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The following story is about my previous story “COMING TO TERMS”, but told from Noah’s point of view. I’ve had quite a few personal messages asking me to do this, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I really hope you enjoy the added details to the, in my opinions, already great story. Feel free to leave any questions, comments, or concerns you may have, as they are always greatly appreciated.

Noah sat at his desk, staring at the clock, waiting for the day to end. He didn’t sleep well the night before, or the last few nights for that matter, and it was taking a toll on his body. He felt weary and depressed for the last couple of days, which made going to work that much harder. Noah found it harder and harder to listen to peoples’ petty little problems, when nothing else mattered to Noah than to get Oliver.

“Dr. Larson, are you in there?” Gwen asked as she poked her head in the door.

“Not to be mean Gwen, but how did you get past Helen?” Noah asked, wondering why Helen hadn’t let him know Gwen was visiting.

“She was busy on the phone.” Gwen explained before remarking on how exhausted Noah looked. “Have you been feeling okay Dr. Larson?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Noah lied, and Gwen saw past it.

“Is it about Oliver?” She asked, giving Noah an awkward lopsided smile.

“You know me so well.” Noah nodded. “I just can’t get him off of my mind for some reason.”

“Well, how did you leave things?” Gwen asked.

Noah explained to Gwen his discussion with Oliver a few days ago at his apartment. He explained about Oliver being with Amber, as well as the words they exchanged. By the time he was done, Noah had a glimpse of what his patients must have felt like when they poured their problems to Noah.

“I would have punched him.” Gwen muttered.

“That’s helpful advice.” Noah snarked.

“Sorry Dr. Larson.” She chuckled. “Well, I think there is nothing to do but let him decide, then you’ll get a definite answer.”

“I know.” Noah agreed. “I just hate waiting.”

“Well, just do whatever you need to do to get your mind off of him.” Gwen advised.

“Yeah, I was going home after this, and hopefully doing something to distract myself.” Noah assured her.

“Dr. Larson, I have a patient request form on my desk, should I fit her in for your open spot tomorrow at 1:30?” Helen asked over the speaker.

“Sure, thank you Helen.” Noah told her over the speaker.

“Also, Mr. Williams is here for his 4:30 appointment, should I send him in?” She asked.

“Sure thing Helen.” Noah told her.

“Well, I’ll get out of your hair, text me this weekend and we can try to do something just the two of us.” Gwen told him.

“Yeah, that sounds fun.” Noah agreed as Gwen opened his office door.

“Alright, I’ll think of something crazy and fun for us to do.” Gwen smiled as Mr. Williams walked up to the door.

“Not too wild, but yeah, see what we can do.” Noah waved her off. “So, Mr. Williams, how have you been doing?”

After listening to Mr. Williams talk about his mid life crisis, Noah was glad to leave the office. Noah stopped on his way home to pick up his favorite pizza before driving out to his house. He waved to his favorite neighbors, Amy and Jack, and accepted another dinner invitation for Sunday, before rolling inside.

Noah put a couple slices on a plate and rolled into the living room to watch television. He was glad to be able to relax for once, his body seemed to slowly unwind as Noah kicked back on the couch. Just as Noah was focusing his attention on something else besides Oliver, the phone rang.

“Hello?” Noah answered, not looking at who was calling.

“What the fuck Noah?!” Oliver yelled into the phone.

“Well, good evening to you too Oliver.” Noah told him, having no idea why Oliver sounded pissed off.

“Why did you agree to take Amber as a patient?” Oliver asked.

Noah wasn’t sure what he was talking about, until he remembered what happened at work. Noah had told Helen to accept a new patient for tomorrow afternoon, a female patient. Noah put two and two together that his new patient was Amber. Still, Noah felt a little mad that Oliver was calling in such an accusatory way.

“Because I want to use her to get close to you.” Noah sarcastically told him. “Or that’s what you think I guess.”

Oliver was grumbling over the phone, but he didn’t say anything else to Noah. Noah wondered if Oliver was really upset just because Amber was seeing him, or did he think Noah had some ulterior motive? Either way, Noah was fed up, he didn’t like the side of Oliver he was hearing at the moment, the side that had written off Noah in high school.

“Listen Oliver, I have to go, but before I do, I should let you know something.” Noah said, reaching the peak of anger at Oliver. “STOP ACTING LIKE AN ASS AND THINKING EVERYTHING I DO IS TO GET YOU!”

Noah hung up after yelling at Oliver. Noah was tired of the Oliver drama for one night. He just couldn’t understand how he could love and hate a person at the same time. gaziantep escort Despite his fancy degree and years of schooling, Noah didn’t understand everything about relationships.

One good thing that came from his conversation with Oliver on the phone, Noah passed out that night. Noah didn’t even make it off the couch, he fell asleep with a half eaten slice of pizza on his chest, something he’d never done, nor wanted to do for that matter.

Noah woke up the next morning to the sound of his cellphone ringing. First he thought it was an alarm going off, until he noticed all of the missed calls and texts fro Gwen and Helen. He noticed the time, and new he was running late, so he quickly rinsed off and got dressed, skipping breakfast, and headed into work.

Noah was over an hour late, which might not be so bad for some people, but Noah hated it. He felt so embarrassed for being late to work, like he didn’t care enough to show up on time or something. Still, no one seemed really upset, except for Mrs. Huang, who missed out on her appointment. Noah made sure that her next three were free for the inconvenience.

The day flew by as Noah worked, which to him, felt like he was trying to play catch up. He worked through lunch, writing notes and filing paper work in his office, something he usually did early in the morning. By the time 1:30 rolled around, Noah had forgotten his conversation with Oliver on the phone.

“Hello Dr. Larson.” Amber smiled as she walked into the office. CRAP!

“Hello Ms. um-” Noah started, unsure of what her last name was.

“Sawyer, but please, just call me Amber.” Amber told him.

“Alright Amber.” Noah agreed. “So, what brings you to my office?” Noah asked.

“Well, I seen your ad online and-” Amber started.

“No.” Noah stopped her. “I mean, what made you come to therapy.” Noah corrected her.

“Oh, duh Amber. Sorry Dr. Larson.” Amber giggled, which annoyed Noah. “I’ve been really anxious and nervous lately.”

“Oh, I see.” Noah told her, and began taking notes. “So, has there been any change in your normal schedule lately?”

“Um, not really.”She answered after a moment’s thought. “Oh wait, yeah, I’ve been seeing a guy.”

“Oh, well what’s he like?” Noah asked, trying to keep his prior knowledge of Oliver from interfering with his work.

“He’s hot.” Amber replied, which Noah agreed with.

“What else?” Noah asked.

“Sexy, cute, has amazing abs.” Amber listed.

“No, what other things do you like about him besides physical appearances?” Noah asked.

“Um, he’s great in bed, and he is an easy hang.” She answered, although the way she said it, it sounded more like a question.

Noah paused for a moment and thought how things could possibly play out. Noah found their weak spot, they weren’t serious, they were more of friends with benefits. If Noah told her that it didn’t sound like a real relationship, plus a few undermining comments, he could break them up easy.

Noah knew better than to do so however. Despite how much he liked Oliver, and how little he liked Amber, Noah knew it would not only be unprofessional, but it would also be what Oliver expected from him. Noah sighed, then told her some helpful advice.

“Well, to me, that doesn’t sound like a real relationship.” Noah told her. “If that’s the only change in your life, then that must be your problem. Secretly, you’re afraid to commit to someone, and that causes you to feel anxious around him, because you’re unsure of what he’d say if you asked him the question.”

“You’re right.” Amber said in a moment of clarity. “I need to tell Oliver how I really feel.”

“Yes, tell him how you feel, and if that doesn’t help your anxiety, come back and well talk some more.” Noah assured her.

“I will Dr. Larson.” She smiled as she stood up. “I’m going to cut our appointment short if you don’t mind, I have to go do something.”

“Hey Amber.” Noah stopped her. “Good luck.”

“Thanks, bye.” She waved as she left his office.

Noah felt both good and bad, which was a very uneasy feeling to have. He felt good for doing his job, as if Amber were just one of his random patients. He felt bad though, because she wasn’t a regular patient, she was Amber, Oliver’s other romantic interest. Noah hated how difficult his life had slowly become after attending that stupid reunion, and hoped things didn’t get any worse.

Noah was glad that tomorrow was his day when he got off of work, then he would only have to work one more day before a well deserved weekend. Noah had just gotten inside of his house, when the phone began to ring. Noah didn’t recognize the number, but answered it anyways.

“Hey!” Oliver yelled into the phone.

“Oliver, what’s going on, I’m not in the mood right now.” Noah told him, unsure why he was calling.

“I need an apartment back to my ride.” Oliver stammered. “Home, home, home.”

“Are you having a seizure?” Noah asked, growing concerned.

“I ate lots of a beer and alcohol, and a beer.” Oliver slurred into the phone before there was a muffled noise.

“Hey, this is the bartender, you’re friend here is pretty drunk, and I was wondering if you could come pick him up.” Asked a smooth, deep voice over the phone. “He should not be driving home like this.”

“Sure, what’s the address?” Noah sighed as he wrote down the address.

Noah was tempted just to call a cab to pick Oliver up from the bar, but decided against it, since Noah couldn’t trust that Oliver would get inside. He grabbed his keys and rolled to the car, not looking forward to getting back into the car. Still, he got in and drove to the bar to pick up Oliver.

“Um, I’m here for a pickup.” Noah said once he rolled inside of the bar.

“Food or drinks?” The blond guy behind the bar asked.

“Drunk guy actually.” Noah told him. “I believe we spoke on the phone.”

“Oh yeah, hey, I’m Scott, glad someone finally came to get him.” Scott said, then motioned at Oliver at the other end of the bar, pretending to be a walrus with straws in his mouth.

“Well this is new, I’ve never picked up a drunk walrus at a bar before.” Noah muttered, and was surprised when Scott started laughing. “Does my life amuse you?”

“Right now? Yeah sure.” He told Noah.”Sorry, it’s just that you’re the only person who’s not plastered right now, it’s nice to have a conversation with a sober person.”

“Yeah well, I’m not a person you want to have a nice chat with, trust me.” Noah told him.

“Oh, dark and mysterious eh?” Scott asked. “That’s cool, makes you a little hotter actually.”

“Excuse me?” Noah asked, unsure if he had gone hard of hearing, or if Scott was blind.

“Come on, you’re pretty hot, nice eyes, cute face.” Scott smiled.

Noah felt nervous again, like he did with his misunderstanding with Bruce. He felt guilty for a guy hitting on him, especially with Oliver in the same building. Noah knew he was being strung along by Oliver, waiting for a moment that may never come, but Noah didn’t want to take the chance of missing that moment.

“Sorry, I’m not looking right now.” Noah told him. “I’m really flattered though.”

“It’s him isn’t it?” Scott asked, pointing at Oliver, who was pretending the straw was a snorkel.

“Shut up.” Noah snarked.

“Attitude, geez.” Scott smirked. “Don’t worry, I’ve been there before.”

“Please don’t try to give me any advice.” Noah shook his head.

“Too late bud.” Scott said. “Just don’t do what I did.”

“What’s that?” Noah asked.

“Wait around like a dog wanting affection.” Scott told him. “If he doesn’t come around soon, you have to move on, and not waste 3 years on a hot guy named Rick who stings you along like a bitch on a leash, and telling you things are too complicated right now to break up with his dumb girlfriend.”

“Um, here’s my card if you need therapy.” Noah told him after his little confession. “Anyways, I’ll be taking my drunk friend home.”

“Sure thing, Noah.” Scott smiled before tucking the card in his back pocket. “Anyways, need help getting him?”

“I’ve got it, watch this.” Noah said, then raised his voice a little. “Um, yeah, I’m here to pick up Oliver Lovelace.”

“Hey!” Oliver yelled at Noah. Noah nudged at Scott, who looked impressed. “I know you, you are the son of a bitch who ruined things with Amber!”

“Come on, you can yell at me in the car.” Noah told him.

Noah was glad when Scott asked the very big bouncer to help Noah lug Oliver to his car. Noah got in the car, and was immediately yelled at by a drunk Oliver.

“Why did you have to tell Amber that bullshit earlier?!” Oliver yelled.

“I was doing my job, I treated her like I would treat any of my other patients.” Noah told him.

“Yeah right! You knew I am not into the relationship as much as she is!” Oliver yelled into Noah’s ear. “You couldn’t stand to see me with someone else! Oh yeah, I forgot, you can’t stand at all!”

Noah was usually a very non-violent person, but even he had his breaking point. Noah couldn’t help it when he slugged Oliver right in his face. Oliver was still conscious after that, but he wasn’t too aware. It made for a quiet ride home, but it also made it harder to get Oliver inside.

Noah didn’t realize it until he opened his door that he meant to drive Oliver home. Noah had been so upset by Oliver’s drunk comment that Noah wasn’t paying attention. Despite him not wanting Oliver anywhere near him, Noah was too tired to drive anywhere else, and somehow got Oliver inside.

Noah dumped Oliver on the couch before rolling to his bedroom. He didn’t have the effort to change out of his clothes, and decided to just sleep in his work clothes. He fell asleep pretty quickly, even though he had so much on his mind.

Noah woke up the next morning, and changed into something a little more comfortable before rolling into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. He peaked into the living room, and watched Oliver sleep for a moment before banging on a couple pans, causing him to stir. Noah rolled to the bookshelf in order to look a little more casual as Oliver fully woke up.

“And he lives.” Noah snarked at Oliver.

“Where am I?” Oliver asked as he stretched on the couch. “What happened?”

“This is my house.” Noah addressed his first question. “And you’re here because you got drunk at the bar.”

“Oh.” Oliver muttered, then his hand went up to his eye, where Noah had punched him.

“Don’t worry, it won’t show.” Noah smirked. “Too badly at least.”

“Please, I deserve it.” Oliver told him, he looked like he was slowly remembering what had happened. “So, can you give me a quick tour while I sober up.”

Noah showed Oliver around the house, which felt a little weird. Noah wanted to talk about what had happened, yet he knew Oliver wanted a moment to breathe first. Noah obliged, and took his time showing Oliver around, even the pool and hot tub out back.

“So can you tell me what’s going on with you lately Oliver?” Noah asked after they made if full circle back to the living room. “First you put the moves on me, then you start seeing a woman, then you think I’m jealous.”

“I don’t know Noah, I’ve been confused lately.” Oliver admitted. “Its hard to explain, sober at least.”

Noah felt bad for Oliver at that moment. It wasn’t just because Oliver was confused, that part annoyed Noah a little bit. The part that made Noah sad was that drinking part. since Noah knew first hand what that was like.

“Remember when you asked why I wasn’t drinking at the reunion?” Noah asked Oliver, who nodded. “It’s because things were rough when you rejected me, but but they got worse when my ex was thrown in.

“What do you mean?” Oliver asked. Noah didn’t tell many people about his past, but he thought Oliver deserved to know, for some reason that Noah couldn’t quite explain.

“We, mainly me, would drink every day, a lot every day. It numbed me, which felt good at first, but when my ex started getting into harder stuff, I knew I needed to straighten up.” Noah admitted to Oliver. “It was hard, but I still loved him, which was harder. I knew though that we would never work out, at least like that.”

“Oh, I didn’t even know that.” Oliver told him, a little wide eyed.

“Yeah well, I hide it pretty good.” Noah chuckled. He felt a little closer to Oliver at that moment, and could also tell Oliver felt the same way. “The point is, you may care about a person, but it will never work if you both aren’t committed to making it work. It takes more than one person to run a relationship, which helped me get over you, or so I thought.”

Noah and Oliver just sat there for a moment, in silence. Noah couldn’t help blushing when Oliver gave him a look of lust. Noah was glad though that Oliver didn’t make a move then, because it wasn’t the right time, with Amber and all.

“Noah, I have to go home and do something, but maybe later we could talk?” Oliver broke the silence.

“Sure, I’m free tomorrow after work, around 5 if you feel like talking.” Noah said, before adding. “As long as you aren’t drunk this time.”

“Great.” Oliver smiled as the two headed for the front door. “Oh, and I’m sorry for what I said in the car, you have to know I didn’t mean it.”

“I know.” Noah told him, then threw Oliver a cheap shot to the balls, causing him to double over in pain. “And now I forgive you.”

Noah was surprised at how quickly the car ride back to the bar was. He also enjoyed the small chit chat with Oliver, something they rarely did, since most of their conversations lately involved yelling. Noah pulled into the bar parking lot next to Oliver’s car, and sadly unlocked the doors.

“See ya later Noah.” Oliver smiled.

“Tomorrow around 5?” Noah asked.

“Yeah, at the diner across the street.” Oliver pointed before closing the door.

Noah felt giddy for the rest of the day, and was glad that he had the day off. He ran a few errands before going hone to relax. He decided to soak in his hot tub to unwind for a little, and almost fell asleep. Noah got a text from Gwen, saying she had to study over the weekend, but she’d make it up next weekend. Noah assured her it was fine, and it would give her more time to plan something wild to do.

The rest of the day was uneventful, which for Noah, was a perfect day. No work, no drama, no worries, just relaxation. Noah dreaded going into work the next morning, but decided to put that thought off until the morning, which came surprisingly fast. Noah fell asleep late that night, but had a couple house of good rest before morning came.

Work was busy the next day, especially since Helen double booked two appointments, which caused Noah to have to skip lunch. He wished he were back home relaxing like the day before, and seriously looked forward to the weekend. He didn’t even have time to respond back to any of his calls before he got off work and headed to meet Oliver at the diner.

Noah got there a couple minutes late, and hoped Oliver didn’t think Noah was flaking. He rolled in to see Oliver at a table, and rolled up to him. Oliver looked a little upset, which made Noah nervous. Still, Noah was determined to try and have a good time with Oliver.

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