my load into my hand and greedily licked my hand clean. I went back to my room and put everything away, locked up, and slid back under my bed.

My Dad called and said he would be home in an hour and would be bringing dinner. I figured it was just us guys so I just put on my gym shorts and nothing else. I wanted to flirt without really letting on that I was flirting. I figured the most he would do was to tell me to go put on some clothes.

Dad got home with a box of pizza. He slipped it into the oven, “I need a quick shower first before I eat dinner. Give me a few minutes Jimmy boy. The oven’s on low to keep the pizza warm. Grab some plates and a couple of sodas would you? Mom’s not home and it’s just us guys so pick out a nice action movie.” He winked and swatted my ass as he passed by and went to his room.

My cock sprang up as my ass continued to tingle from his swat. With just my gym shorts on it almost felt like it was directly against my skin. I stood there enjoying the tingle, not wanting to rub it out to get it to stop. I gave my hard cock a squeeze before I got out plates and two bottles of soda.

Dad came out of his room wearing just a pair of jogging shorts and drying his head with his towel exposing his armpit full of thick black hair. I stayed behind the counter as my cock was ready to blow. I looked at his hairy body, his big dark nipples poking out of his thick chest hair, his furry stomach, down to his shorts that I can clearly see a thick semi thick hard cock outline. His legs are like big hairy tree trunks. I felt like I would pass out, my head started spinning.

Dad came up to me and grabbed me, “You ok Jimmy? You look pale.”

I turned into his chest, my face burrowed into his thick hair. I inhaled smelling his manly soap. “I think I just need to eat, the heat got to me and I didn’t eat all day.”

I grabbed a couple of slices of pizza and soda and sat on the couch. I expected dad to sit in his chair but instead he sat right next to me. His leg was rubbing against mine. He flipped on the remote and the movie started. We ate the pizza and finished off the soda. Dad leaned back on the couch and draped his arm over my shoulder, “Feeling better with a full stomach?”

He then rubbed his hand on my stomach. It was obvious I had a hardon since it was lifting the ban on my shorts and just about popping out. Dad either didn’t notice or didn’t care. His arm dropped down onto my shoulders and he pulled my face into his chest, just like when I was a kid. My hand naturally went to his stomach and started to rub my fingers through his hair.

“This is nice, just us guys sitting around eating junk food and watching guy movies. We haven’t done this in a long time have we Jimbo?” Dad squeezed his arm around me pulling me in tighter to his chest. His hard nipple pressed against me cheek. His hand was gently caressing my back. I could feel the hair on his arms dragging across my back. I was ready to shoot my load. My hard cock was uncomfortably pushing against my shorts and the cushion on the couch. I looked down and Dad’s cock was clearly getting hard as I watched it unwind itself in his shorts like a snake working its way out of a bag.

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. Dad’s hand slowly caressed its way down my back and started to massage my ass before it came up my stomach and his finger tip rested on my right nipple. I heard myself moan out loud before I realized avcılar escort it happened. “I love this scene coming up.” Dad said as he rubbed my nipple in a slow circular motion. My nipple was hard as a rock and I naturally began to slowly rub my face against Dad’s nipple.

I watched my Dad’s cock leap in his shorts, getting stuck sticking straight out creating a nice tent. It jerked a couple of more times straining against the polyester material as it hardens. I let a low moan and tried to move his ass so his cock would naturally adjust. He finally just used his other hand to go into his shorts and move his cock. The head of his cock was now sticking out his shorts and looking right up at me. I could see a clear drop of precum forming.

“I’m getting kind of tired Jimmy, would you mind moving to my bedroom so we can watch the rest of the movie in there? This couch is killing my back.” Dad said as he moved his hand back down to my ass and gave it a nice squeeze.

“Sure Dad, no problem. I’ll grab the dishes if you can grab the DVD out of the player and move it to yours in the bedroom, I’ll be right there.” This gave me a chance to roll off the couch and grab the plates before he could see the wet spot forming on my shorts. I turned away from him and took the dishes to the kitchen.

I tried to calm down by telling myself that it is just us guys having our time away from mom and that I was just reading into things because of the video this afternoon. Just enjoy the evening with Dad, watch the movie, and go to bed.

I walked into the bedroom and Dad had his back to me as he was loading the DVD in the player. I quickly got onto the bed and slid under the covers. Dad turned around and stretched his body. His cock was clearly hard as a rock with the head just peeking out the top of his shorts. He had to be a good 7 inches and pretty thick. He walked to his side of the bed, turned his back to me, to my surprise, dropped his shorts to the floor, and slid into the bed next to me. Dad grabbed the remote and started the movie again.

Dad moved over towards me, wrapped his arm around my shoulder, and pulled me back towards him. Now he was sitting up and I was lying down. My head was on his stomach and I kicked my legs sideways across the bed. “Ah, this is better and more comfortable don’t you think Jimbo?”

“Much better, good idea Dad.” I started to rub my hand on his stomach on top of the covers. Dad began to run his hand up and down my side. I was barely under the covers now in the position I was in.

Dad lifted his legs and started to kick off the covers, “Wew, it’s much warmer in here than the living room. It’s too hot for covers. Do you mind Jimbo?”

“No Dad that’s fine. It is much warmer in here.” I lifted my head so that he could pull down the covers. I lay my head back down on his furry stomach and stared at his cock looking up at me. I wanted to move down and kiss it but I just lay there trying to stay calm.

“Hey buddy, why don’t you shuck these shorts? Mom’s not here and it is hotter than hell in here.” Dad said as he started to tug down my shorts. I lifted my ass up and between the two of us my shorts were down to my ankles where I was able to fling them off onto the floor.

Dad patted my naked ass, “Doesn’t that feel better now?”

“Oh god yes, it feels so good.” I was thinking more about his hand rubbing my naked ass than anything right now.

The room was dark now with the movie being the only form of light. I resumed my position and placed my hand on his leg. His cock was just a couple of inches from touching my arm. Dad’s hand began to caress my back again and my body began to relax. I started to rub Dad’s leg. His hairy legs felt so good. Dad’s cock jerked up as my hand moved up the inside of his legs getting closer to his big ball sack. “This is so nice and relaxing Jimmy. That feels so good.”

Dad moved his hand to my chest and was lightly massaging my nipple again. I snuggled up into him some more and kissed his belly. Dad moaned when I did that, “Good boy Jimmy. That makes me feel real good when you kiss me like that. Do it some more.”

Dad hand moved back to my ass, but this time his hand rested on the center of my ass and his finger lay in the crack of my ass. I kissed his belly again and rubbed my face on it. I felt Dad lift his hand off my ass then it came back down on it. This time his finger was wet as he found my hole and started to massage it.

Dad’s raked his other hand through my hair and stopped in the back of my head. Dad applied a little pressure as he guided my head down to his cock, “Go ahead Jimmy suck on daddy’s big cock. You’re making daddy drip thinking about you sucking his cock. You want to suck daddy’s cock don’t you Jimmy? Go ahead, open that mouth of yours and suck my cock.”

I didn’t even fight it, my fantasy was coming true. I cupped his balls in my hand; they were large, hairy, and heavy. I moved my mouth to his cock and licked the clear drop that was dripping out of his piss slit. ataşehir escort bayan It was the sweetest thing I ever tasted. His cockhead was so big, bigger than my dildo, but softer. He smelled so good, manly. “Oh ya, that’s a good boy, take your time and get to know daddy’s cock. Taste it baby, lick daddy’s cockhead. Kiss it. MMMM that’s feels so good. You like making daddy feel good don’t you Jimbo?”

“Yes daddy. Your cock tastes so good. Push your finger in my pussy daddy.” I wiggled my ass offering it up to him as I licked and sucked his big fat cock. His juices were flowing, he has a lot of precum and I just kept sucking it out of his cock. I felt him press his finger into me. As his finger entered me I went further and further down his shaft. I was purring like a kitten as I sucked on my daddy’s big cock.

“Oh ya Jimmy boy that feels so damn good. This is what you’ve wanted, so suck on Daddy’s cock isn’t it? But you don’t want my finger in your smooth pussy now do you? You want Daddy’s cock deep inside you don’t you baby?” Daddy emphasized this by cramming two fingers inside me and twisting them around, getting me ready for his big cock.

I lifted off of his cock with my spit dribbling into his thick matted hair, “Oh god yes. I want you to fuck me. I want your big cock inside me. Pop my cherry, fill me with your cum. Please, please fuck me.” I was begging to be fucked.

“Ya Jimmy tell Daddy what you want. Suck Daddy’s cock, drink all Daddy’s juice. Tell me you want me to shoot my thick creamy cum in your mouth.” Dad was making my head spin. Then he pulled me on top of him in a 69 position.

“Give me that pussy boy, let me eat you out and get you ready to take Daddy’s big cock. I’m going to fill your stomach up with my cum then I’m going to flip you around and fuck this pussy until my cum is squirting out. You want this Jimmy, you want it bad. I came home earlier and heard you. I watched you fucking yourself with that dildo and wishing it was my cock. Now keep sucking me until I shoot my load. Don’t stop sucking, keep me nice and hard.” Dad spread my ass apart and pushed his face between my cheeks. His tongue was long and hot. He dipped it in my hole and swirled it around the inside. It was the best feeling ever.

I cried out in pure pleasure, “Oh yes yes yes, lick me pussy, get me ready to take this big cock. Give me your load, I want to taste you, eat your Daddy cum.” I was pushing my ass back against his face and licking his shaft up and down. His cock was pulsing in my hand as I jacked him off.

“That’s it Jimmy boy suck Daddy’s cock. Stick your tongue in Daddy’s piss slit. Lick my cockhead. Yes, Yes, oh god here it comes boy, you better drink all of it. AAGGHHH!!” I felt Dad’s cock get really thick and his entire body went stiff as he arched his ass up lifting both of us off the bed. His first shot of cum went right down my throat so fast I didn’t even feel it. I backed off his cock so I was just sucking the head. His cock just pulsed in my hand with every shot as he pumped his cum into my mouth. I kept swallowing his cum until I was now drawing it out of his cock. His cock softened a bit as his body relaxed. I turn around and hugged my Dad. He surprised me by pulling me into his arms and kissing me on the lips. His tongue slipped into my mouth and cleaned out any of his cum that may still be coating my tongue. “I love your so much Dad.”

Dad kissed me again and then pushed me down onto his hard cock. “We’re not done yet Jimmy. Take Daddy’s cock in your pussy boy. Feel a real man’s cock inside of you.”

I wiggled my ass and Dad spread my cheeks apart until I felt hit big head pushing against my puckered hole. “You’re so much bigger than I thought, I’m not sure I can take it.”

Dad reached over to the nightstand and took out a bottle of lube. “This will help.” He said as I felt the cool gel being fed into my hole with his finger. He then lathered up his cock.

I tried again and his head began to pierce my hole. The pain was white hot, ten times worse than my dildo. I wanted it so bad. I pushed down hard and his cock slipped in about half way. My head fell onto his chest as the pain hit. Dad rubbed my back and lay perfectly still. He pushed my head towards his nipple. I latched on and started to lick and suck the big nub. “Shhhh, relax Jimmy. Let your pussy expand to take my big cock. Just suck on my nipple to keep me hard for as long as you want.”

I rubbed my face on his chest and pushed down on his cock some more. I pulled off a bit and felt my hole stretched around his cock. I went back down on it, taking more of him. The pressure inside was building up. I wanted all of him inside of me. I kept working at it until my ass touched his pubic bone. “There you go baby, I’m all in. Do you like that? Is my cock everything you dreamed about? Are you ready for daddy to really fuck you like the pussy boy you want to be?”

“Yes please fuck me. I want you to fill me up with your Daddy cream. Breed me, make me your boy.” Dad rolled me over onto my back, his heavy weight, sweaty, and hairy body enveloped me as we sank into the mattress. Dad lifted up onto his knees, grabbed my legs, and placed them up against his chest. His hair was soft against my clean shaven legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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