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Chapter 07

Wild Times in the Wild

Author’s note —

This is a work of pure fiction. There is no connection to any real people or places. Any resemblance to real life people, events, or someone else’s writings is coincidental. It is for entertainment only and is not to be reproduced without written consent.

I think you will find this chapter a little more interesting, from an erotic standpoint. If you haven’t read Ch 01, you may find it fills in some important background that leads up to this chapter. Key to the stories is a component inside Jerry’s computer that causes what he writes to happen in real life, alters how people react.

I think you will find this chapter a little more interesting, from an erotic standpoint. If you haven’t read Ch 01, you may find it fills in some important background that leads up to this chapter. Key to the stories is the special component inside Jerry’s computer.


Jerry Waters is slightly geeky kind of guy who one day acquires a computer with some interesting properties. He is using his computer to write erotic stories without fully realizing what is happening around him.

Soon after powering up his new acquisition, a strange twist of fate activated an interesting ‘feature’ on his ‘antique’ computer . . . .

The continuing saga —

Over the last 9 months, Jerry Waters had casually noticed some changes happening around town. His parents didn’t seem so uptight, his sister seemed to have loosened up and more fun to talk to, the preppy girls that were the bane of almost every ‘average’ guy in town had mellowed and weren’t causing as much trouble, the town ‘morals busybody’ was rarely to be seen or heard anymore, and the pitter-patter of tiny feet would soon be coming to the neighbors behind Jerry’s house.

Jerry wasn’t quite as frustrated as he was months ago but there were times when something would rub him the wrong way that he just had to vent. The problem was, he just wasn’t the kind of guy to publicly speak out about what bothered him. His only comfort seemed to be writing an alternative way for things around him to happen. So it was that his computer became good mental therapy.

While Jerry was at the grocery store, he happened to overhear about the camping trip the local Sierra Club was planning for the weekend. Minimum age for belonging to the club was 18 and most of its members were under 40. There were about 12 people in the local Sierra Club but only 6 were able to make it for the outing. The club had turned down Jerry’s application to the club for some obscure reason. This didn’t sit well with Jerry since he loved the outdoors.

Bumping into a couple of the Sierra Club members at the store, as they bought groceries for the weekend, brought back a reminder of being shunned by them. Rather than confront them, Jerry slipped out of the store as quickly as possible.

When he got home, he put the few groceries in the cupboards and the fridge. Grabbing a tall glass, he poured it full of the new brand of apple cider that showed up on the store shelves just last week.

Flipping on the TV and relaxing back in his well-worn recliner, Jerry began sipping on his cider. When the show ended, he got up to change channels. He didn’t make it to the TV, though. His head was spinning so bad he never made it to the TV. His legs gave out on him and he crumbled onto his bed. It took a while but he reasoned he was extremely drunk. Not only that, he was horny as hell. It took a while, but finally his head cleared enough to investigate how he got drunk so fast. Eliminating all other possibilities, what he just drank was the only explanation.

It was hours before his head cleared, and even longer before his cock finally softened. When it did, he had an idea for revenge, at least in his mind.

Sitting down at his computer, he began to type how he thought things should go for the club’s outing . . . .

* * * * *

“It was a 2 hour drive in the van for the 6 members, 4 guys and 2 girls, of the local Sierra Club. They were headed for a very remote, pristine forest preserve in upper Minnesota. The spot they were headed for took half a day’s hike after driving as deep into the preserve as was possible. The main reason for them going was to take a census of two endangered species in the area. They had the whole holiday extended weekend to comb the area, making their observations.

It was getting late when they finally reached their campsite. Gathering firewood was a first priority because it wouldn’t be long before the light faded and they wouldn’t be able to see what to pick up. Next came tents, arranged in a somewhat tight circle around a fireplace pit. After everything else was squared away and a small fire was crackling away, they could finally sit down to the packaged trail meal that didn’t need to be heated. As tired as they were from the long hike, there was still time to have some light conversation around the fire and talk over tomorrow’s plans for the observations. kartal escort

Mike and Rick were the two single guys in the group. At 19 and 21, they were the most energetic of the bunch. At age 25,Larry was a little older and a little more mellow. Although he could technically be classified as ‘single’, that would change in 3 weeks, after a short walk down the isle. John was the oldest of the group at age 35. He’d been married for 10 years to a pillar-of-the-community wife. He also had 4 kids waiting for him at home. Hope and Crystal were the last two in the group. There were more women in the club but they were the only ones free for the weekend to go on the trip.

Hope was 24 and had been married just a year. Her and her husband had talked of having kids but not for a few years. Crystal was still single at 21 but things were getting pretty serious with the guy she was currently dating. Like Hope, she had planned on waiting a couple of years before popping out a couple of kids.

With meals eaten and plans for tomorrow made, each person made their way to their separate tent. Each had a sleeping bag, because even though the days were really warm, the nights could be a little cool.

In the morning, John was the first one up, something of a habit for him. By the time the others started to rouse, he’d already had a small cooking fire going and a pot of coffee ready. Hope helped him get breakfast going while the others were sent off to gather more firewood.

With John alone with Hope, it gave him time to ponder some ‘what ifs’. Hope was a striking brunet. At 5’7″, she had nice muscular legs, a really tight ass, and what he estimated to be a nice rack of 36Cs. Lost in the moment, he caught himself thinking “What if he hadn’t got married and what if Hope wasn’t married? He’d sure like to fill her pussy with his cock.” For that matter, he’d sure like to try out Crystal’s tight pussy as well.

A question from Hope about where the spatula was packed, brought him back to reality, and to the fact his cock was semi-hard from what he’d been thinking a few moments ago. The backpack in front of him, as he was kneeling, was the only thing preventing his secret from being discovered. While on the outside, Hope spoke lovingly of her husband, inwardly, she couldn’t quite get some lustful thoughts of her own about John out of her mind.

The lustful thoughts didn’t stop past the campsite. At the age where hormones were really kicking in, Mike and Rick both had some carnal thoughts of Crystal, especially every time she bent over to pick up a piece of firewood. The tight short-shorts she wore hugged her ass as if it were a second skin and had both guys speculating if she was a true blonde. There was also some speculation as to whether she had left all her bras at home. They could have sworn on more than one occasion they’d seen bare skin past her cleavage when she’d bent over to pick something up. It was hard to keep their minds on the assigned task at hand.

Crystal and the other guys arrived back at the campsite just as breakfast was being served. Despite the distractions encountered while gathering up firewood, the ‘gathers’ were able to bring back enough to last for dinner, an evening campfire, and the next morning’s breakfast.

A quick breakfast and a quick confirmation as to who would be covering which areas, they paired up to do their observations and went in 3 different directions.”

* * * * * As Jerry’s fingers pounded out the story, when he got to the part about food, he stopped typing long enough to go downstairs and grab a quick snack.

For the Sierra Club group out in the woods, miles away, things were going well but at the same time, a little different than past outings. Nobody could put their finger on anything specific but the group seemed to have a closer bond to one another than at any other time.

Stocked up on snacks, Jerry sat back down to his keyboard and began to type again.

* * * * *

“Mike got paired with Crystal, Larry got paired with Hope, and Rick paired with John to cover the center observation area. The area to cover for each paired observers and their field observations would take most of the day. They would not be coming back to the campsite for lunch. Instead, lunch would consist of something nutritious but non-perishable.

With each of the paired people, the observations went well. They were able to spot some of the endangered birds they were looking for, plus a number of other wildlife that was not on the endangered list.

For most everyone, the observations were pretty routine. For Mike, he still couldn’t get over the lustful thoughts he’d had of Crystal before breakfast. He was pretty sure by now the thin button down shirt she wore, was the only thing she had on to hide her firm breasts. And when they would climb up a steep slope, he always let Crystal go first so he could get a good view of her firm ass. On a couple of occasions, Crystal thought she caught him taking longer-than-normal looks kaynarca escort at her but didn’t confront him outright. She actually thought it cute to do some harmless flirting with him. She knew he knew she was ‘off limits’ so she figured she could get away with it.

With Hope and Larry, the area they were covering was at least 2 miles from the rest of the group. Having a good ‘high ground’ position to observe from, the two of them found they could do most of their observations from a stationary position for long periods of time. This gave the two of them lots of time for idle chat.

Without being too obvious, Larry geared a lot of his conversation to Crystal’s upcoming wedding, and how Hope dealt with the times her husband had to be away from home for long periods of time on business during the first year of her marriage.

Hope wasn’t sure where all this was leading but figured it was harmless. In fact, she felt flattered every time Larry paid her a compliment about her figure. Larry could tell he was piquing her interest and that had erotic thoughts running through his head.

While Rick and John’s outward appearance was all concentrating on their intended task. John was still mulling erotic thoughts about Hope and Rick was doing the same thing about Crystal.

By the time everyone returned to the campsite at 6:00, they were really hungry. With everyone pitching in, dinner was ready in no time. Cleanup was just as fast. By 8:00, it was time to relax by the fire with a tall mug of the local organic grown cider and swap stories.

It wasn’t long before everyone started feeling the effects of the cider. Apparently, the place that made the stuff, used 190 proof grain alcohol and some secret herbal ingredients. The idea was that the 190 proof alcohol was needed to activate the herbal ingredients. After those ingredients were activated, the alcohol was supposed to be evaporated off. In the batch the Sierra Club bought, this step was overlooked.

Before any of the club members knew what was happening, the alcohol had taken hold. Since the herbal ingredients had more time soaking in the alcohol, the potency was 100 times what it was intended. The mild health benefits had turned into a super potent aphrodisiac. Not only had the alcohol liberated each of the club’s inhibitions, it had made them all horny as hell.

The ‘off-limits’ Crystal was now the prime target of Mike and Rick’s libido.

Normally Crystal would have adamant about Mike or Rick keeping their distance. Right now, she was feeling really horny and welcomed Mike and Rick sitting so close to her they were like bookends. As the heat of the fire warmed them, it seemed so natural for Mike and Rick to be kissing her neck. So welcome for their hands to be roaming across her chest.

She closed her eyes as Mike deftly undid the buttons to her shirt while Rick undid the buttons to her shorts and unzipped them. When all the buttons to her shirt were undone, Mike was able to freely explore Crystal’s firm breasts, topped with puffy nipples. Rick, on the other hand, had slipped a hand past the waistband of her panties and was exploring the outer parts of her pussy. Occasionally, his fingers would brush by her clit, causing her to quiver and suck in a breath.

While all this was going on, Crystal had somehow found the zippers to the guys shorts, pulled them down, and now had a cock in each hand, stroking it into hardness. Crystal didn’t miss a stroke as Mike pulled her shirt completely off, leaving her totally naked from the waist up. With her shirt out of the way, both Mike and Rick started kissing her firm breasts and lapping at her perky tits.

Rick was still trying to work her pussy with his free hand but her shorts and panties were hampering the movements of his fingers. Finally he just used both hands to pull her shorts and panties off in one movement then tossed then aside. With nothing in his way for access to her pussy, Rick moved to in between her legs to work her slit with his fingers. Ramping it up even more, Rick’s mouth dove in to start tasting the juices that were starting to flow from her slit.

Even though Crystal didn’t have Rick’s cock to stroke, Mike was making sure her hands were not idle. By this time, Mike was standing up so his cock was at the level of her face. She had one hand massaging his balls while her other hand was on Rick’s head, encouraging him to work her pussy even harder.

With Mike’s hands on each side of her head, he directed her mouth to his cock head. As soon as his cock head touched Crystal’s lips, they parted to allow his cock entry into her warm mouth. It wasn’t long before Crystal had worked into a good rhythm, sucking Mike’s cock. Her mouth was taking Mike’s cock deep with each inward stroke. Seeing as though she had never contemplated sucking a guys cock, let alone having actually done it, she was doing it now like she’d had years of practice.

While all this was going on, Larry had managed to get behind Hope so that his arms kozyatağı escort could reach around to her breasts with both hands. Hope’s pull over was pulled up above her breasts. Larry had managed to unbutton her bra and now have easy access to fondle both breasts and nipples with his fingers at the same time.

John was in front of Hope, furiously probing her mouth with his tongue. Hope had undone John’s shorts and pulled them down to his ankles, letting his swelling cock swing free. John’s hands reached down to Hope’s skirt and hiked it up around her waist. Her lace panties were the only thing blocking unobstructed access to her married pussy.

Wanting to find a new place to put his tongue, John dipped his head down to her panty-covered pussy. Even though she still had her panties on, she could easily feel John’s hot breath through the fabric.

Looping a finger under the elastic of the fabric that covered Hope’s pussy, his fingers pulled the fabric toward his mouth. As one finger pushed part of her panties into his mouth, John bit down hard on the material with his teeth, tearing a hole in the fabric. Tugging from each side of the hole, his fingers widened the tear until it was a large gapping hole at the entrance of her pussy. With the way cleared for access to her pussy, John’s tongue dove in and started eagerly probing deeply into her slit. With each dip into her slit, Hope let out at little moan.

Larry was still working Hope’s breasts from behind with his hands. Wanting even better access, he managed to lift Hope’s pullover top completely up over her head and thrown to the ground behind him. Her bra was also lifted over her head and tossed behind her next to her pullover.

With Larry working her breasts, Hope reached behind her to find the growing bulge in Larry’s pants. Giving her a hand, Larry unzipped his fly and pulled his shorts down so her fingers could work the bare skin of his cock. As Larry kneaded Hope’s breasts, Hope’s fingers worked Larry’s cock into a stiff pole.

John’s wife was quite conventional and never let him lick her pussy or suck his cock. With Hope being a willing partner, John was exploring some long held desires. With one of his desires explored, his next want was to have his fat cock sucked by a hot mouth.

Trading places with Larry, John position Hope’s head so that it was tilted drastically tilted back. With her head tilted back, her mouth automatically opened wide. This was perfect for John to line up his stiff cock with her mouth and start sliding it in. So it was that John began sliding his cock into Hope’s hungry mouth. As John inched forward, his balls slid across her forehead, her nose and finally to her lips, his cock embedded deep into her throat. Pulling almost all the way out, the process was repeated again and again, driving deep into her throat then pulling back.

Larry, seeing that John had Hope pretty well occupied with John’s cock, he decided to get his virgin cock lubricated with Hope’s pussy juices. Lining his cock head up with her dripping pussy, Larry slowly began pushing his hard length into her steaming channel. This was the first time his cock had ever experienced a woman’s pussy and he showed all the signs of loving every second of it. Taking his queue from John fucking Hope’s throat, Larry got into a corresponding rhythm of fucking her pussy.

With Larry’s inexperience, it wasn’t long before his balls tensed up and streams of hot cum rocketed up his cock, straight into Hope’s fertile womb. The effect of this hot blast caused a cascading orgasm so hard, Larry thought her pussy was going to pinch off his cock inside her.

The powerful moan in Hope’s throat vibrated John’s cock, causing him to cum sooner than he expected. In quick succession, one spurt of cum went straight down her throat, one shot filled hr mouth as he pulled out, and another shot sprayed her breasts and dribbled down her chin.”

* * * * *

Spurred on by his erotic fantasy payback on the Sierra Club members, Jerry’s fingers flew over the keyboard. The unknown cube inside his computer case glowed an unseen, bright red. Far, far away, deep in the forest, 6 people were experiencing an unplanned orgy. Though loud enough to be heard quite some distance, there was no one around to hear them. Under normal circumstances, the orgy never would have happened, or even been contemplated.

* * * * *

“Crystal was working Mike’s cock like a woman possessed, sucking it deep, while her tongue seemed to curl around it, licking it from every physical position possible. While Mike was really enjoying Crystal’s new found talent, he didn’t want his first shot of cum to go into her mouth. Quickly pulling away from a reluctant Crystal, he traded ends with Rick, who was glad to finally get some action on his hard cock.

Crystal’s mouth quickly found Rick’s cock and sucked it in so deep, Rick almost thought he was going to lose it to her mouth. Rick’s ministrations on Crystal’s pussy had it slick with her juices and Mike had no trouble at all driving his cock into her pussy in one quick thrust. The suddenness of Mike’s thrust into her caused Crystal to take a deep, hard suck on Rick’s cock. Rick wasn’t prepared for the ferocity of her assault on his cock and it didn’t take long for him to start pumping her thirsty mouth full of cum.

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