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Dear Readers, before I finish off with my holidays thought of coming out with another story. I enjoy writing erotic stories as it gives me a high! Also what better way to share my fantasy other than putting it in words? Fantasy does not do any harm; in fact it stimulates your brain all the more, but fantasy should remain as fantasy!

I do really hope you enjoy what you read.

Once again, before you read, I request you, please bear it in mind the following:

This story is only a work of fiction, not to be experimented/tried with. Please ignore all the grammatical and spell mistakes; I just want to entertain you. Please vote this story and all the other stories you read written by other writers on ‘Literotica.’ It encourages us.

In this story, I wanted to try something different. I have consciously made an effort not to use any taboo words. I enjoyed it while writing, but I don’t know about you! Your feedback will tell me about it.

I appreciate all the comments you give me, all the comments other than ‘anonymous’ will be promptly replied.


For an eighteen and half year old girl, I should say I am not all that feminine like my mother. My mother is a definition for femininity. She dresses so immaculately yet so elegant. She is so neat, she has such a beautiful hair, and not even a single hair is out of place.

Though weekly once she vanishes for hours to her beautician cum dress designer, somehow it never occurred neither to me nor to my mother that I should also be going.

You can very well say I always dress in a shapeless jeans and an oversize shirt. To be very honest I didn’t even know the exact size of my bra! I was a sort of tomboy. None of the boys were very keen to chase me.

All it changed when I accidentally stumbled on to the lingerie collection of my mother! My my, what a collection she has! Touching those panties and bra’s itself gave me a new kind of feeling. When I just tried one of those bras on me, the sensation gave me a sexy feeling.

Then and there I decided to have some of my own collection! But how?

On a Saturday morning I asked mother, “Mama, can you give me some money?”

Busy reading the days newspaper, “What for honey? Have you finished off with your pocket money so soon?” But I didn’t find any trace of annoyance in her tone.

“No Mama, but that is not sufficient for me, I need to do some purchases.”

“How much you need baby?”

“I think 5K should be okay.” I was not sure.

Mother almost jumped out of her chair, “5K! What you are going to purchase with that kind of money honey, a car for yourself?”

I had determined to get what I wanted, thought of taking mother head on. “Mama, not for a car or anything like that. I want to buy some decent lingerie to wear! Do you know what kind I am wearing? Do you know how the boys at my school treat me? Have you ever thought what kind of dresses your daughter wears? At least have you ever thought your daughter is also a female like you? That too when you are so neat, immaculate, having the best of the dresses and lingerie collection? Throwing some pocket money at me, do you think it is sufficient for my requirements? For the money what you give, this is what I can afford.” Saying this I removed my gown and showed her the bra and panty I was wearing. Spending all the pent up fury, I sat near Mother, I wept covering my face with my hands.

Mother must of got a shock of her life. She took time to digest on what I had accused her with. As it sunk in her, she must have realized her mistake. She took me in her arms, “Oh my poor baby, my darling, I am so sorry. It is the biggest blunder I have ever done. I won’t forgive myself for this. How can I treat my own daughter like this? No excuse, no excuse. I am so sorry honey for putting you through this kind of agony. I am truly sorry.” She profusely apologized as she kissed me.

Holding my head to her bosom, “Honey, don’t worry, let me make up for my folly. I will take you to Aunt Linda. Hope you remember her. You used to like her when you were a small kid. She is the best. And we are going there in another half an hour. Go get ready, let me call her and tell her that we are coming.” Definitely she meant what she said.

My mother and aunt Linda were closest friends. She is a topnotch beautician and a very famous dress designer. Almost all the famous people visit her. It is not easy to get an appointment with her on such short notice! But I had confidence on my mother and went to my room to change in to my usual tomboy clothes.

While driving me to aunt Linda, mother was very talkative may be because of the guilt within her. “Baby, aunt Linda is going to transform you, just listen to her. Allow her to do what ever she wants to do on you. Don’t feel shy or have any inhibition. Just give yourself to her. And you will not regret this day in your life.”

I was very excited but also tense. “Yes Mama, I will.” I could not get another word from my mouth, as it was very dry ataşehir escort with excitement.

As we wrung the bell, aunt Linda opened the door. I followed mother inside.

“Hey Linda, this is Jenny, my daughter. Honey this is aunt Linda.” Mother made a formal introduction.

Aunt Linda held me at arms length and looked at me from head to toe, and then she made a survey of me by making a round around me.

“Lovely! Lovely! I have never seen another beautiful creature like this. Just wait Henna, just wait, I am going to transform this young lady in to the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. She is a pure uncut diamond. You don’t know her. My trained eyes can see what’s beneath this creature.” Saying this aunt Linda gave me a hug and kissed my cheek.

“Okay honey, now lets get in, we have work to do. Your mother has made me to cancel an important appointment with that supermodel. Not that I am unhappy, in fact she is a pain to work with. Now let me justify the cancellation of her appointment.” She led me to her studio.

“Linda, I am leaving my baby under your care. Take care of her. Now I need to run to airport to pickup Jerry. I will drop him at home and come back.”

“No problem honey, you run along, and you can take your time. I will be requiring more than 6 hours to work on this girl. So you don’t have to rush back. When you are at it, why don’t you plan some amazing evening for this young lady who will be all transformed and her own parents will not be able to recognize her!” Aunt Linda advised.

“Sure Linda, that’s a nice idea, I will work on that. Bye baby, have a nice time with aunt Linda.” Then Mother kissed me bye.

Aunt Linda made me feel comfortable. She gave me a glass of Orange Juice and chatted for a while about herself, her friendship with my Mother, and my mother’s support for her business during hard time, how much she loves my mother. Then asking about my school, my friends, and especially about my boy friends!

She was shocked to know that I never had any boy friends because of my tardiness.

Confidently she said, “That is the very reason you have come to aunt Linda darling, once I change you, I can assure you that you will be requiring storm troopers to keep away those same boys who were avoiding you. Now we shall get to work. Get out of those junk dress baby.”

I removed my jeans and shirt. I was feeling awkward to stand in the out of shape bra and panty.

“Oh my god! You are wearing these? I just can’t believe it! What type of a mother Henna is?” then looking at the tears forming in my eyes, she controlled herself, “Okay, okay, that is why you are here, no problem honey, now you can get out of that too.”

Thinking of Mothers advice, I shed every thing on my body and stood naked in front of aunt Linda.

“Wow, you really have an amazing body baby. Hmm… perfect, perfect.” She talked to herself as she rounded me.

Then she stood behind me, held my shoulders then slowly slid her hand over my breasts just caressing it. Then both her palms lightly cupped my breasts as if to measure it. Then my guess was right! She was measuring my breasts with her palms!

“Ya, baby hmm… Thirty… Four… B… YES! It is 34B, so perfect honey, your breasts are so firm, I don’t see any sag. Why, this is the best breasts I have ever seen in a long time.” Then she moved her hands to my waist and held it there for a while to measure it.

“Twenty… Two… yes it is! Marvelous!”

Now her hands were moving over my buttocks again to measure it. This time she did not waste any time straight away she came out with the number, “Thirty Six.”

“I will tell you baby, you have such a perfect dream figure, and I have never seen anything like this. All these super models are all waste bodies in front of you. I hate those skinny girls! There will not be an ounce of flesh in their body! I don’t understand them at all or for that matter the people who hire them.”

Then she laid me on the chair and said, “We have lot of work to do honey, now lie down here and listen to those lovely music by Cliff Richards. I will start working on your hair, and then your face then all over your body. Just relax baby, aunt will take care of you. I don’t use any chemicals for facials and body massage. I use only herbal preparations made by me. And I use herbal mixed oil for body to give that glow to your skin.” She explained what she is going to do in general.

In her studio, surprisingly there were no mirrors to see what’s happening to me. “Aunt Linda, why there are no mirrors?”

“Honey, when I do all these things to you, you will be looking very ugly and sometime it is de-moralizing. I want my girls to look at themselves only after I complete my work on them. In this way they can also see the change I transform in them.” And she was right.

After she cut my hair and gave an herbal shampoo wash, she tied a cloth over my forehead pushing the hair back. Then she asked me to close my eyes and started avcılar escort to apply some kind of a paste on my face. Once she covered the paste till my neck, she placed a slice of cucumber on both eyes and again applied some more paste over it there by perfectly sealing my eyes! Now I can only feel what she is doing.

I felt aunt Linda applying some other paste all over my body, my armpits, my arms and my legs. After a while I felt cotton wiping all these paste from my body. Aunt Linda applied some kind of aromatic herbal oil all over my body. Then I felt my legs were spread. She expertly moved the scissors between my legs. I didn’t realize what she is trying to do. But then I felt warm water being applied. Some kind of brush moved over it. Then I felt a razor moving between my legs. And aunt Linda spread those petals to make more room with one hand as she worked with the other.

I started to float for this new feeling. I felt like closing my legs tight many time. But aunt Linda was very firm, and firmly she said, “Don’t move baby, or you are going to cut yourself where you should not be cut!”

It was very easy for her to tell not to move, but the sensation was too much for me. There was something happening deep in me. I could feel myself floating as she moved the razor all around. The occasional soft touch of her hands on the base of my thighs to help herself to hold the petals there was driving me crazy.

“Hmm… honey there is something happening over here! Your soft petals are glistening. I can even see some small hard thing just on the top. Yes baby you are on your way to become a woman. I can see that.” Actually I did not understand what she is talking. Aunt Linda allowed me to stay like that for all the oil to soak in to my skin for a while. I think it took quite a lot of time for her to make the entry again.

“Now baby hold my hand, I will lead you to the bath, I am going to give you a nice bath.” She led me to the bathtub.

First she made me to drink water, then led me to a steam bath, it was so hot to stay over there. I was finding it very difficult to breath.

After the steam, she immersed me in the tub keeping my head above the water. The aroma was enchanting to feel. All over my body, she scrubbed me softly. I felt she took more time to scrub between my legs. Then she switched on the shower over my head and face. The paste, which had hardened on my face started to melt away, the cucumber piece she had placed over my eyes came out. Once all the paste melted away, she washed my face and shampooed my hair again.

She held my hand and led me out to another room, as the steam and the mist surrounding, didn’t give any visibility. She dried my hair and body with a soft towel. She used blower to dry and shape my hair.

“Now, I am going to tie a cloth around your eyes and dress you up honey. This I want to do just to make you realize the transformation in you when you see for yourself.” Then she took a black cloth and tied it around my eyes.

I felt something soft and silky bra being put on me, then she made me to hold her shoulders and lift one leg up at a time to help her putting a panty on me. Oh! The material used for both the bra and panty were so beautifully thin, other than the actual feeling of the sheer silk hugging my breasts and buttocks I didn’t even feel that I am wearing one. Still that naked feeling of not wearing anything persisted.

Aunt Linda put another silk top over my head and pulled it down. Again holding her shoulders I helped her to put another silk skirt on me. Then she put high heels for my foot.

I felt a bright light being switched on. She removed the cloth out of my eyes, but the brightness blinded me making me not to see anything. She combed my hair and set it to her satisfaction. Then she applied a light makeup on me with a tinge of lipstick. I closed my eyes when aunt Linda suddenly switched off the bright light and switched on the normal white lights all around me.

“Open your eyes young lady, you are all ready for the kill.” She tapped my cheeks.

I was scared to open my eyes, but finally curiosity took over and I slowly opened my eyes. There were wall-to-wall mirror all around the room. I saw two persons reflected on the mirror. I recognized aunt Linda. But suddenly I could not recognize the other person on the mirror. To my disbelief I realized it was none other than me! Aunt Linda had done an amazing job on me. The person I was seeing there had a 180 degrees transformation. The earlier shabby tomboy styled girl was nowhere to be seen. Instead there was a striking, haughty, beauty on the mirror. My shoulder length flowing black hair looked so good, I felt like moving my hand over it.

I moved my eyes downwards; she had put a blouse on me, which was not a tight fitting. It was a cream color silk top with small pink designs. Though it was a loose top, the silk material hugged me so beautifully revealing my figure perfectly. The top had a low neck exposing the cleavage without ataşehir escort bayan crossing the limits of decency. The blouse ended just on my belly button. Even on a slightest movement my belly button was exposing itself, it was something like a hide and seek. It was not exactly a sleeveless blouse on me but it just came down for an inch on my shoulder.

The skirt was another work of art. The black silk skirt hugged my waist just an inch down from my belly button. It didn’t have any frills but it was very loose just like an umbrella. A smallest wind will make the skirt to fly up! It was a very short skirt, which ended just below where my thighs met. Yet it hugged my buttocks so beautifully revealing my long legs. Here too my panty was making hide and seek to the viewer even on a slightest movement.

I could make out the outlines of my bra; it hugged my breasts as if it was part of it. Even the panty had the same effect.

Overall I should say I was looking at a sensuous, sexy, haughty, beautiful yet innocent girl on the mirror.

There were teardrops of happiness formed on my eyes as I hugged aunt Linda. “I don’t know how to thank you aunt Linda, I just don’t know.”

“Hey hey, don’t get emotional baby, I am so happy that I could do what I promised. You are like my baby too. So please don’t be formal.” She hugged me tight and kissed my forehead.

“Aunt Linda, shall I call up Mama, and tell that I am ready to be taken home? And by the way, if you tell me about your charges, I will tell her to carry money on her.”

Suddenly she was very stern, “Honey! When I told you that you are like my own baby, I mean it. What ever I have done on you gave me so much pleasure. Other than what you have on you, I have kept another two sets of dress complete with lingerie for you. Everything is a gift for this young beautiful lady from this old aunt Linda.” I saw her getting emotional as she spoke.

Again I hugged her and whispered in her ears, “I am sorry aunt Linda, I am truly sorry for hurting your feelings.”

“Now, I think your mother can make her entry!” Saying this she waved at the mirror. Then she winked at me and said, “It’s one sided mirror baby, all through when I was dressing you up as if you were really a baby, your mother was comfortably watching through the mirror.” I just could not believe these old wicked girls!

Mother came in to the room running and hugged me tight. “Darling, you are so marvelously beautiful. I am really proud of you my baby.”

“Linda, you have done a marvelous job on Jenny. Thank you so much.”

“Not at all Henna dear, she is a natural beauty. I never had to struggle. It was a simple cakewalk for me. I just wish all the girls who come to me will be so simple to work with.” Aunt Linda continued, “Henna darling, I hope you have planned a big evening for this beautiful girl! If so, then please get the hell out of here. Don’t waste anymore time.”

Both Mother and me kissed aunt Linda and left.

When we were walking to the car, I realized my walking style had drastically changed. My buttocks were swaying in a titillating way. It was not at all intentional, but I could not control it. The evening wind was blowing on my face making my hair to flow. Involuntarily my hand went to my hair to keep it in place. Then I realized my mother always does it in the same way. No wonder after all I am her daughter! My one hand was on my hair while the other was trying to hold the skirt from flying!

As mother drove the car, she was continuously talking. “Darling, your father will find it very difficult to recognize you. You are so smashing. He is going to meet us at his club where we are going to have our dinner. I am sure; he is going to have a heart attack as he looks at you. Now I realize what mistake I have done in your life earlier to this. I also know what all you have missed. Let us try and make up for the lost time.”

As she shifted the gear, she continued. “Honey, have ever been intimately involved with anyone?”

“No mama, I never got involved with any one. No one ever wanted to get involved with me.”

“Okay, lets forget about your past. Honey I have some plans for you. Now you are almost a woman, but not yet a complete woman. Do you know what I mean?”

Though I was not sure, still I said, “I think so Mama, what exactly are you planning Mama?”

She hesitated as she spoke. “Oh! Darling, I don’t know how to put it to you. Hmm… I want someone who is compassionate, loves you; know you very well and treat you well to make a woman out of you. As far as I know, I don’t see anyone fitting the bill. But yes, I have a person in mind.” Then she stopped the car and looked at me. “Baby what I have in mind is, tonight please share the bed with your Papa. If you feel comfortable then lets see where it leads. At least your Papa loves you so much, I am sure, you will not be harmed.” Once the words came out I think she was relieved.

“Mama, what are you talking? Papa and me? What he is going to think? Have you gone crazy or what?” I could not believe.

“Yes baby, yes. I mean what I say. I have already spoken to your Papa and convinced him about the advantages if he is the person to make you a woman. And he has agreed.”

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